Did you get a call from area code (876)?

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Image of phoneRing, ring… you get a call from a number starting with area code (876). They call to say you’ve won the “Mega Millions” Jamaican lottery, and you could even win a car! All you have to do is pay a few thousand bucks in taxes or fees, and the big jackpot is yours.

That’s great news, right? Wrong.

Don’t send money to anyone who claims to have a prize for you. Odds are good that it’s a scam. And just so you know, playing a foreign lottery is against federal law.

A new twist: scammers are asking people to pay “taxes and fees” with prepaid cards. They tell you to go to the nearest pharmacy or a big retail store, buy a card, and call them back to read them the number. Whether you use a prepaid card or a wire transfer — once you send your money, you can’t get it back. So keep card and account numbers to yourself. Scammers use this information to hustle even more money out of you — and your accounts.

We get complaints from people who have lost A LOT of money to foreign lottery scams. Some folks have told us that they’ve been threatened with physical harm if they don’t pay the fees.

If you get a call about a foreign lottery, we recommend that you hang up. And before you do, you might want to tell the caller:

  • I never entered a foreign lottery, so I couldn’t have won
  • I never send money to someone who calls me
  • My phone number is on the Do Not Call Registry, so you shouldn’t be calling me — and I’m reporting your number  

Have you gotten a call like this? We want to hear about it. Submit a complaint at ftc.gov/complaint, or call 1-877-FTC-HELP. And learn more about recognizing and reporting lottery scams and prize scams.

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Call from 876-776-2638-Jamaica. I have a call blocker set to block no CID calls , so it was blocked. I have also now blocked all Area Code 876. So I am sort of assuming, after finding this site, is would have been a scam of some kind.

just had a wonderful call from 876 405 3459 saying I won $5m and a new Mercedes going to be here at 230 with the camera crew. I will hold my breath waiting and you can call me Mr Blue.
He was from New York Gee laptop said he was from Jamaica even gave me the address

I have fun with them ... I answer "FBI Fraud Division" ... they hang up ....or pretend to be verrrry old and hard of hearing ... make them repeat everything 4 or more times..... they hang up ......

or say do you mind if I recorded this for training purposes? they hang up.

DO NOT CALL DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ~ TOTALLY USELESS. Just block these idiots & blow a loud whistle in their ear!

Received a call 2day about winning 4.5 Million plus a NEW GMC TRUCK. This is in Tennessee, n they told me to drive to my local CVS or WALMART, to let them speak to someone there. Then, as I was supposedly driving there, they said to stop at my bank, to pay the 1% of Uncle Sams part, for me to win the Publishers Clearing House 2nd Place Prize. They stayed on the phone with me until I got to the bank...which did not happen. I was told if I payed the 1% taxed to Uncle Sam, they would give me the release for the winnings. Beware, its not a real winner, but a way of getting ur 1% of Uncle Sams Govt. Taxes paid upfront, with no winnings at all. I spoke to 2 different men. with access no's. and their supposed name, with many other things to write down as a reference to my winnings. After they told me to blow my vehicle horn to prove I was on my way to my bank, I did not do it, and they hung up on me. Even called their no. back, n they answered. Just beware, when they send u to a CVS, or WALMART, it cannot be for real.

They are now saying you won the PCH sweepstake and gives you a number to call and ask for a Mr. Malone. 2 calls 1 day apart one on my phone one on my wife's - same guy called each time unless they are using a voice modifier. If you have the time you can play with him/them. LOL for any poor sap that falls for this crap.

I get calls from area code 876 all the time it's always they want a $450, processing fee, I ask them to just send me the money , they baddger me and tell me I must send the Money, I usually just hang up at that point, the # is always 876-849-5824, caller ID says it is from Jamecia

‭+1 (876) 909-0489‬ Call lied about I won the PCH. I know it was a scam. If you win anything you never should be asked to pay money upfront?!! He Said his name was Herny Tyler!! I hate scammers!!


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