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FTC cracks down on tech support scams

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screen shot showing "errors" on computer“Your computer is damaged ... we’ll help you fix it.” It’s the latest twist on tech support scams: Scammers sell software online that claims to increase your computer’s performance. They lure you to their websites with pop-up ads or web searches. Then, they tell you to call a phone number to activate or register the software. On the phone, they ask for remote access to your computer and then tell you that your computer has many errors that need to be fixed immediately.

It’s all part of their plan to sell you bogus “security” or “technical support” products or services. Really, your computer is fine. They want to charge you – possibly hundreds of dollars – for software and services that you don’t need and that doesn’t help.

The FTC sued several of these phony tech support companies – New York-based Pairsys, Florida-based Inbound Call Experts (ICE) and Florida-based Vast Tech Support – for misrepresenting that they found security or performance issues on consumers’ computers. At the FTC’s request, three federal judges halted these alleged scams pending trial. 

What can you do to avoid similar tech support scams?

  • Don’t give control of your computer to someone who says they need to activate software. Instead, look carefully at the software instructions to learn how to activate the software yourself.
  • Don’t give control of your computer to someone who calls you out of the blue claiming to be from tech support. Instead, hang up and call the company at a number you know to be correct.
  • Never provide your credit card information, financial information, or passwords to someone who claims to be from tech support.
  • Learn how to protect your computer from malware.



What if you think you might be a victim of one of these tech support scams?

  • If you paid for bogus tech support services or software with a credit card, then call your credit card company to reverse the charges.
  • If you think someone may have accessed your personal or financial information, then learn more about how to lower your risk for identity theft.
  • Get rid of malware that the fraudsters may have installed. Download legitimate security software and delete anything that it finds as a problem.
  • Change any passwords that you gave out. If you use the same passwords for other accounts, then change those too.
  • If you think you may be a victim of a tech support scam, let us know.

The FTC’s website has more information about how to spot and stop tech support scams.


So when are you going to put First Choice tech support of Florida out of "business"????

Tonight their phone number was 877-592-3547. I called them to find out who had taken over my browser, but recognized it as a scam by looking at the quaint take-off on the blue screen of death they use on the browser while their malware is active.

The man I spoke with denied it was even possible that their software was at fault. I told him I was going to investigate them (yeah right -- I suspect he muted the phone to laugh at me).

I lost nothing but a little time and a little of my temper, but I consider the blue screen takeover itself to be theft of services.

These are useful details for a complaint. Please report your experience at We can't address complaints if they are submitted through the blog comments.

I got a call about the same issue. I thanked the caller and told him I was having computer problems and did not know what to do. He started telling me to enter my windows and I followed his instructions. I kept going along with him, then he asked what message my computer was showing. I told him the message read " the guy on the phone is about to rob you" he said " it really says that"? I just hung up.

I have never fallen for the "We're from Windows" scammers, but they keep calling (India or Pakistan?). If I block their number, they eventually migrate to another one, calling after 11PM and before 7AM, sometimes three or four times a day. This has been going on since at least 2013--not as long as "Rachel from card holder services", but it seems nearly as long.

My call blocking service allows for only 25 numbers. Between them and the "back brace" and "merchant services" calls, those 25 slots get eaten up pretty quickly.

I'm pretty certain that all of these "spoofed" calls are VoIP origin. How about revising the rules for spoofing call numbers? It should be pretty evident to the telcos whether a call actually originates from the number claimed in the caller ID.

At any rate, area code 989 spoofs seem to be a popular target.

