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Package delivery scam — delivered to your inbox

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Expecting packages shipped to your home this holiday season? You’re not the only one… scammers are, too.

Did you get a text message with a shipment tracking code and a link to update your delivery preferences? It's a scam. Learn more.

We’ve learned of a phony “delivery failure notification” email making the rounds. It looks like it’s from the U.S. Postal Service — but it’s not. The email says you missed a delivery. But, it says, if you print the attached form and take it to your local post office, you can pick up your package and avoid penalties. The message might also include a link for more details.

Here’s the truth: the email is bogus and there is no package. And if you download the attachment or click on a link, you’re likely to end up with a virus or malware on your device.

Con artists often use the names and logos of familiar organizations to get under your guard. So how do you tell what’s legit and what’s a scam? Here are some ways to spot a bogus email:

  • It tells you to click on a link or download an attachment
  • It urges you to take immediate action
  • It asks you to “re-confirm” personal or financial information

Another sure sign an email is a scam? If you hover over the link in the email, it won’t show the official website of the supposed sender — in this case, the U.S. Postal Service website.

For more tips, check out our articles on phishing and malware. And if you have questions about a delivery by the U.S. Postal Service, visit or call 1-800-ASK-USPS.

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I had the same experience. A korean guy saying he's looking for fri3ndship then saying he is in love with me like that. Even asking to do blood oath to "strengthen" our bond. Then he send gifts and ask me to just follow whatever the delivery company wants to. Very suspicious since he is insisting I pay the import fee. I told him I don't have many but he keeps insisting I get money from $500 to $200 just so I can "pay" the courier. Definitely a scam. I blocked him in IG and whats app.

Someone that sent a package that i refused to pay because i understood that it was a scam. Now is sending me messages that is going to kill me.

What did you do?

I have a big question I received a package from you someone in Afghanistan and inside he said he put some cash in there. The company to deliver the goods it's rmgexpress and they wanted R2850 for delivery to my door, next thing they say it's money laundrying and the sender and receiver have to pay R11500 otherwise they open a case of money laundrying

is the global link courier service real or not?

Is british fast link cargo is legit.. someone also send me a tracking device and ask to pay a $950

Hello, Someone send me a parcel and he wants me to pay the charges for custom and tariff charge..Once I deposited the money to the account of their agent...with 4hours the parcel will be delivered to me...Is this scam or legit? Thank You

I have ordered a set of clothes from a fake website.. initially I didn't know about that.. but after ordering I came to know that it was fake.. luckily it is cash on delivery.. n my cash is safe.. the package has not yet come.. not able to cancel it as it is a fraud website.. can I avoid the parcel when it comes to my door?

hello, i received a message trough whatsapp, they saod that the package from my friend is already arrived here in philippines, but i need to pay 20,000 first as a payment of the package before they deliver here..the name of the company is Dionysus Courier and Delivery Services. I found on facebook same situation on me, ill check the receipt that she post there and my receipt are the same..the ITEM DESCRIPTION and the SENDER'S SIGNATURE are the same..So i decided to refuse the package..

Hi I'd like to know if this is also a scam

A package for me is being held at Boksburg. Reason: broken label (missing information) - Correct it here

I got an email from Cuba telling me i had a gift pack, that i have to pay more than 56, 550. 00, Philippine currency, but when ask where to pay and where to claim they did not message me anymore and the first email is asking me for reconfirmation of my name and address.. thank you so much

All you need to know is to NOT give them your credit card information for the dollar they want.

I was expecting a package from a friend from another country. He asked my info and then said the shipping company will send me email about the parcel. And then i recieved this message.. Can anyone tell me if this is a scam?

Deposits Delivery information to be deliver in Philippines

This is to inform you that we have receive your email and we have reconfirmed your address and your parcel have been register to Global shipping company

All delivery are insure against theft for $2,000,00 additional insurance is available by request
at a rate of $1,500,65 per acceptance of higher declared values is subject to risk assessment

Here are our payment methods

Delivery time :24 hours: $10,200.00
Standard:73 hours:$8,150.00
Economy:168 hours:$6,100.00

Your package tracking number will fellow as soon as you choose your delivery right to you.

