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FTC: Telemarketing scam stole money from older consumers

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How low can scammers go? As low as stealing from older consumers to line their own pockets. The FTC says some scammers claimed to be calling on behalf of the government to verify information for a new Medicare card or Medicare-related package. In fact, it was a ruse to get people’s bank account information to make unauthorized withdrawals from their accounts.

The callers said they needed to verify people’s identities using information that included the consumers’ bank account numbers. According to the FTC, the scammers told people that the information would not be used to debit their bank accounts, and that there was no charge for their services. But the FTC alleges that was a lie. Within a month or two, victims learned their bank accounts had been debited, often for $400 or more.

At the FTC’s request, a federal court has temporarily halted this scheme that took millions of dollars from consumers without their consent. The FTC is seeking to permanently end the operation and return victims’ money.

No matter your age, you may know someone who has been scammed by telemarketing fraud. They may not talk about it, but the statistics do. The good news is, you can do something about it. Become an FTC ambassador. Share what you know, by passing this blog post on to your friends, family or neighbors. Let them know never to give out their bank account information to someone who contacts them over the phone. It could lead to a scammer taking money right out of their account.

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I was just scammed out of 2,130.00 dollars and would like to now what I can do to get this money back ? It was with green dot moneypak cards I've got the numbers and the amounts

The same thing happened to me; unfortunately, I contacted the local FBI and was told there was nothing I could do.

This is great I will pass this on -thanks

about my application for supporting finance and medical equipment is not give me response from Medicare i don't know may be my supporting finance would be taken by identity thefts please check it my name will used by other money laundering person.

You might want to check with someone at your local Church that has computer access.
If there is cause for alarm, then call the police. The police have non emergency telephone numbers, but are difficult to find in the phone book. See if someone at your Church or School or Work can help you contact an organization that will help you.
I would suggest your State Attorney General Office. For California it is these:

We have been helping elders equipped themselves to fight against these prigs, and it's very rewarding to get their feedback, for example: "The call blocker has restored peace and quiet for my wife and me. Thanks a lot." Please keep posting numbers from these scam artists here so we can share it with as many elders as possible.

It would be great if I knew what city's this happen.

A scammer by the name of Christopher Johnson wiped out my way to save account (savings acct) starting August 20th until Seotember 12th when Wells Fargo noticed it and sent me an email regarding this activity. He was paying his PayPal account with MY MONEY! Some transactions were 400-500 dollars each. I wish I coukd find him b/c when I got finished with him he'll wish the police had arrested him before I hit to him. I feel so betrayed and angry at system. Please check all accounts you have on a daily basis. I hope they catch him and he rots in s cell.

I wish, as a courtesy, Green Dot and Western Union would place a BOLD warning to consumers on the outside of cards and at the transfer counters. Western Union clerks should give patrons a copy of a warning alerting them how to identify a possible scam before they transfer money. They may not be willing to do so because they will lose money if those fraudulent transactions aren't made.

i was taken four a hundred dollars on the green dotmoney pack the is called how can i get my money back

I don't tell nobody nothing, no way, no how, no where.. its none of their business and I will tell them that and I have, by phone and email.

Me n my mom was called from (202) 210-0054
DC, USA. Claiming they were the government etc told them to get lost

I am on the no call list and back in June, these Drivers Support looked me up and said I had 12 drivers corrupted and one missing. On the ad it had Microsofts name with it. They did not once say anything about money-nothing. They said they would update my Microsoft Security Essentials. (I found out Microsoft does this for free). The name was with Drivers Support so I felt safe. They charged me $500.00, and I was sick. They never mentioned money. They also said when I was fighting it, I had 4 days to cancel it. Cancel what? I have been fighting them sense June. I haven't heard anything lately, I pray it's over. I could have got a new computer or took it to Best Buy for a complete over haul for $200.00. Then today we got a phone call from a woman we couldn't understand, and we didn't pick up. It is hard enough trying to make out what they are saying. I talked to Microsoft on the phone, and they said I was scammed. They have even e-mailed me to see if I was ok. Back to the phone call, we made out the wood computer and $1.95. She also gave us her number two or three times. I still have her message. I am on the No Call List. Thank You For Everything.

I feel so bad for you. It happened to us. It was $500.00, but you can't understand them anyway. This was back in June, and I am still on needles and pins. Good Luck.

This press release is not specific. Is this a specific group of people or is this a trend? I am guessing a specific group of people as a federal court halted this scheme?

I received a telephone call, numerous this week, claiming to be from the IRS. They say that a lawsuit is being filed against me. I beg to differ, and wondered if anyone else got it from 202-864-1154?

We got a call too! The IRS got a memo on this in March that this scam had bilked people out if millions of dollars. The IRS is aware of it and will halt them soon, so I was told! They are calling from out of the USA with CA number.

Erik I received the same call. Phone number relatively the same last four digits different. Was not home but they left mssg on Lan line.

