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Drum roll, please…

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The FTC recently attended DEF CON 22, and challenged the tech-savvy to help us zap “Rachel from Cardholder Services” and her robocall buddies. How? The agency hosted a contest to see who could develop a cutting-edge robocall honeypot — an information system designed to attract robocallers, and help researchers and investigators understand and minimize illegal calls. Today, the FTC announced the winners, who will receive a combined total of $12,000 in prizes.

The Zap Rachel contest was the agency’s first DEF CON competition and its second robocall challenge.

The FTC continues to combat robocalls through law enforcement, policy discussions, and consumer education. Visit and for updates.


what-ever how about computer back-up memory scam's that charge you over + over ,,,i am years ahead with two company's

Gee, you'd think with all the data the NSA is harvesting, they could get with the FBI and FTC to stop this. The fact that they haven't, seems to indicate that someone on the inside is profiting from this scam. Of course, the NSA isn't there to protect the consumers, it's there to protect the gov't from the people and also to ensure tax collection.

i allready made one you did not like

Just received call from credit card services.I have filed a complaint about them before. I even listed the different phone numbers that they used. They call almost every week sometimes twice in one day. When I ask for a supervisor they hang up. Please stop them. I AM on the do not call list.

Please stop credit card services


Just more technology that Rachel will circumvent just like nomorobo.

Why not take the legal route and hold carriers responsible? Let's make spoofing illegal. Oh it is? Why not enforce it? Duh!

This is just ridiculous. Especially since the carriers are making money off the telemarketers. Wake up people!

Keep after them!!!

1. extra hellfire missles
2. if you can't stop rachel, how can you stop ISIL?
3. RICO statute
4. Public service announcements
5. I think that those who pay this company are too stupid to be allowed to make decisions. card procesors. hold MC/Visa accountable.follow the money.

I do no what to do with this card holders services calls; after I tell them no to call and required to speak with a supervisor they just hang up the phone. There is something the law could do about these calls. It is no fair they keep waking me up every single day more than once with these stupid calls!

My favorite person from credit card services is ME!I look at my caller id and i'm calling myself, ain't technology wonderful?

This firm, "CONSUMER SVCS" according the my Caller ID log, starting soliciting me at least a year ago, if not 2-3 years ago, trying to sell me lower credit card rates, which is illegal, as my number is on the FTC Do No Call List, and I do not have a preexisting business relationship with them of any kind.

They constantly call my number at all hours of the day, and its driving me mad, as I am a executive "shift worker" who sleeps during the hours they call, and this wakes me out of a sound sleep.

I repeatedly asked them to stop calling and remove me from their telemarketing list, and also pressed "1" to be removed from their list as they suggested - After that, now if you pickup their calls, they just hang up.

Call Log of 570-983-3796 from 9/16/14 to 10/2/14:

10/02 @ 11:04am
10/01 @ 10.26am
09/30 @ 6:01pm
09/29 @ 12:17pm,
09/26 @ 6:43pm
09/26 @ 11:55am
09.24 @ 12:20pm
09.24 @ 12:03pm
09.22 @ 3:43pm
09/22 @ 12:40pm
09/19 @ 12:37pm
09/19 @ 10:42am
09/17 @ 5:02pm
09/16 @ 11:36am
09/16 @ 10:36am

Fine the Service Providers extremely heavy and hit their deep pockets hard and you will get results. They sell thousands of phone service numbers to telemarketing companies. After the fines exceed profits the telemarketers wont be able to get new numbers. It will all come to a final end. PERIOD END OF STORY. Getting legislation to pass with opposition by the HUGE corporate service providers (ATT. etc.) will be the challenge as most of them have the legislators in their pockets.

Neither your contest nor its winning entries have stopped Cardholder Services calls as of 10/7/14. The FTC needs to institute legal action against those owning and contolling the employees and/or contractors making the calls. Alternatively the FTC could (1) bar telephone companies from supplying any phone service to those companies and people or (2) launch denial of service attacks against the phone numbers they use.

Call from Rachel moments ago. Tired of this!

“Rachel from Cardholder Services” is still at it....good job

She calls every day at least once, along with several of her friends from the extended car warranty biz... Not sure what the point of a do-not-call list is if these people can ignore it with impunity.

I have been receiving calls from her for over 8 years! She is real good to be avoiding a stop from anybody! I have pressed 9 to be removed so many times and all that does is increase the calls! I have also pressed 1 and answered first question-- Is your credit card balance over $2000 saying no-- they hang up but keep calling? I have reported at least 15 times to National do not Call and nothing! As usual from Washington-- a do nothing response!

Everyday, all day I get calls. I have done EVERYTHING to try to stop it yet it continues. PLEASE END THIS HARASSMENT!!!!

Honestly....this should be priority number one for the FTC. Almost everyone I know gets these calls daily. This ans "Attention Seniors!" So frustrating. Put a trap on my line for all I care! Just find them and fine them!

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