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Phone scammers lie about getting money back

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Ripping off older people puts you in a special category of low-life scam artists. What about ripping off older people you know have already fallen for a telemarketing scam? That makes you a first ballot selection for the Scam Artist Hall of Shame. According to the FTC, that’s exactly what Consumer Collection Advocates scammers lie about getting money back

The company ran a phone scheme that targeted people, many of them older consumers, who previously lost money to timeshare resale or precious metal investment scams. They told fraud victims they could recover 60 percent or more of the money they had lost. Just pay 20 percent now and another 20 percent when we recover the money, the callers said. People paid hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars hoping to recoup some of their losses. In the past year alone, consumers paid Consumer Collection Advocates almost $1.3 million – and most didn’t get anything in return.

The FTC announced that it temporarily stopped the scheme and has asked a federal court to put this scam out of business forever.

If you lost money to a scam, don’t believe anyone who promises they can get your money back if you pay them an up-front fee. That’s against the law. Report them to the FTC at

Learn more about scams offering to get your money back and subscribe to get free scam alerts from the FTC.

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But, can't you please help stop the original Sweepstakes Scammers? Our Dad lost $50k to those guys. The Gov seems to just throw up it's hands and doesn't help.
Please do something! Even if they originate in Jamaica!

My dad has lost his entire life savings to these sweepstakes scum. He still thinks they are going to come through for him! I have phone numbers they call from and have reported to anyone who will listen but everyone says the same things: they cant do anything. He isn't incompetent so I cant get him declared so and he refuses to let him help him manage his money. I have horrible anxiety over this and feel very much alone in the fight. there are THOUSANDS of Americans being scammed by these people! the more research I do the more I am appalled at our government's lack of protection for our most vulnerable citizens.

My dad spends about 1000 a month. It's sickening to listen to him talk to them on the phone like their an old friend. When it first started I told one if them to never call back. He called me a. Few choice words and told me he knew where me and my parents lived and he would blow both our houses up. Dad continues to deal to talk to them daily! It's so sad that we can't get power of attorney over his finances to stop the spending.

I get 3 or 4 calls PER DAY, even though I am on your DO NOT CALL list. While I employ nomorobo which helps, some still get through.

My wife was a near victim of the "phone scammers", being both retired I was usually around, or close when these calls came in. One time she came to me and said "This person, on the phone, is telling me my grandmother left her property in my wife's name, if she could send fees they would uncover more information." They wanted a $1000.00 recovery charge!"
I had been taking the phone to "discuss" this flim-flam I started recognizing the scammers voice.
He started recognizing my voice as well. During a two year period I change our phone number three times. Only "unlisted, and unavailable" slowed the calls to once every three months or so. Our newest phone number change finally closed out the shenagagen. 7This was about 7 or 8 years ago, my wife passed away six years ago.

I have All the Phone Numbers they use!
They constantly are calling my number , for a Hit or Miss chance of getting Money! If you want to File a Class Action Lawsuit against someone, Start with tge Phone Company that issues and allows this Fraud to continue!


what about all of these credit repair companyies?or all of these get your credit report for free ?then they chach us 29.98 after they chagch you a $1.00 for 7 day trial period?they all to be stopped we all fallin into this more often than i can remember .

I have people calling from Haiti telin me I won 4 million dollars they have been calling for 4 years. I just hang up. Phone company won't do anything, (just say hang up) but some of these calls come at 12am. dang. keep reporting calls after my number has been listed on "do not call list" and same no. keeps calling. hmmm what are you to do except hang up. which is a great thing to do. We elder are smarted than to fall for scams. just remember it if sound too good, don't go there!!!!

I just received a call yesterday from someone claiming to represent a charity that helps with the Ebola problem. He was asking for donation to help fund their projects. Well, too bad for him I already knew what he was up to. I came by this article that revealed phone scammers are now using the Ebola scare to scam people out of money. They do this by posing as charity workers. So be warned everyone! Be careful who you give your credit card number to.

My Mom got scammed by PCH operator, trying to sell her magazines. Mom told her no. Operator from Publishers Clearing House, phone operator, got my Mom's checking and routing number, and charged her checking account. Mom wants me to find out how to tell the bank. Just what happened. I told my Mom, to call the police dept., get a call record on file, have police dept. Mail you a copy, then take the copy to the Bank. Then the bank can go after PBC. Pls tell me if this is the proper procedure? Thank you for your utmost attention in this matter.

Ok, we've had it. This is harassment with these telemarketers. Why can't you start attacking the "feed line", meaning the phone companies allowing this to continue. If the scammers did not have a phone company to give them the opportunity to do this,we would all be happier!

The phone companies do not do it. I did a reverse on the phone number of the person calling me and it was a cell phone from Nigeria
. They kept calling and I gave it to Federal Trade com. I am on do not call list. and report anyone who calls me.I also tell them they are being recorded.

