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Free pizza? Nope — just free malware

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It’s Pizza Hut’s 55th anniversary, the email says, and you can join in the celebration by getting a free pizza at any of its restaurants. Just click on the “Get Free Pizza Coupon” button.

Don’t do it. There’s no free pizza. Clicking on the coupon will just install malware on your computer.

Scammers can create emails that look like they’re from real companies, and even use company logos. But in the case of the Pizza Hut email, there are clues the email is a scam:

  • the email might have gone to your junk folder
  • the sender’s email address isn’t a Pizza Hut email address
  • when you hover over the coupon link, it doesn’t show
  • if you type in the web address for Pizza Hut, you won’t see anything about free pizza on the company’s official site
  • if you do a search on Pizza Hut’s 55th anniversary, you’ll find out from news articles that the company just offered discounted pizza — last year
  • ask yourself if you signed up to get email discounts from this company. If not, it’s unlikely they’d send you a real discount out of the blue.

If you’re not sure that an email is legit, don’t click anything or open any attachments. Instead, look for giveaways that the email isn’t the real thing. Type in the company’s url to check it out.

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I almost downloaded the coupon, I call Pizza Hut and found out it wasn't true. Manager said it was scam or a virus.

thank you,good looking out!!! :)

What pleasure does someone get out of this scam? It's beyond me I just don't understand why someone would do such disgusting crap. Thankyou consumer information and the Federal Trade commission for the warning and keep up the good work you are doing for people on the internet. Thankyou!

well this is how the get the computers to launch ciber attacks on things like.. icloud

I received this email and figured this was too good to be true.had to think about it for a little bit though.usually, i think, pizza hut has the copyright symbol at the end of the pizza hut name in there emails, which there wasn't one.

May be I'm old and wise, or an old hand at IT and smart, but I just have to ask, "How Stupid Are You" of these people thinking they get a free one.

I love the one's from my address to my address, now if that's not a warning sign.

If the e-mail is from your address to your address than your e-mail acct has been infected...It would be a good idea to change your password...Likely EVERYONE in your address folder is receiving the same e-mails from you.

cant get coupon

just a joke


People who get emails form pizza hut on a regular basis with really good offers will be quicker to click on this. Not because they are stupid or greedy. But because they beleive in the inherent honesty of people.

You hit a home run with this Pizza Hut information. I am employed by one of the subsidiaries that is owned by Pizza Huts parent company YUM corporation. Thank you and have a good day.

Thanks again you are our guardian angel. 119

I am sad I didn't get one of these. Nothing pairs better than pizza and malware. Could someone please forward? thanks!


I want malware so I'll click on it!!!!!!

I just don't understand why do someone do this scam.Not for pizza but we almost get such kinda of offers from each company where by mistake we share our email.

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