Did you get a call from area code (876)?

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Image of phoneRing, ring… you get a call from a number starting with area code (876). They call to say you’ve won the “Mega Millions” Jamaican lottery, and you could even win a car! All you have to do is pay a few thousand bucks in taxes or fees, and the big jackpot is yours.

That’s great news, right? Wrong.

Don’t send money to anyone who claims to have a prize for you. Odds are good that it’s a scam. And just so you know, playing a foreign lottery is against federal law.

A new twist: scammers are asking people to pay “taxes and fees” with prepaid cards. They tell you to go to the nearest pharmacy or a big retail store, buy a card, and call them back to read them the number. Whether you use a prepaid card or a wire transfer — once you send your money, you can’t get it back. So keep card and account numbers to yourself. Scammers use this information to hustle even more money out of you — and your accounts.

We get complaints from people who have lost A LOT of money to foreign lottery scams. Some folks have told us that they’ve been threatened with physical harm if they don’t pay the fees.

If you get a call about a foreign lottery, we recommend that you hang up. And before you do, you might want to tell the caller:

  • I never entered a foreign lottery, so I couldn’t have won
  • I never send money to someone who calls me
  • My phone number is on the Do Not Call Registry, so you shouldn’t be calling me — and I’m reporting your number  

Have you gotten a call like this? We want to hear about it. Submit a complaint at ftc.gov/complaint, or call 1-877-FTC-HELP. And learn more about recognizing and reporting lottery scams and prize scams.

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Got a call like the ones above earlier today. The man, in a very strange sounding "American" accent, who spoke very slowly, claimed that his name was Mike Davidson and asked me if I watch "The Price is Right." I said that I had seen it before. I think he was expecting someone much older, but he powered through. He claimed that I had won a $950k prize drawing through the powerball in Las Vegas. Completely bogus nonsense, so I told him I had no affiliation with television and hadn't been to Vegas in years. He veeery slowly spelled out his name again, and at this point I heard smothered laughter in the background. Then he slowly spelled out "The Price is Right" even though I told him I understood. More smothered laughter on the other end as I sat and waited for this man to say "P as in pet, R as in rice..." yet again.

Realizing that two can play that game, I told him I'd misheard and asked him to spell it again, to his shock. After he was done, I asked him if he'd spelled it "Price is Wright" and then "Price is Rite" then "Write" and then I asked for the whole thing again. Finally I said that I hadn't actually seen the show, because the one I watched was spelled different. The laughter had stopped by that point.

He said that it was a very popular show and that he was trying to give me my prize from their drawing. So I repeatedly asked him what network it was on and he repeatedly said "the same network you always watch it on." Finally he said "well it will be changing networks today or tomorrow actually so it doesn't matter." So I asked him what the former network was and what the future network was and he just said, clearly frustrated and scrambling, "channel 75."

So naturally, I told him that I didn't have that channel and asked which cable provider it was on. He was so distraught I almost felt bad for him. Finally, I just said that cable information was above his tier and asked to speak to his manager about the show and how I could watch it. He was stuttering so I asked what his manager's ext was and he immediately replied "5." But when I asked for the number, he said "1-876..." Click. Dialtone. He hung up.

Anyway, I don't have caller ID because it's a landline I only keep around to lower my bill (for some strange reason, that's how my internet company rolls) but I found out enough to find this website. Anyway, it's awful that they do this to the elderly, who are also the target demographic for "The Price is Right." I can only imagine how many people this human leech has scammed, but I'm grateful for the info I gathered from this page.

Got a call early this morning on my cell from 876-471-2482. The man spoke in a stilted foreign accent saying the UPS would be bringing a package to the house and asking when would I be home to receive it . He said I had to write down the number of the UPS driver as he was bringing me a very " important package" so I can call him when I am at home !! I told him whatever scam he was running wouldn't work on me as UPS never calls to give a driver's number for call back nor do they care whether I am home or not to deliver a package !!! Sure enough a reverse number check revealed a Jamaican origin and this website on scam calls!

Got a call today from 876 area code: John Peterson from Wintrillions wants me to send the IRS $550 in order for them to release my prize of $7.5M and a Mercedes. They thought my residence was in TEXAS and I live in Toronto, Canada. Hm. So I got the phone number for the IRS agent in Colorado (John is in Minnesota), and they both have serious Jamaican accents.. very coincidental hm? I'm going to track down the IRS department and report them.

