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Refunds for customers crammed by T-Mobile

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Some current and former T-Mobile customers are about to get their money back.

As part of a $90 million dollar proposed settlement, T-Mobile is refunding customers who were unfairly billed third-party charges by the company.

According to the FTC, T-Mobile charged customers not only for regular phone services, but also for content provided by other companies. Some charges from other companies were sneaked on to customer’s monthly bills, and included charges for monthly subscriptions for ringtones, wallpaper, horoscope texts, flirting tips, and celebrity gossip that consumers never knew about, or agreed to pay for.

T-Mobile has been contacting all of its current and former crammed customers to let them know about the refund program and claims process. Customers can get more information about T-Mobile’s refund program at

Your best defense against paying phone charges you never knew about or said yes to? Read your mobile phone bill each month – line by line, and page by page. It can save you lots of money. And if you suspect you’ve been crammed, contact your phone carrier about the charges, and file a complaint online with the FTC.

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My son Teley Harrell shouls be included, he had the same problem as everyone else.

T Mobile charge from me for nothing they don't give me back!
What can I do? Who can help me?! I am Homeless, I don't have extra money!

T-Mobile took money from my direct express card after I canceled my account from a phone I no longer had. I took T-Mobile the statements from my direct express account but they said they could do nothing. The cell phone number was no longer a T-Mobile number. T-Mobile told me that my old number was now a different provider number but they still took money from my direct express ssi payment. I don't get much money and would like to get back all money they owe to me.

I had my account several years back and they always had unexplained charges on there. My bill was always 30.00 and 40.00 over from what it was supposed to be.

I had a T-Mobile phone I was using at one time but with a different carrier. Any kind of "cramming" on any bill is just wrong! Thank you FTC for watching over all of us! What would we do without y'all?

why isn't any one going to jail? This is clearly intentional, premeditated robbery, further complicated by intentionally hiding the charges! $90 Million they stole. If you steal just a pack of gum in Wal-Mart You Get Arrested!! Why is the person who made this policy/decision to steal from All these people, NOT In a Jail Cell? So what they have a class action lawsuit and have to pay it back! They just raise their rates to make up for their lost one is held accountable!

I concur zigbear!!! Welcome to America !!! Chamaine J

Citizens United is the reason. The company acts as its own entity as an individual so it board members cannot be charged as T-Mobile is he assailant not the people who run it

I am quite sure T-Mobile took more than the refunded amount I receive for $14.99, why are not refunded the actual amount we were scammed out of?

Because you can't send a company to jail. So a person steals from a company the person goes to jail a company steals from a person the company gets a fine

I agree with you

I always thought I was being overcharged, so I called to ask for an explanation. The customer service rep couldnt tell what the charges meant and why they were being applied to my account.. I knew a class action suit was in the midst.

Chamaine J
Brooklyn NY

Had the Account plan: unlimited talk, text & data $80/MONTH.3 lines. My bill was $270 often. In the $200 each month. Stopped using them because of the phone bills and now have a collection agency after me.

I suffered T-Mobile's incompetence through a 2 year contract, and after it ended last June I switched to a different company, only to be billed for an additional month afterwards. On 3 separate occasions I contacted their customer service who admitted their mistake and agreed to refund my $60 but they never did. I finally gave up after spending so many hours dealing with them. Imagine how much money they have screwed customers out of! Sixty dollars isn't much, but if you screw many thousands of customers out of $60 each, you have one serious money making scam! (Not to mention the interest that they collect while our money sits in their banks).

I also was promised refund money from Tmobile. I never got it... even though I diligently tried to collect. How can consumers report to credit bureaus unpaid debt by corporations??

Your credit report includes information about where you live, how you pay your bills and whether you’ve been sued or have filed for bankruptcy. Information on your credit report comes from businesses, lenders, courts and other sources.

You can get a free copy of your credit report, if you ask, once every 12 months. Go to or call 1-877-322-8228.