I just had a call from Tech Support America (384.266.4953) and I was given the line about how computers in my area code had been targeted with Malware and my computer was downloading programs....But he first wanted to confirm that I was the computer user and that I paid the internet bills. I'm a former tech and know this is a scam but I like to play along to see what they are after. He then asks me again about if I am the computer user and pay the internet bills to which I reply asked and answered, why are you asking again. He tries to tell me since I obviously didn't understand the nature of the call it had been transferred/escalated and I was talking to a different person. To which I called him on. He assured me that it was someone different. So in the meantime I google Tech Support America and verify they are a scam. After has me bring up the 'run' screen he asks me what I see on my computer. I tell him that I'm looking at a screen that says his company is a scam and I would appreciate it if he didn't call me back and to remove me from his list. He then threatens me and says that he will call me back over and over and over again even at midnight. That there aren't enough hours in the day for me to avoid him. I hang up. He promptly calls back, I answer and say a few choice items and he gives it all right back to me and then some. I hang up. He calls back. I answer/hang right up. He does this another 5 times and I have just taken my phone off the hook so to speak. I did try to call the number back and it says it is not in order. Seriously? Why don't they just get a life??

Ive owned and operated a successful on site pc repair business for over 17 yrs. Almost daily I get a call from a concerned customer that someone from windows has contacted them. I wish someone would make this national news so everyone knows Microsoft or the people from "vindos" doesnt watch your machine for you. I could tell you horror stories on what customers have experienced and as far as the ftc cracking down on them? Its getting worse. All the ftc would have to do to find these idiots is to google hp support or norton support or anykind of support. Google lets these people pay to have their websites ranked high in the search rankings so as far as Im concerned google is also responsible

My son bought a new PC yesterday, went online and the screen froze and gave a 855 number to call saying it was his new antivirus help. He called and let the technician go onto his computer, who showed him files that were corrupted and then went into his spiel about $399.99 for a 3 year service and his computer would be running free and clear. He hung up, but by letting the guy on his system, could he have installed anything to let him back in? He said he was from Afore and had an Indian accent.

I got a call three days in a row that came from numbers I could not call back to. The first number was 1 271 386 4976. I said hello three times with no response then it hung up. The second day the number came up as +1 384 266 4953. This time a man with a India style accent asked if he had reach so-and-so, (my name). I said yes. He started into a speech but I interrupted and asked him to hold while I got paper and pen to write down the details of the call. He said OK then hung up. The third day the call came from # 1 958 369 5729. I answered it. A man, again with a India style accent said he was calling to help me with my computer. That his company had identified there were issues with it and he was calling to help. He asked if I was at my computer. I told him not at this time and asked him to repeat the name of his company and to give me a phone number to call him back at when I got to my computer. He said there was no number to call back to. I badgered him for a while pretending to really want his help then he hung up. What I don't understand is why our government and phone service providers do not close the loophole that allow these call to be made. It is simple in my mind. I cant create a number and just start using it. Why should scammers. IF the companies that are in business to provide phone services REALLY cared about us the consumer they would go at this topic with all they have. The smart ones would then advertise what they are doing and get more media coverage and potentially more customers then ANY add campaign with cutting paper or smashing glass or hyping speed or price. Oh, I guess since I am not a bi9g time corporate executive or political hack I am too stupid to understand and too dumb to think that a business should put customers first and the money will follow.

I forgot to mention in my previous comment that the person said his company name was Tech Support America.

I just received a call from 505-398-3355 claiming to be Dell Computers. Said I called in an issue, I said no did not, I said I don't believe you are from Dell, he hung up. I called Dell they looked my computer ID number up, they didn't call me. reported 505-398-3355 to the FTC. Searching online the number came up as

This just happened to me. I was trying to get some forms for my 5 year old to practice his writing when all of a sudden the computer was telling me to stop & I need to call the support number cuz there was a chance I was hacked. I called & the guy said he can run a diagnostics on my computer. There I made the mistake letting him onto my computer. He "found the problem" of why my computer was telling me to stop & call this support number. He said he can see that the reason why my computer is running slow. He told me to take it to a certified computer technician at Best Buy or to Apple Store & have them install Malware software. My computer is brand new. I told him it doesn't run slow. I should of hung up & disconnected him. I'm so nervous to plug my computer back in & try to use it. The phone number was 866-399-6365 the guy's name was Mark & his id number is 1536392.
Any advise on what to do next?

