Did you get a call from area code (876)?

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Image of phoneRing, ring… you get a call from a number starting with area code (876). They call to say you’ve won the “Mega Millions” Jamaican lottery, and you could even win a car! All you have to do is pay a few thousand bucks in taxes or fees, and the big jackpot is yours.

That’s great news, right? Wrong.

Don’t send money to anyone who claims to have a prize for you. Odds are good that it’s a scam. And just so you know, playing a foreign lottery is against federal law.

A new twist: scammers are asking people to pay “taxes and fees” with prepaid cards. They tell you to go to the nearest pharmacy or a big retail store, buy a card, and call them back to read them the number. Whether you use a prepaid card or a wire transfer — once you send your money, you can’t get it back. So keep card and account numbers to yourself. Scammers use this information to hustle even more money out of you — and your accounts.

We get complaints from people who have lost A LOT of money to foreign lottery scams. Some folks have told us that they’ve been threatened with physical harm if they don’t pay the fees.

If you get a call about a foreign lottery, we recommend that you hang up. And before you do, you might want to tell the caller:

  • I never entered a foreign lottery, so I couldn’t have won
  • I never send money to someone who calls me
  • My phone number is on the Do Not Call Registry, so you shouldn’t be calling me — and I’m reporting your number  

Have you gotten a call like this? We want to hear about it. Submit a complaint at ftc.gov/complaint, or call 1-877-FTC-HELP. And learn more about recognizing and reporting lottery scams and prize scams.

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Just received a call with from 876 788 2640. Seeing as how I don't know anyone from Jamica I did not answer. They left a voice messase (even knew my first name). said I had won 20 million plus a new car that they had taking the liberty to insure it. Do people really fall for this?

received a call from 876-583-7698 today, id'd as Jamacia. Did not answer. Wish there was a way to totally block them besides auto reject.

Call from 876-355-5915, ID name: Kingston JM. He said, "Hello" after a couple of seconds (multi-tasking?). After I said "yes" there was another brief silence. He then said, "i have your name and address." (wth??) I said, "so." He said, "can I deliver . . ." Which is where I started laughing, then he mockingly laughed back. I hung up. (he never identified himself or who he might be working for. I'm supposed to go along with him?) Low life jerk, not a very smooth shyster. With this kind of phone persona, how could he possibly be making any money?

I have received several calls from this area code. I block the number but several days later I get another call from a different number but the same area code. I keep reporting it but the calls keep coming.

Received call from cell phone 876-845-5677, a Jamaican AC, re: PCH alleging I had won several million dollars in PCH sweepstake. I listen to his spill and pretended to get really excited over the amount of money won, and kept interrupting his spill with "get to how I can collect this money I've won since I need it bad to pay rent this month." Once he got to the part where he ask me to go to Wal-Mart to wire the "required fee to receive the money I'ed won," I reversed the dialog and took on the role of scam the scammer. I told him his phone call brought great news today and that I was willing to partner with him and share my winnings. All he had to do to collect his share was to go ahead and pay the fee and when the money I had won arrived by certified check and cleared the Bank in a special account I would establish for this specific transaction, and, that this was the only acceptable form for me to know he was not a scammer, I would immediately deposit an equal share of the winnings into his bank account once he provided me with a legitimate US bank account number, a number I could confirm since this was such a large sum of money. I also said "you seem like an intelligent and reasonable man, and as such I'm such you understand." "So, lets go forth and be rich together!" With that, he said " you are not serious are you? and I said "I'm as serious as you are and who best to know how serious you are but you, that's how serious I am" And again, I said "Hey, pay the fee my Jamaican friend and let's enjoy the fruits of my winnings together." With that he hung up..

Just got a call today from a Michael Landon.Said I had won 2.4 million and a MERCEDES 2018 X CLASS FROM PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE.All I have to do is go to the bank and mail a check for $392.32 to Shirley Spence.She is a UPS Accountant he told me.However he would not give me her address because he said that I had not told him that I would go to the bank right now.The # he called me from is 876-276 3936


+1 (876) 409-8362 Kingston Jamaica.
Just got a call from these guys. When I answered they did not know I had picked up and there were several men talking with extremely heavy Jamaican accents. When I eventually said hello, it all went quiet and he spoke with an American accent saying he was mr. Peterson calling from publishing clearing house.

