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FTC sues scammer’s little helper

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What do you call a company that helps scammers drain people’s accounts without authorization? At the FTC, we call them “Defendants.” Badum bum.

In fact, the Commission just charged three companies and four individuals with helping a fraudulent internet operation withdraw $26 million without the permission of the account holders.

CardFlex, a payment processor, and its sales agents connected online seller iWorks with merchant accounts that let iWorks charge consumers for “trial“ memberships and other offers. Credit card companies warned CardFlex about iWorks’ troubled history and CardFlex knew that many consumers had disputed iWorks’ unauthorized charges. Despite that, CardFlex worked for almost a year to help iWorks evade credit card companies’ fraud monitoring systems. The companies opened nearly 300 bank accounts using 30 different corporate names to hide iWorks’ connection to the accounts and tried to conceal the high rate of consumer complaints. CardFlex’s help for iWorks came to a halt when one bank stopped doing business with CardFlex.

If you find a charge you didn’t agree to on your credit card bill, dispute it with your credit card company. Write to the credit card company at the address for “billing inquiries” within 60 days after the bill was mailed. Our sample letter gives an idea of what to say. You don’t have to pay the amount you dispute while the charge is being investigated, but you must make at least the required minimum payments, including related finance charges. If you think a creditor isn’t following proper dispute procedures, file a complaint with the FTC.

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Sound like Carl Rove is at it again, the tea party needs money for november 2014.

The Tea Party and Rove don't like each other.

Well how do you like that !

I received a call yesterday from 202-506-8176 from a very nasty, rude woman (I couldn't understand what she said her name was) who said she was a police officer. She said I was facing criminal charges and 6 months in jail if I didn't comply with her requests. She had my name, phone number, and address which is very alarming. I ended up hanging up on her when she started getting very demanding. I google searched the phone number and it brought up Ymax Oration Landline in Beltsville, MD. I hope they get caught and that criminal charges are filed against them!

Suebugd6- got a message requesting call back regarding an "urgent legal matter" from the same number. Definitely a scam. Just wanted you to know you're not alone...still it's unnerving.

I got the same "urgent legal matter" message from the same number. So glad people posted on this site about the scammers.

I just received a call stating the above, that I owed 4,000 in unpaid taxes(delinquent amount) from the form 1099. That I will be arrested with 6 months in jail. I asked that I could go to the IRS office and settle the matter. He said no it could be done only over the phone and that if I hanged up the I will be facing charges. In order for this to be paid he asked if I had funds in my bank account and if not then i could go to the nearest convenience store and buy a validation payment voucher and give him the verification code and then he would give me the reference #, then I would need to mail the payment to the IRS at Washington in with the reference he would provide. Otherwise it would not be settled. Sorry my husband was in panic but not me I have received so many calls from different scammers i know what to ask. Amazingly he did give me a phone # which I called while he was on hold and the answering machine answered stating you have reached the Internal Revenue Service. So well others would believed it. Hope nobody comes accross Camberly Jones(the caller). Always ask for the local office if it is a government matter they have a local office.

I have gotten so many I stopped counting. The first time I (we )fell for it and lost $1200. Never got that money back and never will.
I would not say that was a very good day.

As soon as they say: "There is a complaint against you" I hang up....I know that it is a "SCAM' because that is NOT how the legal system works! HL

Just got a call from a woman that sounded like she was from India. Threats and bad tolerance towards my wife. Message was on answering machine. Do not call these people back or ever answer the phone if you do not recognize the numbers. Never!!

Threated my wife and asked for immediate response or else!! Left message on our machine. We never pick up calls we do not recognize!!

Someone calls my husband often. He said he wants to give money away over ten million dollars but my husband has to pay for fee around 240 dollars. My husband did not send him money but he still calling us because he knows my husband home phone number and cell phone number. It's bother us a lot. I tried to tell him please do not call again but he doesn't listen. He call from Beaverton, OR. His number is 971-238-9695. I do sure he is scammer from Afriga or Nigeria because his English is not good but he told us he's from Canada . Please help us stop this guy.

I received a call from 202-506-8176 on 8/5/2014. A "Steve Robinson" from the "Legal Department" at the IRS said I owed a $2000 penalty in unpaid taxes. He told me that federal agents were on the way to my house to repossess everything I own, and that I could resolve the situation by withdrawing cash from the nearest convenience store and sending it or a voucher to them.
I enjoyed leading him on and frustrating him by pretending not to understand what I had to do to get the money to him.

some one called me before 3 day that day i am allready been schamed by pakistan they taking out like 25000$ they called frome pakistan they got my number and then they got my account number and they took my money

Got a call from was automated telling me to call back the IRS. I called back got a man named Kevin Brown "Tax Attorney IRS # 62118" telling me I owed 2400 and some change in back taxes. If I didn't pay I'd go to jail. I told them I was legally blind and didn't have a driver and would have to call one, and call them back. Instead I got on here. So THEY called me back to see if I found a driver, and I said no, but I found your name on the FTC website. Another name is Jullian Marshall phone number 202-506-9774.

