Is that debt collector for real?

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It’s stressful enough getting calls from debt collectors for bills you actually owe. But if you’ve ever been harassed and threatened for debts you’ve never even heard about, let alone accrued, it can be downright harrowing – and quite possibly illegal.

Today, the FTC announced that a U.S. district court has temporarily halted a Georgia-based operation from using deception and threats to collect millions in phantom payday loan “debts.”  The FTC says Williams, Scott & Associates and company president John Williams lied and threatened people to pay on debts they didn’t owe – or debts the company didn’t have the authority to collect.

According to the FTC, the debt collectors claimed to be federal and state agents, investigators, or members of a government fraud task force, or they pretended to be with a law firm.  They falsely told consumers their driver’s licenses would be revoked and that they faced immediate arrest and imprisonment if they didn’t pay up.  How did the debt collectors even know to contact those consumers?  The FTC says many of the people had inquired about a payday loan online at one time and submitted contact information, which the company later got its hands on.  The case is pending in federal court in Atlanta.

Don’t get intimidated by a bullying bill collector – real or fake.  Any debt collector impersonating a law enforcement officer or threatening you with immediate arrest if you don’t pay up is violating federal law.

If you think a caller may be a fake debt collector:

  • Ask the caller for his name, company, street address, and telephone number. Tell the caller you won’t discuss any debt until you get a written "validation notice." If the caller refuses, don’t pay.
  • Put your request in writing. If you have the caller’s address, send a letter demanding that the caller stop contacting you, and keep a copy for your files. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) requires any debt collector to stop calling if you ask them to in writing.
  • Don’t give or confirm with the caller any personal, financial, or other sensitive information. Fake debt collectors, and other scammers, can use your information to commit identity theft and other crimes.
  • Contact your creditor.  If a debt is legitimate – but you think the collector isn’t – contact your creditor.  Tell them about the suspicious call and ask who, if anyone, the creditor has authorized to collect the debt.
  • Report the call. File a complaint with the FTC and your state Attorney General's office with information about suspicious callers. Many states have their own debt collection laws in addition to the federal FDCPA.

Learn more about protecting yourself from fake debt collectors and about your rights if you actually are facing debt collection.


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I received basically the same messages everyone else is getting and spoke to a rude man on the phone from "intel direct collection agency" said I owed a payday loan from 2007 for 700 bucks which I do not...if possible get an email address from them and send this.......

Whom It May Concern: This will serve as your legal notice under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), to cease all communication with me in regard to the debt referenced above. Do not contact me, or any third parties regarding this debt. Furthermore, I formally dispute the validity of this debt. Please provide me with documentation that supports why you believe this debt belongs to me, and why you believe I owe this amount. Please send me copies of the original application for this account, any signatures associated with this account, any bills associated with this account, etc. You are also notified that should any adverse information be placed against my credit reports, appropriate actions will be taken under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Thank you for your attention to this matter.

I owed a few hundred bucks from a payday loan back in 05 well 3 years ago I paid it off and because of the harrasing calls still from the dept of legal services I actually carried around the statment with me in my car everywhere I went because I was freaked about being in trouble only due to there phone calls and still get them today for example one nasty ladie Sharon told me 3 months ago to learn how to speak english when she wasn't getting her way and I am irish and educated and told her to blank off and she hung up and went away and then today I get a call from Ashley from the same place who leaves me a message that I am obviously not very mature because I hung up on her 4 times but with her lack of intelligence she didn't realize my phone blocks unknown callers so I was unaware that she even called until I checked my messages and yes she left the same old someone will be serving you papers between 2-4 pm on Monday and she read off the last 4 of my social and all of there other garbage and of course I called back the 866 # and they had no Ashley there as Was begging to talk to someone and give them a pc of my mind as I owe nothing to any of them and am a law abiding tax paying hard working american and am only writing because I went around for weeks with those gut wrenching stomach aches thinking there was something wrong so please relax and don't torchure yourself......TnT in Fl

I got a call today form mark smith a legal processor saying I will have a federal warrant out for my arrest for writing a bad check to check into cash, if i didn't pay $698 in the next hour. Now i know that can't be true since i had no ties with them in 2011. How can i prove this is fraud?

A debt collector can't issue a warrant for your arrest for owing money. The caller was most likely threatening you into paying, which is illegal.

