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Scammers bank on Ebola fears

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One thing we’ve learned at the Federal Trade Commission is that scams often follow the news – especially when there’s a health scare in the headlines.

Banking on fear, scam artists are making unsubstantiated claims that products containing everything from silver to herbal oils and snake venom can cure or prevent Ebola. Not so, says the FTC and the Food and Drug Administration. In fact, the FTC and FDA recently sent a warning letter to Natural Solutions Foundation to hammer home that point.

What you need to know: There are currently no FDA-approved vaccines or drugs to prevent or treat Ebola. Although there are experimental Ebola vaccines and treatments under development, these are in the early stages of product development, have not yet been fully tested for safety or effectiveness, and the supply is very limited. There are no approved vaccines, drugs, or products specifically for Ebola available for purchase online or in stores. No dietary supplements can claim to prevent or cure Ebola, according to the supplements industry. If you’ve seen companies or products touting these claims, report them to the FTC and FDA.

If you are traveling to West Africa, where the 2014 Ebola outbreak has occurred, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say there are steps you can take to minimize your risk. Ebola is not spread through casual contact; therefore, the risk of an outbreak in the U.S. is very low.

Health fraud trades on false hope. Learn how to evaluate claims for products related to your health.


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The risk won't be low if you keep allowing the travel back and forth out of the US.

who in their right mind would travel to west Africa?

That's correct, like my grandfather said, stay away from the fire or you going to get burn.

I agree, who in their right mind would travel there? That's absolutely crazy!

Both Very goog points. Why would we let people return here when they have been exposed to Ebola? Such as a journalist that came here to be treated, by commercial plane I think. Wouldn't that possibly infect all the other passengers? Is it possible for Ebola to mutate, and become airborne spreadable?

It never ends Even such a serious issue

Makes absolutely no common sense to not shutdown all but humanitarian transports to West Africa. We don't have a cure for this! End of discussion! Shut it down!

People watch out for the scammers. They are taking advantage of the scare and trying so very hard to separate your money from your wallet-permanently!


There is something else people should be aware of that I, myself didn't think about, I grabbed a pear from the grocery store to notice it's place of orgin, AFRICA...I put it back and washed my hands...very slight risk, but why take it.

Oh Lord, Help Us All.

Come on people. The subject isn't how or why I believe it was scamming the people for personal, commercial gain and benefiting from the vulnerable ones from the limited monies we have to spend to survive day by day. Hard enough without people stealing it from us. Thanks for the inf.for once I got something good from the federal government agency

Thank you for the warning

Nurse's are trained (supposedly) to take precautions no matter what,So what makes this
disease any different?
If they know Isolation technique thats all they need to know.

I have spoken to doc and nurses in the Boston area and they have no clue what to do about protecting us or themselves. Time for major action!

If Ebola can't be spread from casual contact, why did 2 nurses contract this virus by casually treating the victim in Dallas? Wake up people and do not believe these idiots. Also, the CDC lies to you and says that the ebola virus takes 21 days to incubate. This is not true. The HMO says it takes 42 days. Ask yourself, if the ebola virus cannot be caught through casual contact, why would the people transporting these victims be wearing Hazmat suits???? Why go through that hassle if there is NO CONCERN????? Man the FTC and the FDA think we are stupid. Sadly, many are....

They probably don't want to be coughed or sneezed on. Since bodily fluids are not casual contact, they can be carry the virus in them. And besides, who wouldn't wear a Hazmat suit around Ebola victims? I certainly would...

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