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How does a fixed rate mortgage compare to a variable rate mortgage?
What can you do about a store that doesn’t honor its refund policy?

What if you have a complaint about an insurance company?

The world can be a tricky place for consumers. It takes time and energy to research companies, compare products, and stay up-to-date on the latest scams. At times, it might feel like a full time job. The 2014 Consumer Action Handbook can help, and it’s now available to order or download for free.

The Handbook compiles practical consumer tips on topics that matter to you, like buying a home, paying for college, writing a will, and making mobile purchases. It’s updated annually by GSA’s Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies, and also is available online with interactive features at

Have a specific consumer question? Ask Marietta, the editor of the Consumer Action Handbook, and she could answer it live next Tuesday, June 24, at 3 pm EST during a Google Hangout. You can email questions to or tweet them using the hashtag #AskMarietta.

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Who does one speak to resolve a stolen life insurance policy...amoungst otherl things?

I used to operate a florist/garden shop and bought plants from a small wholesaler, a family owned business, and then introduced my mother to them, (who also owns a florist) and was happy with their products and service. My last delivery from then was stolen the same night. The total delivery was about 1000 dollars. I could not pay him for the order, because frankly, I didn't have the money & was waiting on a insurance claim. One day my mom goes to their business and he told her I owed him the money, SO she paid the debt for me. I ftel like it was a violation of the Privacy Act. Any recommendations, or advice? It would be greatly appreciated.

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