You can ask the debt collector to send you a written "validation notice" of your debt. They have to send a notice that includes the amount of the debt, the name of the creditor you owe, and your rights under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

These FTC articles tell more about your rights when it comes to debt collectors.

received phone calls today from 877-310-0956 ASG Legal Group claiming my daughter would be arrested if she did not contact them by COB, got the call at 5:30pm. Called they gave me a claim # and said if she paid them tonight charges would be dropped. They also called spouse & other daughter, also threatened legal action with them.tried to look up number but it is invalid per google. Are they real or a scam, don't want my kid to go to jail.

A debt collector can't issue a warrant for your arrest for owing money. The caller was most likely threatening you into paying, which is illegal.

You can ask the debt collector to send you a written "validation notice" of your debt. They have to send a notice that includes the amount of the debt, the name of the creditor you owe, and your rights under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

These FTC articles tell more about your rights when it comes to debt collectors.

They are at it again. How do you get them to stop emailing??

This FTC article tells about your rights when it comes to debt collectors. It explains how to get a debt collector to stop contacting you.

got a call from 855 657 3806 claming to be from central legal services will a case number.I call back and ask what it was regarding they said it was from an unpaid credit card balance from 6 years ago, they had all my information wrong so i hung up.

Same issue with ASG. I called back and asked for their full name and was given ASG Solutions. I find them to be a landscaping company out of Florida but can not find ASG Solutions in Ohio where they claim to be absed out of. I am trying to file a BB and FTC complaint against them but keep hitting a brick wall. The number they called me from is (844) 518-0394.

I've been receiving calls from ASG SOLUTIONS also. They left me a voicemail stating that they will find out what my home address is or where I work to send me a claim that they state they have filed under my name. I called the number: (855)759 6951 which is the number that they have been calling from several times and when I ask them for their address they hang up on me.

Throw "Legal Mediation Services" 850 546 6444 into this fray. I got an automated message yesterday from these dirt bags stating they had tried repeatedly to contact me with no success. I called them back. They stated I had defrauded on a credit card from back in 09 and needed $200 from them or legal action would be taken. When I stated I would not pay anything until I received a copy of the signed form from the card company to confirm my signature, which I knew I hadn't done business with them, the call was ended quickly and quite nicely with have a good day. How can these dirt bags continue to threaten and terrorize innocent people!?!?!?

These are useful details for a complaint.  Please report your experience at Your complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice. We can't address complaints when you submit them in the blog comments.

I recieved a call today from (parker mckenzie law firm.)out of washington dc. they said i have a past debt from a payday loan company and i needed to pay the amount of 1250 before 12p.m. or the state of california would be taking the case and filling 2 felony charges against me. they had the last 4 of my social and my previous home addresses. just wondering if anyone has delt with them before. ive recearch there firm and can find nothing. i called from a private number and asked for their address and she wouldnt give it to me until i told her who i was. The origanal person i talked to said he was friends with someone from the ccc and he could help me. im not 100% woried about this but they threataned me with 6 months jail time.

another question. how did they get all 3 of my new phone numbers?

my ex mother in law got this call this morning. They told her it was against me. I told her its a fraud call.. phone number they used 512-355-7722

On March 23, 2015 at approximately 11:15am, I received a call on my cell phone from 856-225-7100. The caller identified herself as Cheryl Sharp from the Camden County [New Jersey] Clerk’s Office (I live in Camden County, NJ). She stated that she was giving me a courtesy call to advise that “two felony warrants with my name and Social Security Number” were going to be submitted to the Judge at 3:30pm that day for my arrest. She told me that in order to “stop the warrants from being signed” I needed to call 305-204-9562 x102 and speak to a Lisa Gatsby and to tell Lisa that she needed to “fax over a stop action by 3:30 to avoid the felony warrants being signed by the Judge.” I then ended my call with “Cheryl”. I then Googled 856-225-7100 and it was indeed a phone number linked to the Camden County Clerk’s office, however, it was a fax number. I’ve been a litigation assistant for 22 years. I took this information to my boss, an attorney, and he immediately called “Lisa Gatsby” to advise of his representation as my attorney. The person who answered the phone identified the company as “Premier Check Services” and when Lisa got on the phone, she was not very helpful, cooperative or willing to answer any questions and then hung up on my boss. She never advised the amount of the alleged debt. We then called the Camden County Clerk’s phone number and they advised that no one by the name of Cheryl Sharp worked there. I then contacted a friend of mine at my hometown Police Department because if a warrant was issued in my name, he could let me know and I would surrender instead of being arrested at my home, in front of my children. I did tell him I figured it was a scam, but just wanted to protect myself. The Officer let me know that he spoke to the County Prosecutor and the Prosecutor advised that it was a scam and that warrants are NOT issued nor dealt with in that fashion. I believe the scammers got my information from a payday loan I took over 4 years ago that has since been paid. My personal belief is that they are the same company, changing their name over and over again and attacking people like me who needed help at one time b/c this isn’t the first (second or third) time I’ve received calls like this one.

