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Package delivery scam — delivered to your inbox

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Expecting packages shipped to your home this holiday season? You’re not the only one… scammers are, too.

Did you get a text message with a shipment tracking code and a link to update your delivery preferences? It's a scam. Learn more.

We’ve learned of a phony “delivery failure notification” email making the rounds. It looks like it’s from the U.S. Postal Service — but it’s not. The email says you missed a delivery. But, it says, if you print the attached form and take it to your local post office, you can pick up your package and avoid penalties. The message might also include a link for more details.

Here’s the truth: the email is bogus and there is no package. And if you download the attachment or click on a link, you’re likely to end up with a virus or malware on your device.

Con artists often use the names and logos of familiar organizations to get under your guard. So how do you tell what’s legit and what’s a scam? Here are some ways to spot a bogus email:

  • It tells you to click on a link or download an attachment
  • It urges you to take immediate action
  • It asks you to “re-confirm” personal or financial information

Another sure sign an email is a scam? If you hover over the link in the email, it won’t show the official website of the supposed sender — in this case, the U.S. Postal Service website.

For more tips, check out our articles on phishing and malware. And if you have questions about a delivery by the U.S. Postal Service, visit or call 1-800-ASK-USPS.

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This looks like a scam. The man is telling a story and trying to take your money. You can tell the company no, and stop talking to the company. The company can't make you pay. The company can't send the police to your house. 

Hello can someone verify if zippycourierexpressservices is real ?
Someone sent a package for me then he give the site along the tracking number when i check there is but still doubting.

Ive been waiting on a package from Utah and when tracking number had shown that it arrived at an airport that is literally half a mile from my home
Now the delivery company bevel logistics had said in order to deliver this package for insurance purposes I need to pay that would be refunded to me.
So I paid not thinking anything of it
Then an hour later I get the same email saying that I had to pay more money because the package contains something illegal..
I contacted the seller and they had advised me to pay or I can get arrested Didn't know ordering hemp product was illegal What should I do

I too have received a message from the same people and I too was a dope and sent money as well and got more messages that said the same thing about illegal stiff. Yhry have sent messages with DHL and USPS discrete mail partner as emails. I too am wondering what I'm supposed to do. They have gotten a lot of money from me I'm so stupid.

I have just received an email from the zippy courier express stating that a consignment sent by J has been arrived in Coron Palawan and they are asking me to pay 16,300 pesos for the clearance and tax for the realeasing of the container. The sender had emailed me with the attached photos of the items and the receipts of puchased. The container contained auctioned home appliances that worth 60k almost. Is the company legit? I wanna know please.. Thank you

Same scenario ma'am. Last February 26, i also received emails from that courier. Same package same location. Please dont give any amount to them.

How's your package ? it arrive? Legit?

Same here... The representative of that courier call me and ask me to pay 16300 but i ask one of my source about that courier and they say its not dti registered...and they're using dummmy website to scam innocent people

is the name of the person is Richard Jhon David?

I been chat also in the name of Richard, 4-5 months we used to chat, he asked me to marry him so i accept, one lawyer send me email asking me to sign to proceed fiancee visa, we have a nig arguement as he wrong send on me one time and suddenly he said he send sole expensive stuff i didnt ask for that but he insist, at the end im asking him a tracking number as the number he gave to me can trace only on that link he send also, but if u will open it to google it cannot open....until i ask him carrier name and deliver....after that he lost suddenly

i have a friend in U S A he send a cargo,,in then the cargo is already here in philppines..but the boker call me i have to pay 16300 for the clearance..i think dis is scum.will u pls help me


Have you tried tracking that package? I'm the official website of the courier? I'm curious bout it

Hi, I was just wondering what's the name of the sender? I am in the same situation right now, what's the update?

