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Once more into the breach: What eBay users need to know

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As news about the eBay hack hits the media, you may be wondering what you can do to protect yourself from fraud. First, change your eBay password. When you create your new password, keep these tips in mind.

If you used your eBay ID or password for other accounts, change them, too. Hackers sometimes try stolen IDs and passwords on different websites to gain control of other accounts. 

Don’t confirm or provide personal information in response to an email or text, and don’t click on links in unexpected messages. Legitimate companies won’t ask for bank or credit card information, Social Security numbers, passwords, or other sensitive information through unsecured channels. According to news reports, the eBay breach included customers' names, passwords, email and postal addresses, phone numbers, and dates of birth. Crooks may use this stolen information to send you email or text messages that appear to be from people or sites you trust.

Review your credit card and bank account statements often. If you see charges that you don’t recognize, contact your bank or credit card provider right away. Speak to the fraud department. 

Check your credit reports — for free — every few months. Your credit report includes information about your credit card accounts and other bills you pay, so it’s a good way to find out if someone has opened credit in your name. You’re entitled to a free report every 12 months from each of the three credit bureaus — Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. To get your report, visit or call 1-877-322-8228.

Finally, make sure your friends and family know what to do. Send them this post it’s free to copy and share.


Thank you will be on the lookout.

Im trying to removal my email off dDark web i havent are dont anything about this dark web i.never sign up for it

I would like my emailed removed from the dark website I've never signed up for anything anyway

i have been attacked. i didnt think there was anythinng i could do to press charges. it has been never endingfor weeks now. although im gettingso good at messingtheir stuff up and finding out their secrets that i have hundreds of pages of info documented and i also have hundreds more pictures. sorry this is such a mess but i havent got thekeyboard layout right yet.

I realize your comment is from last year, but I have experienced similar situations and was wondering what became of your situation? Or if you had made any progress on your research?

Right after the ebay hack somebody tried to open a 'bill me later' (pay pal service) account in my name. Fortunately I had 'fraud alert' at credit bureaus and so got a call from 'bill me later' company to verify. I was able to block the scammer from opening a account in my name.
I am getting so many calls from scammers who use 'caller id' spoof to show a legitimate govt phone numbe or some local phone number in caller id while the scammer is actualy calling from overseas or some other state in the US. Most of the time persons have very bad english and spanish or other nationality accent.
Be careful people. Identity theft is increasing at alarming rate because law enforcement has not been able to keep up with the fraudsters.

EBAY DENIES BREACH- I called ebay to ask them to delete all of my personal information when I delete my account and was told that was not possible. I insisted that they do it as a courtesy in light of the breach. I was told that no personal information was taken, that my personal information is safe at ebay but that *I should change my password* anyway. I argued that if my information is safe, I should not need to change my password, that that doesn't make any sense. Naturally, I was taking to a telephone drone who was polite but lacked power to do as I asked and who could only repeat his previous statements. I got nowhere but, at my request, he agreed to send me an email message with the promise that none of my personal information was stolen or compromised.

It makes me wonder what is true. Are all the news outlets and bloggers reporting that our personal information was stolen and compromised lying, or was the guy representing ebay lying. Hmmm...I don't see how both can be telling the truth.

I called Ebay and told them my identity is now compromised as I am getting calls from
Credit agencies about completing my application for Loans, school entry and car insurance. They have all of my info except SS and are gong wild!!, I was on the phone with Ebay for over an hour. Spoke to security and they assumed me my account is safe after I changed my password. I have the email address from all creditor that have contacted them and it is the same email but not mine. They gave me the IP adress and it's someone is RUSSIA!! I put fraud alerts up and notified my identity theft carrier. So far, I am doing all the work. I am filing a report with the FTC. Can anyone else suggest anything I should be doing?

I was hacked! And I called ebay, amazon,paypal to inform them, was met with denial that it could have possibly been when I ordered from them. Really........ I insisted on talking with a supervisor or a security department, the supervisor request was ignored and I was told they didn't have a department like that. In other words, they just blocked me from talking to any one else and denied it could happen. Hmmm, then the news came out that ebay had been breached, DUH!!!!! Yet I still haven't heard a word and in the mean time I'm constantly canceling new cards and constantly having money stolen even after I get a new card. The two cards that should have sent a red alert were the eppicard and direct express, both are government pushed cards, can't really say recommended because there aren't any other options for cards when recieving either social security, disablity, or child support. Even canceling the card can't stop the thief, they just "force" the transaction using the stolen card info to take money off the new card. Yet no one seems to know how that is possible, SO! They are doing it,so guess it is possible.just wanted to let people know.

The IRS sent my refund to an address in Fla.two years in a row.I have always lived in Tn.They make you the thief? asking how long I had lived in Fla.Owed 8,000 only way to stop it was stop having taxes withheld from Social Security Check.Called my Congressman for a congressional inquiry because they said not to call them back for 19months.They don't think about a disabled retiree might need their 8000.00 for medical bills I had to go through a knee replacement, shoulder replacement and need my refund to pay copay on insurance.It has been 1 1/2 years and no help insight.Idenity Thieft is going to ruin a lot of lives.just google IRS Idenity Thieft and what you will see will blow your mind.Like sending 2or 3 thousand returns all over the world to the same bank account numbers.

I just used EBay to order some items connected to PayPAl account,fraud occurred! An unauthorized amount was charged to my bank account! I thought I was safe with PayPal!

Does anyone knows if any of these hackers/scamers, have being ever caught? are they even bgeing persuit? I get at least 3 to 4 scams in the computer and 2 to 3 calls on my phone daily. I had sent all to the report scams website and it no longer take anymore reports and reported it them to the local goverment agencies and never have I heard anything about them. I do not beleive they can't handled the amount of calls received. But I actually believe they are ignoring this problems from the begining and these @!%& hackers and scamers are feeling the same way. We, somehow, need to make sure our goverment hears us all and find them and punish them to the most extend that the laws allows. Even if overseas, that is why we have FBI's and International laws!6340

I haven't been hacked yet, so I need to change all of my passwords.

I would like to change my password with my Discover card TODAY

want to change my password

How do I change my password?

I never signed up dark websites
How can I find out what credit was opened.
I this site to be reported

Need to change password but have destroyed my card

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