I just got the same kevin brown on the phone. 202-506-9774. Do not call these people back!

I just received a call today from this number1 202-506-9720. saying he was from IRS and that I owed 2,750. that he was having an arrest warrant sent out for me today and told me I could serve 90 days in jail. I called back after he hung up on me rudely then told me to f*** myself. and hung up so I called back then you told me if I was in front of him he would make me suck his dick. he hung up I called back and said look I'm an American you're not going to be rude to me. and I've been repeatedly calling him and harassing him just like he's done to me and obviously many others. this person obviously needs to be stopped. let's beat these people at their own game and call them and harass them. and yes he was foreign !

I received a message from the real IRS warning about these scammer calls. People have lost millions, like 25 million, as I recall, because they were taken in by the scam. I've received these calls from 202-506-9720 and one other number. Be warned! Hang up or don't answer!

This guy needs stop!!! I'm sink of people like this! Theses people belong in prison!!

On 8/09 I received the same phone call from Kevin Brown 202-506-9720. People like this needed stopped! So what I've been doing is calling him and harassing him!! what goes around comes around!!!

I got a call from Julie Smith from the 202-506-9720 automated voicemail that it's the IRS and I needed to call back before any legal action is taken. Not gonna call back, I've owed the IRS money before and they sent me a letter and NO ONE from the IRS ever called me.

We have received similar calls from (202) 506-8176. According to the caller "Steven Robinson" the treasury department was filing criminal charges against us. When I informed him that I am an attorney and I intend to contact the FBI regarding this scam, he said "go ahead." This tells me that they know they can and are getting away with this scam.

I intend to keep calling and harassing the caller. If they can do it, so can I. In fact, I think I will call him about a garage sale that will be held this Saturday where they will be selling a brand new magic jack unit.

I also received a call from an asian man 202 506 9720 stating he was from the IRS and to call him back immediately to avoid serious action.

Similar thing happened to us. Wife called back a tel. no. (202-506-9774)left on the call log. A man with an accent answered claiming to be from IRS. "This must be a mistake". "No". stated. "There is a case files against you for tax evasion." I told her in background. "its a phoney". Man rudely said, "Tell your husband to shut up or I'll F**k him in the a**". I then said, Its a scam call the police." The man abruptly hung-up.

We did call the police. Were advised not to give any personal information on the phone. IRS make calls. They send notices. They don't ask for personal information. They already have it. Don't fall for this scam.

i got a voicemail from Kevin also on 8/12 from a guy names Ron (i think that was his name he was indian). i called today and talked to Kevin and he told me he was not with the IRS and that he was not calling to collect money i kept telling him i was not understanding what was going on and that i was confused and to please help me understand the situation and he hung up on me twice and i called back for the third time and then he called me a jackass and was screaming at me pretty much and then hung up on me for the third time so then i looked up the number and found this..

I didn't answer the call since I didn't recognize the 202-506-9720 number. I googled it while I was listening to the message the caller left and had a similar experience as the others that have posted here. I couldn't make out all of what he said due to his accent, but something about owing the IRS money, that I better not disregard this message or delete it and to call back right away as it was an urgent matter and the IRS would proceed with legal action if I didn't respond. I am an attorney as well and worked on several IRS disputes. This is ridiculous. The IRS will send you written notice, several in fact, before they proceed with any liens or garnishments.

just got a call today and a message was left. could barely understand it except the part about call back or face criminal charges. i called the number and a person answered saying, "Internal Revenue Service, how may i help you?" with lots of noise in the background. keep in mind this is 4:15pm in AZ. so i hung up and googled the number. this was the site that came up. it has been said before mine BUT do not answer or call back and get sucked into this scam!

Just happened to me. From the same number! They tried to make me verify my address and everything but I told them NO not unless they tell me what is going on. And after wards they turned very nasty on the phone. Even said they gonna send the police to me . I hope these foreign sounding f******* get arrested !
How do we report this. What can we do to get these scammers locked up?

Pa. - just received a phone call from 202-506-9720 and the phone showed Washington, DC. I answered in error and the man with broken English asked for my husband and when he got on the phone they said that the IRS had major problems with him and they wanted money for taxes filed incorrectly or they would put him jail. He said for him to contact the Account and hung up on him. The man on the phone was loud, and difficult to understand so we did not get a name.

I've gotten a phone call form the 202-506-9774 number. He claim he was an attorney working for the IRS Criminal Investigation Department, and I was charged on a criminal case. I said I would call the IRS myself. He said I wouldn't be able to reach him and instead asked me to look for Mr. Jacob Parker, Senior Investigator of IRS, with phone number 202-506-9713. The whole thing definitely sounded like a scam.

