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Auto dealer that lured customers with lies and deceit answers to the FTC

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I don't know about you, but I'm concerned when businesses don't play by the rules. Case in point: Businesses are not allowed to lure customers in with deceptive advertising only to tell them the truth later in the transaction. But the FTC says that's just what a Nissan dealership in Mesquite, Texas, did.

The FTC's complaint alleges that Trophy Nissan enticed people to visit its dealership using a variety of misleading advertisements. The ads said the dealership would get customers out of their existing loan or lease for only $1, match their tax refunds for use as a down payment, and lease or sell a vehicle with a low down payment or monthly payment. The truth, according to the FTC: Trophy tried to go back on its word with fine print.

Consumers can't comparison shop effectively if the information they rely on isn't the truth, and competition is harmed when a business lures consumers away from its competitors under false pretenses.

Under the settlement, Trophy can no longer advertise that it will pay off what a consumer owes on a trade-in and must be honest with consumers about the cost of leasing or buying a car. Trophy must clearly tell consumers about important terms of promotions, incentives, and lease and credit requirements.   

To learn how to determine whether special promotions featured in car ads are simply smoke and mirrors, check out Are Car Ads Taking You for a Ride?


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The Roundtree Moore Toyota dealership, 1223 W US Hwy 90 Lake City, FL 32065 is another one! They're sending advertising stating that if you scratch three matching numbers as I did! Call the phone number given. And win up to $30,000.00.
I called, the wanted me to come and see their stock!

I was taken for a ride by a person on Parole not a car dealer,he borrowed my truck for 2 days & left his boat for collateral & now (4 months later,he wont return it )& as it turns out the boat was not even his boat,,

Why don't you just call his P.O.? Or report the boat as a nonoperational hazard. These stories are awful, its sad this stuff happens

"Under the settlement [sic]," consumers should expect changes in predator business names, financial associations and/or alliances, perhaps locations,
and inmost substance--more of the same!!!

We have a car dealer that send mailer every couple of months about free money if you get a scratch off numbers to match there prizes. After there sale pitch and you will not buy a car They will give you a fake gold coin as a 2nd prize even as there never a winner that has been published.



My wife and I encountered a very deceptive tactic to lure customers in at Miller Toyota in Manassas, VA. We dealt this dealership before in August 2013. Same mechanism, list on their website incredible sale prices which we follow up with an email. When we came in to follow up on the purchase, that particular model, which was the only one for that price. And they try to switch up the sale - the old Bait 'n Switch. This year they have up there game. I joined a free program to get the best auto pricing; it is called TrueCar. The way this works is local area particiting dealerships are given the opportunity to provide their best price. Seems like on the up and up, well so far it is. Except Miller Toyota does an "exclusive offer" email indicating they just came into possession of a similar vehicle with much more of a significant discount, Bait.

I email to follow up if that vehicle is still available. Email from said dealer confirming availability, and begins the series of emails to confirm a date and time to come to the dealership, Hooked.

Once there, they explained to us that they cannot honor that price despite numerous emails between the salesperson and me indicating availability and not correcting the missed information. When we tried to see if they can honor the offer on another similar model. The one we had check on their website for new car inventory indicated it was available and not disputed by salesperson during a telephone conversation that very same day of the first face-to-face meeting. But what did they say, "we just sold it," Switch.

But this is more than a simple bait 'n switch, they also employed false advertisement so that their price is the lowest among all the other offers, making the most obvious choice. Another dealer I was working with told me that Miller Toyota was "low balling" but then won't have one available to sale.

So not only did we waste an afternoon, we got disappointed, and felt cheated. I thought that was going to be the end of it, the manager comes over as though he's going to fix everything, but begins to defend his practice as not being deceitful. He was able to add salt to the injury. Denying he was engaging in false advertisement and deceptive practices, he made a bold insult to me by saying that I was only one customer, and that one customer was not going to bankrupt the dealership. When I gave him now about the fourth time to make this right by honoring the quoted price, he just said he cannot do that.

This has ignited a mission in me that one person matters; and to show the next potential car buyer some warning to some of these practices namely at Miller Toyota in Manassas, VA.

If this has happened to you let your singular voice heard and together we can sing as a choir. I've file a complaint them to the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission. If there was a way for me to file a complaint against this dealership though the National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA), I would have.

