Scammers continuing to pose as IRS agents

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Tax season may be over, but scammers posing as IRS officials continue to call, saying people owe taxes and better pay up. They threaten to arrest or deport people, revoke a license, or even shut down a business. How do they do it? By rigging caller ID information to appear as if the IRS is calling, and sometimes even making a follow-up call claiming to be the police or the DMV.

We posted about this last month, and got a tremendous response from readers. Lots of people wrote to tell us about variations of the scam: robocalls from “Heather” from the IRS, or calls claiming to be from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) and mentioning IRS codes. But the scam always ends the same way: a demand for money loaded on a prepaid debit card, sent through a wire transfer, or paid by credit card.

If you get a call or email like this, report it. Here’s how:

  • File a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at From the complaint homepage, select “Other” and then “Imposter Scams.” In the notes, please include “IRS Telephone Scam.”
  • If it’s an email, forward it to the IRS at Don’t open any attachments or click on any links in those emails.
  • If you owe — or think you owe — federal taxes, call the IRS at 800-829-1040 or go to IRS workers can help you with your payment questions.

The IRS doesn’t ask people to pay with prepaid debit cards or wire transfers, and doesn’t ask for credit card numbers over the phone. When the IRS contacts people about unpaid taxes, they do it by postal mail, not by phone. Read Government Imposter Scams for more tips on avoiding a scam.

And what if you got a robocall from Heather or someone else? In addition to reporting it:

  • Hang up the phone. Don't press 1 to speak to a live operator and don't press any other number to get your number off the list. If you respond by pressing any number, it will probably just lead to more robocalls.
  • Consider contacting your phone provider and asking them to block the number, and whether they charge for that service. Remember that telemarketers change Caller ID information easily and often, so it might not be worth paying a fee to block a number that will change.
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I received a call today from Eric Foster, supposed IRS agent ( with an Indian accent) 571-482-7881, indicating to have my lawyer call this number or he wishes me luck with my situation. Funny he doesn't change his name!!

I have gotten a call twice this year (the exact same message),only he said his name was Eric Foster. The 1st time it was in the earlier part of the year and the last one was about 3 weeks ago. Each time he left a voicemail message because I wasn't near my phone when he called. If he calls again I hope I'm there to answer it.

Whethee it's a home phone or your cell phone it doesn't matter, these are SCAMMERS trying to get your money, just hang up, better yet don't answer if you don't recognize the number.

I had a call, a voice generated call from some one claiming to be from the IRS and needing me to return a call at 202-609-7010 pertaining to a claim against my name.I called and left a voice mail with my name & number for a call back to see how much info I could get on them...waiting for a call back inwhich i will reply to put everything in writing and will contact the IRS TIGTA with their info.

I have been going through the same stuff! They knew my SS, address, work info, etc. they called my job repeatedly today and from my understanding they stopped. I was told I had violated federal laws and it was the office of California attorney general. They threatened me that the call was being recorded and not to use vulgar language. They also warned me that I would be put in prison in Cincinnati Ohio and said to spend time with my family because they will be here in the morning. They even routed the number through the local police depr and 911. They never asked for money so I'm clueless as to what their real intentions were.

i was told i would not be getting my benifits for the next 2 years because of tax fraud. i told them i was handicapped and on disability she said i have a personal lawyer. i am an epileptic, was fired from every job i had they were when i was a minor.oh the number i was given was 1 206 258 7953

just play along with them ask them if they know jesus as there lord and savior

are you kidding i just got scammed by these as I had just got married and started a new job. Thank you for showing you truly are the honorable justice system.

I have been getting voicemail messages from an Indian guy named Jake Dawson (could be Jack)from the IRS telling me to call back at 206-965-9583 Ext. 101. He has been getting meaner with each message. Beware!

Got a call from same guy same number, 2069659583. They answer the phone as Internal Revenue Service w/ their Indian accents...I laughed & called him out as a scam & he started swearing & moaning like a cow. He used Eric Johnson on my v/m but Jake Dawson when I called back. I decided to harass him & have called him back 20 times today...he's pissed and said he will have 10,000 people call everyday.

Just got an automated call from "Officer Julie Smith" stating I or my attorney needs to call immediately. I called back and asked for Julie Smith and the Indian guy on the other line said "Oh, Julie call you and you give me case number and I take care of it now." What BS. I hung up and am reporting them to the police as well. The number they called from is (415)234-4582

I just got the same call - recorded message from "Julie Smith with IRS" and made the mistake of calling back 202-241-8722. Indian guy asking what phone number I received call on, then asking if I can hold on because he is getting an email from the IRS at that moment. Then I hung up.