If you allowed a cybercriminal to access your computer, don’t panic. Instead:

  • Get rid of malware. Update or download legitimate security software and scan your computer. Delete anything it identifies as a problem. 
  • Change any passwords that you gave out. If you use these passwords for other accounts, change those accounts, too.
  • If you believe that someone may have accessed your personal or financial information, visit the FTC’s identity theft website. You can minimize your risk of further damage and repair any problems already in place.
  • File a complaint with the FTC at

For more information, see Tech Support Scams.


My computer owning but not very tech savy folder riend has been getting calls on her cell and home phone at all hours from 844-620-1714. They call several times a day, and if she hangs up as I have instructed her to do, they call right back 7,8,9 times. She is afraid to use her computer now and these calls are stressing her out. Recently I answered a call on her cell and on her landline. I advised the callers to stop harassing her. I was met by the most horrendous behavior, horrific language and threats! They are so brazen that they laugh and curse when threathened with a report to the FTC. They claim to be "Superior Tech Support." DO NOT GIVE THESE RUDE, DANGEROUS PEOPLE any information or the time of day. But DO report these scammers to the FTC. Hopefully they will be shut down, fined, imprisoned and receive the awful punishment that they so deserve.

If you're getting repeated calls from the same number, your phone company may be able to block that number, but first ask whether there’s a fee for this service.

If you’re getting unwanted calls from a lot of different numbers, look into a call blocking solution. There are online call blocking services, call blocking boxes, and smartphone apps that block unwanted calls. Do an online search to look for reviews from experts and other users, and find out whether the service costs money.

For more information, see Your top 5 questions about unwanted calls and the National Do Not Call Registry.

I too am a victim of a phone skam. I got a call from a guy saying he was from Tec Support America, they made my computer worse, were rude, harassed us, cussed, called me a liar and kept calling from several different phone numbers, so it didn't do any good to block the number. Don't accept anything over the phone if they call you, be sure and call someone you trust if you need computer service or anything else. The numbers they called from are:584-359-7529,202-559-7930384-266-4953,384-266-4953 and many more.

Just got scammed by a 1st Choice Tech Support out of Florida who claimed to be contracted agent for Microsoft to take care of its customers. Later Microsoft confirmed they had no association with this company. Hope Federal Government goes after these weasels, as well as Microsoft, to shut them down for misrepresentation.

Just got a call today from someone claiming to be from "Tech Support America" and calling me on behalf of my computer's IT department. Indian accent; lots of people talking in background. I knew it was a scam. Since I have home builds but since I'm on the no-call list, I never get these. I decided to play dumb and see what he wanted me to do. It was go to my computer, crtl-R to bring up the run menu, and go to event viewer. Then I was supposed to be mystified that there were errors (every windows install probably has some). So then I realized it was a malware install plot, and let loose on the guy. He got abusive and threatened "to call me every day, at different hours of the day." Either these peoples' lives are hell; or, they are malicious b-st-rds, or are hopped up on something. How do you think someone is going to buy your product after that? His response to my recording him, reporting him, etc. were more arrogance: we're not going away. So we'll see if he calls again tomorrow.

they are a scammer..operating from india......

Adding this phone number to the scammer list: 888-723-1065 which identified its firm as "US Tech Support" The adware impersonates a Cox Cable browser warning message that is created by Norton - even if you don't have Norton installed.

These same problems are happening to me now. I received a phone call from these people to speak with them. They told me that my computer was highly infected with viruses and that they needed me to go in front of my computer to clean them. They were using something called teammember or something i believe to get control of my computer. I let them and at first i thought it was cool but then it got weird when they started asking me to fill out credit card information. I gave them it and they said they would charge me more than $200. I paid it then somehow the money seemed to bounce back into my account when i called my bank. People now are so cruel i cant believe this is happening to me now. Guys be careful who picking up the phone with blocked unavailable numbers. These people always have a strong indian accent and their supposedly company name is VapeSecure i believe they are a fraud .

