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Military consumers: Salutes to you!

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Frequent relocation, separation from family and friends, the stresses of deployment and a steady paycheck from Uncle Sam can make military households an attractive target for scam artists. That’s why the Department of Defense, the Federal Trade Commission, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Office of Servicemember Affairs, and Military Saves have joined to sponsor Military Consumer — a campaign to empower military and veteran communities with tips and tools to be informed consumers.   

Military Consumer partners know that information is the first line of defense.  To promote awareness of consumer issues — and where to get help — we’ve named July 16, 2014, as the second annual Military Consumer Protection Day (MCPD).

Military Consumer features information from more than 30 federal, state and municipal agencies, consumer advocacy and military support organizations that are committed to education about recognizing and avoiding fraud.  But Military Consumer takes it a step further with information of special value to military and veteran communities, including tips to help veterans protect their pensions from poachers, steps to help deployed servicemembers  place an active duty alert on their credit reports to help minimize the risk of identity theft, and questions to ask when you’re looking to earn a degree.

Explore Military Consumer and share it with friends, families and colleagues. And remember that while July 16, 2014, has been designated  as MCPD,  any time of the year is the right time to host your own military consumer event. Use the promotional tools and free resources to get the word out.

Momentum is building for MCPD — and for engagement on consumer issues in general.  Whether you’re interested in tips for managing your money and finances, suggestions for shopping for big ticket items, or details on dealing with hacked computer systems, we invite you to join the campaign — and let us know your consumer experiences.


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My VA mortgage is in jeopardy due to the complete irresponsibility of bank of America. I have filed complaints with BBB and CFPB. I would like the VA to send a letter to the bank.

a sales practice by "STAPLES" needs to be investigated... if you purchase an item and use a coupon, that coupon takes a percentage off each item instead of your entire order. the end result is if an item is returned you only get the percentage off for the return value not the full price you paid for the item. example in the food store you bought several items you return bad milk but only return value was less than what you paid because coupon takes percent off each item. WRONG!!!

You can file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at

It's important to submit a complaint because investigators from all over the country access the FTC's complaint database. Watch this video to learn more about how to file a complaint with the FTC and why it matters.

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