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Virtual dating left these people with actual disappointment

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Okay, so you had some reservations, but you finally decide to try this online dating thing. Your cousin met the love of her life online, so it’s worth a try, right? You find a site that offers free membership so you can browse for possible dates without paying up front.

Once you’ve made a snazzy profile, you start getting responses, like this:

Hiya! Wow we live close, are you are up for meeting people near where you live? Upload a photo?

But when you try to reply to these messages, you get this popup:

You must upgrade to reply to this message

If you’re really curious, you have to shell out $20 for a one month membership. Fair enough, you think, the site has to make money somehow. You agree to the upgrade fee because you’re excited to start a conversation.

You send replies back to each person who showed an interest in you… and then you wait… and wait… and wait…

No one writes back. No. One. What gives?

The FTC asked this same question when people started complaining about their experiences on dating sites owned and operated by JDI Dating. The agency discovered that these websites used fake profiles, called “Virtual Cupids,” to coax users into upgrading to paid memberships. Within minutes of signing up, new members received personalized messages from what appeared to be real people. But they weren’t real. They were generated by JDI and set to send messages at specific times.

Even worse, according to the FTC complaint, disappointed members were often unknowingly charged again to keep their subscription current. Some users who tried to cancel their membership had trouble doing so. The FTC alleged that the process to cancel was overly complicated, and that even when people took the required steps, they weren’t always successful.

JDI Dating has agreed to change its business practices and pay more than $600,000 to settle the FTC’s charges.

If you have a complaint about an online dating site, report it at


Good job FTC, bravo!

Match makes it extremely hard to stop a subscription, but when I threatened to report them to my police department and Better Business Bureau, they promptly unsubscribed me.

now they are tricking you into filling out another form that appears to be from the dating website. This form sets in motion a dating service series of calls about elite dating... They won't leave you alone until you come in... Once there they begin telling you they have the perfect match... The first form you fill tells them your net worth... Then they want 15k to start matching you with these perfect men... They won't let you leave without telling you how pathetic your life will be if you walk out without giving them something... Luckily my bank questioned the multiple charges they attempted on my card that they were using as verification of my identify... 3500 to be exact... Then dialed the number for me, pushed numbers left and right trying to clear these issues... I immediately pressed a wrong button and headed down stairs where my bank happened to be... I told them what was happening, and they cancelled my card immediately... These people are sharp and their tactics cunning... Watch yourself. They will take every dime you give them access to...

Now please do something about the matchmaking companies that exhort even larger fees and monthly payments from unsuspecting folks and refuse to let you out of a contract for making false promises and no intention to match you with a date. These companies change their names after they get too many complaints and pay off better business bureau to make them selves look legitimate.

Losing the money,being scammed is bad enough but there's more at stake here. The "person" asks you to upload a photo, you do so and never hear from him/her again. Friends are on dating sites and are getting real responses left and right and you're getting nothing. What do you think this does to one's self esteem? What's wrong with you that no one wants to talk to you? I know that this is not what the FTC is about, but damage is damage be it financial or emotional and I just wanted to point out that these dating companies do much harm.

I am a single dad that has tried a lot of the dating websites. To the disappointment of them all pretty much being the same but different.
Match, Harmony and the pay sites seemed like the people there were fake. I would start what i that was a good thing then the girl would drop off the face of the earth? Also i was paying them and having to do all the work!P O F was free but was a get what you pay for kinda thing.
2connects was a site I was told about by a friend recently and was glad to see they actually seem different. They offer background checks, also i like that they let you post pics but the cool thing is you can post videos of yourself. If your like me you don't have the time to read boring profiles and look at fake pics for hours. I like the fact that i can look at videos of people cause you can get a better feel for people that way compared to a profile or pic.
good luck to all you singles like me

Hi Joe, Like you, I found the dating sites to be a waste of time and money. Hope you have good luck on 2 connects. I am going to check it out now!

Yes, I know what your talking about! You get all kinds of responses but when you go to check them out there isn't anyone there! And they send you all kinds of emails and then they suddenly dissapear! Or they feed you a bunch of BS that you know can't be real! And the one I was on I even got an instant message saying that a lot of the men on the site were actually married, which explains a lot of things!I've had it with those sites!!!

It's appropriate time to make some plans for the future and it's time to be happy.

What recourse do I as a pensioner have against a dating site where in some states (CA, for example) they have a refund policy for people who are dissatisfied while in other states like UT there is no refund allowed? The States in which refunds are allowed are a long way down in the user terms of use agreement and they are different in different states. In addition the site offers lower prices for longer terms but will not refund for a shorter period e.g. refunding the 2nd to 6th month of a highly promoted 6 month term. Is there a Federal or State agency that can assist me?

If you aren’t satisfied with a product or service, check out the tips and strategies in Solving Consumer Problems.  For more articles and brochures, please see Resolving Consumer Problems.

Has anyone been contacted by a Paul Perillingo. Claims a widower, an architect, needs money to finish projects then retiring. Sends flowers also love tunes, promises of marriage. Google image is him, also have Skype and it is him. Every time he is planning on flying to meet something comes up and needs money to finish project? Want to believe the real thing

Black People Meet is another worthless dating site, they
do nothing to protect their innocent customers, I came across about 3 imposters/scammers. Sent long detailed messages and all they did was take the information. I told them that they need to ask people for Driver's License in order to create Profiles. If these sites ask for Driver's License that only visible to them, then some of this non-sense stuff wouldn't happen. All they simply have to do is compare Driver's License to profile pictures and approve them to move forward with their profile. But Trust! They sure want your money. . .

I know many otherwise "free" sites create virtual profiles to encourage use of the pay site features. I've always wondered where they get all the photographs for the profiles.

Thanks for the information!

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