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Ticket resellers settle misleading advertising charges

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If you’re looking to score tickets for a sporting event, concert, play, or other entertainment event, you might start with the venue that’s hosting the event, right? Well, that’s what some consumers thought they were doing. But looks can be deceiving.

TicketNetwork — the third largest online exchange for resale event tickets in the U.S. — and two of its largest sales partners have agreed to settle FTC charges that they allegedly misrepresented that they were entertainment venues offering tickets at face value. TicketNetwork, Ryadd, Inc., and Secure Box Office, LLC allegedly used advertising techniques that misled people to believe they were buying event tickets from the primary seller at the face value price. In fact, they were resale tickets often at a higher cost — sometimes much higher — than face value. The tactics included designing search engine ads and corresponding websites that used names and URLs that mimicked genuine venue names, and combining these with words and phrases like "official" and "box office" to make it appear that these were the official venue or official artist websites.

These companies have now entered into settlements with the FTC barring them from misrepresenting that a resale ticket site is a venue ticket site or is offering tickets at face value.

Consumers purchase tens of thousands of tickets each year, through a variety of sellers. Many ticket sellers run similar ads. If you’re looking for original box office tickets, don’t assume that the first ad is the actual venue; compare sites to be sure. And, if you’re looking for resale tickets, shop around to compare ticket terms and prices.

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wish this included "goody tickets" .

Why are these online agencies allowed to buy up blocks of tickets for the prime seats and turn around and sell them 3-4 times the face value. If the general public does that it's scalping and I thought illegal. Why are they allowed to get away doing that. Not right.

billed credit card and did not receive any product

This FTC article explains how to dispute credit card charges if you are charged for something, but don't receive it.

Those RYADD folks are still scamming look at this ad its the same as the FTC press release two years ago that the FTC said they band

To report a problem to the FTC, go to You can provide details and include a link to something you found online.The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

The comments you make here  - on the blog  - don't go into the law enforcement database.

If I purchased concert tickets online by mistake (3x$271) and I notified them within 10 minutes of the sale that it was on accident, do I have rights to cancel that order. It does say no refunds or exchanges, but seriously 10 minutes? These are $50 tickets normally hiked up to $200 plus fees makes it $271 each. The tickets aren't even supposed to arrive for 4 months but the money was taken out of my bank within 10 minutes. Do I have any recourse?

Be aware of Vivid Seats, Chicago. The are selling concert tickets for twice the price of actual face value/ Purchase your concert tickets only from the original venue promoter or you'll end up Suckered like me. Do your homework.

these people are scumbags, and what they do is illegal, one day a boot is gonna come down from the sky and crush these cockroaches

"All Access Tickets", posing as Front Row Ticket seller, sent unsolicited presale ad for Stones Concert tickets ; grossly overcharged; would not list seat number or "electronic ticket" to be delivered 2 days before event. Complaint filed w FTC.

Secure box office LL. is still misrepresenting that a reseller site is the venue site and misleading people. I’m one of those people. Something needs to be done

2019. New at ticket buying... led to believe securebox office was a venue site!!! Paid almost triple $$$. Did not say anything about resale until someone else’s name was on printed ticket ! Noted later that tickets were not on sale at venue’s site for two days! Beware yet !!!

I was duped by the ticket reseller I thought they represented the music venue, but they represented a scammer. My ticket total should have been ~$40 and I was charged $112. They refused to cancel the order and issue a refund.

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