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That settles it! FTC and Florida AG shut down robocaller

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Earlier this year, I told you that the FTC and the Florida Attorney General (AG) acted to temporarily halt an Orlando-based operation that not only used illegal robocalls to pitch so-called “free” medical alert devices to older consumers, but also lied about the cost and quality.

I’m now pleased to report that a settlement obtained by the FTC and the Florida AG has permanently shut down the operation. In addition, the defendants are banned from making robocalls and participating in other telemarketing activities.

No matter your age, you may know someone who has been scammed by phone fraud. They may not talk about it, but the statistics do. The good news is, you can do something about it. Become an FTC ambassador. Share what you know by passing this blog post on to your friends, family or neighbors. Tell them to hang up the phone when they get a robocall. Don’t press “1” to speak to a live operator, and don’t press any other number to get off the list. That will probably only lead to more robocalls. And tell them to report their experience to the FTC online or call 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357).

If you or someone you know is interested in buying a medical alert device, please read and share our free publication, Personal Emergency Response Systems: Health Information for Older People.

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I have had 2 phones on the do not call list for years and all I can say is that I have never noticed any reduction in robocalls. and if I answer and tell people I am on the list all they do is hang up. add to that the fact that from conversations with FTC people and after making numerous complaints, its clear the FTC cannot even stop the caller ID spoofing so common in robocalls. Does anyone have any idea when the FTC will be addressing theses issues?

Hi, Ted,

The FTC is aggressively pursuing different strategies to curb the number of illegal robocalls that people get. We have a web page where you can stay up-to-date on our progress: We'll be adding more soon.

I have received many calls with 800 numbers. Answered only a few about if I have pain, my Diabetes supplies, etc. When I do answer a few seconds go by and then someone starts to talk. I recently have been scammed and my identity stolen from loan companies.

I have a file with hundreds of numbers that would show up on the caller ID. We live in a rural area so wireless does not work sometimes. We kept the landline do to that reason and to have internet. I tried telling them to stop calling, that I am on the Do Not Call list, reminded them of the $16,000 fine, threatened legal action, file complaint with BBB, etc. Nothing worked. I even received 3 glucose meters that I did not need or ordered. I still do not know how all the meters & supplies got paid for. It seams to me that this would be insurance fraud. With that said, FTC can try to do something but they will still call. I thought that with all the documentation I kept on the calls someone could help me. As of now, I still have the land line but my phone is put up in a closet.

I got a RoboCall Nov14,2014
from WF sales,same:scam exactly as shut down by FL/AG & ftc
Free MedAlert & Free Groceries,FTC law,Crm Enf Rqd,I
Need a Reply,Comply,Y/N,Ra

We have that problem in Mississippi and I have reported it, but they say it is difficult to catch robocalls. Couldn't they order one of the items and locate the sender that way. I let my answering machine take calls. I block calls, but they do find a way to go around that.

why in creation does the phone companies allow these companies to even have a ohone line? how about stopping it right there before they get to us???seems so simle to regulate!

They just show up in another state. I got a robocall I have to file a complaint on talking about medical devices too, and the area code(360) is here in Washington. As long as these dirtballs can buy use phone lines it will be never ending. I wish they'd all get jail time too.

This also needs to be done with Credit Card Services. I've received calls from them for years and have reported them to Do Not Call and to the FTC to no avail. HELP!!!!!

These calls are driving me batty. These people get more use out of the telephone line I pay for they should pay my bill that means you Diane and your carpet cleaning co,

11/18/14 10:34am HST, I just reported to the FTC that I received a phone call that IRS is filing a law suit against me and that I was to call the department immediately at phone #202-464-2549. I found this message on my answering machine. I know the that IRS doesn't call but some people may be scared by this and call especially our elderly that may get scared and call and would probably send money or give there credit card#, check info or sending a check, etc. Not everyone knows not to do this. What I do is not answer any long distance calls at all. If it is my friend or family and I don't answer, they will leave a message or call my cell. and I will know their # and voice. Believe me they wouldn't be asking for money etc. Also pass on any of these fraud schemes to all friends and family and the Government agencies to help everyone.