July 8, 2014
On 6/28/2014 I received a call from man saying he received an alert that my Windows software warranty has expired and that they need to check for alerts or my computer will be crashing very soon. I asked who he worked for and he replied that his company Xpert wizard works as a servicing wing of Microsoft Windows Software. I also asked what state the office was located and was told that his office was located in Massachusetts but that they have offices all over the United States and that they are a U.S. Company. I asked him if he was from India as his voice sounded Indian or Pakistani and he stated India and that his name was Neil Johnson working as team support for Xpert wizard and gave me this direct line number: (617)862-9272 I was told that if I had any future issues with my computer that I should contact him directly at this number. This was supposedly to warranty or protect my computer for lifetime service. I immediately felt that something was wrong about this situation after having allowed someone to invade my PC space and researched this online scam and made call to Suntrust Bank the next morning to inform them that I had fallen victim to a computer scam. I also system restored my computer as the internet stopped working correctly and was running slowly. I then ran Norton antivirus and readjusted all of my security settings in my computer to attempt to prevent further issues from arising. I changed all passwords to any valuable or regularly used accounts

Phone logs from 6/28/2014 as follows….

Name unavailable 8577205631 1:00pm

Woodbury CT 2034052233 2:14pm

Unknown name private number 2:15pm

Name unavailable 8577205631 2:17pm

Unknown name private number 2:17pm

Woodbury CT 2034052233 2:22pm

Unknown name private number 2:26pm

Skype User 6617400240 2:20pm

Woodbury CT 2034052233 2:50pm

Name unavailable 5042096344 3:17pm

Cell phone NV 6466249999 4:02pm

Cell phone NV 6466249999 4:03pm

Received another call today but did not answer as they had informed me on 6/28 calls that the payment for their service had not gone through and they would call and have me submit a partial payment of $299.00 on Monday after noon. Phone number I rejected answering was from Cell phone NC 1919903312920 at 12:46 pm on 6/30/2014
7/8 repeated calls each minute 5 times from #1036 I answered 1 of the calls and was told I needed to give them more money. I informed them that I have filed fraud reports and that I am on do not call registry and will contact authorities if they continue to call. Then 2 more calls ignored after that.

We received a robo call 0n 09/03/14 from a Mary Thomson pretending to be from the IRS. The number is 202-506-9774.This is so frustrating since we also received a similar call on 08/22/14 from 202-506-9720 from IRS agent Andrew Smith. This is so annoying, I wonder what number they are going to use next time.

I get at least 6 calls a day from 202-506-9720 Some as early as 6:30 am. I usually dont answer but when I do I just laugh at them. they are now doing robo calls. My elderly mother inlaw received a call and told me she needed to send money ASAP or they were going to take her home away. I had to explain the scam. This is so sad.

I received a message on my phone from the same number with a recording saying I needed to call the IRS immediately. I decided to call even thought I knew it was a scam. Sure enough the man who answered as if it was the IRS. I said that I received a message from this number, but there was no reason for me to be calling the IRS. He then asked me if I was drunk!!! he ended up hanging up on me. I feel sorry for foreigners who may fall for this. Its horrible!!!

My husband who is 70 years old just got a call from 202-506-9720. "Steve Matthews" claimed that he was from the IRS and that my husband owed over $4,000 in back taxes and they were going to arrest him. I called the number back and told them that, if they ever called him again, I would call the police. I'm fairly certain the call did not originate from the actual 202 (D.C.) area code. The guy who answered the phone sounded decidedly foreign and the phone reception was terrible.

1 was scam bY American resort 1nternationa,sterling bank oyster beach resort,concord inc.interval 1nternational, pearl development for $60.000,00 for a timeshare a new car,or $25.000 that 1 never goy,oner walter kosch,

I know I'm answering a year and a half after the fact, but the IRS phone scheme is one in which they identify themselves as Internal Revenue ServiceS - emphasis on the extra S.

As stated above - the REAL IRS starts its collection process with a certified letter - one that the recipient must personally sign for.

Also, it's illegal to use threats or intimidation in collection communications. There is a fine line in defining what makes up a "threat" - but part of it is that any cause and effect scenario used by a collector has to actually have a high likelihood of actually happening. If they call on the phone and say that if you don't make a payment we will file a civil suit against you, and regulators determine that the threat is hollow because few suits actually take place, that communication becomes an illegal threat instead of a simple statement about the collection process.

I was contacted by someone a few days ago to tell me about a cellphone contact this man I was married to was about 20 years ago my ex he said something about blue a firm I told him how long ago I last saw my ex and he said he will come back to me I phoned scammers and they told me to block him I'm in south Africa I then checked the number and it said wilgers hospital I don't even know such a hospital I have blocked him but thought I would just let you know those days when I was married to my ex there was no ceklphones in south africa

Scam call from ‭(202) 506-9720‬ claiming IRS audit agent .. just be aware of

Stated " ignoring this will be a second attempt to avoid initial appearance before a grand jury for a federal criminal offence, call 202-506-9774 with case #"

Received a call from 202-506-9774 stating "IRS judgement....appearance before a grand jury for a federal criminal offense, call 202-506-9774 to get your case number.

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