We got the same phone call a few times these couple of weeks claiming to be from IRS and stating that we did a tax fraud and that the legal petition will be filed against us and a warning for the arrest will be issued and they said " but before we go any further we can solve this matter without going to court, you just pay $1,875 and you'll be fine or you can go to court and pay $40k " we told them your scam it's not gonna work for us the IRS never calls people about taxes and they hung up. They use different phone # cuase we tried to call back it said that the number has been disconnected or no longer in service so it's a scam don't fall for it!

I am studying to be a CPA and listen carefully the IRS will not call you. They send letters numerous letters. go to and report this. This person is impersonating a IRS agent is not real at all. They do not threaten or ask for your bank information over the phone or in an email ever!

Has anyone been scamed by this number 206-497-0072, he claims to be a U.S. Customs Officer

I just got this call. He asked for a Ryan yadi. I said there was no Ryan here and he hung up on me. Weird.

I was called by this number earlier today and he claimed that a warehouse selling illegal prescriptions was raided and that my information was found. He provided 2 addresses that I previously lived at and told me there was a warrant for my arrest and that he was sending agents down to take me into custody to appear in front of a judge tomorrow. I don't think that boarder patrol gives people a heads up before arresting them. I recorded the call and am giving it to the Attorney Generals office. As soon as I told the "US Agent" that I am reading about him online he hung up. He was pretty convincing, but I knew US Boarder Patrol didn't operate this way.

a scam is amiss and my bank account got hit for $2845.00 - watch out for a scam as a secret shopper for multi-value bvba states it is accredited with the BBB but is not. they sent me checks to buy reloadit cards and then send the numbers to them via email. the checks bounced and the reloadit cards are empty leaving me with the bounced checks. I am now not even able to pay my rent or my sons daycare and the bank is holding me liable.

i've been scammed via phone from company claiming to be a microsoft pinpoint partner, claiming my pc/network is infected and infecting the internet...3 times time they wanted me to get 1900.00 in vouchers...the green dot ones. i didn't do that, but have been stupid enough to be scammed twice for 1400.00 phone 209 683 3334.

I'm disabled, and always in need of money. When I got all call from someone named Roy Wilson from "US Federal Bank" in DC saying I had received a grant for $7000. All I needed to do was buy a green dot card and put $280 on it, then the money would be released to me. So I did it, all the money I had. The next thing I know they're asking for $700 more. I flatly declined and asked for my money back and was told my money had been placed in a trust and could no longer be released. Now I'm completely broke for an entire month with nothing to show far it. How can I get my money back?

I just got a call from them and was tild the same thing. I never went throught it mostly because i know there is no free money just because i paid my taxes in time. I hope you get your money back.

Scam about grandchildren, bars, funerals, attorneys tried to scare my father in the early morning this morning. Call # is (210)301-0307. When trying to call the number back -- there is NO ANSWER. Please alert general public about this type of scam - specifically the older folks.

Scam using (210)310-0307 as phone number tries to intimidate older citizens. Story line about grandchildren, bars, funerals and attorneys. Don't talk to these fools.

This number just called and said I had a virus in my computer. I live in a retirement community, i.e. old.

just received a call from Joseph Brown claiming to be with Audit and Commission Dept for the IRS stating back taxes owed and to respond within 24 hours or local police will be stopping by to arrest me. The number was 202-241-7037.


Strange things have happened past two weeks. What do I do to protect myself? 6002

October 14, 2014 I received a call at work from 2064970072. I let the call go to my voice mail and the caller identified himself as Officer Jeff Thomas with Customs Enforcement. He said he wanted to talk to me about "an ongoing criminal investigation". I figured it was one of those stupid drug investigation scams, but "Officer Thomas" did not disclose the nature of the investigation that he is supposedly conducting.

I was scamed by patick Costello. Said there was a class action law suit against visa. As we were talking. He said we were making a federal voice print. I would get a 20000 liming card for 350.00 fee. It was just a week and I got scammed for over 3000 . He's a smooth talker. Report him. It's sad when some one does this to people

Got call from 202-000-1111 from someone claiming to be Govt Officer say I won a grant for $9000. Gave me a number to call 202-697-9510 to collect. A sure scam!!!

Got a call from a June Taylor from Dept of Legal Services. Her phone # is 408-940-9733. She left a message on the answering machine about some pending legal action. Tried to call the number back and could not get anyone. Watch out. This woman had a thick accent that sounded Indian

Got a message, today, on answering machine from "Austin", Legal Affairs of the US Treasury regarding pending legal action. Ph #951-888-9785. Have not returned call.
No one who calls us gets our full name, date of birth, place of birth, Mother's maiden name, social security #, credit cards or bank account #'s. Never, ever, ever give out that information to someone who calls you. You are under NO obligation to them.