I would like the FTC to have posted the phone numbers these medical alert scammers use so I could see if they were the ones calling me 3-6 times a day.

Every 10 days or so, I get calls from people with Chinese accents, claiming to be from Microsoft and telling me there is a problem with my PC. I find it so hard to believe people would fall for these claims.

To fedupfromflorida:

People have been falling for all kinds of scams for more years than you may have been living. This is why these people keep calling and doing what they do, continue perpetrating these heinous acts against innocent people. They especially love preying on the elderly. Whereas YOU are smarter than the average guy not everyone else is and elderly people are especially susceptible and trusting because they just don't think or feel that they're being scammed, because they wouldn't DREAM of doing such a thing to anyone, they wouldn't deliberately deceive other people, it never occurs to them that these POS are scammers who make a very, very good living off scamming others. Just be glad you're so much, much, smarter than the average guy and stop judging others as to it bring "so hard for you to believe people would fall for theses claims."

I think FTC and FCC should make manufacturer and the buyer of the robocaller (both include hardware and software) registering to FCC as well as state, just like buying a car. If FTC found out the buyer uses the robocaller in an illegal activates as FTC states, there should be heavy fine to the buyer or the owner of the company. Now, the fine for “do not call” is about $16000, the fine should be more for using this technology for robocaller. And a criminal record should be attached to buyer, the owner of company, and other key personnel. The manufacturer has to provide the sale list to the FTC annually, just like the car sale from the dealership.
At state level, the company who use robocaller for any kind of operation, they have to register to the local state business department, and explain the nature of the business. This registration includes hardware, software, and phone number. The register owner will pay heavy fine if he use for any illegal activates as FTC or State states. And the registration should have enough information that law enforcement can physically make arrest with court order. It is not like someone living outside of U.S. and committing the crime.
It is fair that one call will not make as a crime, FTC has to make the case fair, so the business still can have their normal business operations.



Jail time for these scammers is the ONLY way to stop this nonsense. Wake up FTC, and start enacting tougher laws or this will continue to be a problem.

302-336-8445. Received two automated calls from this number stating I have a summons for my arrest for fraud associated with my social security number. The even gave a case number and said once im served I lose all my rights. I googled this number and it seems there are alot of people getting the same call. Im 63 and dont know what to do. I dont want to go to
Jail. Anybody get a call from this

Does anyone know where robocallers, telemarketers, etc. get their call lists from?

I had a voicemail of a computer generated voice (or robotic) from a "Officer Julie Smith" of the IRS telling me that I must call her back immediately at 415-234-9703 or there will be a warrant for my arrest. Obviously a scam as I'm sure before the IRS did anything else, there would be letters. Besides, I don't owe anything in back taxes or anything and in looking online they seem to be telling everyone that they owe in excess of $6000. I don't understand why no one has shut them down. The call originates from a 415-234-9703 number.

Getting GROUP text messages on my cell phone from Con Artists claiming to be collecting donations for the American Heart Association. The email they want money sent to is NOT the A.H.A., it is their Scam email. Do not fall for this trick. Do not send any money! Warn your friends and file a report or call here at the FTC!

I received yet another call from "Consumer Svcs" (display on my phone), from #620-750-2182. It was a robocall, with the typical Press 1 to get credit card interest reduced, press 2 to never hear from us again (ha ha). I pressed one, and when the young male came on I said, "I really just want to please have my name taken off your list."
He said "Send me a $1000 Western Union." I said "What???" and he repeated himself. I said
"why would I do that" and he said "because I need the money, send me a $1000 Western Union." I said "you have a job, even if it's a rotten one" and he said "ok, send me $50." I said "no" and hung up. I was really taken aback, and today, 2 days later I get another blasted phone call from them, which I didn't answer. Sounds like they're working out of someone's garage,.

I am among many that get "Robo" calls. I am disgusted when I can barely walk. Get these people a different job so they will leave us alone! Seems to be getting worse, and the harder we try stopping these calls the more that keep... one coming in now from 719-294-7190. one awakened me from 843-606-5062. It's worse than a pyramid; just wish I could get my crippled hands on them!

Receiving robo calls from Florida 630-315-7174 or 813-666-0046 saying they have a lawsuit against me

calls are annoying

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