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FTC helps teach teachers about financial literacy

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The FTC offers free materials to help people understand money issues. So when teachers from across the country meet annually to improve their own financial literacy, and increase their ability to teach personal finance in school, we’re ready to help.

The FTC is a long-standing partner of the National Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy. Jump$tart members are organizations committed to advancing financial literacy among youth and working toward effective financial education.

The sixth annual Jump$tart National Educator Conference will be at the Omni Los Angeles Hotel at California Plaza November 8-10 — its first visit to the west coast. The conference is for classroom educators who teach personal finance in any grades — Pre-K through high school. Teachers can try educational resources that they can integrate into lesson plans right away.

If you’re a teacher planning to attend the conference, stop by the FTC booth for free education materials for you and your students. If you can’t make it to the conference and want to learn about educating yourself and other people — of any ages — in your community, check out our Financial Educators resource page.

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11/4/2014 Beware of Fake Call
I got a call from a man with an Indian telling me that he was from The Treasury Department and I have a warrant because of tax fraud on my 2008 taxes and is putting a lean on my assets if I don’t pay $4.700. He gave me an Officer Name Mike Lee and told me to call this # (323) 786-8560 or I will be arrested. I called the number to find out what was going on and clear my name. The call was very vague and I heard the same Indian caller in the back ground, I asked more questions to the fake officer he would not give me any information. Suspicious, it sounded like telemarketers in the background. After I hung up I checked my caller ID and fund out the number he had gave me for the fake Officer was the same number the Indian guy was calling from. Freaked me out!


A army Captain Micheal Toxima is with a group of soldiers who were deployed to catch men, whom took girls and made a Harum. Toxima is the communications officer. He hacked into my fackbook and gave me a sad storty about army food. I sent him $100 to a address in Clevland, Ohio. He said that he didn' t get the money and he wanted toget out of the base close to Lagos, NG. He was crying said he needed flight money to leave the Army and come to Columbus, OH to marry me. I have a receipt that shows i sent him $1,850 plus a $37 fee through Money Gram. Then he said he needed an International Flight Stamp which would cost me around $8,000. I said that i don't have that type of money because i am on Disability. He has no real Facebook account. I blocked him but he still hacked into my computer. He has a degree from Oxford University. He was born in England. The group is on a special mission. Please get my money back. He claims to be 48 years old. He will be in the Army for 12 years in March 2015. He is a thief. Please stop him.

Thank you

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