I said "from Jamaica?" Just playing along

He said "no, I am calling from South Carolina".

i said "but I heard all of you speaking with heavy Jamaican accents, he said "probably because I am Jamaican" now he relaxed his American accent.

I told him they are a joke and hung up.

New scam.A phone number 876-307-6807 is from Jamaica stating I have won $1.5 million dollars from Publishers Clearing House yet need to do a wire transfer of $750.USD to get the money sent.Beware it is a Scam.
PCH.com will send you money directly when you win and never asks for money in return..

Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.
Got a call from an 876 number...Reader's Digest big prize winner!!! Wow! Calling from Ontario! Double wow! Left a message and I stupidly called the number back and then he spun the tale. I have to admit it sounded good and after I hung up, I looked it up and realized it was a scam. I had had to go to work and had to say goodbye before he got a chance to finish the spiel which would have been, I am sure, to send x amount to cover some costs. I felt very angry next time he called back but kept my cool and just let him talk and finally told him off and hung up. got another call about a week later and eventually asked the idiot on the other end if I was on some kind of stupid people list and told him off. he proceeded to swear at and threaten me but I wasn't scared. Told him I was reporting it and I did. Just got another call while away from the phone and I am sure they will call back...this time I will tell them, after they finish their spiel, that oh I don't have any money but I will pray for them and just start in asking Jesus to save their souls till they hang up...the other option is to speak in a heavy accent and pretend I don't speak English and just started spouting Ukrainian or gibberish...lots of fun to be had!!! Maybe that will get me off whatever list I seem to be on! they need to get a real job!

This happened to me once it as weird so I just searched it up and this came up and I was surprised what they told and good thing I didn't fall for that call

Just got a call from 876 999 4288. Again, it was Publisher's Clearinghouse, the guy's name was supposedly Andrew Goldberg. They didn't say anything about the money in the message they left. Hopefully they do not call again

Call from 876-776-2638-Jamaica. I have a call blocker set to block no CID calls , so it was blocked. I have also now blocked all Area Code 876. So I am sort of assuming, after finding this site, is would have been a scam of some kind.

just had a wonderful call from 876 405 3459 saying I won $5m and a new Mercedes going to be here at 230 with the camera crew. I will hold my breath waiting and you can call me Mr Blue.
He was from New York Gee laptop said he was from Jamaica even gave me the address

I have fun with them ... I answer "FBI Fraud Division" ... they hang up ....or pretend to be verrrry old and hard of hearing ... make them repeat everything 4 or more times..... they hang up ......

or say do you mind if I recorded this for training purposes? they hang up.

DO NOT CALL DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ~ TOTALLY USELESS. Just block these idiots & blow a loud whistle in their ear!

Received a call 2day about winning 4.5 Million plus a NEW GMC TRUCK. This is in Tennessee, n they told me to drive to my local CVS or WALMART, to let them speak to someone there. Then, as I was supposedly driving there, they said to stop at my bank, to pay the 1% of Uncle Sams part, for me to win the Publishers Clearing House 2nd Place Prize. They stayed on the phone with me until I got to the bank...which did not happen. I was told if I payed the 1% taxed to Uncle Sam, they would give me the release for the winnings. Beware, its not a real winner, but a way of getting ur 1% of Uncle Sams Govt. Taxes paid upfront, with no winnings at all. I spoke to 2 different men. with access no's. and their supposed name, with many other things to write down as a reference to my winnings. After they told me to blow my vehicle horn to prove I was on my way to my bank, I did not do it, and they hung up on me. Even called their no. back, n they answered. Just beware, when they send u to a CVS, or WALMART, it cannot be for real.

They are now saying you won the PCH sweepstake and gives you a number to call and ask for a Mr. Malone. 2 calls 1 day apart one on my phone one on my wife's - same guy called each time unless they are using a voice modifier. If you have the time you can play with him/them. LOL for any poor sap that falls for this crap.