I got an automatic message from Julie Smith today saying not to disregard this message and that I needed to call her back before further action was taken against me..the number (415) 506-2397

I received a call from someone names Joe Brown with a very thick Indian accent. He told me he was from the Audit and Commission Department for the IRS - he stated there is a warrant out for my arrest for a tax violation. He further stated that I intentional committed fraud when I filed my taxes from 2008 to 2012 - lucky for me I filed jointly under my exhusband's name so I knew right away this was a lie. I spoke with "Mr. Brown" and he couldn't give me answers to my legitimate questions so I informed him I would be filing everything possible so the government could take action against this scam, etc. (202)241-8715. Needless to say, he hasn't called again.

I just recieved a message also from a Joseph Brown with a heavy Indian accent stating he was from the audit & commission Department for the IRS. He stated the same tax years 2008-2012 tax mis-filing issue. He was very rude and stated the police would be at my door and I reply no problem send them over. Needless to say I was not giving him any information and would I advise anyone to just hang up on them as I did.

I to received a call from Joseph Brown. Number 929 800 5472

I received an automatic message from Agent Julie Smith today saying the same to me. Of course it was alarming, so I called but I annoyed the man because I refused to listen to him and continued asking who he was and his reason. He yelled at me to just listen to him but I guess I was too much for him because he finally hung up on me. Of course I called back to annoy him again and he tried to get in a word but could not, so he again hung up on me. It felt good to drive him to aggravation ...the number was 415-506-1286

Just received the same thing tonight, after calming down a little did the research found out others got the same scam.

Received an automated voicemail from "IRS" at 301-223-3002 with threatening info. Called back & spoke to a man with a foreign accent asking who he was looking for, by giving him my phone number. He stated my name but I did not acknowledge it to be true but told him that this must be an error & that I received nothing by mail.I hung up and Googled 'Reverse Number'. Turns out, the call was made by a landline out of Maryland. I then called the same number back, same male. I told him he was committing fraud and I was reporting him. Silence... I hung up & filed a report with the FTC and also joined the Do Not Call List for the first time.

I got the same phone call on the same day as you.this foreign man threatened and told me that they already had put a warrant out for my arrest, and that I owed them 1,470.00.for a minute he had can i get this man in trouble.i wonder what other information does he have on me.

I recieved a call today with the same thing. Tryed to call it back it just rang and no one picked up.

What I got (Michigan) was a call from a blocked number, and then a crappy recording of a computer voice saying I was being sued by the IRS (lol!) and it rattled off some numbers do do with my "account". The IRS doesn't cold call people, they send mail.

just got the same call! Final notice that we were being sued by the IRS!

Just got the exact same message of a final notice that we're being sued by the IRS!

We got four recorded calls yesterday saying the same thing - they have been trying to reach us and this was final notice before the IRS filed suit. Of course, I reported today to I just want the calls to stop! I'm ready to rip out the landline.

I got a robo call claiming that the IRS was going to file a suit against me and that I needed to call 206-512-1627. I know that IRS does not call and does not 'sue' people. IRS sends mail notices and gives time to straighten things out even if there was a problem. Beware. I'm noting this number for TIGTA and FTC to shut it down hopefully.

I received the same call. Very disturbing. They left a message on my voicemail. The number they called from was 855-793-8844. The message was for me to call 206-855-2527.

I received one a few months ago, and today. An automated woman's voice on my answering machine, telling me that this was my final notice, and the IRS had a lawsuit against me. The # given to call back was 206-201-2799, which was different than the # called from. The call came from 413-586-5537. I know that the IRS would send a notice by mail and try to work things out before legal action. Some people might not know that, and it would be scary for them to receive this call.

Sadly that happen to me. I lost some money to them.:(

I just received a phone call from number (720) 432-5627 with a recording of a female voice, stating that the IRS had just filed a lawsuit against me.
Be careful.

I got two voicemails this morning from an Iowa telephone number. I spoke with an officer claiming to be Jacob Wells, badge Id#GC799, saying that the IRS has opened an investigation against me and telling me I owe $7,107 to the IRS, which I could either settle over the phone, or in a federal DC court. I am presently on hold with the actual IRS. Pretty sure this scam is the product of me contacting a loan forgiveness plan, which, when I had called, requested my SS#, and never called me back.

"Jacob Wells", I mean "Officer Jacob Wells" contacted me as well. I asked him time after time if that was really his name and he just got angry and told me that I owed $ and what was I going to do. I asked him my options, he said if I dont pay the police would have a warrant out for my arrest and hung up. Weak. I have some friends that are Indian, none of their names are that easily pronounced, lol, "Wells".

I just received this same call from a person with an Indian accent named Officer Jack Dawson. They gave a number of - 443-459-9209. Once I started asking questions back then my phone got disconnected.

I got a message from someone with a very thick accent--I couldn't decipher the name--who told me she was with the "variagas" internal revenue service, there was a judgement against my name and to call before I was arrested @ 1-844-241-1464.