I received a call last week stating I took out a payday loan in June 2012. I do not remember taking out this loan. I can't find documentation in my email about or where the loan was dispursed. Out of fear I set up a payment arrangement because they said they were going to garnish my wages or suspend my license. They called from two different numbers 443-478-4840 and 216-920-7717. Now I'm trying to change my information so they can't continue to collect. I am glad I found this site with best practices so I can get the information or shut down the process.


I just got an email from a debt collector over something that I honestly don't remember and stated that I will be arrested in 48 hours. Mind you, I got the email at 5:53 pm today (Friday). Please tell me that its a scam. Oh and the bottom of the email had all this legal mumbo jumbo from the FTC. Thanks in advance!

If you think someone is a fake debt collector, follow the steps that are listed in this blog post. A company can sue you if they think you owe money, but you won't be arrested if you owe money. Also, the FTC doesn't take files from debtors.

They are calling from this number too 1 - 501 - 507 0888

814-240-6531 they refuse to give a street address or answer any questions until you give them your information the company they say they are with is EMA about a payday loan i do not have from 2 or 3 years ago they threaten that people will come to my that even legal?

I received a call at work from a courier stating if I don't call back a number that he was serving me at work. The number is 855-670-4003. Spoke with a lady named Cynthia and she said I have to pay a past payday loan today or they were suing and I would have to pay 3000. Said the company is American Credit Financial. She said she doesn't have to give me the company license #. ???

If you owe a debt, but you think the caller might be a scammer, you can contact the company you owe and ask about your account.

The article Fake Debt Collectors has more tips to help you handle calls like the one you describe.

We have been experiencing harassment from scam zombie debt collections. We received a full discharge in bankruptcy in 2012. We used to answer the calls, but do not anymore. These "collectors" would tell us how funds were deposited in our account (that had been closed since we filed), but when we asked for dates they were all after the account was closed (big surprise). The last one we spoke to, before we stopped answering calls altogether, we heard the same wrong dates. When I responded with, "How can someone list that?" the caller replied, "Some creditors will open up a new loan in someone's name to keep the debt fresh." So this peaked our interest and we investigated our credit reports. We found a few reports on our credit report marked "Listed in Bankruptcy", the dates were way off and "Last Payment Made" was completely false as it was showing a date over a year after our bankruptcy..
Just recently I received a fax at my work from scam collector. The fax was directed to "Payroll" and another two to my office manager (which they got the manager's name by calling into my workplace). These have been received on 3 separate occasions in 3 weeks time. They ask for my title, whether paid weekly or bi-weekly, and requests signature of manager and "employee". Sent the fax to my attorney who checked the company name with that state's secretary of state website. THE BUSINESS DOES NOT EXIST! Their address appears like a normal address with "suite" number, but upon looking into it further it was found that the address is to a post office and the suite number is the PO Box.
Beware of this new scam!

I have been receiving phone calls from a private number saying they are going to subpoena me on Tuesday I have never given my dads number out to anyone and they had called him. I was worried. But they said they were with a law firm. Did not give a name or nothing. Said they were sending someone out Tuesday to give me a subpoena.

I received a call from AAL Processing mediation group and believed them, paid $2k to them and now have researched to figure out that they look to be a scam. My bank told me because I authorized the $2k they could not stop the payment or report as fraudulent. I shut down all my bank cards that I gave to them for automatic payment withdrawls, but now I am worried that I gave them $2k it will make the debt that they said I had valid. IT is from a debt from 2004- 11 years ago, I was just so scared that they would serve my husband that I did what they said to do. Now I just do not know what to do.

