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Screening “green” claims

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If you want to shop “green,” you might choose a product that says it’s biodegradable, compostable or recyclable. Environmental claims and labels can influence our choices, so it’s important they tell the real story.

The Federal Trade Commission sets the standards for truth in green advertising, and our Green Guides tell marketers the proof they need to back up their green claims. For example, if a marketer claims a product is biodegradable without saying more, it should have proof the product will break down and return to nature within a year.

The FTC has warned fifteen companies that their green claims may be deceiving people. The companies claimed their plastic trash and pet waste bags were biodegradable and advertised them as a superior environmental choice, although the bags will probably end up in landfills and won’t completely break down in a year. The companies must tell the FTC if they’ll remove the claims or provide proof to support them.

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