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Home-based businesses: Do you really need these services?

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The operators of a telemarketing scheme that allegedly took millions of dollars from people trying to start home-based businesses have agreed to settle charges brought by the FTC and the New York and Florida Attorneys General. As part of the settlement, the defendants are banned from selling business development services and work-at-home opportunities, and must surrender more than $15 million in assets.

The FTC alleges The Tax Club called people who were trying to start new home-based businesses and falsely claimed to be affiliated with companies from which the consumers had already purchased products and services. The Tax Club then pitched business development services like coaching, corporate formation, and credit development, claiming that the services were essential to the success of home-based businesses. After an initial sale, The Tax Club called repeatedly to sell additional services at a hefty price – several thousand dollars per service. In the end, new business owners lost their money – either The Tax Club didn’t deliver or the businesses never got off the ground.

If you’re thinking about launching a home-based business, do your homework. Learn about business opportunity scams. If an offer sounds suspicious or you’ve been taken in by a scam, file a complaint with the FTC. Your complaints help us stop rip-off artists, scammers, and fraudsters.

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I like your articles. They are useful, short and to the point!! Kudos to the FTC!!!

There is so much fraudulent businesses on line it's a disgrace to the internet service and to the people who use this service. Not to mention, the loss of millions of dollars to the public who fall for these so called businesses. I am glad to see somebody is paying attention and making some progress apprehending these on line crooks. FTC is one and another is thank you for the good police work.

is emobile code a scam?

Yes ,
A link to this video was emailed to me so I did some research. The people in the video are actors including Michael Mcknight who claims to be the developer of the system. They are selling worthless marketing tools but don't have any real business oportunity , this one really creeped me out with how they can concoct this total lie and not blink an eye . Ive seen many of these biz op scams over the years and they have become totally ruthless to the point where it's just creepy.

Dear Sir/Madam:

I just deleted out of my SPAM FOLDER 10 messages sent to my e-mail concerning these business opportunities scams. Can you stop them from happening? Can you initiate a class action suit, so these scammers get scared? That would be the best and most honorable solution. thanks. sml


56125220 I really need to know everything I can about spam. The night they said my drivers were corrupted and one was missing was a joke. Microsoft worked with us 100%, gave us your e-mail and yet that wasn't enough. I go to sleep at the computer with my illnesses (no excuse), but they took the money out, then put it back in. Then in November they took it out again without my consent, made me over drawn which someone had already called and said it was over, the money was back in. Have a good day. Then in November, they take the money out without any notice. I was not expecting it, was overdrawn, had to borrow money to put in. They were not suppose to do anything until both parties agreed. They never contacted us. They kept calling us, they told my husband "F___OFF". We got no help at all. The charge card person who I dealt with, Diane promised she would do nothing until I and them were satisfied. A lie.

I received a scam call today from 717-447-7802. They had information on me such as address and phone number which are public records that any body can get. Threatened to come and arrest me if I did not pay them ( out of court ). I don't know who they were except 'government agents'. I had a hard time understanding the man talking who said his name is Steven Smith.

I was taken and played for a fool by a "work from home" company. Sounded great as somethin part time for a lil extra income. I now know if it seems to good to be true....its probably cause it is! Im now in the process of paying my bank back $1200 that I got took for, that I dont have.
Please be aware of the Name Diane (sometimes Diana) Holley (also uses Holly)! She will contact you through email and by phone once she has your number. The email address she uses is a temporary one, but usually ends with
Please keep eyes open and be aware! I feel so stupid...but lesson learned. Ive filed complaints with everyone I can


Are any of these companies affiliated with the February 24 scam alert on "The Coaching Department?" I was scammed by them and had corporate credit coaches, business builder coaches, company formation services, etc.? Any info would be helpful.