If you have problems with a debt collector, report them to your state your state Attorney General’s office, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau . Many states have debt collection laws that are different from the federal law. Your Attorney General’s office can help you determine your rights under your state’s law.

If you have old debts, collectors may not be able to sue you to collect on them. State law determines how long the debt collector has to sue you. Check with a legal aid lawyer, another attorney, or your State Attorney General's Office if you have an old debt.

Hello, I keep recieving calls from (678) 816-1650 GA, USA. They are saying they are from the processing summons division, they are notifying me of two charges against me for fradulent activity in my county. I have never done fraudelent things and it's making me nervous. Is there anyway I can find out if it's real without talking to them? I'm afraid to call them if it's fake.

If you know you have a debt, and someone calls about the debt, tell them to send you a written validation notice about the debt. If you get a written validation notice, you can figure out how to handle the debt. Even if you owe money, a debt collector can't issue a warrant for your arrest for owing money. Sometimes scammers use official sounding words or say they're from a government agency to try and scare people. This FTC article tells more about your rights when it comes to debt collectors.

The caller might be trying to scare you so you tell them your bank account number or credit card, or even wire money to them. Don't give any personal or financial information to someone you don't know. You can see if there are any problems on your credit report by looking at your free credit report. Go to and order your credit report and see if there are any mistakes or surprises.

I got a call saying I had 3 legal actions against me from the county clerk and if they found me they would come to my work place. The number is 360-209-3514. A CJ had information that made me think it was a legit call. They said I paid on a payday loan from 2009 but stopped paying and I owed 1700 dollars and could only accept a credit or debit card. I knew I had paid it off and didn't recognize the company called Vista payday loans. They said it was the parent company. Scared me to death so I gave checking info. What do I need to do?

Contact your bank and explain what happened. If you don't want the caller to take money from your account, tell your bank.

This has many signs of a scam. A caller could be a fake collector if he:

  • wants you to pay a debt for a loan you don't  recognize;
  • refuses to give you a mailing address or phone number;
  • asks you for personal financial or sensitive information; or
  • exerts high pressure to try to scare you into paying. He might threaten to come to your work place, or to have you arrested or say he'll report you to law enforcement.

I got the same email yesterday, but they inserted the name Michael Davis, and guess what they stole this name from a Michael Davis that works for the FTC. I see from all the fake debt collectors info on FTC complaints, this is out-and-out fraud and these people need to be caught, prosecuted and found guilty; and, send to jail, where there is no access to online anything.

I don't open the spam emails, but, I do investigate the email code to decipher the spammers identity path. And, from another spammer email wanting a payment from a loan I don't owe, I found out the perps name, and where they operate from, and it isn't from the address they used in their fake debt collecting email.

What bothers me in this email I received today, my ssn is listed. I am currently filing a complaint with the FTC\complaint. Years ago I did use a check cash service and I have kept all of my hard copies with the loan amount and that it is stamped paid in full. Plus, back then -- I suckered up to some of those "get cash now" commercials and did apply on line with some, but never accepted the loan. What an idiot I was then when I was feeling down during the economy dump.

I no longer want to ignore these parasites, these sub-humans have tripped on the hornets nest.

for about a week now i have been getting calls to my cell and my mother in laws phone. how they got her number i dont know. but its so annoying because i did take out a loan st a local payday loan store that i failed to pay back and that is the one they were using againts me so i fell for it. until i decided to give the store a call just to verify and they sayd they had nothing to do with it. they threated me with getting my DL suspended. Her name is SarahGreen and the number is 8448636596! dont fall for these scams

Thank you for sharing your experience. These are useful details for a complaint. 

Please go to to report this. We can't address complaints you write about in blog comments.

I received this beautiful email today, what do you think? Attention, This is last and final chance for you. This is a Legal Proceedings issued on your Docket Number HT-7865/2015 with one of One hour loan Inc. Company in order to notify you that after making calls to you on your phone number we were not able to get hold of you. So the accounts department of Cash Advance has decided to mark this case as a flat refusal and press legal charges against you.

