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No support for shapewear’s slimming claims

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Imagine wearing an undergarment for eight hours a day for a month to slim inches off your hips and thighs and reduce the unsightly orange peel appearance of cellulite. Yeah, right. In your dreams. Yet, according to the FTC, that’s just what Norm Thompson Outfitters, Inc., and Wacoal America, Inc., claimed in advertising and marketing for their slimming shapewear.

Each company independently marketed lines of women’s undergarments impregnated with microencapsulated caffeine, retinol and other ingredients. The companies claimed these ingredients would be absorbed into the skin, where they would reduce the size of fat cells and improve skin tone, thereby slimming your hips and thighs and reducing the appearance of cellulite. Bottom line, the FTC says, neither company had adequate support for its claims.

Both companies have agreed to administrative orders barring them from making some weight loss claims for similar products and requiring them to have appropriate substantiation for other weight loss and cellulite reduction claims. Both companies also have agreed to make partial refunds to consumers who purchased the caffeinated garments. Norm Thompson will pay $230,000 in consumer redress, and Wacoal America will pay $1.3 million.

If you’re looking to shape up and slim down, learn how to evaluate claims for products and services before the sellers slim your wallet.

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Great to see the US Government has taken these steps to help protect innocent citizens from this company's knowingly fallaious advertisements designed to bilk innocent citizens out of their hard earned money. Hopefully, this company will be forced to close its doors, and its officers will be identified and held in utter contempt for bilking citizens by playing on their wishes to achieve a healthy goal. Great Job!!! Keep up the good work!

You mean people actually believe that stuff? Man, no one THINKS any more. I don't have it in my heart to lie to people like that or I could probably make a fortune creating a bubble bath of coffee, tea, yerba mate, & ginseng & promising it would work. Just look at the before & afterrpix...those ppl are either not the same person, or a normal sized to thin person had a 2nd picture of themselves airbrushed to make them look fat for the "before" shot.
Weight loss scams are the easiest to do...if they don't work just loudly claim the person who bought the product used it wrong or didn't change their dietary habits (or ate more figuring they could get away with it), & the "mark" has no recourse. I'm 62, I have always been fat, & the scams I've seen in my lifetime would fill a goodzsized book. THE BIGGEST SCAMS ARE THE WEIGHT LOSS PILLS THE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES. THEY KILL PEOPLE. The latest one has the same side effects as phen-fen, yet it wass FDA approved. Weight loss surgery maxes out at an 80% loss of excess weight, but usually stops at 60% - both of which leave the patient obese & with tons of health problems that were suspended...find a WLS patient more than 5 yr post-op & the hypertension, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, etc., are all coming back, this time due to still being obese &, because of the surgical re-routing of the stomach & intestines, in a constant state of malnutrition that exacerbates the illnesses they thought were gone. A guy down the street from me is half my age, he had the roux-en-y gastric bypass, & is STILL morbidly obese (he was very heavy to start with). He also looks like he's 20 years older than I am. He can barely walk because of athritis, but they were refusing to do any joint replacements until he lost more weight...yet he had lost 80% of his excess weight! This makes the medical therapies moremof a scam than this underwear. Until researchers do more gut hormone & viral research & gene mapping on fat families, & on families that eat like pigs (far more than most fat people), we will get no closer to ending obesity.
But then, obesity is making tens of thousands of scam artists rich, & if we end obesity, we might not have anyone to make fun of. AND IMO, THE WORST OFFENDERS ARE THE MEDICAL PROFESSION, WHOSE OBESITY TREATMENTS MAKE IT CLEAR THEY WANT FAT PEOPLE TO GET THIN OR DIE TRYING, & MAKE THEM RICHNIN THE INTERIM.

I am so happy to see that the government is helping out and making a difference. I had help once and so appreciated for your help. I just got a phone call left on my answering machine and couldn't make it out. But the number was (877)349-7340. They said they had a $169.00 package for me. I did not talk to them, and will not. Thank You.

When will these refunds be received? It is now mid=October 2015 and they still have not been issued.

very nice

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