Did you get a call from area code (876)?

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Image of phoneRing, ring… you get a call from a number starting with area code (876). They call to say you’ve won the “Mega Millions” Jamaican lottery, and you could even win a car! All you have to do is pay a few thousand bucks in taxes or fees, and the big jackpot is yours.

That’s great news, right? Wrong.

Don’t send money to anyone who claims to have a prize for you. Odds are good that it’s a scam. And just so you know, playing a foreign lottery is against federal law.

A new twist: scammers are asking people to pay “taxes and fees” with prepaid cards. They tell you to go to the nearest pharmacy or a big retail store, buy a card, and call them back to read them the number. Whether you use a prepaid card or a wire transfer — once you send your money, you can’t get it back. So keep card and account numbers to yourself. Scammers use this information to hustle even more money out of you — and your accounts.

We get complaints from people who have lost A LOT of money to foreign lottery scams. Some folks have told us that they’ve been threatened with physical harm if they don’t pay the fees.

If you get a call about a foreign lottery, we recommend that you hang up. And before you do, you might want to tell the caller:

  • I never entered a foreign lottery, so I couldn’t have won
  • I never send money to someone who calls me
  • My phone number is on the Do Not Call Registry, so you shouldn’t be calling me — and I’m reporting your number  

Have you gotten a call like this? We want to hear about it. Submit a complaint at ftc.gov/complaint, or call 1-877-FTC-HELP. And learn more about recognizing and reporting lottery scams and prize scams.

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NICE!! I just got the call. He said he was from UPS and that I should be recieving a package today and asked if I was going to be home all day. He then asked if I had a letter from them and I said yes and he was shocked. He then mentioned $4 million and I started laughing and said......."OHHHHHH this must be one of those scamming groups" and he said no not him. I laughed and hung up, however I'm running home to make sure now one is casing my house. I love my second amendment!!!

I received one of these calls last Friday from an 876 area code and reported it to the FTC. I am curious about what is done with the information that is reported and whether any prosecutions ever result from these reports.

This my crazy story regarding Publisher Clearing House scams. On 12/09/2014 @ 10:03 a:m I awakened by a phone call from Publishers clearing house stating that my husband won a prize. I told the caller no thanks I'm not interested and I hung up my phone. I later told my husband and he advised me to check where the call came from. To my surprise it was from Jamaica, my own country. I told myself I should have spoke to the person to see how far it would go. Later on that night a call came in from Jamaica. I was so excited to hear what the person had to say because i knew it was a scam and I had something up my sleeve. The person claimed to be a David Sayer calling from Publishers Clearing House and I won $850.000.00& a brand new Mercedes Benz S class.I played right along with him pretending to be excited.He told me he's calling from Brooklyn New York. He gave me a 10 digit check number 5034283900 and his phone
#876-464-9839 to call him back because he could not hear me. Soon after that he hung up.
Two days later 12/11/14 i got another call from a different guy name Charles @ PCH telling me I won 2.5 million dollars plus a brand new Mercedes Benz S class. Again I pretend to be excited. He connected me to his financial manager whom introduced himself a John Bentley from Sacramento California explaining everything and how to claim my prize which would be delivered to me in a few hours. He ask how much I had in my bank accounts, credit card accounts and my marital status.Before claiming my prize i needed to pay a 1 time refundable processing fee to get the documents to claim my prize. He eventually told me to go to a pharmacy and purchase 2 MONEY PACK RELOAD SCRATCH GREEN DOT, TOTALING $850.00. He gave me his phone
# 876-306-2624 to call him as soon as I'm ready to give him the PIN # from the scratch card.Before I hung up I told him I need to ask him a question. In my best Jamaican accent I cursed him out really bad. He hung up really fast. Guess he wont be calling me no more.

Got a call an hour ago from 876-364-2546 but he didn't tell me I won anything, he said he dreamed of my # and decided to call it to see who would answer, I asked him who r u? He gave me a name, which I can't remember now. Then I told him that this phone call is weird and that I needed to go, then I hung up. He called back asking if we can get to know each other and I told him I'm married and he asked if we can be friends and I told him if he ever calls again I'm calling the police and I hung up. He hasn't called back but the whole thing freaked me out! :(

just received a call from 876-844-9269 on my cell phone.. on a do not call registry also.. pleas investigate these calls..