Case No: HT-7865/2014
Outstanding Amount: $982.33 Having checked your Social Security Number through our National Checking Database System and finding out that you have been never charged for a fraud activity, Financial Crime and Enforcement network (FINCEN) has decided to give you a chance to take care of this issue outside of the Court without having a report on your Credit History and Social Security Number. In order to avoid a lawsuit of $5000.00 against you, we request you to kindly pay the Court Restitution Amount which is $982.33. If you settle this matter today, you may be entitled to get some percentage of deduction on the restitution amount. You will have to send us a promissory note in order to hold your case file from being sent to the court house. On a case to case basis, you may be given the solution to pay 45-55% of the pending amount in the same month or within 45 days extension to settle the rest of the settlement amount as mutually agreed.

As we were unable to reach you so we are sending you a final notification through email. This legal matter will require your co-operation, so kindly get in touch with the department to make a payment and freeze down this case. As you are a defaulter on this credit, the following counts are likely to be represented against you at your local County Courthouse:


Once the court action is initiated and a Judgment / Decree against you to recover the balance amount with the cost of law suit is received, we may need to ask the court to give one of the following order, should the debt remains unpaid:-
1) Attachment of Earnings base, Deduction from your wage by your employer or part of your salary to satisfy the debt. 2) Warrant of Execution (Exceptional Attachment Order), Seizure and sale of movable non-essential assets / property by a County Court Bailiff /Sheriff Officer.
We have sent you this warning notification about legal proceedings March 8, 2014 but you failed to respond on time now it’s high time if you failed to respond in next 24 HOURS we will register this case in courthouse. Consider this as a final warning. And we will be Emailing/ Fax this issue to your current employer to make sure they take strict actions against you. Your salary wages will be garnished.
Do revert back if you want to get rid of these legal consequences and make a payment arrangement today or else we would be proceeding legally against you.
And we apologies that this notification will also sent to your current employer. The opportunity to take care of this voluntary is quickly coming to an end. We would hate for you to lose the option of resolving this before it goes to the next step which is a Lawsuit against you but to do so you must take immediate action.
You can Email back to get the payment mode too.
We will be forced to proceed legally against you and once it is processed the creditor has entire rights to inform your employer and your references regarding this issue and the law suit will be the next step which will be amounting to $1400.00 and will be totally levied upon you and that would be excluding your attorney charges. If you take care of this out of courthouse then we will release the clearance certificate from the court and we will make sure that no one will contact you in future.
Please let us know what your intention is by today itself so we can hold the case or else we will submit the paper work to your local county sheriff department and you will be served by court summons at your door step.
Note: This notice is provided to you on behalf of One Hour Loan Inc. and its parent company, and their respective family of companies including Cash Advance, its parent company, Cash America International, Inc., and all of their respective subsidiaries and affiliates, (hereafter collectively referred to as the “Cash Advance Related Companies,” “we” “our,” or “us”). The Cash Advance Related Companies include, but are not limited to: Cash Advance, Cash America International, Inc., and all of their respective subsidiaries and affiliates, including those that operate under the trade names Cash Advance, 100 Day Loan, Net loan USA, Fax free Cash, Payday one, Sonic Cash, Money tree, Egg loans, Check cash Loan, Quick Payday, Personal Cash Advance, Rapid Cash, Sonic Payday, Speedy Cash, My Cash Now, National Payday, Paycheck Today, Payday OK, Cash Central Loans, Cash Net 500,CashNet USA, Allied Cash, Super Pawn, Check into Cash, Check Smart, Ezmoney Cash America Net, Cash America, Cash America Pawn, Cash land, Super Pawn, Cash America Payday Advance, or any company-owned Mr. Payroll locations. “You” or “Your” means you as a participant in or as a user of the products and/or services offered by a Cash Advance Related Company.
By electronically signing this Loan Agreement by replying the email on upon email address and write “I AGREE" and you are confirming that you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the Consent and that you have downloaded or printed a copy of this Consent for your records.
With Regards,
Steven Clarke (202)-241-6970
Sr. Investigation Officer (Department-Law and Enforcement)
Financial Crime and Enforcement Network (FINCEN)


Just got a call. 360-282-0254. Called themselves "National Recovery" an "arbitration" company. Said I had a loan (the only loan I have is my mortgage) and was going to be taken to court if I did not pay $800 over the phone. I asked for there address and they would not give it to me for "security reasons" unless I gave them all my personal info so they could "verify" who I am. I refused to do so and they just got mad and said I better get an attorney and hung up. At no point did they ever say I was being recorded or state what the info I gave them would be used for.