This same thing just happened to me at Tulsa Hyundai in Tulsa, OK yesterday. I made a deal over the phone on stick number F1667 black 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe and when I got there to test drive it and sign paperwork, that I had given them permission to run credit on this car, they had "made a mistake" and sold it last week. Even though it was still advertised on their website as $1,000 lower than their other ones. When I arrived, they had switched me yo their silver demo with 1,400 miles on it for more money.

You can report this to the FTC at and to your state and local consumer protection agencies. The information you give the FTC will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

My wife and I visited the Liberty Chevrolet Dealership in Wakefield, MA well over 12 weeks ago. We preordered a 2015 Chevrolet Colorado in black with several other options. We were told by the sales rep and management that it would take 6-8 weeks to arrive. After week 9 and 10 I made numerous inquiries. I was told several things among which was that it was on the train from the factory in Ohio. But, most recently we were informed that the truck had in fact arrived and was on the lot however, it was sold to another customer. Would we be interested in another truck of a different color that was several thousand dollars more that they still happened to have on their lot? I was not even though they held a $500 check of mine. Interestingly enough they did not immediately say they would return the check due to the problem until I made an appointment to speak to the rep and manager in person today (12/129)…the reason I pre ordered was to get the truck in my exact specification and price. My opinion is it was a 'bait and switch' tactic.

TU for informing the public about bait and switch fraud by companies that American citizens have bailed out of their in-the-red budgets. These companies need to be sued. Car dealers have a mental syndrome believing they will pick out the car they want you to have, and that is what this buyer constantly goes through, their egos. Use a personal car broker or an auction, they can't have the ball in their court. TU

Well im going to be honest with you guys about my story. I used to be one of those evil salesman befor only my mind was programed that way. This is how it started...

I have been into sales my whole life loved everything about it and i was very good at it. One thing that made me good at sales is believing in the product that i was selling. If you honestly think the product you are selling is truely the best out there and if you think you are truely giving an incredible deal then your customer will sense that very easily therefor letting that consumer-sales rep defense wall they have built befor entering the store. one day i was approached by a man while i worked at an electronics store selling tvs and was given a pitch about working at a job with a future and if i didnt make $10k a month then it was embarrasing and i must have deliberately not wanted to. He then pulled out a business card for...yup, the one and only "UNIVERSAL CITY NISSAN" and he left. With the last thing that he had said lingering in the back of my head, and my supervisor having a power trip over me, i stormed out one day not looking back. While on the way home thinking of my next plan i happen to be driving Universal (2 months after being approached from Mr Man from the dealer) i remembered i had his card in my wallet so i called him and was asked right that second to come in to see him. Turns out hes a "closer" (sales manager) there. 10minutes later i walked out with a new job. little did i know the guy had been watching me at my previous job and liked my enthusiasm and energy while working so i didnt need an interview or anything. A few signatures later i had the job. So during training im so excited about making $10k a year im eating up everything they say about the company and their sales numbers and their motivstional speakers they brough in EVERYTHING. I hit the lot the first month and hit 47 cars (sold). The GM came to personally shake my hand the next day the numbers were posted for the month. 2nd month was very similar (42cars) and this went on for about 7 months until my first unhappy customer came in waiving their hands on the air demanding their money back. Apparently i had sold a car to an old couple on disabily for $625 monthly payments. Followed by another unhappy client and another when i realised what was going on and why they always told me to never discuss prices but to just give them all the details we tought you about the cars, test drive and bring them in for a credit app. Once done call your "closer" and go back out to the lot for another potential client and we will handle the rest. I really loved my job and i was excellent at it but little did i know what i was doing. 10 years down the road, i recently purchased my first car from a small private dealer. I put about 1/3 down ($12k) and would be financing $25k. Not only did my car break down the first week but my warranty voided my contract because "damages were prior to my purchase of vehicle" and that apparently voids your contract. So i took to a mechanic and they told me the car has been in over $120k worth of insurance claims in its life from all the different collisions its been in and yes it also has frame damage. How the hell did they finance a 2008 convertable BMW 650 as a clean titles but has frame damage. I apparently signed a paper stating that i do not hold them responsible of any damages occure oncd i drive off the lot and that the vehicle did not come with warranty but i was purchasing warranty from a 3rd party. I spoke with my lender and suprise suprise they didnt know the car has a frame damage either so they got nervous and promised me the world. Once they spoke with the dealer and they wefe told that i signed a paper stating i do not hold them liable then they were off the hook. So my lender said they cant do nothing about it. Now im stuck with a car that blew out its engine a few weeks back and reciepts of over $10k of repaira i have done on this car in the past 9 months with no car to drive and a $600 monthly payment. I told myself i will never rip off a client in my life (not that the dealer job was done on purpose). carma sucks!!!