I just spent a whole hour on the phone with these guys it was awesome and I had nothing else to do. I got them so aggravated, they switched to 3 different people. They couldn't understand why it wasn't working on my computer, maybe because I wasn't really typing what they were telling me too. If you have the time, play dumb and see how long you can keep them on the phone. They will start to get super frustrated and mad, then when your done just ask them if it's a phishing scam and the line will go dead, Haha. Good clean fun.

A friend of mine was recently the e second time, but after following my instruction she knew better not to fall for it. The phone number associated with the scam is: 844-749-57819

Received a phishing call from number: 855-210-3300 on 8/25/2015. I called back and no answer 3 times but went to busy. Called again and without ring tech picked up. After much questioning, tech admitted that they were calling from Itec Alert and that my IP address had been compromised. Tech provided name as Ashley Williams. When asked, tech said that they got my number from Genuine Windows registration and that they were level 5 tech support. I inquired as to how they determined that my IP was compromised and we debated about 15 minutes on how the IP was secured by my ISP, Comcast. Tech suggested I knew nothing about IP addresses until I pointed out I had a degree in computer science. Tech refused to allow me to speak to supervisisor and have my phone number removed. I asked to be put on hold which promptly hung up.

As a tech support person myself I know that Microsoft or any other legimite company will never call anybody out of the blue to remotely "fix" a problem. While a Internet Service Provider (ISP) may send you an email stating that your computer is adversely affecting the network & you must fix it or they will disconnect you, they will NEVER call you & ask to fix it themselves remotely! If you recieve a call like this you should report it to the FTC & spread the word about this scam to your friends & neighbors. Let's face it, these folk are criminals & by definition aren't really too concerned about laws or even common decency. They prey on the igornant & uninformed & take them for all they can. Knowledge is the best, easiest & fastest way to stop them. If people kept their computers updated with the latest antimalware & made regular backups the number of computer "leaks" & "incidences" would drop dramatically. If computing devices came with a warning label clearly explaining that they should NEVER let ANY unknown voice that calls them over the phone uninvited access their computer or give them any personal information at all such as their address, any kind of social or financial numbers or even your name then it would not be worth the scammers time & they would become as extinct as the Brain or Ambulance DOS computer viruses from the early 80s.

I have received three calls in the last two weeks from different people (heavy accents) claiming to work for Dell computer. Two of the calls were from restricted numbers. Today's call was from 505-398-3355. Today's caller cut right to the chase without introduction or explanation- he wanted the service tag number for my computer. I told all three callers that they were not entitled to any information about my computer, and then I hung up.

I got scammed on the blue screen micro soft window techs fraud and let them in my PC and charged $350 , 200 in repairs , and another $150 for anti virus coverage that works. They said mine didn't. I'm a sr citizen and know nothing about PC 's .i found out that evening after them having access to my computer for a few hours o shut it down and called my CC company. Bank of America told me I can't get a refund being I agreed to the service. ? Yes, I did not realizing I was being scammed and thinking they were from micro soft. I can't believe we can't cancel the charge for a fraud. I don't get much money to be scammed and not covered by Bank of America for it.

What was the name of the company you paid?

I know where they are located !

September 17, 2015 I began receiving calls from 866-286-6162 which I chose to ignore. Sometimes the caller ID says ‘unavailable’ but it is them. By September 20, 2015 I could not take it anymore and answered. A person with an Indian accept said he was from PC Top Speed (which I did have). I started out the conversation with, “you are not going to ask me for money right? You already sold me a lifetime protection package.” These people have called me before I believe under the name of Prime Tech Solutions in Greenwood, SC. At that time the Russians had hacked my PC and used the to access. I did give them payment via credit card which apparently is traceable and did not work out for them. He assured me that they would not be asking for money, however, they had been picking up strange things from their office on my PC. This time it was the Netherlands that were hacking my PC.

