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Prime refunds

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The FTC sues companies that make deceptive claims about their products or services. When we settle a case we try to get refunds for consumers who lost money, if that’s possible.

Following a recent settlement with Prime Legal Plans LLC, the FTC announced it is mailing nearly $3 million in redress checks to 6,300 consumers whom the company allegedly misled with false statements about its mortgage reduction and foreclosure rescue services. Prime Legal Plans allegedly made false promises about the company’s ability to help consumers lower their mortgage payments or save their homes from foreclosure.

If a company has misled you into giving them money for a promise they never kept, file a complaint with the FTC. On our site you can learn more about the FTC’s redress process, how to resolve consumer problems, and get information about the FTC’s recent cases resulting in refunds.

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It has been sometime now that I've been forwarding unwanted spam to you and reported scammers to you! What has become of that?

under your states government website, they will have a section devoted to handling spamers and scammers also. you have to look for the click ons from the side or somewhere on their page. usually your email site helps also.

I purchased a mattress from sleepys on 7/12 w/lifetime warrenty. They sent someone out and found it was defective but since it had a coffee stain on it they won't acknowledge it. I would be ok with that but I also brought the mattress cover for it just in case. How can I resolve this?

ask for manager or direct line to sleepys corporation. or contact them yourself onlline. also the bbb. a stain has nothing to do with defective merchandise that cannot be resold anyway. warranty is a warranty. all things get a scratch or marks on them. tvs, autos, etc., one has nothing to do with the other. go above whoever you talked to, and turn them in to the better business bureau and the main company. good luck.

I found your sight very informative and up to date. I would like to receive funds from suing criminals.

I live in a government apartment which was in my husband name when he pass in march 2014 I the wife have to move paying rent for the apartment and try to relocate to another place meaning double rent and household payment. I was told that's government rules. I think there should be a refund.I think you should be helping not adding on to the problem.

your apartment was rented with you on the lease. since his passing it should only be a matter of you being the first on the lease instead of the second. its not clear who told you to move. There should be a form for you to file a grievance that you disagree with the determination. also, your governor, since government subsidary apartments usually are funded by the county or state, so contact the governors office and file a complaint. If you are elderly, contact area agency on aging. sorry to hear of your husband passing, and this happening to you. You still had to be on the paperwork somewhere, i am sure he had to say he was married and you were residing there also. check into it quick though. good luck.

Check out my website for me...I pay $9.95 monthly, going on 3 years, 1000 plus visits and not a penny in sales or down-line...pirating is a crime isn't it?

I lost my money $150.00 The guys who took my money are Robert Smith and Ben or ken Mccoy who work in FTC. The told me I will received a free grant of $14,500.00 only if I will buy green dok moneypak to CVS and reload it to $150.00 and sent me to Western Union. Mr mccoy gave mo the trucking number and sent to western union. The number he gave is not correct and the man told me there is no such number. He didnot say anything instead he asked me to give him another $120.00 And I told him I don't have any money. ANd the next time he ask me another $100.00 to give instead of $120.00. Why is it always ask money. I don't know why he is doing that, I am a senior citizen. He is not supposed to do that. That is a fraud.

I received a check from the FTC v Prime Legal Plans LLC Claims Administrator. I would like to know why I only received approximately 10% back of what I gave Freedom Legal Plans to help with my mortgage. How do I get back all of my money?

Sometimes the FTC is able to get people all their money back. In other cases, we’re not. If that happens, the FTC gives as much money back to each buyer as possible. The exact amount will depend on how much the defendants are able to pay, how much the court orders for refunds, and how many people bought the product.

I agree I got only 10% back also and today I received a letter saying litvin law firm who was also prime filed for bankruptcy now what will come of that

I was a disabled vet of a predatory loan and a bate and switch loan which was a negative am loan ,And was trying to get a loan mod from the same servicer who had my loan to began with. They had stated to me don't worry about this we will take care it, Well they sure did they gave me to another SEVER who never changed the loan instead they just made docs out with a negative am loan with a massive increase of the intrest sent out 3seperate doc 3 times with3 different notries and 2 different loans 1st & 2nd I as a 100% disabled veteran never had a chance and they gave the loan back AURORA LOAN SERVICE THENTHEY TRYIED TO FLORECLOSE AND LOAN DOC WHERE FORGED I REPORTED THIS TO THE FBI AS I HAD NOT SIGNED ANY OF THESE DOCUMENTS then they gave me to another loan servicer. I'M now in the same boat they which is NATIONSTAR which still refuses to give me a loan mod and they have all the paper work needed but keep telling Idon't have all the paper work needed

