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“Pass it on” at the holidays

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Home for the holidays? This year, when you pass the turkey, latkes, or veggies, why not also pass on your knowledge about avoiding scams?  

You know a lot about scams. Sharing what you know can help protect someone who you know from a scam. That’s why the FTC created Pass It On – articles, presentations, bookmarks, activities, and a video – all designed to help you talk about scams and how to prevent them. There’s something for everyone at your holiday gathering.

For your generous uncle, who can’t say no to anyone, pass on your knowledge about charity fraud. Remind him:

  • Take your time. Tell callers to send information by mail before you’ll donate.
  • Never give to charities by wiring money or sending a prepaid card.

For your older niece who is convinced that any day a sweepstakes will change her life, remind her about scams that claim you’ve won something. Share this advice:

  • Keep your money – and financial information – to yourself.   
  • Never wire money in order to claim a prize or winning.

And everyone can benefit from talking about identity theft. Remind your friends and family to protect personal information, read monthly statements, and check credit reports at

There’s more at Pass It On, but why stop there? The FTC has lots of other helpful free information to share at the holidays:

This holiday season, no matter how you celebrate, when you pass the gravy, pass on your knowledge about scams and consumer safety. 

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caught a scam this morning! Got a call form a man going by the name Henry Gonsalez (as he spelled it)claiming to be from "the treasury department of the U.S. government" I was one of 1500 people randomly selected to receive a $7,000 tax free grant. He had a very thick accent, but as I don't judge, I listened to his pitch. He said " this is not a scam, you will not be asked for and information such as bank or credit cards" I then asked for a website and he said and that led me to Nothing. I was still on the phone with him as I verified the site with him and he assured me that was correct. I told him that was not a site and he ignored me and continued on verifying my address (which he had without me giving it) and giving me a Grant number consisting of 2 letters and 3 numbers and wanted me to call a different phone number. I asked him for some kind of ID number he was getting upset and asked me if I wanted the phone number or not. I said I had a strong feeling he was part of a scam and declined the number. He was obviously annoyed with all my questions and my suspicion he quickly hung up.
Beware the scammers are out there

if I wanted the phone number or not. I said I had a strong feeling he was part of a scam and declined the number. He was obviously annoyed with all my questions and my suspicion he quickly hung up.

I just saw this posted on facebook. makemoneywiththeboss
It has all the indications of pure money making scheme like TelexFREE, ROI, 777 and others. Please stop it before it hurts many people!

I think we should watch the kidd when they are online

I just received a call from someone wanting all my informationon my health data. They said they would get in touch with my doctor and send me the topic for my back or diabetes equipment I needed. I told them I did not have diabetes. They had my name and address and asked for my doctors name and number. I was stupid enough to give them my supplement insurance number wnen they asked and the last 4 numbers of my social secutiry number. What can they do with this info. When I tried to call back the number they had called it was discontinued.

You can file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at and give information about the company that called you. If you get more calls, make sure you know who is getting your personal or financial information. Don’t give out personal information on the phone, through the mail or over the Internet unless you made the first contact or you know exactly who you’re dealing with.

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