I had a match on Tinder with a guy and started to communicate with him and we share our phone numbers.
After almost 3 months chat and calls he want to surprise me... Then I got a mail from ZippyExpress Courier Services (Fake company, but they created a false website which was existing for few days, till I checked my tracking nr... But now the page does not exists anymore) that I need to pay 1200 USD for the fee... This is where things started to get suspicious and started to detect what's going on. When I asked what's going on then he immediately blocked my everywhere. But before that he tried to make me remorse for how bad a person I am ... After all, he spends a lot of money on me and I just have to pay that "small amount" because otherwise I will lose all the gifts...
Be very careful because they can go any length and play for 3 months like in a fairy tale ...

i think this is happening to me too...may i know the name of the person?

I'm also experiencing it right now. I meet someone in Zone app. it's like a dating app. Then he ask me to be his girlfriend, then out of curiosity, I said yes. Then after 3 days, he said that he has a big surprise for me. He said that, he is going to shopping and shop for me. He even sent a video then pictures of the items that he bought for me. But I keep refusing him. He get mad at me, and telling me that his angry, b'coz I keep refusing his gift. Then I said, ok it's up to you, but I told him that I can't repay him, and I Did not ask for anything by the way. Then he said that I don't have to repay him. So I trusted him. And now someone message me on Whatsapp that I have a package from UK from (James Morgan) .. but in order to received the package, I'm going to pay 15,000 pesos. So I keep asking them why should I pay for it. Then the FPD delivery company said, that it's for the clearance tax.. I keep questioning the said company, and suddenly they get angry. Then I told them that I don't have money to pay for the package. Suddenly they told me that I can pay the minimum amount of 10,000 pesos if I can't afford to pay 15,000 pesos, in order for them to deliver the package. I also requested, if it's ok if they deliver the package here in my location, then that's the time that I will pay for the clearance tax. But they get more angry, telling me that I'm out of my mind. Do help me, if this is a legit one or a scam??

Same here...that's the exact wording and courier company who had been emailing me to pay the clearance before delivering the package and I think we have same person who do that cause his surname start with letter J I know that its a scam....thanks for this lighten my mind not to believe on those stuff

I have foreigner friend in USA California, he is claimed as a US Marine officer. He send me package through DB Schenker services and after the package reach Vietnam the courier agent informs me that I need to pay 30 000 pesos for the clearance of my package. I immediately payed the amount he asks me to pay, after the process the package got in trouble, they confirmed that the custom found some amount of money in my package and they termed it as Money Laundering. They are asking for me to pay the fine worth of $1200 or else I will be in jailed and my package will be delivered immediately to my address. Is it a scam? What should I do? Is there anything I must worry about? Please help me!

hey we have the same situation. Mine is from USA California too and a Marine engineer. What is his name? please let me know.

They did me same make me pay swift delivery for the package for other person w my money plus if not pay custom officers w swift I still paying if not paying go jail I don’t know bid it’s true or what I didn’t ask for it that person did put me in it paying $250 every two weeks to swift delivery if say not pay the charges to custom officers they can come get me is that true ? Need ur help ?

A friend sending me package contain laptop and chocolates from Orlando Florida he gave me trucking number for me to trace where's the package from time to time. It arrived today in Philippines but the courier representative e-mail me that i need to pay the clearance of Php 16,000. Is this a scam?


(Final)DeliveryAttempt 12amPST . wttnem"

I do not revive my package from delivery courier and mark as delevered phone no 9740449629

Hi , hve a good day ,
I will just ask about the my package sent to me, by a friend from USA , he gve to me the tracking # and the website to track the # then i try it & i thought its legit bcoz everytime i track that # hve a result , then after 3-4 days just now i track it but in my tracking sheEt indicates that my packages is on hold by the customs bcoz need to pay the clearance for 16, 000 it is a scam or what, although until now no one send me a msge for such that clearance to pay, it is legit or scam ?? tnx hope for ur respond..