Thank you for sharing your experience. Unfortunately, we can't address complaints if they are only submitted through blog comments. Please file a complaint at ftc.gov/complaint. Watch this video to learn how to file a complaint with the FTC and why it matters.

I received a call on 12/15 from an 876 area code. I had won $975,000 and a new Ford F150 from Publishers Clearing House, Donald Trump and Bill Gates. Lucky me. The caller, who identified himself as James Parker, had very strong Jamaican accent. He gave me very detailed information on how to claim my prize and where to send my acceptance letter. He, of course, did not know my name. I asked to verify this information and asked whom I could call. He gave me the name James Monroe and another 876#, I hung up and he attempted to call back about ten minutes later. I'm so sorry for anyone who falls for this scam. I never let "James" get as far as asking me for any money. I found this call annoying and even mildly amusing, however I have reported it to help protect unsuspecting victims. Please do the same. I was able to google the area code and Publishers Clearing House and they have posted the scam info to their website as well. Be aware this caller was very charming, seemed intelligent, and was overloading me wtih information, which I can see why some would feel it was legitimate. Things just don't work this way folks.

I received a call from876-885-4040 this morning and the guy said he was from publishers clearing house and that I had won 2.4 million dollars and a Mercedes benz which would be delivered to my house today. I said "you do realize publishers clearing house does not call people asking for personal info and telling them theyre winners of anything", then he hung up on me

876-370-8532 Scam call with screaming kids and wife in the background, broken English, claiming to be the Federal Trade Commission... LOL. Say "hi" to "Mario" if you run into him on the phone.

Apparently, I have at least fifty different packages in Jamaica awaiting my information so they can forward them on to me, all for, of course, a small fee. I get calls from Jamaica nearly every day, and sometimes several times a day. This has been going on for months. I block the number each time, but the numbers change. It's only an annoyance, as I quickly stopped answering anything from area code 876, but it is an annoyance, and they must be having a certain amount of success with other people, or it would not continue.

my mom got a call and they said she wone money from donald trump and a new car and was on the phone with her for 3 days and said it was him betty white and donald trump and she payed out over 600.00 to him

I got a call from 876-247-6266 on 12/22/14 at 12:19 PM EST and they claimed that they were the IRS INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE and we have filed a lawsuit against you, they proceeded to say call us back at 206-855-3(or 2 it was hard to say)160.

Hello, please read the FTC's blog post on scammers who pose as IRS agents for information on what to do if you recieve a call like this.

I am a caregiver to my great aunt but do not live with her. I went to her home about 10 days ago and found out she was sending money to some person in Jamaica. This person was relentless, pursuing her like a lion on a zebra! I managed to get it under control, and thought things were better. Today, I went to the home, only to find out her aide told me she was continuing to send him money. I finally calculated all the western union receipts, only to find out she had sent over $1,500! The western union charges alone were $105! I had to shut down her cellphone, freeze her account, repossess her checkbook and debit card. I now have to take her to the bank and close out this account and open another account. I will have to start paying her bills and control her financial matters, in addition to having a new cellphone number assigned (she has a senior benefits cellphone) in addition to changing her home phone number and contact over 50 organizations, doctors, neighbors and friends, her two siblings in Europe, all her community services, etc., etc. just to be able to try and resolve this issue. My biggest complaint is that we have not found a way to nail these scammers and throw them in jail and throw away the key!! My great aunt has cognitive issues and I live in "Groundhog Day"!! No matter how many times I discuss issues, it goes in one ear and out the other. So, whatever I think I accomplished today . . . . "50 First Dates" later, I have to contact her and repeat the same thing tomorrow . . . . and the next day . . . . and they day after that! HELP ME, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just got a call couple of minutes ago from +1-876-478-5574. Said I won a brand new chevy and I need to pay for the shipping. Told him, okay, when the car arrives I will pay on delivery, said I should go to a Dollar Store to purchase a gift card. At that point I told him, thank you.

Then he said, If I don't send $600.00 by 3:00pm today Dec 23 2014, he will kill me.

Then I dropped. He called back twice, but then I blocked his number on my phone.

I think there is too much information on the internet. People can get your number and even your house address.