He got control of my computer and started asking me bizarre questions such as why don’t you see if you can sign onto your bank accounts. I told him I was uncomfortable doing that. How much money do you have in your bank accounts? What are the first numbers of your credit cards? He said that my computer was hacked and would crash in 1.5 hours. They kept insisting that my network was unprotected.

They wanted me to send a cashier check in the amount of $989 (a discount according to them) to Divine Tech Solutions LLC in Greenwood, Mississippi . A technician named Mohamed began making configurations and I tried to get control of the session but he literally kept controlling my system to create a new password – locking up my machine – until they received their money . After my cashier’s check came they would give me the password to my own computer. This is extortion. It was a hostile and aggressive action. I figured out how to return my system to the time before they hijacked it but am terrified of these people. They never give up. I feel vulnerable and afraid that they could potentially get my social security number and banking /credit information.

Divine Tech Solutions LLC Phone: (877) 769-2427 771 2nd Street, Secaucus, NJ 07094 THIS BUSINESS IS NOT BBB ACCREDITED.

Prime Technologies, LLC Additional Locations Phone: (866) 286-6126 220 Hertigate West Ct., Greenwood, SC 29649 ! THERE IS AN ALERT ON PRIME TECHNOLOGIES, LLC ! Additional Complaint Information BBB files indicate that this business is contacting consumers stating their computer has been infected with a virus. For a fee the company will debug the computer. The company is asking for passwords to access the computer. The company states they are located at 720 Montague Ave. Ste 202, Greenwood, SC 29649.

According to the City of Greenwood this company does not have a business license and the address is a USPS Drop box. The company also claimed to be located at an apartment address in Greenwood. Last contact they used was for me to send them a certified check was 2969 Nail Rd W, Hornalake, MS 38637 855-605-2323; 855-662-9936; 844-620-1714

These are useful details for a complaint. Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigatios.

Blog comments don't go in the database.

A company called Yoder care out of Fla, flashes a warning on your computer saying "you have been hacked, call # (239-491-4155). This is a scam. They time up your computer for 24 hours and ask for payment of $369.00. My spouse fell for this. said they would refund money, but ask for more money to receive refund. The man spoken to had a distinct Indian accent. Got very argumentative and rude when confronted with the fact that this was a scam. was told to go to CVS and receive refund, a reference number was provided, which of course was bogus.

These are useful details for a complaint. Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigatios.

Blog comments don't go in the database.


I was working on my computer when I received a Windows pop-up stating that my computer was probably infected and it gave a toll free number to call for tech support. I called the number and the person (who had a foreign accent) just answered the phone "hello." I was a little skeptical but he said he was from Microsoft support and that he could clean my computer for me if I paid $150.00 for one year's worth of tech services (he wanted me to use my PayPal account to purchase the support). Is this legit or can hackers make the pop-up look so real that you just think it is a Windows system generated msg?

Sounds like a scam. The FTC’s website has more information about how to spot and stop tech support scams.

October 13 2015 USA: UGGGGGG : NEW ASUS LAPTOP: for school, I needed to download free astrology software to do my homework or buy software. I choice FREE: and it was a zip file that would not open or work: what I found out it did work and opened a HUGE MESS on brand new laptop for school. not an Apple laptop! obviously! "INSTANTSUPPORT" IS STILL ON MY COMPUTER EVEN THOUGH I DELETED IT FROM MY PROGRAM FILES: THEY STOPPED INSTANTMESSAGING ME! BUT THEIR LOGO STILL IN MY TOOL BAR: I REMINDER FOR ME REGARDING MY NIGHTMARE YESTERDAY FOR OVER 12 HOURS:
NO I did not have Antimalware on my laptop until 10pm last night and tonight I will have spyware loaded. I had "Accelerated PRO" blowing up my desktop every 15 minutes: I had video ads poooping up every 10 minutes and many many ads. (while trying to complete my homework for school that still is not completed)
Today my computer is running better: if you go to program files: I able to delete the FILE for Accelerated PRO. and yes I did have a thing yesterday asking me if I wanted to call "Microsoft help support" (so I did! scam! I said is this Microsoft and he said no and I said are you going to charge me to help me and he said YES: and I went off on him- calmly! he hung up!
WOW I feel sad for older people who might fall for this and I have learned a valuable lesson! (I was able to safely download my free astrology software from a proper reputable website; thankfully!) Wow WOW WOW what a dishonest shady selfish cruel harsh world I live in : people stealing and scamming other people and causing others much anguish.....evil dark humans: they create the pop ups and ads to turn around and pretend they are tech support to HELP FIX the issues they created.. awesome: karma karma karma