Eric, I was scammed by a simular, biz just different name. These guys are good. What the AZ, ATG, and SS, does hopefully understand. Is the repeat ice LLCs created, and renamed biz ops or the largest loop hole for scammers. Most don't have telephonically registration, the ATGs can't regulate there pubic any better than this it is the AT General fault. They plainly don't care or just wine and say, maybe,ts a fake name, or fake address, and just file your info away. Will the name never stands out because they tweet, there scams, they change names, address, etc, and even good where the weather is great, they are fly in jet planes like the birds migrate, scammers. Tweek a biz op scam, change scams and names etc. never get noticed due to loop,holes. M

RPE Logistics is not a real company. The website looks real. I was contacted by a Mark Symanski who offered me a Quality Inventory Control job from home. Filled an application everything seemed legit until I started researching more about these sort of jobs. I tried to contact the numbers on the website even the email addresses on the website however none of these worked. Emails came back as undeliverable and phone had a busy signal all day! I emailed Mr. Symanski back at the email he had been emailing me from and informed him that I will not be working with them and shred my application/contract. Also informed him that I reported his fake company to the FTC. Please don't fall for these "Quality Control Inventory" jobs. Totally bogus.

Did you receive any payment or you did not receive any package?

I own and run a home based business. My wife and I make over 50k part time. MLM works if you work it. American free enterprise system has value for broke people. I was a victim of lack of knowledge.
I was only an employee my money problems ( it was my bosses fault) now small business owner. I have tax advantages of business, Did not need a coach, just read. Several business books . But I learned from my Upline that makes 7 figures.
Never again!!!

What company?

Don't fall for 'Free Money System' it's a Binary trading platform that has a Video from WALTER. In the video He says ' You will become a Millionaire within 90 Days. It's all Lies. They promise 'A Matching Deposit when You put 200-500& Into ONE OF THIER

Accepted as a "Travel Coordinator" with Viaggius promise $3,800 a month plus commission. Too good to be true... Established a bank account so they could deposit commissions and customers could pay for travel. My part was to ensure the money was transferred to the manager in the area of travel. I received $1,000 from a "Customer" and transferred it to the manager. I became suspicious when asked to do it again the next day. I reported it to the bank and the police. I found out the deposits were thefts from an account obtained illegally. I am now required to pay back the $1,000 that I transferred. Stay away from them!

Reading these complaints was like writing my own story. First, you need coaching. Then, "Your coach wanted me to reach out to you" and they tell you with desperation how your business needs this service to be a success. Next, they put you on hold while they check with someone to see if they can get a reduced price for you. Wouldn't you know it? Of course they can, but ONLY if you purchase right now. The offer won't be good after they hang up. Then the next affiliate calls, repeating the same story. I was promised I could make money within 2 months, enough to cover my credit card payments. That was all lies. Before I knew it, I was taken for over 49,000.00 and haven't made a dime yet. That was between May and July of 2013. When I sent a certified letter to one company, it was returned. They have gone out of business under that name, relocated and opened under another name. Don't be scammed by Creative Business Success, Top Shelf Marketing, or Business Development.

To the Federal Trade Commission, Global Ministies, Media Coorporations Servers, Radio Brodcasting Servers, public, and whom elst it may concern,

