Government imposters’ tricks revealed in full color

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As part of our ongoing effort to raise awareness about scams targeting the Latino community, we’ve developed a new publication about government imposter scams. Impostores del Gobierno is our first Spanish-language “fotonovela” and we hope we can count on you to help us distribute it.     

Impostores del Gobierno tells the story of a young woman who responds to a call from a man who claims to be from the government -- and who convinces her to send him money. The plot is based on real complaints to the FTC from Spanish speakers throughout the nation, and offers practical tips on how to tell when a phone call, text or email is from a government imposter:

  • If you get a call from someone who says they work for the government and you won money in a “grant”, lottery or contest, it’s a scam. The government doesn’t call you on the phone or send you an email or text to give you money.  
  • If anyone tells you to wire money or use a pre-paid card to claim your “prize,” it’s a scam. If you have to pay, it’s not a prize – it’s a purchase.

The booklet is in full color and fits in a purse, backpack or messenger bag.  It is now available in print and online. Order as many copies as you can use — for free — at If you’d like to distribute the booklet at your 2014 Hispanic Heritage Month events, please place your order before August 15.

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i got a voice call from 202-506-8701. The person told he is calling from IRS and I owe some money to IRS. If failed to contact this number , then will be heavy penalty. I was suspicious about the phone number and browsed internet . After going thru all above I came to conclusion it was spam. Thanks every one for posting your experiences and it helped me a lot.

Got 2 calls today. Both said I had a 9000.00 grant from the government. Took this number down 202-657-6443 if anyone gets this number it is a scam. I told the persons (first one was a girl and the second was a man) with a very heavy accent that I wasn't that dumb and this was a scam they hung up.

We got another call from (202) 506-9750 saying they are from the IRS and are threatening legal action. If they are bogus and a scam, why can't the government shut them down?

This was a voice mail I got yesterday on Labor Day Holiday.

"Hi Officer Julie Smith from the Internal Revenue Service and the hotline to my division is 202-506-9750. I repeat it's 202-506-9750. Don't disregard this message and do return the call before we take any legal allegation against you. Goodbye and take care."

It sounds like a real threat, but who would have worked on a national holiday? Additionally, IRS will send you a letter, not a phone call.

This is a scam!

Got a Call from 202-506-9750 saying they are the IRS and I must call them to settle a debt or legal action will be taken. Shut the number down already!

I too just received a call from "IRS" at 202 506 9750. I always check the number if the caller is unknown to me. They insisted on me calling them a recorded message. I wont be calling them back, but instead warning others that the IRS will send you a letter, and you can go to your local IRS office and discuss it, if necessary. I agree our government needs to crack down on this fraud, however, it is "caveat emptor". (buyer beware). Remember, you are a buyer if you give your credit card or walmart card number for payment. I NEVER EVER give my credit card to anyone who calls me. I must initiate the call or no credit card number, that way, I know the number is real.

I got the same call from a DC # - 202-506-9713. A recorded message claiming to be from the IRS urged me to call them. When i called them, they wanted my name, which I refused to give. I asked them who they were looking for and they told me 'David' - I told them I was not David and they should remove my phone #. They refused to remove my # without my name, which I refused to give them. They are NOT the IRS, and PLEASE DO NOT EVEN GIVE THEM YOUR NAME! Sorry about the CAPS, but I don't want anyone to fall for this.

got the scam call (recording) with a return # to call - 202 241 9750 call quality poor, ends with "take care" hilarious, and clue that is from a foreign source (weak English skills)

I received a call from a Jack Sanders with an Indian accent. He stated he was calling from the US DEPT of Treasury and wanted us to contact an atty about our taxes. I told him he was a Jackass and will report him. his phone# 202 242 7513.

I received 4 calls within an hour yesterday, September 11th. Each time a man with a thick Indian accent - Steve Martin - said he was with the US Treasury and that he was calling about an enforcement action. If I did not call back I could be part of a grand jury. His call back number was 267-499-4090. Caller ID was Philidephia PA. This happens to me all the time! Either from Miami, DC or unknown. Really sick of these scams!

Same call to me several times in the last few months. I knew it was a scam. Steve's incoming phone number was 650-739-8031. Can't determine his accent, but he has one. I tried blocking the numbers, but they find another way to call. My advice: Never answer the phone from an someone you do not know.

Yes iam returning to school it was 1week ago today I had got a call about clear up student school debt,so the sceond time.the Second importance, call was it the One that make.the.differnts it was a lady yes said that I was had been hand pick yes choosen.ha ha the more it talk about it to my family and girl friend the anrger just a scam my sister knew right awayI have brother with the same brother didnt like.that ha one week life change I was hope I was real they my card number yes I feel for it I to the.people on everday even got their fack bank number.they me.the.tracking bank fed bank they calm.basic.about loading my card green dot was differnt

I just a call from a man named Sam smith with a deep Indian accent saying I was picked for a personal grant for 8,500 an I had to put a 250 deposit down to receive the money from the new York federal bank but that they where stationed in Washington DC an gave me a Pennsylvania st address an my money would be retuned after my funds came man I'm glad I didn't send them the money an its was supposed to be from the department of health and human services

Also irs scam threatens jail and 911 on call waiting freaked out
Numbers are 202-241-8598
202643-4395. Frustrating that they get away with this. They also wanted prepaid card and kept threatening

Received several robo calls from a woman identified as from IRS. Warning of IRS law suit. Call back number 202-239-1189. Obvious scam.

I just got called from (202)580-8414 saying I was selected to receive a $9,750 grant from government. I told her I was already in school and just add it to that grant Money. Of course she said that I could get it today after I purchased a paper reloadable card from 7/11 with $230 on it that I can take right off. I told her after the $4.95 I lost to pay for the card will add up to be $12,500 after 2500 people buy the same card. But niw because of this blog I see it's a much bigger scam than I first imagined. Well I told her to hold her breath until I call back with money of card. It's been long enough for her to be blue in the face by now, lol. No laughing matter so people please be watchful and careful with your hard earned money. Have a blessed day

same happened to me today a guy called me.His name was Sean Brooks with Indian accent. He told me that I won 7,450 dollars form USA government. He told me that put $ 250.00 cash at the local Money gram store. Thank God I did not because I knew right off the bat it was scam.

i got a call saying i was going to get a $8,000.00 grant
i was to go to walmart get amoney gram for 200 dollars and get a visa card and and they would be wanting on a phone she gave me a no to call and shev would give me more instuction.the call came frm seatall washington #2068010782 then told me to call 3602143599 when i hung up her name was selena then the sec girl was lisa the both had forein accents i just know they sounded leaglethey gave a grant #kn202 andsecurity guard 6055

Just woke up to a call at 12:22 AM from what appeared to be a local cell number, I do not answer calls from anyone not saved in contacts, if really need to talk to me legitimately they'll leave a mag with callback number, did online search of number and says Michael Brown registered in Washington DC, obviously not or wouldn't show local number, pisses me off they're waking me up for a scam, Im disabled so appears medicare people targeted, who sold our info?


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