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FTC thwarts company’s mole, skin tag, and wart-removal claims

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So, a frog hops into a bar and says, “Hey, did you hear the one about DermaTend?” Apparently, explained the frog, ads said this product removed moles, skin tags and warts — fast and permanently. Better yet, it was supposedly doctor-recommended and clinically proven. Said the frog, “Sounds like the answer to a frog’s dream, right? But then I heard the FTC just filed a complaint in federal court charging the advertiser, Solace International, with deceptive advertising. And that’s no joke.”

According to the FTC — and the frog — Solace charged $39.95 for a pinkie-sized tube of DermaTend and an emery board. The instructions told users to file the mole, skin tag, or wart with the emery board, apply DermaTend, and then wash it off after 45 minutes. But, according to the FTC, this approach was neither doctor-recommended nor clinically proven. Today, the FTC announced that the advertiser has signed an order settling the case. Bottom line: If a business says its health product can do something, the company must have competent and reliable scientific evidence to back it up.

According to the frog, “If you want to get rid of warts, moles or skin tags, it’s best to first check with a healthcare professional. When it comes to treatments for health conditions, it can be tough to tell products and services that work from bottled pond mud. And,” added the frog, “there’s no truth to the myth that frogs cause warts.”

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Is DermaNail a product by the same manufacturer as DermaTend? Is it a scam as well? Thanks.

Dermaclear is a scam too. Avoid, save your money.

Dermaclear claims to remove skin tags. I tried, it was not working at all. Skin tag still there nothing happen to it. Dermaclear doesn't work.

Dermaclear does not work I've been using it for a few days no results do not buy!

BEWARE! Dermasmooth Pro Mole Remover, Skin Tag, Age Spot, Freckle pen sold on Amazon is a scam and dangerous!! I used pen exactly as instructed and ended up in the ER because of it! I’m now on antibiotics, and at a risk for sepsis! This device should NOT be sold to consumers! I’m convinced their “5 Star” ratings are rubbish and so is my doctor. Please do not purchase this dangerous device!

Frogs aren’t blamed for causing warts...toads are!

Apparently, the FTC didn't hit them hard enough. This stuff is still being advertised and sold. Just got a pop-up ad tonight wanting me to buy it. Hey FTC, hit them again and harder.

Frogs dont cause warts, TOADS DO!

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