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Package delivery scam — delivered to your inbox

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Expecting packages shipped to your home this holiday season? You’re not the only one… scammers are, too.

Did you get a text message with a shipment tracking code and a link to update your delivery preferences? It's a scam. Learn more.

We’ve learned of a phony “delivery failure notification” email making the rounds. It looks like it’s from the U.S. Postal Service — but it’s not. The email says you missed a delivery. But, it says, if you print the attached form and take it to your local post office, you can pick up your package and avoid penalties. The message might also include a link for more details.

Here’s the truth: the email is bogus and there is no package. And if you download the attachment or click on a link, you’re likely to end up with a virus or malware on your device.

Con artists often use the names and logos of familiar organizations to get under your guard. So how do you tell what’s legit and what’s a scam? Here are some ways to spot a bogus email:

  • It tells you to click on a link or download an attachment
  • It urges you to take immediate action
  • It asks you to “re-confirm” personal or financial information

Another sure sign an email is a scam? If you hover over the link in the email, it won’t show the official website of the supposed sender — in this case, the U.S. Postal Service website.

For more tips, check out our articles on phishing and malware. And if you have questions about a delivery by the U.S. Postal Service, visit or call 1-800-ASK-USPS.

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Hi! I have the same situation as you. I have already paid worth $700 for shipping fee and now their asking for another $700 for custom fee, currently right ow my package is in hongkong, they gave me a tracking number and the site where to track the package. Is it a scam?

It’s a very big scam

I had a friend on my social media Facebook me and him has been chatting for a while this December he told me he was gone send something to me a mack pro air laptop and an iPhone 7plus he did show me the receipt and all the required documents he got while he was buying those items we hen he finally finished I asked when he wanted to send it he told me the next day and even promise to add a thousand USD. I felt happy all this while he didn't ask me for anything in return when I went to abuja on the notification the emirates customer care gave me but when I got there the customer care people told me it was all a scam without even checking anything on there system . my question is if it was truly a scam why didn't he the friend of mine ask me for money or like to pay for delivery some of this can be real but most of the workers in that airport may be corrupt I told the person and his working on it to retrieve back what he sent

Please i want to know if a package sending from cuba through carlton courier express needs a shipment fee? Because i get a package from cuba to this company but asking a 1500USdollars to ship. Showing box also and informations.

I'm so worried I have a package came from London sending by someone. But the package was hold now on the custom of the charges that cost 32,750. The custom hold it because the package is confidential
So the sender got angry with me he accused me of money laundering. How can I handle this kind of situation. The sender is my chatmate.and I didn't ask him to send me that package but he insist it. We are in good term but he is angry with because of that package.

This story about "customs charges" sounds like a scam. You do not need to pay any "charges."

Some scammers make friends online, and ask the friend to receive a package. The scammer says the package has confidential items, or gold or jewelry.

But then, the friend learns she must pay customs charges, or taxes or other fees to get the package. The scammer tells the friend to pay the "customs officer."  But really, there is no package. The scammer is cooperating with the fake "customs officer." When the friend pays the "customs officer," the scammer will get that money.

same like mine case.

We are in the same situation, maam, I also sent someone fRom london, he is angry with me, why did he not receive your parcel there until now .. I will nail them, they will charge me 35 thousand pesos ... they just called me to say I would pay something

Same situation. A friend of mine sent me a package now. I dont want to sent it to me but he insist.. Now the express courier sent me a mail. Saying i need to pay the delivery agent once the package arrive here in bohol philippines.. I dont know what to do.. I dont have money if ever it will happend..

This sounds like a scam. The scam can start when you meet someone online. They offer to send you a gift or package. But when the package arrives, a company says must pay a fee or taxes to get the package.

But the courier service is a fake. The person you are chatting with online online is working with the fake courier service. They are trying to get your money. If you pay, they will take your money. There is no package for you. This is a scam to get your money. You don't have to pay. 

