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Scamming the families of migrant children

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Scammers are contacting the families of children who have recently crossed the border into the U.S. When they call, the scammers:   

  • speak Spanish
  • claim to be a charity worker, social worker, or from the government 
  • know details about the children and their location, and indicate that the child is about to be released  
  • ask for money - for travel or processing costs - to be sent through wire transfer, money order, or a debit from your bank account

Here's what you need to know:

  • Never send money to anyone who contacts you and asks for money. That’s a scam.
  • The people in charge of reuniting these children with their families will never ask you for money.

If you’re concerned about an unaccompanied minor, call the people in charge of reuniting families at the U.S. government’s Office of Refugee Resettlement Parent Hotline. The number is 1-800-203-7001.   

And if you get one of these calls asking for money, report it to the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-382-4357. Give as much or as little information as you are comfortable with. Any information you give helps investigators build cases against scammers.

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I hope i can make it

Hope you can make what?

Gee then maybe the illegal children shouldn't be encouraged by this administration to cross the border

What a cold response. I bet you're great at birthday parties.

This is interesting and totally ignorant. Shame on you! Children are encouraged to come by criminals in their home country who prey on their parents for BIG BUCKS to "transport" their children to either safety or the promise of a better life. It has NOTHING to do with current Administration-led policies, most of which have been thwarted by a do-nothing Republican-led obstructionist House of Representatives. Republican George. W. Bush led the humanitarian charge to not immediately deport CHILDREN to a foreign country other than the one they came from, if these children came from a country other than Mexico or Canada. Children from Mexico are deported immediately. Children from other Spanish speaking countries are entitled to a hearing to determine if they are truly eligible for humanitarian consideration (i.e., relief from fear of deadly violence!) YOUR Republican-led House has denied the funds necessary to conduct rapid hearings which the Bush administration authorized. How do you have the unadulterated and bigoted nerve to blame the current Administration for what the previous Administration forced on our mode of handling these uninvited immigrants? MY undocumented immigrant forebearers came to this country in 1843. Do you even know any of your great grandmother's maiden names or where any of that generation lived or came from? Why do you think you are better than those who are trying to find a new and better life for their precious children? Can you PROVE your forebearers were documented when they came? Shame on you!

Wait, you mean after they scammed us, they're getting scammed? Kinda poetic, don't you think. Has a certain ring of "justice" .... something we haven't seen since this administration took charge.

You sound exactly like the media that has been feeding you. They repeat and repeat the same discourse so that people like you end up thinking they have facts when the only thing you have is a bunch of false ideas with no substance of reality behind them. READ READ READ outside of the mainstream media.

Any person who would try to obtain money, using the plight of a child as bait, is the lowest form of humanity. Any person who has any information to help find and penalize these scammers should provide that information.

somebody called michelle and anna watson from 4152519782 called me and told me to talk to Kenneth webster phone number 4152519049 and told me I owe 5300 of IRS and has to pay in 30 minutes. He wants me to wire the money. I was audited during this tax time and told them how it was missed. I am going to call IRS to report this scam

Here's my question, how do they know who they are and do they obtain the phone numbers and addresses. Something doesn't add up.

So random scammers can get the names and numbers
Of the parents of the kids that came across the boarder?? Umm don't think so. If they know that they
How come our government can't just send them back home? If you know their names and numbers you
Must know the location. Just send them home then. Duh
This is so fake

My grandma (shes 87) received a call saying my brother who she rarely talks to had taken a trip to some country and got in trouble with the police there. They told her that for him to be released from jail there she needed to send $2500 to some acct or something. She told them she didn't believe this and they put someone on the phone who was male and crying hard begging her to help claiming he was her grandson. Due to the crying she couldn't tell if it was her grandson or not and being her age she panicked, went to the bank to draw the cash out. The bank realized that she never draws this amount out and even though she was told not to tell the bank what this was about they got the story out of her and called the police here. The police called my brother and he didn't answer cause he was at work so they called me and we talked. I got ahold of him etc and proved to my grandma he wasn't in trouble,..... What a scam but for someone her age I can see how people get scammed..,.sad but true

shame on them because iknow how that feel becuase im a mexcain

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