I am grateful that I only use my computer for school and my gmail email. I have nothing stored on my laptop but school work and there is no money in my bank account for them to steal: but wow I see this a huge issue: I am glad to see today that Iam not alone with this issue..... I wish peace to all. I was extremely frustrated and a little sad because I need my laptop for school & homework.... Namaste

Just received a similar call for tech support. Apparently there company name is something like Tech Support of Jamaica or Tech Support of America. Guy accent sounded like chinese, hard to understand, but somehow had my exact name. The call was originated from phone number 472-372-5187

Caller claimed to be a Microsoft Solutions agent and lucky for him my computer had been restarting itself for some time and I could not find the bug or a fix no matter how I tried. They got me as far as remote access to my laptop showing me BS error files that mean nothing trying to say they are Trojans. These guys are good. They had me paying 178 bucks to get rid of it. Maybe 10 minutes after I finally end this I realize my mistake and canceled the card they used and reset every password I had ever had and totally factory reset my laptop. These creeps are soulless and can trick almost anyone, especially those of us frustrated with the computer's current performance. Know that if they call late and have no caller ID, bad sign 1, if they say they received messages, bad sign 2, if they ask for access to your pc by remote, get the hell out of there. If they get you to leave credit card information, you need to go into fail safe mode and reset all and cancel and get new cards immediately.

Microsoft will never, I REPEAT NEVER , call YOU!! Heck you can never get their real telepohone tech support department without several dropped calls and clueless support drones.

Depending on the mood I am in I will sometimes engage these guys. Since I am running Linux I get a kick out of hearing "there is a problem with my Windows" Lately I like to tell them that I am a computer security expert and I am recording their voiceprint to send to the FBI. Then I try to get them to admit to the falsehood.

I got a "blue screen" message saying there was an error on my computer and I panicked. I was in the middle of editing a midterm paper for grad school and was terrified I'd lose all my work. I called the number, gave the tech control and paid the $149. Luckily a friend told me it was a scam. I contested the charge, cancelled my credit card, changed all my passwords and removed their installs from my computer. Then I got new malware and anti- virus protection right after filing a complaint with the FTC. Now the scammer is calling me to see what he can do to make me happy. I blocked his number but would tell him "quit ripping people off". That would make me happy.

my mom got a call from this number - 210-888-9106 - saying that her computer was sending their tech support cries for help. I grabbed the phone and told the guy to give me his name (supposedly 'Victor'), company (supposedly 'Windows Tech Department'), and phone number and I'd call him back. My husband called back and you could hear that the guy was called from a call center - heard phones in the background and people talking. The guy was saying what company are you calling for and wouldn't say anything but that. We gave him a hard time and asked him a bunch of questions but he just kept answering with questions. Then we just hung up.

How many of these puke "businesses" and scam artists are there? And why can't our government lock them down? Or make it so hard and expensive for them to do their business that they give up? Because this is a capitalist country. The scammers buy phone numbers. That generates revenue for the phone companies. It generates tax revenue for the government. And lobbyists take congress on junkets and buy them free dinners and golf rounds. So everybody turns a blind eye. And America gets fleeced. Americans get fleeced, by the companies, and the lobbyists, and the government, and Congress, and the law enforcement that acts as their stooges. Don't pay your taxes, and the government will come for your money, and you. Start up a business scam, and you just disappear into the night with thousands of people's money. Sickening. Now this scum is using 855-335-3363. Is the IRS going after them? Probably not, as long as they pay a little tax to the man for turning a blind eye.