I think he is a scammer he want me to put into trouble. How can I solve this cause my information was given to him because of that package. Help me please to solve this problem.thanks.

Hi I have also a concern there someone also send me a package throught fast post shipping. com and even a tracking number is there and I tried it .Isnt legit ?Please help me for my safety what should I do to make me safe He has already my info.Thank you

I need help.. I wanna ask if this is a scam ? my package was not yet delivered until now someone who texted me asking money 17, 500 for VAT/TAX CLEARANCE FEE I paid already deposit in the bank account ,after that he asking money again 45 000 for fine charges for money charge inside the box which is detecting for screening department he said after we paid the 45 000 he delivered by asap then the other day no package arrive in my destination, i am texting for if where is my package he said in reply that the lawyer who is supposed to sign the documents,he is requesting a sum of 95 000 the one who protect u for the case for future reference and to clear my name and my husband name for money laundering case , he said we are in blacklisted both and imprisonment if i not mad the payment 95 000 peso... is it a scam / ? please i need help i am scared and so worried about the package .....IS THIS A SCAM?

Yes, this could be a scam. Some scams start when you meet a person online. They promise to send you a package. But when the package arrives, the courier says you must pay a fee for tax or clearance. 

When the scam happens, there is no package. The person online is working with the fake courier service to take your money. If you pay one time, they ask for more money. You can stop talking to the courier. You can block the person online. You can report the person to the website. 

Hi,we gave details and informations like address tel numbers and email address but we never sent money to these scammers. Are the info we sent them can be use as a threat for us? Thank you

Please help what should i do to my package, my giancee got angry now because from 20 until now, the pqvkage still cannot recieve

I have received a some what similar email but from "Samsung Electronics company" which informs me that I'm a prize winner for their annual mobile promotion, they asked for my details excluding bank details and they proposed two options for me to receive my package either through courier services or direct collection at their office in the United states.

I chose the courier delivery option and they further on gave me two options of delivery which in turn I had to pay mailing fees, vats and insurance on all of them.

Below is the first option

Delivery Options A:
Free Way Courier (Delivery takes 96 hours)
Mailing $200.00
Insurance $70.00
VAT (5%) $30.00
TOTAL $300.00 US Dollar which is equivalent to 4,300.00 Zambian Kwacha

Is this a scam?

This sounds like a scam.

If someone says you won a prize, but they want you to send money first, that is a usually a scam. They tell you to pay "fees" and "taxes" to get a prize. But really, after you send money, you will not get a prize. This is just a scam to get your money. 

Also, do not give your bank account information to someone you don't know. They might say they will deposit money, but they can also take your money. If you really won a prize, they can send you a check or find another way to deliver your prize.


I met someone online who said he's from California. He said he's a contractor and flew out to do a job. After he got to his job site, he said there was a problem with his bank account and that in order for him to get his pay he was making me his trustee and sending money to my address. I didn't feel comfortable about any of it. Then I got an email from Expressfastdelivery yahoo email saying that they would deliver it at my address and that any custom fees would be paid by me. I later got an email saying the parcel arrived at LaGuardia airport and that I would have to pay $3,000.00 before the package would be delivered.

I was befriended by a man from CA. Through Fitbit. We talked for 2weeks and he flew to Paris for work. He said he sent me a package from Paris via Dominican express. I was given a site and tracking number. The company text me that I had to pay a fee of $2210 for delivery. I told them ....return to sender. They then offered me a discount. I still said no. They said they would cancel. I never heard from the guy again.