IRS called claiming to be giving last notice and saying a law suit has been filed. Call city : Hillwood- 214 303 5530 immediately to stop this. One of many scams. Facebook hacked, computer crashed many, many other numbers used and several scam business attempts of fraud.

IRS called claiming that I was the major suspect in a lawsuit and that they wanted the phone number of my attorney. from Des Moines, WA phone number 253-214-3866

I am 62, and these guys kept telling me I had drivers that needed fixed. This was on June 24, 2014. I disputed it, because they said nothing about money or that I had 4 days to cancel. Cancel what? I couldn't understand him, and my drivers were not fixed. Microsoft was behind me 100%. They were the ones who gave me your web link. We have no money. When I hear about people losing thousands, I hurt for them. Nothing has ever happened to us like this before. My husband worked with polio all of his life. Diane (who said she was a state representative), said if we would keep disputing it, back and forth, maybe we would be able to keep the money. They had taken the money out of my charge card and put it back in. Diane said she would do nothing, let them have any money until rebuttaed. Tech Live Support even called and said you have your money back, have a good day. Then they took it out without telling me, $539.00. I didn't have it in there. I called her, left a message, they kept calling, Finally my husband answered, and they told him I agreed to the plan. My husband said I don't think so, I think you scammed her. That is when Tech Live Support said "F--- Off". I have seizures, which they are the quiet kind. Anyway, we can't pay our bills now. Bud had to borrow from the bank (and that's where the charge card is) to put money in, because we were over drawn. I have cried and there is nothing I can do. We got our charge card number changed, and Diane wanted it. Shouldn't she of had it? Well, she promised to give us time to dispute it, but the last time they just took the money and left us in a mess. I had 675 e-mails today. I am a very depressed person, and this year has been the worse. They are scammers, and used Microsoft's name with theirs who I so much trusted. I do remember one thing, I kept telling them I was tired and had to get in my hospital bed, and he said you don't want your computer fixed? I am still preying for a miracle. And if I did say do it, shouldn't I get some money back? It's not fair but life isn't fair.

I'm very sorry this happened to you. Did you call your credit card provider and speak to the fraud department? You should clearly explain to them that the changes were fraudulent and should be reversed. Here are more tips on getting you money back. You also can file a complaint at

I really hope this gets to as many elderly people in this horrable world we live in today. Many of our elderly never owned or operated a computer in their life. So, do your "Due Dillegence" & inform as many elderly people that you know. Because sometimes their phone call might be a "tear~Jerker" & shoot where it hurts the most. Their heart !!! It's scary, knowing that a lot of people willingly give their information away thinking they're doing a good deed, But, we all know the truth. Call or talk face to face. It's really sad in today's "technology", it's used to hurt someone who worked their whole life, living life honestly & truthfully, & stuff like this happens on a daily basis. Basically, just talk with people, pick~up the phone, so just be patient, knowing in your heart, you did your good deed for the day. Keep it up, because you're doing great !!!

yes these people keep calling me twice this month saying they work for the federal government And I was chosen from a list of people and I was chosen to receive 9000,000 dollars and that I needed to put 215,00 on my card and then I will receive all back what the hell when you Winn or receive money you should have to pay a dime to get it or receive it so stop these people they give you a code and a phone number my code was mo405 there number is1203 3085622 and there is where they tell me I need to put money on my card and I'll receive my money

No never put money on just knew it was a fraud

I got a call about being the 2nd place winner at Publishers Clearing House. Called 1-876-860-2317 ext 9 to talk to John Ford the supposedly manager. Please do not get involved with this.

My mom got the same call this morning, so I looked up the process for PCH. They NEVER call you on the phone or ask for money. BIG SCAM 1-876-860-2317 John Ford..same thing

I am sooo tired of these scammers calling my office, home and cell. I had to shut down facebook and all other social media because thats how they were getting my information and calling my relatives too! this has got to stop. I keep cursing at them and slamming phone down. Now they are hacking into land lines in your state so that you answer them. PLEASE help us!!!!

Got a call from 866 284-3547 man claiming he was a Norton employee and said my pc needed to be checked right away because it showed there were 14 connections - he asked if we had that many devices connected. At first I really thought he was a Norton employee since he had the same accent as all the Norton people I had spoken to previously. He connected to my computer using Teamviewer and ran something that showed I was 80% hacked and it's a good thing we caught it because if it was at 100% then hackers would have complete control. Then he told me there were 2 companies that offered a netguard for my network - either MS or FixitUS - all done online - bargain deal $200, but because I was a Norton subscriber I'd get $50 off - he wanted me to enter my CC # and I told him I wasn't going to do that - he said don't worry because all they see are ***. I asked how I knew he was a Norton employee and he said to call 866-276-7957 and he was employee N89203. When he was telling me this I googled his # on my caller id and it said SCAM. I called Norton using their support # and they verified this was a scam and to hang up and disconnect teamviewer. I'm usually pretty sharp at catching this type scam, but was vulnerable. So did I get away before they could do something - NO! now I see they are connecting and scanning info from my pc - please don't fall for this scam!!