California Pharmacy is fraudulent in rebates

California Pet Pharmacy is deceitful in practices


I would like to know how I can receive all the money back that I gave to Freedom Legal Plans also.

these people were getting $750.00 from me for over 3 years every month from a special checking account `i had set up just for them to receive payments.
How do I get back ALL of my money. do I need a lawyer to sue for the return of my money?

GMAC MORTGAGE CORPRATION SOLD MY MTGE. TO GREEN TREE AND THE DEAL THEY HAVE GIVEN ME DOES NOT SEEM RIGHT TO ME. I am 68 years old and had paid my mortgage faithfully up until last year when my apartment devaluated significantly. After writing applying, and even begging I received a modification of the mortgage, where it seems non of the ten years I paid were taken into account, and they gave me a new mortgage for 40 years (I should be about 106 at the end with a baloon payment of $40,000. My apartment cost originally 96,000 when I bought it in 2002. I cannot even sell it because of the exhorbitant balance owed to Green Tree. My only benefit from this deal was that they brought down the monthly mortgage to $468.00 a month (for the next40 years plus the baloon payment at the end of the 40 years). is this fair?

I received a check for maybe 10% of what we paid in to Freedome Legal Plans and each month we paid $750.00 I don't think that this is all I should recieve back; I have now lost our home we built and the family property that went with it now starting over to rebuild a home and everything we have is going to this new home; I would have thought that the money we paid out to these crooks should be recouped to us or at least half of the money. I am hoping and praying that there is more money to come from this???

I filed
a fraud compliant with the OCWEN mortgage company. I lost everything including my dog around 60,000 due to route negligence. plus akkkjk of the pain and suffering to my family. this foreclosure should have never happened. Please hello is if you can . all we, want to do is get back in a small home get a mortgage, we have good jobs and we are paying as lot of money in rent. as, well as, helping our youngest daughter through college. it killed us to lose out home due to negligence from ocwen mortgage company.

If you're facing foreclosure, call a housing counselor through the Homeownership Preservation Foundation at 1.888.995.HOPE.

After filing a scam against myself from a granite countertop company. What'd the likeliness that I'll hear anything back from anyone regarding the person who scammed me?

I paid a check to Jeremy Boggs for $756.00 for the "deposit" to purchase granite countertops. After rescheduling 3 times I asked if he was going to complete the job and said he was unable too and no longer has my money. I've reported him to BBB,FTC, IC3. What else can I do??

I replied to an ad on craigslist for a house cleaner job. I was then Asked for my address, email, and phone number, so he could mail me a check for cleaning BEFORE I EVEN CLEANED.The man hiring me sent me a business check in the mail for $3,800! He said to keep my cleaning payment of $400 and moneygram the rest of the funds to his property manager. After I sent the money to his "property manager" the check was cancelled by him and the bank took all the money out of my account. In the end I lost a total of $900 of my money and he took back $3,800 that was on the check issued. Now, no number or email of his works. I was completely scammed because I am an idiot and trusted someone I never met! Do I stand a chance getting my money back? Should I hire a lawyer and fight this?

This is a variation of the fake check scam. It'll be very hard to get your money back, unfortunately. Read the article Fake Checks for more informtaion on fake check scams. Also, you can file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at If a trend is detected the company could be investigated.


I would like to know what is going on

I recently bought fifa coins for my son at and they took my money and my son never got the coins

thank you to help to all refunds

I filed a complaint against the mobile home park and mortgage company. I would like to know the claim status or any information concerning it. Thank you

If you filed a complaint at, you were given a reference number. If you have new information about the complaint, you can call back to add information to your record. Because of the volume of complaints we get, we can’t respond directly to each one.

We were paying $750.00 a month for 5 years to Prime Legal Plans... How do ai get my money back???

The FTC sent refund checks to some people in 2014. If you filed a complaint with the FTC or a state and local consumer protection agency, contact the agency.

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