Hello,is union trust global logistics services is legit?i have a ftuend i met online we are chatting each other then one day he asked my complete details for him to send his gifts for me then last day he called me through phone that he already send the package and he also give me the websiiite of the air cargo together with the tracking number,then last day 01/082020 the logistics send me an email saying please check the present location of your items 3 tumes i track through the tracking number they gave their i found out it arrived here last January 8 @ around 10:38 am so i called the contact number of the logistics the clearing officer tole me that my items could not be delivered coz i need to pay the administrative charge which is 24200 php before they will deliver to me door to door as what they consignment agreement.could you please help me regarding this matter if it is a scam?though they call me i was the one calling them and that is what they said to ke...please i need your help

This could be a scam. Some scams start when you meet a person online. They promise to send you a gift. But when the package arrives, the courier says you must pay a fee for tax or clearance. 

When the scam happens, there really is no package. The courier serivce is fake too. The person online is working with the fake courier service to take your money. If you pay one time, they ask for more money. You can stop talking to the courier. You can block the person online. You can report the person to the online site where you met.

We're same situation Hahahahha my god . But i dont send money But please this is hes email he use also about
douglades@ The package is still the cargo i still track those package he telling me hahahha Something fishhy he very good in terms how he get my attention

Same situation and joe dough is currently waiting for me at airport for custom duty clearance hehehe. I said to him that i dont have money and you can return that box to the party in london. Guys we have address and number of the person who send gift to me from london. So funny

Same experience. I met a guy from dating site and after less than a month,he told me that He bought some items for me.I didnt asked him to buy it but He insisted.And He sent it through Union Trust Global Services.It's valuable gadgets with money to rent a condo when he arrive here to visit me.The courrier even emailed me the tracking number and notify me the location of the package.Then when the package arrived here in PH.They asked me to pay administrative charge through Palawan express worth P24,200 so they will deliver it.I sent the money and the next day when i follow up,they said it was scheduled for scanning and delivery that day.but message me later that they found a huge amount of money inside and I need to settle it and pay 65,000 or else they will confiscate it and charge me for money laundering and blacklist the guy who sent it to me.I am thinking that it was all scam and that guy i met online is Fraud..So sad that i paid already.I just borrowed that money.Anyone can advise me what to do please.

Hey where on a same situation right now. Please can we talk

i do have same experience maybe we can talk please

Oh my good we’re same I send money also like 95,000 peso now I don’t know how to tell to my family about this guy we can complain so will never happen again

Guys we should to report this all scammer

Same thing happened to me. I already lose 11000$ but im still talking to this guy. He is acting like he was used by shipping company. The package was hold in Turkey and there was turkish accounts for payments.

I think you and I got scammed by the same guy and now I am left Heart Broken

Same here now my situation still the package is on the MEGA FAST COURRIER in 3 days .which I s the guy from UK send me a gift he told me have a 18,000 dollars inside that box chocolates gold ring. But the cargo shipping said that I need to pay 16,000 pesos after they delever here my house im so worried and still not sending money for them bcos I'm scared that maybe this is scam!.. so please I need to those who can advise me for what I do? Sinu really send them to pay that charges which is they told me or no? I asking already to send me the pictures of the package and yes! They already send me a pictures it's a big box and have name of sender and also a name of receiver which is thats my name and my complete address too ..I was so afraid now to send a money for them .please help me advise guys what should I do thanks God blessed us

Same experience here..said i have to pay 15,750 pesos bec the package was holded by the this a scam?omg

Hello mam me i know that person who send you a package because we are in same situation.megafást courier

Same situation.. His name is Robert Noah mark.. He say to me that he is working to royal navy..we chatting here in email... He always send me sweets mssges. After few days he say that he buy gift for me.. And already send it after get my information.. After 3days the parcel already arrive. .but the company cargo mssge me that I need to pay 16000 before they delivered my parcel at my address.... But I didn't send money for them.. After that robert not mssge me anymore... Maybe he already know that he is scammer.

Do you have his photo? I'm just worried because i have met someone in whatsapp.. Just like you he will send me Packages.. But it's so suspecious.