Just do what I do on every call from unknown number or toll free. I answer all of them saying this is special agent in charge (insert fake name) with los angles bureau how may I help you. I get a few wtf comments and never get a call back again. Over the past 3 years it went from maybe 1 a day to 1 every other month.

Before I got caller ID, I used to answer "Lake County Sheriff's Office. How can I help you?". One time it was friend, and he said, "This is Deputy Fife".

Same deal. Number was 876 576 5432 and caller was David Anderson. We won a brand new 2016 Ford Pickup truck and even got to pick the color! I guess 1st place was supposedly money and we won 2nd place which was the vehicle. Wanted us to go to Walmart to transfer money in order to claim prize. Had all sorts of questions and was even asking if we wanted public delivery meaning it will be on television or private. Had all sorts of interesting sayings like "remember, money makes friends and money breaks friends." He would repeat stuff like that throughout the conversation. Another funny one was we were going to see the truck "with the whites of your eyes." Had fun for a bit, started with a cherry red truck asked if I could change it to yellow. Inquired about adding a racing stripe kit to it. These types of things are so frustrating. To be someone who works hard for their money while these people are out there sitting around and stealing from people who don't know any better. The worst part is how many of the scams are constantly going on and it seems nobody cares to try and stop them.

i received a call from 1-876-336-4902 (June 21, 2016). The man on the phone told me that a package was being delivered to my house but since I was not there to sign for it, it was sent back to the company. Knowing right away it was a scam, I asked him to what address was the package going to (I usually send to my work, or my home). He informed me it was going to me, so again, I asked him what address it was going too. Clearly annoyed by that point, he informed me it was being delivered to me. I then again asked which address, and he goes "Well ma'am if you give me your name, I will be able to pull up your information". I then proceeded to ask him if he had my package and knew my number, he should have already know my address. He quickly hung up. Oh the best part? During the call, I heard a rooster.

I got a call from UPS asking if I have a receipt from Wal-mart and Kroger, and they wanted the time stamp from the store. They said I won a delivery of 2.5M dollars and free car. I laughed at him and he hung up the phone. His number was private and would not provide a call back number. AHHAHAHAHAHHA funny times

I was so intrigued to get a call today my phone identified as being from Kingston, Jamaica (876-454-6405). Did someone over there know I was such a fan of early dub? I had to answer it. I knew within a few seconds of the conversation it was a scam but listened to the whole thing because it was amusing. The friendly man was so earnest; "This is real!". I had won a Publishers Clearinghouse sweepstakes and was told to call John Malone extension 5 to find out how to claim it.

I have never received any calls at my number from any kind of solicitor, let along a scammer. Did they get my phone number somewhere or was it a lucky random guess?

My husband gave David the benefit of the doubt he called day and night his number is 8768446174 and he's a damn scam artist don't trust anyone from the area code 876

Received a call from a 876 number this morning.

I was actually asleep and did not answer it, but these comments are quite amusing. However, I'm very sorry to hear some have lost money because of this.

I would love to give them a run around depending on how bored I am and if they call again.

My husband and I own a service business in Texas. We have 2 landlines and a base phone with 5 extensions. We have to answer every call or lose business. With so many people moving into our state, it is impossible to keep up with which area codes are legit and which are not. Many of the legitimate calls are identified as "out of area", "private" or "caller unknown", so we cannot even ignore those.

Robo calls, telemarketers,scammers, etc. were driving us crazy and lowering the productivity of our office staff. Not to mention tying up one of our 2 landlines. Sometimes we would answer 20 to 30 nuisance calls a day. I have had calls as early as 9:00 on Sunday morning. I finally bought a call blocker with 5,000 preprogrammed blocked telephone numbers and a blocking capacity of 1,500 more that I can block. Best thing I ever did. Robo calls vanished the first day - I mean not one peep. We have had the call blocker 2 weeks & have had 2 google robo calls this week - I have never heard those 2 google pitches before, so those may be 2 new numbers. I have so far blocked 35 numbers - 1,465 to go. This particular device only has a black list, but for people who have elderly family, a call blocker with a white list where the only incoming calls that ring through are numbers they or the family program into the blocker might be a solution to the scammers reaching a vulnerable senior citizen.