The govt need to do something about this.

I just got a call from these scammers saying I won a million dollars to call Mr. Milan then to go to Radio Shack or CVS n pay taxes lol good thing i'm not dumb but people must be to believe these scumbags

I just got my second call from a Jamaican number in the past two weeks. I'm a law enforcement officer in Alabama with a B.S. in criminal justice, so I was actually a little curious to see what this guy had to say. I asked where he was located after he went on about the prizes I won. His reply was "25th Street in Alabama." I asked him which 25th street, as there are many in the state. This blew his mind. Haha. I asked the town name and he said, "Colorado, Alabama." I explained to him that Colorado and Alabama are both states, that I knew this was a scam and that I would report him. He berated me with ethnic slurs. I would LOVE to catch these guys.

Add 876 529 4963 to your list of Jamaican scam artists with an offer of millions. The cost of calling back an 876 number is $1.70 per min on Verizon

My parents have been getting this call for a week. My dad picked up and they wanted him to get a green card from the bank and they would call back for the numbers. Than goodness he stopped by my brothers house who informed him of this scam!! I am out of town and would never have known. They guy said he would come meet him. These guys are bullies. So I called the number, cause he called 3 times while I was tLking to mom. I said, sorry wrong number. He says, no I just called you. I said no you didn't! I was looking for a lady and you don't sound like one. His name is John with the American Sweepstakes. I told him I wasn't sending him money to get money. Jerks. My dad went to the police but they said they couldn't do anything. Such a shame. We live in America and can't even feel secure in our own homes.

Add 876-771-9559 and John Benjamin to the list.

Picked up a message and returned call after hours. Spoke with Mr. Benjamin with a heavy Jamaican accent who said I'd won $3.2 million from PCH and 3 months of groceries. Said I was to call back the following morning at 9am (a business day.) During the call he also asked a few questions but said I could say "pass" if I didn't want to answer. He asked if I wanted a public or a private delivery by FedEx and whether I was married; I said private and pass.

He was somewhat convincing and mentioned things such as I would have to pay IRS tax on the money etc. but never asked for financial info and was careful when I pressed back. He did not demand any payments, perhaps as I was calling back on a holiday. My phone always blocks outgoing calls and he questioned that but did not demand the number.

I never called back.

my husband answered my cell from pch just this morning. He couldn't hear so the gave him this number 876-321-6657 to call back he called from his cell.He talked to Mr.Malone for 20 minutes, then left his phone on the porch and came to tell me He thought it was a scam but he didn't want to miss out if it was real. They wanted him to go to cvs and get a green dot card for 400.00. and the man would stay on the phone while he went.. I told him that was a scam and to hang up.. I guess I need to answer all phone calls from now on.

These guys are still at it! I received several calls from 876-882-2805 over a 2 day period from 2 guys, one man was called "Mr. Anderson, the financial manager", advising me how I was to go about collecting the 4.5 million dollars that I won from Publisher's Clearing House. All I had to do was buy two "licenses" for $250 each in order for them to issue my check (he even gave me the check number).. He said I could go to Walgreen and buy a pre-paid PayPal card, or some such thing. During this call, I could hear roosters crowing in the background. What a trip! I asked him if that was chickens I could hear and he told me yes it was - that he was not rich like I was going to be - he lived on a small farm in California. I played along for 2 days, did not give any personal info - and certainly no money, then told "Mr. Anderson" that I was on to him and that I had reported him to the FTC. I then hung up and called the Federal Trade Commission. Since these calls are coming from Kingston, JM, I doubt that our government can do anything about them. I was advised to stop entertaining myself when I get another call like this and just hang up. I just went to the phone blocking site on the internet, so hopefully these calls will stop. If these calls continue, I will do as advised and just hang up on them.
My sister received a call a month ago from a guy that told her there was a lawsuit being filed against her and she would be hearing later what she can do about it. She has Alzheimer's and she called me, very concerned. I told her to hang up the phone when they called her back. I guess she did becaquse I never heard about it again. I am sure now that the call to my sister was the same group of jerks who called me.