Now I know this is really scam...My sister has the same exact situation..She met a guy from an online dating site.. The Guy's from UK, he sent her an email, stating that he sent her a gift (gucci watch, an engagement ring, perfume and chocolate) and there's an $18,000 cash...through MEGA FAST COURIER SERVICES. He gave my sister a link on that courier website and when you track the package with that tracking number it will show the sender and receiver's name and the receiver's address and will show a progress of the package moving..then she got an email and a text message from the courier's representative advising her that her package has arrived and it's being held in custom and she needs to pay 16,000 Pesos for the local tax clearance which she need's to send through Cebuana..I asked my sister to tell that guy that she don't have that big money to pay for the custom clearance...the guy told her that there's no way for him to send money since he's in the middle if the ocean..and told her to get in touch with the courier and maybe she can borrow money from someone to pay the custom tax to release the package..just pay once she get the packeg..cause he won't be at ease until my sister have the package. something's sketchy about it...So I inquire one of my friend from custom regarding the process about packages being held in custom..and explained her my sister's situation...She said it's looks scam....She said my sister should ask to settle amount personally through custom and just pick up the package from the warehouse...Plus the name of the representative from the text message and the person's name where you need send the money is different..

It's a scam. MEGA FAST COURIER SERVICES website was made by the scammers. Don't pay. You and my mom has the same story Sheila. Be safe.

Same mam..but i dont know if scam..bcouse say said 2days or 3 working days i rceive the mega past..this is it scam..but my details igive and work address and phone no..

Really.. We are same situation.. I met him in dating site.. His name Is Robert Noah mark.. He Is frm UK.. And working in royal navy... He always send me sweet mssges then after few days he said that he sent me a gift.. Gold ring, lop top ,iPhone, chocolates and 12000dollars... But I never send money to a recieve a parcel he send it to me

we have the same situation. can you give me also an advice about that. what should i do?the person i chatted with are threatening me if i could pay for the delivery fee immediately. what should i do now?

same experience but I'm wiser than him...I realized lately that the man is scammer...I did not pay any amount...

I want to.ask if its really scam.i have someone in datnig site from u.s he said hes an army and almost finish his mission and he tell me he will send packge with an important things inside in some usd amount.he give me the company which AER LOSGISTICS and also the trucking #of my package until i recieved call from logistic and emails from customs that they hold the package unless to pay 15,700 for taxes payment through local remetancis then i paid it right away.then saying they will deliverd the package today but i got an email from customs that when scaning they founf out a big amount or currency and its a money laundering which i was scared and costume tell me to settle the problem and need to pay 49,870 for the certificate which i did not think its truly scam.

Almost same thing, but in my case I met him through social media. And when I confront him he threatens me, he got mad when I didn’t pay any. The fake courier emailed me to pay 750$ for custom services. And send the personal account of someone which I will send my payment. This kind of stuffs must be pay through post office or any custom authority. I immediately went to the police station for a police blotter and also inform someone I knew in NBI.

Can I ask what happened after you blotter him to the police?

we have the same experience. Can you tell me the name of the person you meet online? because maybe he is the one who contacted me now. He said to me that there is a packaged that will be delivered to me. And yes he send some pictures of the items and the cargo sent me email about this package. The name of the cargo is Liberty Freight Cargo. And someone called me earlier that my package is already at the Subic Zambales but there is an additional fee that muat be paid before they will delivered it to me. I can track the tracking number on the site of the Liberty Freight Cargo but im scared because maybe this is a scam. Because there is money on the package. The money will be used to pay for the rent of the apartment because he will come here this coming november. Please help me.

Who was the named that you dating in email? we have the same experience. and the named of the courier? are you a filipina?

Whats the name of the guy? Because i think we're in the same boat. And whats the name of the courier?

Hi can i join you because i have an experience like that today. The courier name is express worldwide services some one chat me there and ask me to send the money in her bpi account to send the package to me. But i did not pay and the guy scolded me so hard.

A friend has the same exact expraince she even called him on viber seen his face took pic and look up image on google and pic comes up with differant name


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