I traded in my toyota Camry for a used car but newer model at ATLANTIC TOYOTA at 200 Sunrise highway AMITYVILLE NY 11701, 9/30/15. The salesman explicitly told me that for an additional $2000 over the listing price that i would have free access to oil changes amd inspections in the future as long as I go to a Toyota car service dealership. Today I went in for an oil change and I was told they have never heard of such a thing. IT WAS A SCAM so that sales pitch was a lie!!

You could talk with the manager of the dealership and explain what happened. This FTC article about solving consumer problems has other ideas, like calling or writing to national headquarters, using social media, or getting help from state or national consumer protection agencies.

You can also report the dealership to the FTC at and to your state Attorney General’s office.

Why does it keep going on ? Because the FTC does not enforce the laws. If a case is reported that shows this games being played, why wait for a pattern, They should be fined for every action till they are out of business. They should be regulated by the state DMV if you can't make tags you can't sell a product ?

People don't want to take the time to report these crooks!

WE BaeEad the government to work for the consumer!

I bought a car from Roberts Auto Dodge in Pryor Ok, I stay in Tulsa I called asked about Dodge Chargers he took my info told me he'll call me back he called back and stated I was approved come on down I asked him ate you site I'm not tryna drive and waste gas then can't get it he stated he had me covered I get there and totally was not approved he had me test drive a Dodge Avenger I told him no I wanted the charge that's why I was making sure before I came I told him my family is too big for that car

he stated drive this for three months then he'll but the car back and get me in the charger I bought the car Dec. 2nd had appointment March 3rd I brought a friend to look at cars Feb.26 I got out too look at the chargers because they had it in purple my favorite color a sales person came I told him I was just looking at the car I'll be bacc on the 3rd I already had a car thru them and will be trading it back in and my salesman would be getting me in a charger

well he asked who my salesman was I told him he stated he was no longer there said let me go check this other dude staying he was the store manager told him what I was told he instantly said no we can't do that I'm like that's the only reason I sign for this car he's like whelp that's your car now I'm like I don't want this it's too little

he stated you signed for it it's yours and we can't approve what he said and he's no longer here two rude A$$ salesman talk to me like a junkie and I text that sales personally he stated he was on vacation but he'd get me out the car into the charger and still today I'm stuck I was swindled and my kids are gonna kill me from stress complaining its too right in the back omg I wasn't out of this so bad I don't know what to do please help me

If the dealer you bought the car from is a franchised dealer, you may be able to seek mediation through the Automotive Consumer Action Program (AUTOCAP). AUTOCAP is a dispute resolution program through state and local dealer associations in many cities. Check with the dealer association in your area to see if they operate a mediation program.

You can also contact your state Attorney General to report what happened and ask if they can connect you with AUTOCAP in your state. You could see if your local media has a  call for action line, and contact your local Better Business Bureau.

If you want to talk to a lawyer, you can use these lists to find a lawyer in your state. There is a state-by-state list from the American Bar Association and a site from the State Bar Associations.

GET ALL PROMISES IN WRITING!Those dealership in Pryor is a little in my opinion also. I bought a car from them once. They make promises knowing they are lying to make a sell. GET ALL PROMISES IN WRITING! THAT is your only protection. Its fun to watch a salesman squirm when you demand promises in writing BEFORE signing the contract. NO EXCEPTIONS!