Robin lynnes Productions Minister Robin Lynne Mabin or Laffette is a fraud and no minister. this imposter uses a company to service her called Mode Media Corporation that provides media acces to several media sites for advertising such as twitter, face book and many others. this company was notified of fraudulant identity theft described below and shut her down of only the idividual making the claim complained about. Great , however this fraudulant identity theft is still allowed to run her business. problem being, THIS IS An OBVIOUS SCAM ARTIST being allowed to perform crimes teaching millions over the worldwide internet through this company who know knows the charecter and intent of this criminal who suffers no consequnces for their actions. This is unethical and providing criminals who now use the internet to scam people, steal their identity, personal information, making havoc in their credit and living circumstances, as well as affecting their businees and reputation. This person Robin lynne also uses Spreaker who services her for broadcaing a ministry /hiphop radio shows, a minister who plays both sides of the fence and changes her character to suit the needs of the listners she is broadcasting to. A well known heavily addicted crack cocain user who posts very racey photos oh herself, has been fiered from ministry radio shows (many) with one minister commenting he refused to have a prostatute perpetraying as a minnister running his shows. She was also fierd after indecent photos of body parts were distributed between her and one of the DJ's within a 2 wek period of last described incodent. She is under investigation by CPS for having sex with a 15 year old boy who's mother also a crack head, pimped out her son for a place to stay with Robin. She also recieved a restraining order from her x boyfriend whom she stole clients with slander, made false restraining orders repremanded for by the judge who inforced the order she was a no show for, and tols her to stop. Robin continued by using others to do her dirty work as described below and when her idea to have someone recommend a gift for the two if they got back together failed, she told him to watch his back and chose that time to tell him shae had aids, indicating he was adead man. An arrest warrent was initiated and for the second time Robin fled the state. she fled and that's when she decided to steal my identity for the 3rd or 4th time during my 57 years as her sister. Imposter shown by have recently been requested to take down and shut this person down altogether due to fradulant identification theft and attempts to redirect a dumy site using a real sites pay to her also gaining money through a multilevel marketing company who does pay for clic, and in an effort to steal credit card and personal information to decieve the public and destroy the perons reputation and business, alos using site to have a one way fight with no way repond to her unless you join her whatever, and non responses to telephone calls. Ignoring request to take down with personal reasons suggesting the owner her sister had problems with her mind( which she has slanderd for over 25 years) and that the promoter was inefficient, not doing a good job so she said she would not take it down then saying she can promote me and will. So continued as me with pictures of her over all I do, redirected pay and contact information fraduant identification theft, plegerisim, slander.
There was a delay and hesitation from these companies who flat out refuse to shut her down and stop this fraud who is using the internet to defraud people and has no integrity whatso ever in her life of fake businesses. she herself is a fraud and imposter as a minister whos life is contrary to the ministry of sexual promiscuity, chid sexual abuse, warrents for arrest for threatning the lief of a person who had a restraining order againt her for using the internet to defraud him and slander him, assulting him physically and mentally and now financially by stealing his clients from the slander on the internet and through these sources which impacts other innocent people because they are scammed and soon disapointed they choose to go her way- wanting to return back to the original promoter after seeing her incapabilities and unwillingness to supply their requrements, because she is scamming them. Their businnesses suffer as well which means their families suffer depending on her to help them generate income neede to provide for the family.
It is not enogh to simply take down a persons site or information of a person defrauded by a scam artist who is a criminal proven from the act they have comitted, no background checks, alllowing these theives a wonderful avenue to continue their criminal behavior.
Dr. Vi Porter, Phd Social and Behaviorial Sceinces, PhD in environmental health and safety, LOA Wealth Practitioner, Health Minister, doctor of business administration in healthcare, doctor of Biblical Studies, life and wellness coach, Nutritional Health Consultant Specialist, Continental Who's Who Top Pinecal Professional, NAPW Woman of the Year. Featured on cover and in article, pod casts for Womon of Distinction, developer of Distinktive Health-Doctors and Healthcare Professionals

I was scammed by this very clever person by the name Jean claiming she can set up google searches for you. There's a variety of options to choose from, at a drastic reduction in price. Also, she claims to include Click Bank advertisement that you would get paid from when someone search on google. Supposedly it will take 6-12 weeks for the pages to be cataloged. I bought 1200 pages, in May of 2014, here it is January 2015, and nothing. I've contacted them numerous times, with no results, the last time I contacted them, I got no response at all. So if you see this advertisement in the traffic exchanges, don't fall for it, it's an out right scam.

I am so sorry. We are old raising our grand-daughter (she is blind in one eye and has no thyroid) and she needs a car for drivers ed, and there is no way we can afford a car. I feel so sorry for her. I would have never bought anything off of this company. I found in my files where the document wasn't even signed. I am really down on my self. Thanks for the information.

Lots of people are searching for means to quit their task and also take part in a lucrative company from home. The key to success in a home office business, is to decide on a wonderful business program and also to use proven advertising strategies to market first class products.

Ivan, Sarah, Lynn, Scott with Quality Resource Group in Az are thieves and have no respect for others. BEWARE!!

This nightmare with the TaxClub begin with an infomercial Dave Espino's Auction For Income. We were convince we need to be legal and needed an Tax Id in order to do business on and off line. It seem legit while we were going to the training coarse but once we finished no on would answer the phone. It's good to see FTC busting these shysters.

I am not sure how I got to signup with Tax Club,but I can relate with these guys.They took me approximately $30.000,with services I did"t need and also not delivered.It's about time something done to stop these crooks.

Please report this to the FTC at

The FTC recently settled a lawsuit with The Tax Club, Inc. and hired company to process refunds. If you have questions, you can call Analytics, LLC at 1-(855) 561-1178.

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