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Income scams are subject of new FTC fotonovela

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The FTC’s second Spanish-language fotonovela is about scams that promise you can make money selling high-end products or brand-name merchandise. If the pitch sounds familiar, that’s because the story is based on facts from a recent FTC lawsuit against a company that targeted Spanish speakers nationwide.

Income Scams tells the story of Fatima, a consumer who is looking for a way to earn some extra money. She gets a phone call:

“I have a great opportunity for you to make money with our company. We’re very well known in your area. You can buy brand name products like purses and perfumes from us at wholesale prices. Then you sell them to your friends and family and make a profit.”

Fatima wants to follow through, but she can’t afford the fee. The caller tells her she can pay by money order when the merchandise is delivered. 

Read Fatima Says No to an Income Scam to learn what happens next, what to do if you get a random phone call offering a way to make money, and how to complain to the FTC about it.

Share Fatima’s story with your friends, family, coworkers, or neighbors. Order free copies in Spanish at

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thanks for the work u have done

I have been getting fake.Job emails and just about any kind. You can tell when you unsubscrube there us nkthing there. Use the arrow at the top. Sometimes it goes thru. Orher times it comes back as failer. It is terriost trying to get money. I type sonething to let rhem know I know who it is and I unsubscribe and no emails ever again..

just rec'd a call from 976-046-8928 claiming they were with PC -something and they got our phone# (which is private and on the Do Not Call List ) from Microsoft. The gentleman said he believed there was a problem with our computer security. I gave no information.

I get these too. Different phone numbers so hard to tell but they always speak very bad English and are noisy in the background. I never registered anything with Microsoft and don't own an MS operating system. The calls started in 2011 and this is 2017.

EMP ID : 1047
CUSTOMER CARE : 1-302-482-8155
10 AM TO 8 PM (EST)
that his name and numbersaid he works for microsoftcalled my house and said hacker took over my pc and it was going to crash.

I kept getting the same calls. The guy said it was Microsoft Computers. He said there was some activity on my email and there was a virus. He wanted to have access to my computer. Ok hold on and I hung up. The next time he called I told him I knew he was a scammer. Never called again.

I got the same call on my cell phone today. I told him there was no way I would allow someone remote access to my computer. He gave me a # to call back MS to verify. I found this thread and thankfully avoided getting hacked.

I just got a call from 925-953-2086 claiming that someone was trying to hack my computer. I gave on information and hung up. It is a cell phone and you can not call it back.

It really is amazing the number of scams that are in the open in the Spanish speaking community. Even on television, incredible claims for weight loss products that the FTC would shut down immediately if they were to air on English speaking television get aired with no regard for truth in advertising. Something really needs to be done about it.


I am continually being harassed now on my home phone informing me by a man with a very thick Asian accent. He informs me that he is from the US treasury dept and I must immediately call this number 559-358-4650 or 909-666-8071. I have a problem and must clean it up ASAP or be subject to a possible grand jury trial. Also there is a scam advising me that I have a problem with my Microsoft program and that if I do not let them fix it my computer may go down and cannot be repaired. This scam is circling in our community. I have not given anyone my information. I was subject to bank fraud a year ago. Do not know how they got into all my bank accounts. Fortunately I had all my money retrieved within a few day and had to close all accounts at that bank and get new account numbers.

What, if anything can be done about these supposed Treasury scam phone calls?

Approximately one week ago, I answered the phone, I could hear background noise, I knew someone was there, but the caller refused to answer me when I repeatedly asked who is this? Finally, I hung up, used *69 to get the caller's phone#, it was 976-046-8928. According to, 976-046-8928 isn't a valid US phone#. Today, when I simply typed this phone# into my search engine, I wound up here and I'm glad I did. Thanks to Jose's comment, I now know who these people are and what they're up to. Thanks, Jose. And, like Jose, our phone# is unpublished and unlisted and we're on the do not call list.

Today I received a voicemail from 315-636-3476 saying due to sec 18 chap 47 Fraud Legal Affairs 7 sec 2011 Law. There would be a federal marashal at my door within 72 hours. Knowing I have never even had a speeding ticket. I tried to look up the number by reverse phone number and only got a picture of a map marking Marietta, NY. I called the number to learn what is going on. I reached a Stephan Richard, he had a strong accent and I asked him to explain the call, several times I had to say I do not understand you have a strong accent. He asked me to hold, Thinking he was getting an American English speaking rep. I held on. He came back and continued to say he was with the US Tresury and I was a primary suspect for mis calculation on my taxes. I asked could he mail the information he said they mailed it three months prior and could not send it again. He could read me the affidavid and with in 30 minutes a federal marshal would be at my door with a supena and arrest warrant. I am 71 and beleave me I was shocked. I said read the information and send a letter. He said it was for miscalculation on my 2010-2012 taxes. I told him taxes were prepared and sent by an accountant and there was no miscalculation. His response was a marashal will be at your door within thirty minutes. He hung up.
I called the Federal Trade number and gave them this information and was sent to this site. My prayer is that this will stop someone from being harrassed in the future. However when looking up this web site I continued to get offers to order privacy priotectors and I am not sure it came from this web site. My computer crashed and this old one may not be protected. The only assurance is the young lady Isha said there would not be a marshal at my door.

Just received a call from "Nathan". He proceeded to inform me he was with online technical support with Microsoft and wanted me to allow him access to my computer. Yeah right dude!!! So then I told him I'd do so after he could give me information to validate who he was. The moron gave me 302-482-8155 and while on the phone with him I looked it up and found it here. Adios Scam Boy!!!

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