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“Free credit scores” from One Technologies came at a price

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“Free credit scores” sounds good, right? But what if you signed up for “free credit scores,” then found out you were enrolled in a credit monitoring program that costs $29.95 per month? Not so good. That’s what the FTC says happened with a company called One Technologies, Inc.

One Technologies has agreed to settle the FTC’s charges that it misled consumers by advertising “free credit scores” but failing to tell people that they would be enrolled in a credit monitoring program with a monthly fee. 

Here’s what happened: One Technologies offered people “free” online access to their credit scores through at least fifty websites, including,, and But according to the FTC, the company didn’t clearly inform people that once they got their score, they would have to pay $29.95 per month for a credit monitoring program. You could only get out of that monthly fee by calling to cancel. Some people had to call multiple times. Others were denied refunds. 

One Technologies will pay $22 million to compensate affected people and must get people’s consent before billing them. And it must provide people with an easy way to cancel.



If you’re considering using a free credit report or credit score service, here are a few things to consider:

  • To get a copy of your free credit report, visit Other websites that claim to offer free credit reports, free credit scores, or free credit monitoring are not part of the free annual credit report program under federal law.    
  • If you’re looking for a way to improve your credit report, remember that many things that companies do for you for a fee, you can do yourself for free.
  • If you think you’ve been a victim of deceptive marketing, let us know
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I find the information quite refreshing to know that the FTC is aware of the misleading offers by so-called "free credit report" services. I have found over the many years, that the word "free" no longer means what it used to. That is shameful and deceitful. So much for internet technology. "Buyer Beware."

I tried "free" w/ '' and got the monthly charged; after trying to make contact with them and found it impossible. Finally got my BANK to agree with me that I had NOT authorized the to debit the account; the Bank reversed the charge for me. Just lucky, I guess !

what about a.o.l. and what they've been doing for more than a decade. never can get cancelled or un-subscribed from them. they just bill and bill and computers were always down when I tried! fortunate for me there was wrong zip code so they couldn't keep on charging after the free trial ended (2002).

I work for a company that takes calls for one technologies and every caller wants to cancel because that's the type of calls that they generate with their deceptive website. There is nowhere on the website to cancel, so you have to call to get that taken care of. A customer also has to call back twice and ask for a refund before they'll give a refund. I don't like going to work every day because I deal with people that have been scammed all day everyday, but with the economy being so bad it's the only job I can find. It would be great to find a job with a company that has the same morals that I do, and this isn't it. It makes me sick to my stomach what I have to do every day.

I hear of a lot of people using CreditKarma. Supposedly you can monitor and see your credit scores without having to provide a debit or credit card. Would this site be safe to use?

Generally, the FTC advises checking your credit at  For more advice, check out the FTC's guidance on choosing identity protection services.

Any advice on getting my credit score (not report) for free?

My question, too. Or I'm willing to pay a one-time fee. But I don't want to subscribe to a monthly service.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) gives you the right to get your credit score from the national credit reporting companies. They are allowed to charge a reasonable fee for the score. When you buy your score, you often get information on how you can improve it.

Many credit card issuers now offer free FICO (credit score) scores.

would like free credit report

Get your free credit report at

There are three nationwide credit reporting companies. By federal law, you are entitled to one free copy of your credit report every 12 months from each of the three companies. Watch this FTC video to learn more.

My boyfriend and I both have been victims of score sense scam - being charged repeatedly for what was suppose to be free. We both were denied refunds when we finally got thru to there customer svc dept. Both of us has been charged at least 3 times ea. Any idea how much of the $22 mill consumers (who didn't initiate the suit) might be entitled to get refunded back since a settlement was reached with Attorney Generals from both Ohio and Chicago?

The deadline to apply for a refund is December 28, 2015.

Go to this FTC page to apply for a refund.

I applied, was told my application was processing, so I'm wondering when to expect a the compensation. Thanks

any update on the refunds I was charged for 5 months before they actually cancelled the account and it threw my card into over balance charges.