Hello - We (my husband & I) have been receiving calls from "911" this week. The first one my husband didn't notice the caller ID & picked up to a recorded voice immediately spouted off They were calling from Attorney General's office (did not give a name) they did not ask for anyone in particular just said there are warrants out for his arrest for money owed to I.R.S for fraud & so on he hung up the phone after a while confused as we do not owe I.R.S. nor have we committed fraud.
I received a call the next day while I was on another line & received an incoming call that said 911 & since we had an emergency in our neighborhood that day I actually was afraid it was a reverse 911 call warning us of an emergency & I picked up they hung up. Today 6/12 I received another 911 call & picked up right away to Heavy English accent who did not give me a name nor did he ask for anyone specifically he immediately stated there were warrants out for my arrest for I.R.S. Fraud & mentioned Attorney General's office & so on he went so fast I tried to interrupt him to ask who he was calling for & he spoke over me, I tried to ask his name, he continued threatening me & speaking over me so I hung up. I most definitely want to find out more info about these scammer's so I can report them. I will most definitely do my best to get as much info as I can given the opportunity however it was extremely stressful seeing 911 call coming in & unfortunately if a real one comes in we will ignore it thinking it's a scam.

Has anyone heard of a John Miller? He claims to be a financial crime investigator. The company is called county monetary defensive org. He sent me an email about an online loan stating if i don't pay $1245 i will have to go to court under 4 fraudulent charges. on the email it had my first and last name,my social and my do they get all that information? I never received a call,just an email and in his email he didn't have a contact number but for me to email him back. I filed a complaint with FTC. How long does it take to know if it's fake.

A debt collector can't issue a warrant for your arrest because you owe money.

If you got an online loan, you gave the company your information when you applied. If you got a loan, you should have information about the company and your debt.

If you didn't get a loan, someone might have gotten your information if you applied for a loan on an online payday loan site. Someone could buy your information and try to sell you things, or charge you something you didn’t agree to buy, or try to commit identity theft.

A friend got the very same email. She had done a payday loan years ago so I assume that's how they got her info. No phone number, no way to contact anyone. I think they are trying scare tactics to scam people. She is disregarding this letter.

I got the same letter today. I'm going to report it. It says I owe $1245 also and is signed John Miller.

405-673-5800 is a Scam Phone Number. These people are back at it Again!! They had information that was old so I knew that it was a scam or not real.
had information that was old so I knew that it was a scam or not real. They give me a case number they said that has been filed against me but when I start asking about it they get defensive and I've had representatives hang up on me. Also I have never taking out a payday loan.

I keep getting the same calls on my cell and at work about check fraud charges and that if I don't respond, they are going to file charges in the county of my state against me. I have also been getting constant texts and voicemails about being pre-approved for a loan that I "supposedly" applied for. I have never applied for a payday loan. I suppose my only choice is to keep blocking their calls and file complaints, right?

I have gotten call for the last three days from a media data saying if i didnt pay them 361.22 within an hour from a bad check i wrote in 2007 to me n eds that they were going to press charges by 9:00am the next day i made a police report an today i had some guy call me from Georgia yelling an harassing me telling me all jids of stuff knowing my address an social im scared an dont no what to think the first call i got was from georgia but the area code was 559 from fresno county i vould use some advice i really dont no what to do

The FTC’ s article Debt Collection has information about your rights. Report problems you have with a debt collector to your state Attorney General’s office, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

If you owe a debt, ask the debt collector in writing to give you written proof of the debt. It's against the law for a company to not give you proof of the debt.

If the debt is old, a collector might not be able to sue you to collect. State law determines how long the debt collector has to sue you. Read this FTC article about Time barred debt. To find out the time limits for different kinds of debts under state law, check with a legal aid lawyer, another attorney, or your State Attorney General's Office.

Just filed a formal complaint with the FTC and State Attorney General. We have a bounty on thieves like this in my state.

Get on the do not call list.

received a call today from 501-291-1947 stating that there is fraudulent activity under my name and social number. I was instructed to call back immediately, do not wait until a summons has been sent to my home or place of employment. I called the number back to see who it was and the company name is given as Intel, nothing else.

I recevied a call from National recovery (360) 282-0254 stating that I am being sued and the phone call serves as my notice. HAHAHA!!! Stupid can't be served on the phone. Bloacked the number,


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