Actually past few days, I met someone online from UK, he was telling me He gave me a gifts, likes jewelries, phone, bags and whatever, he gave me the receipt, I think that was send through his email then he told he paid already, except the clearance fees, its cost about 5000hkd, they ask me to pay first before they send that parcel UK To Hongkong , that guy send me
the photos of the things he buy it for me,

Hello can anyone help me pls.
I have a friend online from he says He is in UK so he wants me to give a gifts so I send him my address, he sent me the 3 boxes, after 2 days I received a msg from the courier company that I will pay 5000 hkd for clearance fee, but when I realize maybe this is all fraud scam, because I don't want to pay that 5000 hkd, they threaten me, because a lot of money they spend, they told me we will meet in the court

Hi hope someone can help me.
Theres this guy who befriend me thtrough Instagram, he said he's Korean American soldier and was based to Syria for Peacekeeping mission. And he told me he loved me and planned our future ahead. I fell for it honestly and i think its my mistake.
Now i didnt have a hintch at first that it was a scam until he told me that he needs to go on with a deadly mission, and needs to send me his things for security purposes. He told me that he has 450,000 dollars in it, his uniform and his important documents. I agreed with him with a warm heart since i wanted to help him to keepsafe his belongings. Now he told me that he already send the package after I gave him my address. He even sent me the invoice under UN WORLDWILD SHIPPING & LOGISTICS and he paid the shipping fee amounting 4,500 dollars.
That's when I had the gut feel I am being scammed, because his address is just SYRIA, the names I think was just edited in the invoice, and also the website isnt searcheable.
Now he told me that the parcel was under express delivery and I need to pay 1,000 Dollars here in the Philippines for clearance fee. Can someone help me as he was rushing me to save money to complete it and told me that the courier will contact me through whatsapp. Hoping someone can help me. As he was also threatening now me and my family.

Global express air cargo is there anyone used this cargo? From UK to PH? The staff said to me that i need to pay 25,500 pesos for my package and to receive it and i already reported this company in NBI and CUSTOM. Is there anyone who can transact to this company?

The same happen to me last week

I've encountered the same. And my friend was also from the UK. What's the name of your friend it might be the same person

I had a similar sentiments too. I got an enail telling me i had a poacjage from Cuba but when the pacjage is in the Philippines ivwas surprise why i have to pay 56, 550.00 pesos so i ask where to pay, where to claim. The gift pack suppose to be is with cash and that made me doubtful becsuse i know its not allowed to send cash in a parcel. I hinted this is scam

I've known a man in an online and become my boyfriend after a month he siad that he hath send me an home appliances for business purpose and hid a huge currency in the cargo I didn't know about this until he send it already he just inform me that he had send it and giving a tracking number to track the cargo now I had also recieve a email that I have a cargo from US and they urge me to pay for the excise tax ,and after that they have discovered that they seen a huge currency they say that I should pay 35,000 to settle this it is true?and they have given me 48 hours to settle this but I didn't give the money after 3 days they emailed me again that I should pay or the nbi will come unto me?what should I do?

Someone send a parcel to me,but the company speedcourier parcel delivery services wants me to pay the charges fee before theyre going to deliver it to me. And after that they said that they detect money inside the box and they want me to pay charges. And they want anti tourism certificate. If i didnt pay this tx the parcel was on hold and get lost. Is this true??

I have a package but it turns out that I will pay for the package fees taxes and it said it was unhold but if I don't pay for the taxes they said the custom will confiscate was it really true or scam?
Is it legit that you will pay for the package taxes?

Hi, did someone know a global express aircargo? A friend sent me a package from Uk saying it will arrived at Aug 18, 2021. At first, I track the airway bill and it works but in my second try on tracking the parcel, I couldn't track it anymore. Is this a scam right?

Does the link cause virus or malware? I opened it on my phone and it told me to complete a survey from USPS and walmart.

ALL I want to know is if there is such a company called wingstrade from UK.They say that they pay for everything.and they pay you to count items in packages sent to you

The iPhone give away its a scam those people they tell you to buy an iTunes gift card then after they redeem it

Yes,same to me i receive a text today to pay for custom clearance 12,115 pesos.
I know it is a big scam.
It will not arrive in their office from the airport custom if it's not fully one would deliver it.once it arrive to our country the charges is being paid already.
That Mark Daniel pretend he's from New York and a sailor is a big this christine pretend from custom office in Manila is a sabotage or a wife of Mark Daniel.

It happened to me I got scammed about a friend sending me a package and I need to pay the courier agent and send to Turkish headquarters, I was fooled to believe him. He pretended to be Kim Lee from Austin, Texas.

is airline express cargo delivery a scam 714 4856581

Anyone familiar with U-Cargo Delivery? They have been letting me pay over $1000 for the fees upfront. Shipment from the US to the Philippines.