The deadline to file a claim was January 6, 2016. The FTC will post updates about the refunds when it's available.

I submitted my claim online 10/02/2015 any idea as to how long it will be before we hear the results

I did to

The FTC will post updated information when it's available.

I had this exact "scam" experience with misleading when signed up for "free credit report and credit monitoring", monthly charge, difficulty terminating the monthly "credit monitoring" fee, etc. Is it too late to be included in the settlement? Does the settlement include reimbursement for fees already paid if I terminate now? Best way to terminate now? What are my rights now with regard to Scoresense? Thank you.

The deadline for filing a claim related to the FTC action was January 6, 2016. You can file a complaint about your experience with the FTC at

I was charged the 29.95 fee when I first tried to use Freescore360 and the website said my card didn't work but they took the fee anyway. How do I get a refund?

This FTC article explains how to dispute a charge on your credit card if you didn't agree to the charge.

What's the update on when they will be sending out refunds on claims?

The deadline for filing a refund claim was January 1, 2016. You can contact the company that is managing refunds (Analytics Consulting, LLC) at 1-844-828-4441.

all of this personal information that the so-called "credit bureaus" accumulate isn't just some random assemblage of data. it's gathered with the express purpose of calculating a "credit score" for which third parties are willing to pay (and by the way, what makes you think that what's "reasonable" to them--and you, apparently--is reasonable to any of us?). yet, we're not allowed access to this score that defines each of us and which greatly affects our lives...without us, also, lining the pockets of those who collect all of our information.

we're supposed to feel so protected and thankful to the government for this situation, which has gone on for decades now. oh thank you, thank you, thank you. now if you'll excuse me, i have to scrape together some extra money to send in to these vampires to see the "credit score" with which they've tagged me, so i can find out if it's worth my time to even TRY to find a place to live (because, you see, i have to pay $35 or more for each dwelling for which i apply). i'm just SO grateful.

Thank you FTC, I got my refund check.

This article: "CFPB Orders TransUnion and Equifax to Pay for Deceiving Consumers in Marketing Credit Scores and Credit Products" just appeared on January 3rd, 2017.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) today took action against Equifax, Inc., TransUnion, and their subsidiaries for deceiving consumers about the usefulness and actual cost of credit scores they sold to consumers. The companies also lured consumers into costly recurring payments for credit-related products with false promises. The CFPB ordered TransUnion and Equifax to truthfully represent the value of the credit scores they provide and the cost of obtaining those credit scores and other services. Between them, TransUnion and Equifax must pay a total of more than $17.6 million in restitution to consumers, and fines totaling $5.5 million to the CFPB. Scores Equifax sold to consumers were based on Equifax’s proprietary model, the Equifax Credit Score, which is an “educational” credit score that also is typically not used by lenders to make credit decisions.

The entire article can be found here: www. consumerfinance. gov

I have a letter that says I received a refund from ftc for a lawsuit againstmonthly credit monitoring programs scoresense and Mycredit health.
It says I have to cash the check but, I don't remember a check being attached to the letter.

I have a couple #s that r on this letter ONE 0029DFA93B and Claim number 1767565

That is all I know. If a check was sent to me; please let me know, one of my kids may have thought they needed it more then me. And, if the kid who did it is the same who cashed a check for my grandchildren and used my cr. card without permission....i want her prosecuted. TU Connie McClain

If you have any questions about your refund, call 844-828-4441, or visit the FTC’s One Technologies refunds page.

3 scores

what about wells fargo enhanced identity theft protection proceeded by corelogic and triligent the first of which i didnt sign up for and enrolled me in appliance coverage when I added savings and certificate of deposit insurance by the way-they wont cash the CD's even though I have the hard copies and you already have my ftc affidavit

If a business charges you for a service you did not ask for, you can talk to the business about a refund. You can report the charges made without your permission to the FTC at or to the agency that regulates banks in your state.

I don't know what you mean by an FTC affidavit, and I don't understand how that relates to cashing a CD. Please send another comment if you think we can help.

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