Hello good day I have a guy meet in online. And he said he send me a package.. Here in hongkong then the following day the courier services call me that the packages is arrive here in hongkong but I need to pay $20,000 HKD. And the guy that I meet online keep on telling me to get the package... And courier keep on calling me about the package and they tell me if I cannot pay I'll be going to jail for 10 years please I need your advice. That guy know my name and address.. What do you think is this a scam

My friend met someone from online she said that the guy he met is will be sending gifts to her but the courier is asking a shipping fee amounting $1,550 before the items to be delivered. Is this scam?

I have been talking with a guy for about a week or so. He said he sent me a package and will arrive today. The person called me to claim it but I have to pay like $500 dollars. And I told the man about it he said thay I should borrow money from friends and so on and he will pay me when we meet. I felt awkward so I think it's a scam, isn't it? Is it possible to tell or report it to authorities?

Same situation. Its a scam. Don't believe them

I would like ask if this truely scam,,I have known 1 celebrity in Los Angeles c.a ..USA,,she promised that she will give me a gift with money and send it courier service company, she get all my details and registered it,,in the courier, and she said that i’ll Pay 1500 US dollars for the local fee and 3000 USD for the sender, that’s why I pay the 1500 to a bank account of their manager,,that’s why they started to delivered here in New Zealand, after 48 hrs? I will recieved the packaged, but after 24 hrs, i recieved an e-mail from the courier that my package was hold by the costum because they scanned that there’s a money inside,,and some of their agents are arrested and the package to be in jail? That’s why I need to pay the bailing fee for 1200 USD for after 14 days as quickly as I can otherwise i’ll Be in jail? Is this a truely scam? Pls. Response

Ive had 2 texts the first yesterday saying that my package is ready for delivery here and today saying they have added 3200 GBP on my account saying Get it here

omg this is happening to me right now.. i meet at guy in social media recently..i was wondering why he trust me so fast to send me his money nd important doc. he told me a story and ask me to help him.. he want me to email the courier to retrieved his the package..and make an arrangement..but i dont reply him and start doubting if this is a kind of scam nd i dont open any link he send me. and i thankful and get an idea to search into the google what's going on. and that's it iam aware now..

Hello just need your help. Someone email me in gmail that I received a consignment yesterday that I need to pay for and I keep asking them I didn't order anything. A foreigner email me that his consignment has arrived in the Philippines and he need my help to pay it first. he said he is a US soldier and he is interested in me that is why he send a cargo or parcel. I didn't believe him but the company and that foreigner keeps on sending email that I need to pay something or else they will sue me. Is Zippy Courier Express legit?
Need your help guys. Thank you

I met someone from online.He told me that he will send me a package/gifts.Then one night he told me he already asked his assistant to deliver the package then after a few minutes I received an email from the courier saying that they were contacting me pertaining on the consignment placed under my name.From that email a tracking # and link of the site were provided wherein I can monitor the shipment status. After an hour this man called me to write back and confirm the details,I actually did.Next day he told me that he noticed that the items are on hold.He asked me to email the courier and on that day I got a response saying that I should have to pay first the shipment fee amounting $1,550 before they will ship the items.I immediately texted him as I was shocked the amount(fee) converted in our currency is quite huge. I sent a lot of queries to this courier and they just provided me the remittance details from third party / personal account.I emailed back and asked why should I remit in a personal account and they said that's an account of their international diplomat. From the back of my mind this is absolutely a scam. That's why I asked some of my friends if this is a legit process. They'd advised me to email the legit courier.I googled their email address and I emailed them to verify if the remittance details are legit.
They respond after 6 days saying that they have a lot of branch in the US and has a note of payment of delivery is not made by the third party. After I read the message I felt at ease and I emailed twice to asked if it's normal that the receiver is the one who pay for the shipment fee and if there's a legit items to be shipped in our country provided the address and sender name. I was really disappointed when I read his email saying - If you confirm your readiness to make the payment , then we shall put the luggage on our cargo and give you a tracking number of the luggage to enable you track the consignment
However as soon as we send you the tracking number then you will make the payment of 1000$ to the name that will be provided to you
As soon as you make the payment then we shall deliver the consignment to your door step when it arrives your country. You will be able to track the luggage through our online tracking system

Seems this is really a scam.