I'm in such a mess with a vehicle i purchased in may. It's been a total nightmare and i don't know where to turn for help, I'm at the dead end. Here is my story, i just don't know where to go from here

I have filed a complaint with ky attorney general, file, Paul Wingate, and 1 to Tn consumer affairs, file, ky better business Bureau, ftc, social media, anyone who will listen, car fax, auto one wants to be held responsible for acts made by these 2 criminals Jimmy Allen, owner of Allen Auto Sales, 3174 Park Ave, Paducah KY 270-443-5245 or Larry Stovesand, owner of Paducah Ford, Buick GMC, 3300 Park ave, 270-442-2700!!! both in paducah, nor their car dealerships, nor any of their service deprs, or employees.

Let me explain, I've many health issues and conditions resulting in me being disabled for the last SEVERAL years. I fought breast cancer a year ago sept., and i win, yay me!! I've wanted nothing more in my life so bad as i wanted a corvette, ever since i was 10 years old, i knew before i died, i wanted my dream car!!

Jimmy allen sold me a nightmare instead!! Sold me a corvette that had been involved in a non disclosed wreck, back when the car was only a year old, in 2004, it was hit in both the left front and left back, sat for 5, i repeat, 5 YEARS, with no mileage reported, is water damaged and was paid off in a settlement to one, Chuck Hutton auto sales of Memphis, TN, it had so many problems, per rhonda Dandy in their service dept, they did not want the car on their lot sooo, through a wholesale to dealer transaction with Mt Moriah auto sales, Memphis TN, supposedly... some of which show in the car fax, not all.

It was then mt moriah auto sales sold it wholesale to a Ky dealer who advertised it and put it STRAIGHT into retail!!! I bought the car! It has had nothing but problems since day one, when i asked Jake at allen auto for the car fax, he gave me an auto check, HA, I should have known then, he had something to hide. Mr allen has committed odometer fraud, he discriminated against me because I'm disabled, mentally and physically, he turned the other cheek when one of his salesmen sexually harrassed me, driving MY CAR PAST MY HOUSE, when it was """in the shop""", it came back with MORE than 2000 miles on it while with Allen to be fixed.

This same car has caused my husband to lose his job because we had to come back from up around central city where he was working a union job to take care of this matter, i had got a letter stating to the ky attorney general he had made a tenative agreement with me. Eddie Jackson told my husband that "they could work things out" over the phone, head on down there and Mr, and i use mr very lightly, Allen did not even bother to show up, i was just that meaningless to him. He took the car, in the beginning, when i starting having SEVERAL electrical issues, and began complaining over to Larry stovesand to have it diagnosed.

Robert Davis diagnosed the car on 3 seperate occiaasions, all reporting mileage, that never got turned into car fax, or myself, even though iam the owner of this car. The service dept ACCIDENTALLY gave me dates, mileage in and out, along with diagnosis, that they were never allowed to fix the problems only diagnosis them then Jake, with Allen, took it back to their shade tree mechanic, for him to make a even bigger mess!!

Stovesand's service dept even told me he thought it very strange such huge mileage discrepancies!!!! Allen did NOT allow it to be fixed at the GM dealership, ever, Robert Davis gave a FINAL RULING of water damage, in which the service dept withheld the documentation from me. Mr stovesand is also guilty of elder abuse tactics that he allowed one of his employees to have my 81 year old father come down to his dealership only thinking he was Co signing a loan but when the title came back, it came back registered to HIM! He (my dad) has not EVER owned a new car himself, which makes it a horrendous thought to think CAR DEALERS do things like this to VETERANS who served our country!!!!

The very THOUGHT of these 2 CRIMINALS, sickens my soul to the point of more craziness. I have fought the last year for my life because of my failing health and I do NOT need this added stress!!! I have been to the psychiatrist who changed my medication, which I'll surely never be able to afford and am having to go BACK into therapy after several years with out incidence. This kind of stress does bad things to good people!! White collar crine affects blue collar dollars and that in turn affects the WORLD! I have NEVER in my ENTIRE LIFE been treated so poorly or had to stay back and let these criminals do things like this, they should BOTH stand trial and pay for their deceptive practices. These crooks should be ashamed of themselves and NEVER be allowed to walk in public in paducah ky EVER NEVER!!!]