On the 9th of this month my 'mom' a got a call-she had won 5.5 million and a BMW. They wanted money, I found out and she said she had only sent 100.00 Long story short her cell number has been changed her bank account frozen and changed her credit cards changed...yesterday I found ALL the receipts of ALL the money transfers in the amounts adding to over 9 thousand dollars. I freaked out! FTC called...FBI called...WU...BBB...everyone I can think of has been notified...but guess what? They are still calling her. They have brain washed her into alienating her family and have her convinced that she will get it all back. There is a man named Mr. Moller that has claimed he is working for the FBI and that she is part of an investigation to track and arrest people for laundering money and that is the reason for all the different names and addresses that she has sent $ to! His # 0118763106, others are...6032498775, 5132236902,8765673145,8763849183,8763106137,8765747138,8764242861,6194909974,6194242286,6195651880. I need help!

I got my first one today. They just asked me if I shopped at Walmart recently, then told me something to the effect of I won $2.8mil (I think?) and a 2015 Mercedes Benz. Strange thing was, I was outside when I got this call so the quality of the call was almost really bad.

At one point, when they called back after a dropped call, the voice was so garbled that I really couldn't tell what they were saying. On the 3rd time they called, (because I wanted to get a better reception), they kept wondering why I didn't try to call them back. After I told them I would try a different phone, I did try someone else's phone and the ID definitely read 'Jamaica' in which afterwards the phone claimed 'insufficient funds' to continue making the call. They never called back since until I got home and looked up the area code which led me to this site.

I blocked the number just so I don't hear from 'that' number again, but if I ever get another call from them I'm gonna try acting like I'm the one running the scam and stay a step ahead of their process. They probably didn't call back after I told them I was unemployed.

I told one that Id wire money to them (they were calling from Nigeria and said that they knew my friend and they were both stuck). I told them the name of a Nigerian bank, made up a routing and wiring number and sent them on a wild goose chase for $5,000

I have been getting calls from 876,800,866, and 218 area codes. If I don't recognize the number or name I won't answer. From the 876, I've been told that "a certified check is to be delivered today"- needless to say I'm still waiting. I've also gotten a call from a male with a heavy accented voice saying my computer was infected with a virus. Couldn't understand him,so I hung up. Also as with Neptune6, I've gotten a call from me and my phone number to me.

My dad is getting scammed. He been getting scammer Since 2009 and nww my dad is in a big hole..he said he won Da mega million and a car..he was suppose to get it Da beginning last yr but never got...well now they figure it out that my dad ain't so bright...I need someone to talk to

Change his phone number quick

I have also received frequent calls from area code 876. Caller ID usually indicates JM. Twice the caller has left a message saying that a 'certified check is to be delivered today". I'm still waiting. If I don't recognize the number or name, I will not pick up. Also received a call from caller saying my computer had a virus. Very heavy accent-told him I couldn't understand him and hung up. Don't have a computer!!. As with Neptune6, received a call from me to my own phone number-how do they do that?

Just got a call from 1-876-431-7389 saying I won money and a car. Asked if I remembered Publishers Clearing House a few years back. Said his name was Michael Benjamin and to claim prize I need to call 1-876-372-4808 ext. 5 and talk to a Don Malone. Also Mr. Benjamin said he was just 1 hour and 45 minutes away from my door. Of course I'm not going to call because I knew it was a scam. And as I was writing this they called again. Before they could say anything I told them to quit calling because I was not going to call their scam number and then hung up.

I keep getting calls from the number "1". Nothing else comes up. What gives? I get more telemarketers now that I've signed up for the do not call list. What's the point? Just another example (albeit a small one compared to most) screw up by our government and its agencies.

you should have caller ID , never answer an unknown number , if its important they will leave a message , up to you if you call back , never send anyone money unless you ordered it , good luck

I just got a call from Mick Anderson PCH, He told me I had won a sweepstakes. and that they were sitting in my town waiting for me to call Mr Raymond Kennedy
at PCH. I told him I was on the no call list you should not be calling me. He said I have a check for you to be delivered with In the hourif I would be home . I said yes I will be home . He gave me a number to call and confrim with Mr kennedy. he gave me a reference number. and a phnoe number 876-894-1788 and ex 5. I told him I I would check this out because there are alot of scams and I will check this out.I also asked him why he was calling from Jamaca. He said they use a satelite phone .I hung up with him a got on the internet and came to this site and found out this is a scam . Then I called PCH, and as I was on the phone trying to talk to someone at PCH he called back and asked if I had called Mr. Kennedy, I told him I was on the phone with PCH to check this out . HE HUNG UP.. Everyone must check out every unknown call like this 99% of these calls are SCAMS. Thanks so much for your Web Sight this kind of site will help stop this kind of Scams from getting YOU. THANKS

got a call from this number today, said I won money and a car. Total scammer.