Beware of instalments loan place called Advance america. They're stealing peoples money beware of a guy who claims hea a loan officer promised us a loan of $3,500 but we had to do a bond load $290 on card called the vanilla Refund Netwok. We were told it was collatefal because the FTA has a hold on my husbands taxes he said within 10 min our money wld be available at the back that never happened. He claims his name is Jack Pacheco Dr loan officerID 9211 his phone number is (512)215-5897 from advance america. beware

Thanks for your post.

I just got off the phone with "Jack" whom asked me to go buy a government bond to show my ability to pay the first payment of $247. As a certified financial planner, I know that a government bond is not something that can be purchased at my local convenience store as he claimed. He said to call him when I got to the store and he would tell me which bond to buy. I said to go ahead and tell me now. He told me to get the vanilla reload card. Thankfully, my scam radar went off in my head and I avoided getting ripped off.

My mom got two phone calls in one day stating they were with the IRS and needed money. These are the numbers 785-422-4124 and 785-422-4124 which was a robocall telling her to call 202-738-1233 stating to call before there is a lawsuit against her. My mom is 75 and has perfect credit and owes zero money.

Rcving calls from 844-255-4938 stating that I have outstanding debt and that if I did not pay I would be thrown in jail and taken to court. I work very hard to keep my crdt clean and know for a fact that this debt is not mine. I even re-pulled my crdt the day that they cld me because they scared me to the point where I almost believed them.
Stupidly I made a payment arrangement w/them and because it didn't feel right I decided to google the phone # and there were a list of complaints from the same company (which I now found that it does not exist). I then cld my bank to cancel my card # and gave them the name of the Co that they were using and told them the situation. I have also cld my local policy dept to report the issue.
I can only hope that they are caught and locked up. It's scary to know how sick some ppl are out there. What a sad world we live in.

I received a phone call from scammers who said they were IRS and I was about to have a lawsuit against me and I needed to return the call 202=657-5664.
I was left on my answering machine and I did not return the call since I recognized it as spam. I wish you could stop this.

saving makes money ph#8183091344 is a scam so is ph#5856337606 gov grants

I am a senior and I have been receiving very threatening phone calls from a 855 number saying that I owe them and they will arrest me at my job. They have also called my place of employment, which is quite embarrassing. I have never received anything in the mail and I do not owe anyone that I don't know of. It's scary that they have my information and I don't know how to get them to stop!!! I had 5 voicemails yesterday from this same place. Please tell me what to do. Thank you

Get on the "Do not call" list, report the telephone numbers and messages to your state's Attorney General's office and to the FTC directly. If they are threatening you, go to the police and file a complaint. Stand up to these bullies, Mary! You have the power to stop them! Good Luck!

Our phone rings many times however having caller ID we do not answer ID we do not know. best way to avoid all these phone scams

A credit agency with a man Carlos Vasquez (last name a little unsure) phone number is 1-800-575-5076, called stating that I owed some sort of debit some of money. I haven't had a credit card since 2012 and it's already paid off. I am also getting mail which is fraudulent. I have a bill from EDD claiming I owe $105 for taxes. I already did taxes and they had taken it out in the amount they sent. I got a letter from ASPT located in South Carolina regarding my Ekg state license with only page 7 included... it stated I failed with a 48% yet I passed the class... when I searched the address on the internet the first day it came up as a printing marketing agency. Watch out for people who give fake bills in the mail....know if you really owe. I've had people call pretending to be my school, job offers, etc. asking me too much of my personal information. This is how some people make their money. I had something come up on my transunion credit bureau stating I bought a house in Arizona in 1999... I was like 10 years old... kind of strange. -I've been keeping record with Newark police department/FTC documentation/pictures/emails/USBs/back files/etc it's a lot, but it's really worth it.

If you think you've been a victim of identity theft, and someone is using your personal information to get credit cards or a loan or do other things, here are some steps you can take to protect yourself. Find more information about identity theft at You can also create an Identity Theft Report by filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and your local police department.

I just received a call from "David Green" and it showed up restricted number. It was obviously a computer generated voice. Told me I was selected as PCH Grand Prize Winner of a million dollars and a new Mercedes. I am to call Johnathan Ford at 876-860-2317 x9, and give him my prize number 900455USA. I new this was a scam, and I could hardly contain my laughter. I said sure I'll call him. About 10 minutes later he called back wanting to know if I called and if I would be home later to accept my prize. I told him I hadn't had a chance to call and I would. Out of curiosity I call the number and saw that it's a number to Jamaica. I got a message that they couldn't answer the phone, that it was busy to leave a voice message. I didn't even get to asking for extension 9 or Johnathan Ford. I knew this was all a scam, but the robotic voice was hysterical. It was good for a laugh.

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