Want to fight back against cross-border fraud?

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Of course, you know the FTC is the nation’s consumer protection agency. Did you know that we also work with our international partners to collect complaints and protect consumers around the world?

Today, FTC staff are meeting in Panama City with members of the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network. ICPEN is a network of consumer protection authorities from more than 50 countries working to stop consumer fraud. One topic on the agenda is a review of international consumer complaint trends. People use econsumer.gov to report issues that cross international borders, and law enforcement agencies use those complaints to identify and investigate fraud. Econsumer.gov is available in English, French, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, and Turkish.

The good news: consumer complaints help the FTC and its international partners stop rip-off artists, scammers, and fraudsters. So if a business doesn't deliver on its promises, if someone cheats you out of your money, or if you've spotted a scam, we want to know. Consumer Sentinel complaint data helps agencies in the US and abroad work together to crack down on cross-border schemes.
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Publishers clearing house called from 876-840-3038.

Today I received an email about a job. Things sounds good but I'm not sure if it's something I should be doing. Yes I do need a job but not at the expense of taking part in a fraudulent scam. The name of the company is Worldwide trans-border company. I don't have any information about their location or a contact person. Do you know if this is a scam?

Some job offers can be scams. This FTC article about work at home businesses has some tips. You can also search this site for other blog posts about "jobs" or "job scams."

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