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Hold on to your disability settlement

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If you have a disability and need money, here’s a pitch that might catch your interest: “Need money now? Our company can give you access to cash when you need it.”

Take your time. Companies are preying on people with disabilities who have structured settlements. A structured settlement gives you tax-free regular payments so you can meet your normal expenses. But when something unexpected happens and you need money in a hurry, some companies try to get you to sell part of your disability settlement for quick cash. It’s called “factoring.” 

The facts behind “factoring”? To get the cash, you must sign over some or all of your disability settlement payments for a period of time. The lump sum payment you get is less than the settlement payments that you sign over. So you’re signing away money you need to live on.

Before you sign on the dotted line, read What to Know Before Selling Your Disability Payments.

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i just want to know i have been disabilty for carpal tunel syndrome. I work 28 years as Administrativa Assistant and Data Entry Clerk for many years but when i cannot work anymore i move 13 years ago and i have one of my hands surgery but i didn't know i can have Worker's compenssation for that problem.
I still have in my right hand and i need the surgery.
I would like to know if I qualified for any benefits?

I will appreciate any respond to my comments.

When do I get my settlement?

I have to have my teeth all of them has got to be pulled off and I don't sell my disability benefits I have got to pay rent and I have four kids

I have been fighting this battle since 1991. This was the year of my original on-the-job injury. A company I worked for for 13+ years. They spent more time, money, and energy trying to discredit me. At my hearing, they presented a video of me helping my dying ex-mother-in-law, by putting her wheel chair in my trunk. Now, in 2014, I had a heart attack in January. My local hospital missed the diagnosis, like everything else. My primary care doctor sent me to Washington Hospital Center in February, and there, they confirmed my heart attack and found my birth defect. The desease is Ehler's Danlos Syndrome. I have the worst form which is vascular & connective tissue. The pain is excruciating, and it is a heart defect. I'm suppose to have assistance from Medicaid. Everything has been a fight even now, I struggle to live day to day. This system is tore up.

How do we stop these constant robocalls? We get a Home Alert robocall and a Charge Card (Carmen) robocall almost every day... Thank You

i needed some money fore and my daughter for some grocery's and to pay our cable bill. I didn't know what to do so I signed up for tha quick cash. I borrowed 150.00 and they are the finance charge is 26.00. I had no where else to go that I knew of.

turn off the cable!

Here is what I had to do I turned my cable off and just kept internet and I watch all of the latest movies and Television shows online now...there are websites like that you can watch TV shows it does not cost you anything extra neither and you can watch movies..I don't miss Cable at all! it is a cheaper solution than having cable and internet

identify by system please. Disabled and filing.

I acknowledge
And thank you very much
In aid of the Federal (FTC).
And to facilitate travel and housing.
In spending on a daily basis. (Which is perfect)

waiting for a decision have bipolar11 anxiety and depression

I've been trying to get disability. It's very hard. I only have a 6 th grade. So that makes it even harder. I'm 53 my back is killing me. I have worked most of all 53 years - 14.I can't read write now my eyes are going. I live in a room with nothing for 380 every 30 days I have been homeless 5 times in the past 3 years.

I was disabled in 2002 due to severe back pain and needed surgery, carple tunnel, and degenerative bone diease. I did not know i could have collected workers compensation. I received SSD benefits in 2004. Is it too late to file for workers comp?

Dam my disability if I win a big enough cheek Jonathan

I've been on disability for 30yrs do to spinal cord injury and now i have lost my boyfriend which put me on 2 different depression medicines. I had to move in with my mom, i pay my way, when I'm done i just want to cry because. I don't have any more money left. I was wondering if i qualified for a grant.

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