Just received a call from 876-258-6639. Saying I won a PCH grand prize. Amused, I let him keep explaining about PCH and the prize I won. While I kept him on the line, I ggogle the number to see that it was from Kingston JM. As he continued in a very difficult to understand speech pattern, I asked him how the Bobsled team was going to do in the next Olympics. *CLICK* he was gone..........I love messing with scammers. It makes my day.

We received a call from this number. Said they were from Publisher's Clearing House Said we had won 800,000.00. Before they could ask for any info, we said we know this is a scam. Oh, by the way when we received our phone bill we were charged for this call and they were the ones who made it. Beware don't answer call from this number! You will have to pay for the call. These scammers need to be shut down!!

To all you people talking about the "do not call list": They have computers that dial consecutive numbers until they reach someone For example 800-555-0001 800-555-0002 800-555-0003 So your "do not call list" means nothing.

Lol got one today 876373399

ON 9/5/16, I received a call from 876-856-1350. He said he was David Sayer with PCH and I had won 3rd place for $850,000 and a new Mercedes Benz. All I had to do was send something like $950 for fees and taxes. I knew immediately it was a scam so I said give it to a charity and hung up. The phone company called this morning and said that I had made an international phone call and said that I owed $100 for the call which I plan to appeal since I did not make the call. So be aware, even scam calls may be costing you money.

I just got a call from 876-585-6344, saying that they are with "Publishers Clearing House"
They gave batch number & package number....saying they were delivering a check and a car to me. They wanted a registration fee of $200 for the delivery.

for 6 mos a friend has been sending money to someone with this number.876 483 8056 I have concerns as about two months after it started anothe guy with a weird accent began to call her as well saying he was sending her a package. Later she gets a call saying western union is watching he, yesterday call saying they are the federal reserve. I see others have had this experience.

I received a call this morning to my work (Fed govt) desk phone from a spammer who was soliciting a $275.18 registration fee to process my “second place prize winnings” of $3 million and a 2016 Mercedes Benz. I have not entered any entries to be able to win anything.

Here are the details:

The caller was a male with a strong Jamaican or other West Indian accent. He identified himself as Mr. Adam Cole.
He was calling from this phone number: 1-876-849-9529
He told me I would need to provide a valid driver’s license (said it must be a DC license), a separate picture ID and a processing and registration fee of $275.18
He told me his address is 14457 Archdale Rd., Detroit, MI 48227
He requested I send a money order as soon as possible (like immediately) to Alice Williams who is located at the same address. She was going to handle the processing and registration and then overnight some materials to me, so that I could receive my “prize.”

I received the call today.. Caller ID on my I-Phone said No Caller ID So I just listened to him... he asked if I had sent in a publishers clearing house recently... I played along... said no not in the recent past... he said within 5 years? I said maybe... then he said one draw recently came up and I won $350,000 second place... I said oh really? Tell me what my address is... he said Michigan and hung up..... I created a contact called No Caller ID on my iPhone put in 0's for the phone number... Then I blocked calls from that contact... They will not bother me anymore!

3 calls from 876-909-2019 over the past 2 weeks. Voice is changed through an electronic device. Is very aggressive. I won 2nd prize, I just told him I did not want or need a 2nd prize, and to give it to someone else. He was dumbfounded and hung up on me.

Got a call today from (876)394-3209. Said his name was Bob Foster (could barely speak English) and that I had won 2.5 million from Publisher's Clearinghouse. Knew then it was a scam but continued conversation. He gave me a package code, a confirmation #, and his toll free # to call them back as 1-876-894-9411. Each time I had to repeat the # back to him but I refused to repeat the phone#. He insisted at which time I told him I was not going to be scammed and knew he was lying. I hung up. Didn't even get to where he would ask for money.

I get these call everyday...sometimes ten in a single day. This has been going on for many months. I look forward to the weekend because I don't receive as many calls. I am being harassed everyday. Some days the calls start before six in the morning. I block the phone number but awhile later they call me on a new phone number. From what I have read these Shared Exchange JM. numbers come from Jamaica. I am being tortured...Wish I could get some Help regarding this crap.