April 27, 2014 a Company by the name of vanguard Marketing Solutions called me and wanted to help me get my personal & Business credit cards separated so any liability My business may have would not affect me personally. then out of the blue they sent me a dvd with alot of peoples names and addresses on it. When I asked them what they were for they said that they in order to get me an LLC and an ein they would have to show that I had a business that was making money. Then he said that they were going to turn over some of their small businesses and I would also have an income. After promising all of that when it was time to receive my first check
which was about a month late, I didn't get any money or LLC or EIN which they told me they had for me and not word from them by phone or email. They have an answering service and never return my messages. They sounded very professional but they weren't they are scammers don't do business with them. Phone no. 888-592-7474

Above I wrote about being scammed by Tech Connect Support. This has been going on since June 24. Well, my drivers wasn't properly fixed. I found that out today. Microsoft couldn't help update a very needed update, so I am calling my computer tomorrow. Now I am on the no call list, and I do not remember giving them my phone number, but as time goes on, I am getting blurred. Now they won't e-mail me, but they have called several times. We have missed their calls and couldn't understand their message. My husband did answer last week and they hung up on him. They called back and he answered and they asked him if he knew I bought a package off of them. He replied, no she didn't. The guy on the other end said "Why do you think I am calling"? My husband said to scam her as you did before. The man on the other end said, "F--- Off"! Now we have debt collectors calling quite a bit. We have excellent credit, because I am disabled, have seizures, very emotional, and my husband took a early retirement to help me. To tell you how much money we have, I am on medicare and Medicaid. I have wrote you before, I did not take out a package. What do I do? I can't take debt collectors calling or those professional guys that used the worse language possible. Please tell me what I can do. Thank You and I have been telling everyone. They need to know. We can't afford any payments plus I am not suppose to buy anything unless my husband does it. Please help me. It's Tech Live Connect Support. I do have a e-mail paper on the 6/24/2014, and it said I was to call them to activate and I did not. Sorry, I am just sick.

1-305-906-5872 called two other cell phone numbers on my family's Sprint account looking for me. Said that there was a legal claim against me and they only had 2 times to try to notify me before the police would get involved. They then gave me a number to call (1-877-786-7581) and that I had one hour to call. If I failed to call within that hour I would be served at my home or place of work. Did not call that second number. *SCAM!* Just looking to bait someone through fear mongering to call the second number and possibly give up personal information or money.

After I got the same call I flip the switch on them and did a little research...JAYSON DURRANT is at the core of this scam. He has several LLC's registered in CA

I am so upset. The charge card people without notice, took the money out or the scammers, didn't say a thing about it to us, and even though it was only $539.00, we are over drawn on our charge card. Even after they said "--- Off" to my husband. This is not right. $539.00 is a mountain to us. We hardly make it now. Microsoft just told me to put a block on my charge card. I thought the government was going to help? I am not blaming anyone but my stupid self. Here I am getting government help, and I feel like I let you down. I think we should of got some notice. It is over, I was scammed, and the sad thing was Microsoft on the phone with them, they told me I was scammed, they, target people in the older age, and I kept telling them I wanted to go. I was so tired. It does make me feel better Microsoft believed in me 100%. They gave me Microsoft's Corporate phone number. All the good I have done, and I am always getting the shaft. Can't you do anything? Please step in, I thought you would help especially since they are so wrong. Overdrawn, no Christmas, and I will probably be back in the hospital. I am sick.

56125220 We did everything we could. They called us, cussed my husband, etc. The charge card representative said they had enough evidence to take the $539.00 back. Microsoft told us to put a freeze on our account, but it was too late. They didn't even tell me they were giving the money back. I have almost non stop seizures. Some of them I don't do anything, just stare. I am so confused. It is over. I did not buy a package for $539.00 and Microsoft has been beside us 100%. Maybe I lost it? They picked on a 62 year old woman, that has so many health problems that don't even know how to copy and paste. Whatever they did, talked me into, they did it good. We only bring home with my disability check between $2000.00 and $3000.00 a month. We had excellent credit, until this happened. I was over $350.00 in the hole, so my husband went to the bank and borrowed the money. I just wanted to say thanks for trying to do the impossible. They won so I set in the bedroom and wonder how and cry. My grand-daughter came in (she is 16, born blind in her left eye and has no thyroid), and asked me what was wrong. I told her I was just sick. So now that it is over, thanks and you won't be hearing from me again. Bye.

If you get a call from (305)906-5872 and are asked to call 1-877-786-7581 DO NOT GIVE ANY Information

I only called the 877# because my mother actually answered her phone when they called her after they tried calling my cell, my home phone and my dad's cell phone(I don't answer numbers I don't these people do not leave messages!)
When I called I asked what the business name was and who I was speaking to...
This guy has set up the following LLC's in the state of California-
JJR Judgement Inc 231 E. Alessandro Blvd. Riverside,CA
NDA Investments 16194 Sunset Trail,Riverside,CA
Payment Solutions International 871 Saltcoats Dr. Riverside,CA
UNCI LLC 19069 Van Buren Blvd.#114-318 Riverside, CA

I am sure there are probably more, all of the information I found through a simple google search and is public information from the state of California.

Hopefully he and his fellow scammers who use LAWINC to form these dummy companies will think twice before they call and piss someone else off!

Please contact me Regarding jayson Durrant.

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