Seeking your thoughts about this.


Regardless, the recipients of the anonymous packages found them at first to be a source of amusement and now find them to be more creepy than fun.

In my experience, he told me that he will send an auction home appliances for our business, when I asked the receipt he gave me the screenshot. And he is from california btw. A military and he is now heading to syria to complete his assignment there. When I checked the receipt I got surprised the quantity of items, since lockdown this time where i could store items. Just imagine a 40ft container van? Then he wants to be delivered directly to my home address, just imagine that. It's just 1 week expected it will deliver door to door services through zippy courier express services. Then right now, he said the shipping company here in the Philippines will ask 17,000 for the shipping fee.. he don't want any excuses.. he asked to gather that amount. the more i doubt.. how legit is it?

Hi, this is fake! Dont fall for it! My mother was a victim too . Same situation! But different name shipping company is standard cargo services. There is a tracking number and website that looks legit. But after a few days the shipment is gone. Good thing that my mom did not pay anything.

Pls is there any air express cargo from USA that lands today in Abuja, cos someone sent me a package to receive from there want to know if it is reall

I ordered something from California and got a tracking number with the website usposta gency. com/ (royal postage agency) The package is discreet. I check the status and it says on hold. It turns out I had two missed calls from the uspostage. I call the guy I ordered from and he says call the postage so I did and this Indian guy comes on saying to email him, when I email asking why my package is on hold he says I need to pay $850 US cargo insurance fee via cash app or PayPal family Friends, zelle, money gram . This was for for safety due to COVID virus per the postage but it would be refundable, I did Like an idiot and they said package will arrive next morning, never did. I tried calling and Indian guy says there’s a problem and to check my email never got it he then said to email him info @uspost agency. com and the email stated I had to pay 1500 for customs clearance or they will hand my package to authorities. When I went back to the seller he said it’s not a scam and if the package is caught I could go to jail per his lawyer. This has to be a scam right?

Did you ever get your package? I had a similar issue happen to me not sure if it is a scam or not.

Guys let’s complain all this scammer I lost 95,000

Did you get your money back from your bank? I lost $93,000. I’m waiting to see if my bank will give me any money back. All money was done by wire transfer.

Please i have been sent iphones and the company says i should pay the money before the package will be delivered am scared

I met a friend from US he send me a gift like jewelries and gadget and 2days from now it will deliver but i have to pay remaining balance for delivery fee worth 650USD.. He also send me a tracking number and i try to check it to track my parcel but it is not exist.. Now i know it is scam.. Thank u for information

The same thing happened to me, but the guy was from the UK.

Hi, can I know the name of your guy cz am experiencing the same. He even has UK phone number

I think I have been hoodwinked, y'all. I ordered a discreet package from California and paid the seller for it directly through the Cash app. They sent me tracking info and everything, looked legit (even though I never heard of the freight company: VSD Cargo). And then tt showed that the package arrived at my local airport but that it was "On Hold" and I would have to pay $110 that day for a 'city permit' to get it. So this seemed like a huge red flag, especially since they wanted it paid to the seller through the Cash app again. I have a strong feeling that even if I pay I wont get my goods. Does this sound like an elaborate scamming situation??

I'm on the same boat.can someone help me what to do ..VSD Cargo is the link I'm provided with and also got a tracking number..I have already paid a lot and now asking me to pay double for custom clearance.if I don't pay so , there will be a penalty on me .. please help me.

Just happened to me too. My package got stuck at MS and "seller" said I needed to contact "shipper" through their WhatsApp and pay a $150 city permit. Maybe if they had just said they encountered shipping issues and needed extra money for freight they may have got me. These people are scum.

Text message I got today beware it is a scam:
Your package got returned as door was closed .Please track it and accept at .


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