This guy called and said I wound 2.5 million in the Publishers Clearing House givaway. I kept asking how he got my cell phone number. He said a limo would be coming any minute to my house, but I needed to get a Green Spot Card to pay the taxes. If they were coming to my house, wouldn't they already know my name and address. He said that was not available to him until I registered. Fool!

A scam call claiming to be from Publisher's Clearing House asking for payment of a fee to claim a prize. Calling Part Name " Shared Exc JM ", Calling Party Number "1-876-329-3798"
1-876-329-3798 Shared Exc JM
1-876-329-3798 ,
876-329-3798 ,
(876) 329-3798 ,
18763293798 ,
8763293798 ,

They said they from "publishers Clearing House" wanted a wire transfer with western union to get $2.5 million winnings!

Got a call from Area code 876 stating I was 2nd place in Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes for $ 885,000 - didn't stay on the phone long enough to give any real info -

Was not aware of this. I wasn't smart and I called back the missed 876 number that I received, wondering if it was someone I knew. Sounded like they wanted personal information so I hung up. Don't call numbers you don't know, I now know this. Scared sick about the phone charges, even through I was probably only on there for a minute.

Number was 876-331-5359

Call from 876-372-4977 message from Roger from OLG (ontario lottery and gaming) told me I won 6-49.
I don't buy lottery tickets of any kind.

got a call from David saying he was from Publishers Clearing said i won 2.5 million and a car. just had to got to Wal-Mart and buy a cashiers check made out to a "government agency" that he would give me over the phone while i was at walmart. THEN he would have an agent meet me with the millions and the car. ha-ha...

I see that this scam is STILL in full force so I'll add my recent experience to the long list.
On the 6th of this month I received a call from Kingston JM - 876-860-2300
My guess is that since so many people have different numbers to compare, the origin of these calls may be pinged from a totally different location than oeiginally thought.
I also believe this is the handy work of either one very technologically savvy individual or a crew of hackers.
At any rate, something is not kosher if this has continued this long with no end to it.

It's past time to either do a complete electronic sweep of Kingston Jamaica or pull out the big guns and implement the 'Mission Impossible' type stuff that we KNOW we are capable of, and finally shut this activity down once and for all.

I must of blocked at least 15 numbers from 876 and have been rude to a few. Today i listened, "yep got it" Will be at western union in ten minutes to send you 450 US dollars "

He said he'd call me back to get the confirmation number. I then blocked number 16 It's really out of hand

I just got a call from 1 876 358 6832 He told me I won 15 million and a new Mercedes .I hung up and he called me back and asked me to call him back to confirm that I had his number . Watch out....

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Received a phone call this morning at 0732hrs. from phone number (876) 307-4773 - Jamaica. Spoke with two individuals (a rep. and a manager), one of which was named David. They informed me that they were calling as part of a sweepstakes random phone number winner in conjunction with my cellphone provider. They could not tell me my exact carrier, and said that they worked with Sprint, Verizon, and (the third one I cannot remember). Apparently, I had won a brand new 2017 BMW (my choice of of 2d or 4d, any color I wanted, and with optional sun roof or hard top), and $250K.

My new Pearl White 4d Hard Top 2017 BMW would be delivered to my home by an 18-wheeler, and the money would be delivered via FedEx ($200K in cash, and $50k as a cashiers check).

Next, they wanted to know how close was the nearest Winn Dixie grocery store. I told them I did not want to give that information out. They told me I had to go to Winn Dixie to fill out a form from customer service, and that they needed to be on the phone the entire time I drove to the Winn Dixie. This was so they could speak with the customer service rep. and inform the person of what to do so that I may receive my gold sticker stamped receipt.

As soon as I filled out all the proper information and received my receipt, they (the Jamaican PCH) would notify the delivery driver at the dealership and notify FedEx to deliver my prizes. I would need the gold sticker stamped receipt and my valid identification.

I figured they only wanted to know how far the Winn-Dixie was so they would have a rough estimate of how long it takes me to get their (leaving my home vacant) while they tracked my phone to verify that I had left my home; in route to the store. This would give them a perfect opportunity to rob me blind.

So, I made up a story that I could not keep them on the phone the entire time I drove to Winn-Dixie because my phone had a low charge and was about to die, and I did not have a car charger. If he needed to be on the phone to speak with the customer service rep. at Winn-Dixie, he would have to call me back in 1hr.