We've received a very similar call recently. A man with a very thick accent claimed to be "Pete Williams" working with "sheriff office" and "IRS" about an issue concerning my husband and his social security number. In the message left, he gave us an officer's name who is working on the case, told us that the authorities will be coming to our doorstep, that there would be legal action, and that my husband's credit score will be penalized 65 points. He ended the message with a phone number with a 202 area code, repeated the number, told us not to delay, and ended with "good luck." Strangest message, obviously scamming.

I got two calls yesterday from this Indian guy, I live in michigan, it was the (202) area code but 2 different numbers. He left a very nasty message on my voicemail, however he had the name and gender wrong for who he was calling for. He was very threatening. He called back later and I answered he asked for a "kassim"?? So hard to understand him. I told him he had the wrong number and he yelled at me saying "No!! I don't have the wrong number you are lying and are going to go to jail" I smelled his bs a mile away. I yelled at him for a couple of minutes calling him a mother fer and telling him to F off. He was super rude and threatening. It wasn't hard to know this guy was a scammer. Never give your information over the phone. And if he really was irs he wouldn't have been so mean right off the bat. Hope these jerks get caught!!

Got the same nasty message, when I called back it got really weird. No specific information, just pay through the EFTTS system at Winn Dixie Supermarket after withdrawing cash from the bank. Same thing: an Indian man that threatened me with jail if I didn't pay, same area code (202) and when I said I was at the sheriff's dept. he hung up.

I just a call from a man and a woman yesterday. They both had very heavy Indian accent. They said I had violated Federal tax codes (woman listed several violations) and if I didn't pay $1400 over the phone, the case is filed tomorrow and I would be arrested for federal crimes. Clearly, they knew my name, my phone number and current address. The number came from 202 area code.

Yes I got a similar call. I became upset and told the guy with the thick Indian accent that he sounded very suspicious and I didn't believe he was who he claimed to be. He said he would mail a letter to my address and hung up. Good riddance.

I just got a call from the same characters. This is their number+1 (202) 506-9835. The woman's name is Anna. Time to turn the tables on them

Just got the exact same call (heavy Indian accent from woman caller, followed by heavy-accent "Manager") - same story, they are the criminal investigation unit of the IRS and I've been running from "the problem" and haven't paid taxes between 2008 and 2013, a federal agent will be at my door to arrest and detain me (in handcuffs!) for up to 72 hours. The telephone number was from Chicago, 312.473.2731. I had some fun with him for a bit to see how far it would go - he got very agitated and finally just told me he'd see me in court and hung up.

Just received a call from 202-506-8051 stating his name is Allen Blackman and he is an agent from the IRS. He said I needed to call his boss at the same number and ask for extension 101. I knew something was up so I called back and stated that I am recording the call and that I would like to know what country they are in. He stated they are in Africa and they have permission from the IRS to use the name since they collect so much money for them.

I received a voicemail for the same number (202-506-8051) threatning legal action and not describing the reason. Have you contacted cops yet?

I got a call from Allen Blackman 202-506-8051 today. Same words as above. I also reported him at

Same here. I got a call from Kevin Shall 888-393-2430. These people need to be put in jail.

I have received three days worth of calls, with a couple nasty voicemails. This "thick accented" dude claims to be "Benjamin" and "William" interchangeably. I have spoken with him twice urging him to quit. Obviously, he hasn't... Phone # comes up as 202-506-9930

call from 202.241.0925 shows washington DC
indian guy from IRD,said i own money $6,127 for 2010 tax need to pay in next 45 mins

I have also just reported the same thing. Received the call from 202-241-6146 on my answering machine, but the accent was so thick and east indian, I could not understand it, but the caller ID, showed IRS. Called back and was threatened with money laundering and tax fraud warrant and they would be at my door in 30 minutes! I told them it was BS and became very aggressive with them hanging up. Called local help unless actual moneies are lost. Was referred to IRS TIGTA website and also this website. No name mentioned that I could understand.

I live in Nevada and received a similar call that was I guess a "robo" call. Voice sounded like and older male - no accent. Msg stated that there would be an arrest warrant sent out the same evening if I did not call a "1-202" number. I was so frightened by the call I did not remember the rest of the number, but when I checked my caller ID a 1-800-829-1040 number displayed. It is an IRS number, but a live person is not available to talk to, so I called the FTC. Thank goodness, because I guess this is quite the scam going around. Please, BEWARE, of this kind of scam and never call the number back! Report incident to the FTC!

I just got a call from 415-251-1037 from someone claiming to be agent James Anderson. He had a strong Indian accent and stumbled over several English words. He said he was going to read an affidavit to me and that I could not interrupt him, but could ask questions at the end. When I refused to agree to this he quickly hung up. It was an obvious scam - really quite amateurish. These people are so stupid yet brazen. I hope they are caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Too bad stealing from an American is not a crime in many parts of the world.


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