I get calls from area code 876 all the time it's always they want a $450, processing fee, I ask them to just send me the money , they baddger me and tell me I must send the Money, I usually just hang up at that point, the # is always 876-849-5824, caller ID says it is from Jamecia

‭+1 (876) 909-0489‬ Call lied about I won the PCH. I know it was a scam. If you win anything you never should be asked to pay money upfront?!! He Said his name was Herny Tyler!! I hate scammers!!

Same number called me

Simple, if you don't have acquaintances or do business in Jamaica, don't answer any 876 calls. Find out how to block a number on your phone, then just block them, (it's really simple).

I had a similar problem with payday loan scammers a few years ago, I stopped taking the calls and blocked at least a dozen different numbers, and they gave up after a few weeks.

Don't answer, then block the number. They'll stop wasting their time PDQ.

This uy has been in business for over 5 yrs. same motus orperendi - always awarding 5mil. using 8760-595-5874 todays scam 1/9/18. In 12/17 he called at 130 a:m: to scam me. Lets all call him at 200am. I'm going to have to change my phone # to get rid of this scum. Jam;aiicans beware

Hi this is Ben and that missing number called me I didn’t answer but I think that the people who has been trying to get a hold of us could possibly be tracking us if so we should report everyone of the numbers to the government and the fbi oh and that missing number is 1(876)-877-4196 to bad I know nobody in Jamaica infact I have never been to jamaica so what ever these people want with us we need to get rid of them infant i am even wondering if thiers a ups company in jamaica thier is only 3 and the numbers don’t match them

Just received a call from 876 regarding Mega Million something or other, supposedly UPS has package for me coming from 202 Carson, Las Vegas blah blah. Told him wasn't interested. My phone won't block this number as is invalid. Annoying

We got calls from this area in Kingston, JM today, Jan. 19, 2018. Said ..$2M and car or $5 K a week for life. Had verbiage and accent not correct all the time. Spoke then he asked were we home so they could deliver. Didn't have our names or address. He asked to call us right back. We said ok. He called several more times...we didn't answer. These things are freaky and you never know exactly what's going on ...could someone be trying to get our address to break into our home. What , if anything should we do?

Received call from this number telling me he was Dave from Publishers Clearing House and that I had won 2nd prize. Further asked if I had received the letter in the mail, I said no. He then said that was why he was calling to which I informed him the PCH does NOT call the winners and to please just send me my winnings. This went on for a few minutes and his accent continued to get thicker. I finally told him he was a fraud and hung up. BE CAREFUL out there folks

I be very difficult with them to the point they hang up or get very very annoyed. Once i answered the phone in japanese. I only know hello in japanese. After the third hello the caller said 'oh no' and hung up.

I found the easiest way to deal with this nonsense. If a call comes in for a number out of my area code, I simply let it go to voicemail. If the call is legit they will leave a message which I will then call back. If no message is left, then I know something is fishy and it gets deleted. No hassles, no name calling, no stress!

Just got a call from Jamaica - 876-406-9152 - realized my mistake immediately after answering. Publishers Clearing House, $2.1 million, etc. He didn't like my answers and hung up on me. Number blocked. Will look at numbers more carefully before I answer again

I got a call from Kingston Jamaica this fella asked if I was familiar with publisher clearing house...I laughed and hung up
Wake up peeps...if you won anything you don't pay plus publisher clearinghouse shows up! They don't call you

As any one ever going a private number for this crap i did today they said i win 1.2 million dollors i let him talk for about 15 min.I was at the dr with my kid they say i would be pick up in a black car with 2 cops and 2 fbi agent because of the sum of money it was such crap

Same deal. 876-370-8809 "Richard Patterson" called my number saying I was selected to win $285,000 from PCH. I asked him how

i also get weird call

They called today and said I won 1.5 million and a new car from Publisher's Clearing House. When I said I was skeptical they asked why. I told them Publisher's Clearing House shows up in person. They told me they would be there within 45 minutes.
Never give your information, even your name, nor banking or send money. Hang up and find the correct number and call and verify. PCH doesn't give notice over the phone only in person or if under $10,000 in the mail. Please be very careful and always feel free to hang up and look the number up from another source and call back.