You can help law enforcement by reporting scams.

Go to and report what happened. The information you give goes into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Blog comments don't go into the database.

Open letter to the FTC: YOU ARE NOT DOING ENOUGH. I have gotten six calls in the last 2 days, my phone is off the hook for the weekend.

Keep getting calls from someone claiming to be from Windows Technical Support....They claim Microsoft licenses them to provide technical support for windows. Problem is I don't own a windows machine...they just keep calling. They did give me a number 760-933-1353 and the Indians name was J. Watson. SCAM CITY. Files complaint with State Attorney General...don't expect any help.

I have a weird situation. I went to a website to buy a product, when I went to buy it I wanted to ask questions so I called the number listed on the website. I got a person with an Indian accent telling me I was entitled to a 100 dollar bonus. I said I called to ask about the product, he insisted I talk to him about the 100 dollars leading into him wanting my information. I googled the company, got their local phone number and contacted them. I told them the phone number that had given me a problem. They said it is not our number. I went back to the website and when it opened it momentarily had the correct number and then it changed to the scam number. Not sure whose problem it is but the company opened it and it had their correct number. I've opened the website on 4 different computers and the number changes on all 4. I ordered the product on the phone with the company, since these scammers could change the telephone number I wonder if I had ordered online what the result would have been. Scary stuff!

I received a call today from a man named David from phone number 205-863-9569 who claimed he was with a company that receives signals from my computer. He said that they are getting error code signals from my computer and he wanted to do some troubleshooting on my computer by screen sharing. I told him no and he got mad and hung up. I called my carrier and we did a scan on my computer to find out that I had a potential virus. Please do not take any calls from the above number because they are hackers.

I received a call from "Aaron" on 27 November. He told me my computer was infected and that "Karen" had been complaining about problems somehow traced back to my computer. He then told me that "Robert Jones" had hacked my computer and that I should not do any on-line banking, or on-line shopping for several days.

He then tried to get me to go to Since I am a network security professional, I knew this was a scam and I was curious to know what kind of scam it was. I put him on hold and quickly looked up IT Alerts and found several complaint sites. I asked for a call-back number in case we were disconnected. He gave me 855-593-3163 which is alternately listed as inactive or associated with known computer scams if you google that number.

At that point, I told him I wasn't falling for his scam, he got argumentative and I hung up. I checked my caller ID log and he called from 855-210-3300. A google search also confirms it is associated with known scammers. I'll call Microsoft early next week and see if Itec Alert is a Microsoft partner and report them if they are. Don't fall for these scams. It may result in your computer becoming totally compromised. Also, don't visit the website listed above. It is likely that the website could plant "drive-by" malware on your computer just by visiting the site. Some of these are quite nasty and difficult to remove. Do take a look at which has more information on these scams.

Got a call on 11-30-15 from Nigel (Southeast Asian accent) at "Itec Alert" claiming my Windows PC was sending alerts about malware. He knew my name, address, and -obviously- my phone number. I kept pressing him for details, but all he would say is "your Windows PC". When I said there are several Windows PCs here, he said the one with "mac address", which looks to be an IP address not a mac address.

Told him I had to go out and would call him back. He told me to call 855-593-3163 and ask for "Nigel".

I used to tell these people that i had a Mac but that didn't stop them. Today I said I don't have a computer. End of one would think but an hour later another call. Told this one I don't have a computer and was he going to give me one. He said goodbye. I don't know why we can't block these numbers. They show up as all 0's or as 6 digits. I'm close to cancelling my land line!

I have been getting these calls for over a year! First time I told them it was a scam, 2nd time I just laughed at them. Then I started telling them I didn't have a computer. The last time, just days ago I told them I couldn't fix their computer and they would have to call someone else. He insisted I had a computer and I asked him where it was. Messed with him awhile then hung up. I think the next time I will just put him on hold until he hangs up. The caller ID has shown THOR


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