I am helping friends who are disabled and bought a truck from a Ford dealer in Paducah, KY. The sticker in the truck, and the dealer's Website stated the price to be $4,995. They brought a Ford Lincoln as a trade in, told it would give them $1000 down. When I looked over the contract after they had engine trouble and could not drive the truck, the price was listed as approx $8,700, minus the $1000. But on the truth in lending page, the borrowing amount went back up to the $8,700 price showing $3000 approx in tax and charges. The rest of the truth in lending section was not filled out as they would not have signed a loan for $8,700 amortized over 20% with the total paid life of loan being some $13,000. The financial person did not explain truthfully the "truth in lending" section, telling them the $3000 in taxes was actually interest on the $4,995 making the loan total $8,000. They did question the $8000 amount before signing so it seems reasonable they would question an amount of $13,000 if they saw that amount. The contract says to send a letter of arbitration to the dealer before contacting a lawyer. A letter has been sent. Three had been no reply for two plus weeks.

You can file a complaint about the business with the Kentucky Attorney General online, or call (502) 696-5389. Some local TV stations have reporters that help people with consumer problems.

You can also report the business to the FTC at The information you give the FTC will go into a database that law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

Whether you file complaint after complaint, spend hour after end less hour dispersing the truth, drive miles looking for one honest person to just stand up because the world IS round and deep down in your lovely heart, you don't want to believe all car salesmen are criminals.. ..or maybe they all don't discriminate...or harass....or stalk because one of their long time salesmen happens to be a STATE TROOPER and they just know they will get in no REAL trouble. . .or maybe when they look into an 81 year old veterans eyes, who proudly served this great nation, prideful as he may be has NEVER owned a brand new car himself, he would rather to have spent the years driving trade junk in sacrifice that his wife and daughter would be in a safer car that he had, he limps onto the dealership with his cane because of his broken hip he's having such a hard time healing to Co-sign a loan for his grand daughter on the basis that in the past, he signed for her mother and since she had no one to help her it was the right thing to do, only to find out theft hurts even the few true good guys left in America. He finds out because the very same dealership who with held documentation from his daughter protecting his buddy down the road after he sold her a water damaged car, turned right around and sent in the title with his name as purchaser. Yes, how horrible would you feel to lay down that evening knowing you have hurt the hero, the victim, the survivor, the daddy, brother, sister, the misused abused. Never in a million years should these crosswalks affect one another as they do but alas, in paducah ky, one defect has a huge effect on everyone from the beginning of the universe to the quiet of the valley. In the end, someone gets hurt and the fact is, white collar crime affects blue collar dollars. That is not the intended treatment of a person who is, in my opinion, the lady in the beginning, but it is the best way to get the most important part of the failing to be held responsible for acts made by a friend.

Crowson Ford Dealership in Central Mississippi(Louisville, MS is one of its branches) is infamous for sending out sweepstakes' flyers, you win, and you go to them and they somehow do not honor the sweepstakes! It seems like their pattern is that you always win something--seemingly valuable; but then, the prize that you actually get is "chump change" or pennies on the dollar in comparison! We're talking a few dollars is typical(SOMETIMES, WE HAVE ONLY BROKEN EVEN OR LOST OUT IN GOING TO ANOTHER CITY) when the original prize is $100s or much more! Just got one where I'm the winner of a state of the art 60" TV! It should be a scam, since we do not ask for this! It's equivalent to seeing someone in a restaurant minding their own business that had ordered one of the best meals in the restaurant free on coupon, but giving them the absolute cheapest one with a cold virus in it! If you can prove that a company is lying at the advertisement level for the purpose of making a profit off you, then how is that not beyond false advertising moving up to scam! You should be able to take your lawyer and sue them for what you were promised, for interest, and lawyer fees. There should even be class action law suits for everyone that has been scammed this way. No dealer should be able to scam you so that they can get you on the lot to buy a car. People are supposed come up and inquire about a car or, even, use incentives offered so that you will buy! Not this! IF THEY DON'T HONOR EVERYONE'S PRIZE, THEN IT IS STILL A SCAM! A CITIZEN SHOULD BE ABLE TO TAKE THESE FLYERS TO THE POLICE IN A STING TO VERIFY THE SCAM BEING PERPETRATED THAT NO ONE SIGNED UP FOR!

You can tell the FTC about your experience. Go to The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations. You could also contact the Attorney General in your state and talk to them about the ads or flyers.

It can make double billing one for the bank and another different for distributor and in the distributor take the dealership incentive and take the money instead the benefit that was for a client only

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