I would love to report the call I got from an 876 number, but this site does not accommodate me. If anybody is monitoring these comments, the number was 876-842-8713. This guy called my cell phone, a number I give to absolutely noone outside my family and close circle of friends. Because of that and because this was an 876 number, the question about whether I have my phone on the no call list is irrelevant and should not stand in the way of reporting this call. If this guy has a system randomly dialing numbers, he now knows it is a working number, so I will expect more calls. However, the person never asked me to do anything because, when he asked me "How are you today, fine lady?" I asked him, "Who wants to know?" He hung up immediately.

Thank you for sharing your experience. Unfortunately, we can't address complaints if they are only submitted through blog comments. Please file a complaint at ftc.gov/complaint.

Watch this video to learn how to file a complaint with the FTC and why it matters.

My husband got one of these calls on his cell phone this afternoon. No number came up, just 'unknown caller'. The caller said that he was with Publishers Clearing House and that they wanted to send him a package. He said you must have the wrong no. because I haven't ordered anything from PCH. The guy, with a thick Jamaican accent kept insisting that he didn't have the wrong no. and he wanted to deliver this package. My husband then hung up on him. Well, this is where it gets scary, he called back, my husband didn't answer but this guy left a disgusting threatening violent message on his voice mail, very disturbing. I'm a little freaked out!

It is not greed that is the motivator to people believing these scams. It is hope. People just hope so much that it is true. They hope that something good like this can happen to them. Hope is a wonderful and dangerous thing.

I received a call from Anthony Rockefeller at PCH saying I won 2.5mil and a new 2015 Mercedes. My lucky day huh! All I had to do is go to the grocery store and buy a green dot card for 500.00 to cover the local taxes and he will walk me through this process. This is where we parted ways.Remember if it is too good to be true, it is!

In January 2014 I created an Excel spreadsheet listing all unidentifiable callers that call my number which is on the national do not call list. The list wraps around because this box is not wide enough. However, the column headings are Number Shown, Location, Subscriber Name (if caller left a name or what they were trying to sell) and When Called

Number Shown Location Subscriber Name When Called
201-243-3416 Bayonne, NJ Mortgage Scammer 12/16/2014
202-407-9185 Hyattsville, MD Government Grants - Scammer 1/15/2015, 1/27/2015
202-621-5429 Washington, DC Government Grants - Scammer 1/9/2014, 1/28/2014
206-209-2352 Seattle, WA Mortgage Scammer 9/11/2014
206-496-0000 Seattle, WA Credit Card Rates Scammer
305-368-8211 Miami, FL Drug-Addicted Card Service Scammer 2/18/2014
305-368-8269 Miami, FL Drug-Addicted Card Service Scammer 4/25/2014
305-368-8381 Miami, FL Drug-Addicted Card Service Scammer 9/2/2014
305-368-8909 Miami, FL Drug-Addicted Card Service Scammer
310-495-4334 Culver City, CA Alarm System Scammer
321-250-1237 Kissimmee, FL Disney World Free Trip Scammer - Pressed 2 to be removed from future calls 3/3/2014
321-250-2030 Kissimmee, FL Disney World Free Trip Scammer - Pressed 2 to be removed from future calls 10/11/2012
321-250-2582 Kissimmee, FL Disney World Free Trip Scammer - Pressed 2 to be removed from future calls
321-402-1738 Kissimmee, FL Disney World Free Trip Scammer - Pressed 2 to be removed from future calls 4/23/2014
321-402-2375 Kissimmee, FL Disney World Free Trip Scammer - Pressed 2 to be removed from future calls 5/7/2014
347-332-1135 New York, NY Microsoft Scammer
360-322-6708 Marysville, WA Drug-Addicted Card Service Scammer
361-400-3192 Corpus Christi, TX Mortgage Scammer 6/20/2014, 11/110/14
385-207-7067 Provo, UT Survey Sampling Scammer
407-320-5060 Orlando, FL SCPS to win a free trip Scammer - Prompt 2 to be removed from future calls 9/25/2012
407-932-5239 Kissimmee, FL Disney World Free Trip Scammer - Pressed 2 to be removed from future calls
407-932-7445 Kissimmee, FL American Message - Scammer 1/9/2014
407-957-2627 St. Cloud, FL Free Cruise Scammer
408-531-6403 San Jose, CA Mortgage Scammer 8/21/2014, 9/17/2014
602-926-7354 Phoenix, AZ Scammer
631-983-4678 Babylon, NY Pay Day Loan Company scammer 8/20/2014
706-805-1778 Athens, GA Credit Card Rates Scammer 2/3/2014
718-362-8024 Bronx, NY Solar Panels Scammer 9/12/2014, 12/01/2014, 1/6/15
801-877-3859 Provo, UT Chase Surveys - Scammer
801-899-4119 Morgan, UT Chase Surveys - Scammer
801-899-4170 Pleasant Grove, UT Chase Surveys - Scammer 8/25/2014
801-899-4175 Pleasant Grove, UT Chase Surveys - Scammer
810-224-5028 Brighton,MI Breast Cancer Scammer
877-886-9298 Toll Free Auto Care Car Insurance Scammer
877-891-2936 Toll Free Car Insurance Scammer
972-924-0593 Anna, TX Credit Card Rates Scammer 9/6/2014

