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Company promised fake FTC refunds

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You got a robocall from someone working with the FTC with a message that promised to help you get a refund from the agency. If you ever lost money to a scam, it might have been a tough call to ignore. Turns out ignoring the call would have been the right call because — you guessed it: it was a scam.     

At the FTC’s request, a federal court has permanently shut down a robocall operation run by The Cuban Exchange — aka CrediSure America and — which tried to trick people into handing over bank account numbers and other sensitive information.

According to the FTC, the company made illegal robocalls and gave people a phony “seizure ID number” to enter at — a site that isn’t connected to the FTC — to claim their money. To convince people the call was official, the company “spoofed” the FTC’s consumer help number (877-382-4357), so that FTC appeared on Caller IDs.

If you think you might be due a refund from an FTC case, remember:

  • the FTC doesn’t use robocalls to get in touch with people.
  • the FTC doesn’t ask consumers to give their bank account information or Social Security number, or to send money. When refunds are part of an FTC settlement, the FTC provides them by check.
  • even if the Caller ID says the name of an organization you know or trust, be skeptical. Scammers use technology that can display legitimate numbers to trick you into responding.   

The FTC posts information about recent cases resulting in refunds on our website, including the contact information for each case.

If you’ve been targeted by someone pretending to be with the government, file a complaint with the FTC at For more on spotting government imposters, read Government Imposter Scams and Refund and Recovery Scams.


GOOD JOB.. GREAT … FINALLY… a BIG SCAM caught by our Government.. I am thrilled to hear this.

Very happy to hear this.. Finally a horrible scam CAUGHT.. Slap the Book at them so that others like them will STOP!


Dear FTC: Thank You! Not only is this interesting reading, it is well written, and I am very great full for your efforts.

sent a money pak to easy cash for 110 bucks got no more reply. phone number 315 215 1086. name adem ext 426. he ripped me off for 110.00 ?

can you help me get my money back?

i allso got ripped off by e pay day loans for 85.00 . phone 281 733 2710.epad23127??

If you receive a call from the FTC @ # 202-407-9185 please be aware this is a SCAM!! Since when would the FTC give you FREE MONEY !!

I got at call from 253-271-4485 wanting me to give the $210 to get grant money for $9200.00. I told them to piss off and called the ftc to file a complaint. Im also on the do not call list so that was filed too. I hope they get them.

I received several calls, from a man call Steve Hugh,I was dumb and gave them my information. Here is the phone number I was told to call 202-684-6608. Free grant money

Just like Nadene I did the same. Free $9000 dollars of grant money... FAKE.. someone tell me if it works lol

Received two calls, (this week 4.8.15), from this number. Guy from India said he was Officer Melvin from the IRS. SCAM!

I got a call from someone who identified himself as Officer Melvin Bachard from IRS indicating that to avoid legal proceedings being initiated I should return his call at 202-684-6608. Scam....I didn't call back.

Just got the same call. This is a scam. I called back and there was no answer.

Melvin Patrick, with a heavy non-Irish accent, called and left a message. He was from thr IRS, and told me if I didn't want to go to jail, I needed to call him back! Ha Ha I'm not stupid, so I won't be calling him back...

Also got a message from someone with a heavy Indian accent who claimed to be from the IRS and that I was in "big trouble" unless I called 202-684-6608. Never called back...

This scam is still in operation. I received a voice mail from this same number on April 17, 2015. The caller, who sounded very foreign, said "We have received a legal petition notice against you concerning a tax evasion." He said he was from the Internal Revenue Service.

Just got the same call. Said it was an emergency because I will be taken to jail very soon for tax evasion on the gold house. Total scam. He could barely speak English. I called back and had them call me at "work" which was actually the direct phone number for my local police department!

I received the same call from middle eastern accented man stating,
"We have received a legal petition notice against you concerning a tax evasion." phone number 202-684-6608

what is the point of reporting these cases to FTC..has any of these scammers been caught...has anything been done really???

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