Had to activate the Do Not Disturb function on my phone to get some peace and quiet in my house. This joker calls between 7 to 17 times a day. I check my call log every day. He gets a busy signal every time. Why doesn't he just go away? Paying for a phone that can only be used for outgoing calls.

I got a call from an 876 number at the beginning of the month (didn't find this page until now) from a person claiming to be "Dave Jones, representative of Publishers' Clearing House" calling to say I won $2.5 million. Surprisingly, he said nothing about wanting any money. He asked how many miles it was to a bank of America, and how far of a drive it was to Portland, OR, and told me that "I should be really excited about it". When I asked him about the area code, he said that it was an county-less number (like 800). I wasn't at home, and he said to call him back when I was home. My phone blocks int'l calls so I only sent a message. I then looked it up and found it was a scam. I'm glad I wasn't scammed but wish I really did win $2.5 million. :(

I have just spent the last two hours with the Scammer from Jamaica. I am most frustrated for not being able to report them while I have them on the phone. If someone was able to watch the Post Office in Kenai, Alaska there would be a person looking in P.O. Box 3203 for a check made out to a Vernon Brown for $780. Naturally there is no check but they think there will be because they think I bought their line. How can you get anything against them if you are not looking for culprits? I am older and they could have had money from me. Alaska is a state in the U.S. and it would help if you could stop these theives. Too many older people are being scammed out of their life savings. I am 84 WILL YOU PROTECT ME?!

This morning I received a phone call from 1 - 876 - 327 - 21088 claiming to be from American Publishers Clearing House. Obviously it's a scam and they're trying to get personal information which I would not give them and hung up... I would suggest anybody else who receives when's calls do the same.

I got a call from this number 1-876-283-8655 asking me if I Recently got a letter from Publishers Clearing House, i ask him did he recently get himself .He quickly hung up on me ...

I got it today. I've been getting calls from recruiters, but not from Jamaca

Thank you Kitten for letting people know. So many people fall for that.

This happened to me today. It’s very creepy actually. The people on the other line asked me for my checking account number, where I lived, where I was at the exact moment they called, and whether or not I lived alone, it’s very starange. I told them to stop calling me and actually blocked the numbers but they still kept calling but from different numbers. After declining and telling them to stop calling they started texted me.

I received a call from a person claiming to be James Gardner from Publisher's Clearing House. He sounded like he was using a voice modulator, and hung up when I asked him to send a letter. A few minutes later, my wife received the same call on her mobile.

Just got a call asking if I'd received their letter from PCH. Said no. Asked if I'd like to receive the information. Said NO. And they hung up. This came from a cell phone, #876.309.0976. Called it back and just got music the first time. 2nd time it just disconnected. BEWARE FOLKS!

You mean I didn't win???!

Got a call from (876) 578-4954 stating I won $850K and a 2018 GM truck. This person gave serial #’s and claim #’s; however became defensive when I asked for authenticity.
This person also insisted on getting information on my previous experience of an IRS scam; which I told him I reported to the IRS, then came the excuses of being a very large company and various offices. Please everyone be careful and perform due diligence when recieving these type of calls.

I got a call from 876-313-5216.The persons name is PAMMYLEE GARICIA.He said I won 7.7 million and a Ford car and 100,00.00 cash from PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE.He is CEO Manager.His number is 585-296-4363.I talked to him more than 30 minutes.I told Him "NEVER CALL ME AGAIN"but He call me 5 times.

My 83 year old mother received a call this morning from a David Miller 876-599-3518. He said she has won $3,000.00 from a ballot filled out at her favorite grocery store. She told him that she thought this was a scam and he said she can trust him because he is a christian. She told him that her daughter would call him back to find out what this is all about. I am proud of her for not giving him her personal info and checking with me first.

Did not answer call to my cell phone showing strange calling area code and number. Caller left no message. Appears a likely scam.


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