I have been called by a PCH scammer..Jerry Heart..#1-876-467-7505..(jamacia #), and his "Merchant Banker..Jacinta Kihara...saying I won $5000 a wk for 6 months, and $80,000 cash/ ck....Really?? I called them on it, and he promises to be at my house by 12:00pm today..I politely informed him I keep my gun on me at all times, and I strongly suggest not showing up! I then called the TRUE PCH Fraud unit and gave them all of their information. Do Not Send These People Money!!!!

I just received a call from a land line that was suppose to be in B'ham Alabama, and it was from California..claiming to be Jacinta Kihara..(760-385-8999)the Merchant Banker...this lady was 3 days older than dirt..I told her to have a Blessed Day, and hung up. All of a sudden Jerry Heart aka Scam man called me back 10 times. Sorry Not taking the bait..lol

I have a very smart grandma. When someone called my grandma on the phone she answered. The person started to talk about how her computer had a virus and need to be fixed. They asked for her password and she said " You should go to jail" and hung up. This happened in August 2014 but is still going on.

N/A Had to laugh on what your smart gramie said to the scammers. Good for her. My good friend got a phone call today from a 876 caller, and he told my friend not to tell anyone about this. My friend called me on his truck phone while the scammer was on his cell phone, and I was furious. I said 'Hang up on him, it's a scam". They kept calling back. Wanted my friend to buy a Green Dot card of some sort, and told him he won a car, and they would come to his address, which they repeated. Finally my friend realized it was a scam, & hung up. I told him he should of said he was a retired police officer.

I got called since Saturday saying i won the Us Mega Million for 850,000 and a brand new Danali well i belived it so first i sent $150 then they called back that it didnt go thru i needed to go to Dollar store a purchase a vanilla card so i did.. Then they called back it didnt go thru again so yes i just gave up didnt give them nothing until they called me back Monday they sent me a email showing me the check and car we had won well me like a dumb butt belived the email so they said i had to pay $499 i did... I barely found out on this site it was a scam they threatened my husband on the phone my husband cussed them out till now there still calling me he said his name is David Goodman phone # 876-586-0254

I received two cellphone calls today (9 February 2015) from someone claiming to be from Publisher's Clearinghouse. (876) 390-4229 and (876) 472-8180 DO NOT BELIEVE THESE PEOPLE OR SEND THEM ANY MONEY OR GIVE AWAY ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION!!!!

The first phone call from,(876) 390-4229, I had to walk outside, as I live in a rural area. It was very difficult to hear the man. He said he was from Publisher's Clearinghouse and I had won $1.3 million and a new Mercedes Benz. I instantly didn't think that sounded right but probed a bit more. He said the delivery team was 45 minutes from a large city near me. Which is funny because that particular city is farther than 45 minutes from my house.