Someone called me yesterday, my package was arrived from ----- my sender. I know he sent me but when that caller told me I need to pay 25 thousand for shipping fee, i said hold my package because thats too pricey for a package. Do you think its scam?

I received an sms saying that my parcel will be returned back to the sender if I didnt collect it. The sms has a link and when I click it say I must confirm where it is me or not and they mentioned my name and SURNAME. They even said that parcel has correct name and surname. What should I do ?

Does anybody know of a delivery company call vertex delivery and logistics ?

Is solid-way courier service delivery legit?

hello, my mother is dated someone from facebook. his name is victor thompson. first, he will send a very long sweet messages to my mother once in a while. i had my doubts so i searched his messages in google and i found out that he's just copypasting it. i really think it's a scam but my mother insisted that it isn't so i just neverminded it. we even find a house and lot for him to stay when he get here in the Philippines. until he said that he already sent a package containing some expensive things, chocolates, an engagement ring and also the money that we will use to buy the place where he will stay. it's too realistic because he sent a photo of the package and a tracking number saying we should always track it. the company is DEN DROP EXPRESS DELIVERY SERVICE, which is actually a fraud cargo shipment company. days after, a number texted us saying that we should pay for tax clearance worth 31,000 pesos. im thankful that my mom now also thinks that its a scam but she's really disappointed that she's scammed even though she believed him. i'm just worried that something might happen because my mother sent personal informations like full name and address.

Hello! I have this situation right now I have this boyfriend from UK. He told me sent his luggage first here in Philippines before he went to Indonesia for work. And that luggage is his personal that he will use when his is coming here in my country after his contract in Indonesia. And this morning I had received a call from a Filipina woman telling me that luggage is already here and I need to pay $850 or 42500 pesos (that is really big amount) to release my boyfriends luggage from the warehouse. Is it scam or there is a courier like that? Thank you.

I bought an item online. The shipped it and now they said I didn’t pay but they did ship it. Do I need to pay for an I protected as it was a package that was delivered with out me paying?

I was a victim of Tibtex Courier Service..a certain Doc John Wilson send me a message that he will send me a package and when the package arrived the courier informed me to pay the clearance fee of 30,000 so i paid through gcash as per instruction but after sending the money they again called me that the package was seized by the costume and found money and that the costum will file a case against me which is money laundering but i have not received any package

I need help my one friend send me parcel from Iceland... (Prime express) .. company message me on email yesterday my parcel in on hold and give me tracking is scam or true?

Hello. Please I sent a package 3 days ago. It was supposed to deliver on Monday but delivered yesterday and my receiver said he didn’t receive it. What could have happened? I used fedex.

hi she send me receipt for package if i received then he wants the agent/delivered to pay. is this ascm?

Hi I'm Lydia Soo this guy is from London, he said he sent me some gifts, now there is this company called fast way Carrie, now I'm concerned the guy from that company just called and asked me to deposit the cash, we have been chatting on WhatsApp too, I didn't receive any email or anything from the company, just the guy came to my inbox and we started chatting, never deposited any money yet , should I be worried because I think I should have received a text or email from the company

I wish someone from here can answer my question. Is this Easy Flexible International Cargo is Scam site? It send me an email about the package that sent to me. Thank you for the answer.

That's a scam if they are nit calling to you in your local mobile. It was also my experience that they only contact you in email without phone number for you to call back to inquire.

I got scammed too. I stop paying when I received the email asking for payment to insurance my package. I told them that I won’t pay, they can keep the package an now, I’m receiving threatening text messages like if I know what’s good be better to call the agency and pay.
I’m really scared. They have my address and phone number.

Gosh, same here. Im scared. Like we only did was to bought something online innocently but then they starting to ask for more fees and will threaten you. Just now i sent $480 they’re asking for another $100 which is 5000 pesos and i asked em for refund but i still need to pay another $100 before they refund me but I can only get $150 for refund. I don’t know if I should continue my dumb act and just pay another sum.

Funny enough someone is actually trying to scam me as we speak.
His name is John Kennedy and he automatically likes me to the extent of sending Apple iPhone and Laptop for me, now he's claiming I go pick it up.

I would like to know if rogue miles delivery courier is a legit delivery company?

Same situation, is Rogue Miles Courier legit? Please let me know


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