They then asked, "well, are you going to fix yourself something to eat before you go?" I replied, "yes." The Jamaican countered with, "well, you could charge your phone while you eat, that should give you enough charge to get to the store." Unfortunately for him, I informed him that I did not have a home charger as well because I had rolled over the cord with my computer chair the night before and ruined the thing. So, he agreed to call me back in 1hr.

While off the phone, I called Winn-Dixie to inquire as to whether or not the story held any water. The Winn-Dixie rep. told me they do not have any forms to fill out for any type of winners. At this point I called the local Sheriff's Department and informed them of the situation in case someone showed up to my home. While on the phone with the Sheriff's, the Jamaican actually called me back. They refused to speak with me after notifying them that I was on the phone with the Sheriff's Office. The Jamaican rep. insisted on speaking with my "mother," even though I'm a full grown adult. LOL

They called back several times after that, and the Sheriff's Office Deputy told me to just put them on block. He also said that the incident would be noted, but they could not fill out a report since I did not give the Jamaicans any money; which meant no crime had yet been committed.

I gave my phone to someone that would be around town today in case they really were tracking my phone. We'll see if they show up...

I have been receiving calls for about two weeks from Jamaica number saying I've won 45 million dollars but I have to pay $3,000 in sales tax I take care of my mother who has had a massive stroke I really do not need this headache if there's anyone that can help me stop this please contact me I'm giving you a number I hardly ever use

Got a call tonight. They claimed they were from Homeland Security. Asked for my husband by his family nickname. I believe they are the same people who scammed his elderly mother of at least $10,000.

Mr Cooper from 876- 453-6424 Jamaica, called from Publishers Clearing House and said I won 955,000.00 and a 2016 denali all I had to do is pay 1% tax at walmart. He gives me another number to call the IRS and verify that they had paid 99% of the taxes. THIS IS A SCAM. Argues with me that this is Gods plan for me to live well.

they called and told me i had won $2million and a car and they want to deliver.

I got a phone call 876-466-2103 from bill johnson about a package he asked for my wife by name I looked up the name found !the scam

When you get a telemarketer on the line, Play a game to see how long you can keep them there before they hang up. They are there to try and separate you from your money. Their time is money. How much of it can you sure up before they give up and try to go to the next person.

I received a call from NO CALLER ID A Tony Miller gave me a number 1-876-449-0374 said I WON $3.5 Million from Publishers Clearing House then he started asking me questions if I was single and over 65 then he hung up on me. KEVIN F

I have gotten 3 this morning from Jamaica telling me I have won the PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE LOTTERY 2nd place. They just want me to give them a call. How can I stop it. The voice does not sound right, like they are using something to disguise it. What do I do. # is 876-462-0823.

Received a call, they didn't cover their tracks well.This is from Kingston, Surrey County, Jamaica.

Received a call that was very convincing at first that had just won the Publishers Clearing House Lottery etc. I won 1.5 Million dollars, a new Mercedes convertible, and free gas for 3 years and a one-year free insurance policy with Geico. I was waiting for the scam part and after a lengthy conversation it came in spades.

All I had to do was to certify at a Walmart kiosk with a $299.00 wire to a Lette Beckford and it would be reimbursed when they presented me with the 1.5 mil check come Monday. DUH? I told him off all here again.

The next morning he called again asking why I hung up on him which got him a rant of every foul word I knew. A few minutes later I got a call from his partner asking what my problem was and he got it even worse. Total scam and BS.

I got billed for an international call on my cellphone. Did not make this call out but they called me. When I answered, I was billed for $2.00. Watch for this area code when answering a call and don't answer it. Could not get it removed from my cell bill BEWARE


Got a call from them (+1 876 474 2494). Ignored. They called several more times. So on the third time I pick up, and get phrases like "Why don't you pick up your phone?". After trying to get from him information WHO he was trying to contact, he constantly started stating how they have some "list" and that they have a right to contact me. He claimed couple of times that there is a package waiting from me (I am awaiting couple of packages, I thought that might have been the retailer calling). Before he started his sweet talk about winning, I interrupted him and told him "I am not interested in what you have to offer so do not waste your time". He said goodbye with disappointing voice. Highly advise not to pick up at all.


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