Each time I tried to verify who they were, I got the line, "I am not trying to disrespect you ma'am. This is for real our delivery team is standing by."

I asked if you are supposed to deliver to my house then what is my address? He said that info was already sent to the delivery team on standby in (insert city near me). Then how did you get my phone number? That was my next question, at this point the man started sounding irritated. He said from my phone company. I told him that is not possible because I have a pre-paid phone so once again how did you get my phone number? From your phone company he said. What is the name on the account then or what is my name? He could not answer that and fell back to the "I am not disrespecting you ma'am reply."

After going around on this for several minutes and his tone of voice changing to a more perturbed tone of voice, I told him "Look, I may be foolish if this is real but I am going to turn this offer down as you cannot verify who you are and don't have any of my 'delivery' information when you are supposedly supposed to deliver something to me." I got hung up on.

I called my cellphone company to make sure my phone had not gotten hacked into and reported the number. Then I added it to my blocked calls list on my cellphone. Then about 4 hours later I received the second phone call from, (876) 472-8180, claiming he was with Publisher's Clearinghouse and I had won a huge prize. I didn't pay attention to the "prize" since my phone company warned me about the scam. I told him look the last guy who called me with you guys earlier today said that and I found out the calls are coming from Jamaica. He said yes we are in Jamaica but I have this....I cut him off. I told him, "Look dude, you and you guys need to stop calling me. I am reporting you to the FBI fraud department.

That call ended with me getting hung up on too.

Yeah I just received a call from 876-831-0750. Tried to tell me that I won 2nd place in Publishers Clearing House give-a-way for Hawaii residents. Told him that I do not believe him because I do not live in Hawaii! He hung up.

What gets me, is the amount of people that still fall for this stuff!
Ya, I get that there are elderly people who at a certain age aren't thinking as clearly as they once did, and therefore can feel bullied into making a hasty decision when one of these scammers becomes threatening.
Where are the family members (you know, the ones that love them) of these elderly people?
My mom is nearing 80 years old and gets these calls nearly every day. I've instructed her that if THEY can't provide her with all of her personal info (full name, S.S.#, residence / billing address, etc.), then she should just hang up on them.
I told her that if they ask her to give them that info, she should never do it and just hang up.
I also showed her how to save each phone number under a blanket contact name (I save them as "scam caller" on my cell phone) on her phone and then set that contact to block all calls and texts.
C'mon, people, this isn't rocket science here.
If it sounds to good to be true, IT IS!

On November 7, 2014 I received a letter CNO Financial Group stating that the Team of Multi-State Lottery Association is pleased to announce me as second place winner in the 100mMillion Dollars Supper Cash Give away Promotion sponsored by Publishers Clearing House, Readers Digest and Mega Millions. As second place winner I was to receive $ 1.500,00. A check of approximately $6,000.00 was enclosed to cover disbursement and insurance fees. I was informed to contact the claim manager before depositing the check to my account. After talking with the claims manager I deposited the check into my account, and as I was directed forwarded the check to a certain attorney at Delaware. Shortly after that I received a letter from Chase Bank Head Quarters charging me a fee of $3, 2907.37 without an explanation or returning the check to me. It is amazing that at this time if technological advancement Chace branch bank in New Orleans could not determine that the check was fake. I derived no financial benefit from the check and therefore should not be penalized. Chase should be responsible for carelessness or inexperience to have registered the check.

I do not know whether this is ill luck for me because on February 3, 2015 the same organization sent me another letter that my winnings this time is $10,000,000 and enclosed a check of$6, 840.70 to cover insurance and attorney fees. This time did nothing. These men know that they will never part with such huge sums of money, so I am puzzled why they engage in such deceitful practices. It amazes me that reputable companies like Publishers Clearing House, Mega Million, Readers Digest, and including JCPenney and Walmart this time around will have their reputation hanging in the balance.

Iya Ngomba.

Under federal law, banks generally must make funds available to you within certain time. However, just because funds are available doesn’t mean the check is good. Forgeries can take weeks to be discovered and untangled. Keep in mind that until the bank confirms that the funds from the check have been deposited into your account, you are responsible for any funds you withdraw against that check. Read more about the Fake Check Scam.


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