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Think it’s E-Z?

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Love breezing through tollbooths with your E-Z Pass? A new scam is taking advantage of that.  

Here’s how it works: You get an email that appears to be from E-Z Pass. It has the E-Z Pass logo, and says you owe money for driving on a toll road. It also provides a link to click for your invoice. 

Guess what? The email isn’t from E-Z Pass. If you click on the link, the crooks running this scam may put malware on your machine. And if you respond to the email with your personal information, they’re likely to steal your identity

This E-Z Pass email is the latest in a long line of phishing scams, where fraudsters pretend to be legitimate businesses as a way to get access to people’s personal information. But adopting a few online security habits can help you avoid phishing scams: 

  • Never click on links in emails unless you’re sure who sent you the message.
  • Don’t respond to any emails that ask for personal or financial information. Email isn’t a secure way to send that information.
  • Type an organization’s URL yourself, and don’t send personal or financial information unless the URL begins with https (the “s” stands for secure).  
  • If an email looks like it is from E-Z Pass, contact E-Z Pass customer service to confirm that it is really from them.
  • Keep your computer security software current.

If you might have been tricked by a phishing email:

  • Forward it to and to the company impersonated in the email.
  • File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at
  • Visit the FTC’s Identity Theft website at Victims of phishing could become victims of identity theft, but there are steps to take to reduce your risk. has more information about phishing scams.


This advice will work for any suspicious emails you receive. Also if people have not done so it is a good idea to freeze your credit with all 3 credit reporting agencies. It is free and simple to do on line. Once done you get a pin to unlock the freeze for a day then the freeze goes back into effect with you doing nothing. It does not affect current credit cards etc. but will keep someone from getting credit in your name. It also stops all the credit card offers that come in the mail. My husband and I did this when it was first available and have had no problems with it. I would advise people to do it for their underage children as well.

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It never seems to end with all the technology on how it becomes easier to create the scam

I'm so glad I read this,I don't have a car,I try to be CAREFULL with my emails,I don't pay my bills on line,that's how afraid I am,

I received an email from the above mentioned E-Z pass. I opened it because it was on my email not spam. I didn't respond to it. How did they get my email when I don't have an account.

I started getting these spam emails after I visited the I-Pass website & used my transponder after a very long time. I was wondering if I-Pass is now EZ pass? I see that signs changed in IN from I-Zoom to EZ Pass.

I got this email, but I dont even drive where there is the E-Z pass !!! Stupid scammers. So I knew right away it was phony. But if I lived in California I might have thought twice and clicked on it.

"They" must have maleware on EZ Pass computers because I did drive on a EZ toll road and had the e-mail from the scammers the next day....that was a month ago and still haven't gotten the real bill yet.
OR...EZ Pass allows them to do this and will bill you also, or take you to collections......

To avoid scams online specially when buying things, DO NOT USE WESTERN UNION OR BANK TRANSFER AT ANY COST. USE CREDIT CARD AND PAYPAL.

Good reminder: no matter how savvy I think I am, I always have to beware.

Only one thing missing from this article: Given that the government is so fully aware of this going on, and it still is (got one days ago), is there anything being done, or that can be done, to catch and stop the jerks?

I recived a pone call from 202-808-3643. About a line in my property and a stop on all my bank account. The person was very rude and he said that his name is Mr Smith.

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