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A “work at home” scheme that didn’t work

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Claims you can “Make Big Money Working From Home!” can show up online, on utility poles in the neighborhood, even on your phone. Some promotions that sound promising are cover-ups for a con, like the sham payment processing business that took more than $5.4 million from people in less than a year. The FTC stopped the operation, and has reached a settlement with two individuals and six of the companies involved. The FTC’s settlement requires the owners to surrender cash, real estate, jet skis and other items and bans them from being involved in work at home and business opportunities.

According to the FTC, the defendants claimed they ran a payment processing business. Company telemarketers recruited consumers to become business “representatives,” and promised they’d make substantial income by working from home to find clients for the business. Thousands of consumers paid up to $495 to sign on; some paid even more — tens of thousands of dollars more — for add-ons, like lead lists, marketing campaigns and “mentoring” help. Defendants took consumers’ money, but didn’t help them get accounts or make the money they’d been promised, according to the FTC.

If you’re considering a work at home or other business opportunity, do some research first. Enter the company name and the word “complaints” into an online search engine to see what people say about the company. You also can check a company’s history with your local consumer protection agency or Attorney General. Before you send money, read the information a seller must provide by law. Our one-minute audio tip has more about how to check out an offer.

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(FTC)Has contacted me by phone,but I do not speak English,I would like to (FTC),contact me via email. I will translate (FTC)wants to help you.

If you received a call or an email from someone saying that a complaint has been filed against you with the FTC, please disregard the call or email. It is not legitimate. You can call the agency’s headquarters at (202) 326-2222 for more information or file a complaint at 1-877-FTC-HELP.

Definitely useful tips! Always rechecked online business opportunity before try it. Checked forum or ask people who already run it. Get more payment evidence as well. On search engine also try adding "scam" in the last words.

Nice post, interesting.
Thanks for sharing.

Like "Home Job Institute", they have an online advertisement that promises that you will make $ 15.00 a link, posting links for major businesses ! They claim they are accredited by the " Better Business Bureau ", but a quick and very easy check on the BBB's website has them listed as a scam to avoid. All the bells & whistles on their site, such as " As seen on.. CNN, BBC, USA TODAY, ABC and MSNBC ". Sure makes it look legitimate to someone with.." No experience needed ! ". All looks great and they even put a working calculator on the site, so you can workout the huge amount of money you will make. Wow, if that doesn't tell you who these advertisements are aimed at ( can't do the simple addition math, no problem, here's a calculator ). It really ticks me off, that these lowlifes target people that need every penny they get. Low income folks with dreams of making their lives manageable, by making big bucks legality. Well, once they have laid out the dream, then they hit them with.. " The special price of $ 97.00 for those who act now - normal price is $ 129.00 ! ". So there you have it, pay out $ 97.00 and you have a job that you can be as dumb as a brick. Only work an hour or two a day ( if you feel like it ). But, end up a financially independent millionaire ! Now does that sound too good to be true ? LOL

How i become the money from who? On which account?

don't trust any of this. Some of people posted good comments about making $ from home because they might be paying from someone to do do. Nothing is FREE and nothing couldn't help you to earn $ at all. I have been there and all was losing money and wasting your time. Especially, they told you blah blah... will help you to make $ but turned out they were the one to make $ not you. W/in an hour talking once you are signed up the training, you lost more than $6K for eduction/training which they said this amount is taking care from A-Z. After a few weeks training, you are lucky to meet a good trainer to show you how with a good tip then take it otherwise, he/she just by pass the training then another company which called financial analyst to help you build a successful business. This is another $ you need to pay which they are name a lot of think how to help your company blah blah... listen carefully what they said and then they will tell you that you have 3 days to cancel but w/in a day you cancel the membership you need to pay them $4K and turned out nothing is done, all you need to do by yourself to contact your state, and scc to build your own business. They just provide a stupid paper which you can google to download the file and/or file online. Here, you need to pay another fee. They did nothing but tell you what to do which cost you more than $8k, again taking care from A-Z back-end. They will tell you the training course you paid at the beginning is front-end. If you are smart to ask them, is there middle-end? They will say 'NO' but trust me, a few weeks later, someone will call you and build another web which I called this is "middle-end" and guess what? This is not free and you need to pay again, they call it they will taking care from A-Z again.... "very cheap"... with a price of almost $7K. If you are unemployement/out of job and looking for a work at home, becareful with this tricks. You can save this money for paying your house for 6 mos living and/or trying to play one time gamble at the casino. If you are lucky at the beginning, the casino will let you win something, stop it and get the profit and keep looking for a real work to do. If you are not lucky then you lost the game. This working at home is the samething you play losing gamble at the casino. Not finish yet, the 1 time training at the beginning is not the one time. You need to pay the support for $39.99/mo to access to the training course even you are not finished training.

The best earning money is working from Fortune 500 company a real company. let the company paying for your benefits. All they want you to pay them money not helping you earn money. Best things to learn is not hear, not listen, not talking...

Trust me, no one tells you the fact of the working from home, because they need your money.

@ Tico...
Tico, buddy, I feel so bad for you, in many different ways !
Please, please, don't go to casinos with the thought in your head that you are going to make money.
If you do go, you should plan on losing the money you brought to play with.
Casinos are for entertainment, NOT for making money.
The casinos make money off you, luck has nothing to do with any of it !
Get a job, work hard and save any amount you can out of your pay check each week.
You will be ahead of the game when you learn to forget you have that money saved, instead of taking it to buy stuff you don't NEED !

The FTC should make these crooks pay back every cent they stole from these people(including me),even if it means taking all these crooks' money and taking money out of their income for as long as it take to pay all their victims back in full!I need that $2495 these criminals deceived and stole from me!

Please report your experience to the FTC at Law enforcement needs to know the details of what is happening. The information you give will go into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

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