This FTC article about disputing errors on your credit report explains how to contact a credit reporting agency if you dispute what a business reported about you. Both the credit reporting company and the information provider (the person, company, or organization that gave information about you to a credit reporting company) are responsible for correcting inaccurate or incomplete information in your report. To take advantage of all your rights under this law, contact the credit reporting company and the information provider.

T-mobile and i have an agreement, they mess up my bill, i inturn will act a d**n fool. It seems to work, i am one if those people that'll read every line, plus if its not what they told me my bill would be i will complain. For a time there i was calling every month. One time i went to location where i purchased phone etc and stopped customers on the way end showing my bill letting it be known they lie. Now the way they get me is sell me crap phones that they wont even give me credit if i want to trade. I gots a little surprise for them in june. Dee is doing her homework on phones. All the bad issues the phones are known for etc. I bought a galaxy s4 in july by the middle of august usb cord stopped working, then wont read sd card anymore. Things like that. They will never be able to just take my money since i never gave permission for automatic bill pay. That was everyone elses mistake. I know its con vein ant but thats giving any company to much power.

Yes, I also got taken. My bill went from 58. To $138.!!! PLEASE help.

I signed up with T-Mobile under a refer-a-friend promo. I never received my 25 dollar gift card, which I called for on several occasions. I received a refurbished Samsung Galaxy 4 which had blown speakers. I literally could not use my speakerphone or external speakers, only headset or headphones or I am in need of a new phone, however, I am still on the fence as to whether I should stick with T-Mobile, since I was supposed to have a bill around 70-90 dollars/month, however, now I pay around 140/mos.

for 3 years i paid a steady 137$ for 2 day my sons phone number got ported (which basically means tmobile coded the number to another phone)..i called for a week last year to find out how this happened all i got was WE DONT KNOW DID YOU do it?Then pay for another sim card and take a new number...hell no i called them 3 hours a day for a week ....they fixed the problem,credited me for inconvenience and a year later im still in a nightmare arrangement 1 line every month sincethat happened owe 647.00 plus my bill shut off add 30.00 more make another payment arrangement i cant be shut off to charge30dollars enough is enough..

Yes I send my damege phone back to t-mobile and send me a rebuilt one back.know they saying my phone was wet inside well is not true they want to charge me 450.what sho I ld I do

This FTC article tells what you can do to resolve consumer problems.

I paid in advance on my phone bill in order to quickly pay off a phone. In addition, I had a lump sum of money that came in and decided to pay the entire phone bill in advance several months. Then I moved and found out that they my new house had no reception nor did a large part of the county. Fortunately I didn't have a contract so I was able to port my number. I inquired about my refund several weeks ago. They told me the amount would be credited back on my account. It wasn't. I went to the store, they asked for my account number nad routing number. They gave me a confirmation number. Refund did not come. I called, they told me the refund was declined. The customer service person said you are due back about 1/3 of the amount of the refund I was expecting. I told her the amount was wrong and I needed and explanation. She informed me, it appears we made a mistake and you should be refunded now. She took my routing number and account number yet again, gave me a confirmation code, as of yet, there is still no refund. When I asked where the extra payments I made to pay off my phone went she said "those were applied to your bill" No, those extra payments for early phone pay off were in addition to my bill. I feel I'm absolutely being ripped off and can do nothing about it. I woudn't deal with them again

You can report this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Blog comments don't go into the database.

I think Hawk Electronics should be looked into, as well. I was constantly catching them overcharging me and padding my bill with "extra charges" when I used them several years ago in Texas.

I'm not happy with T-Mobile and have been a loyal customer I got charged twice for my last bill of 84.31 and asked for it to be refunded to my car . They said they did the refund but there hasn't been anything on my card and I have checked since 1/4/16 I just want my refund

I was a T-Mobile customer during this period and had charges applied to my bill. I was never contacted by T-Mobile about a refund,and I see a cut off date of June 2015. Their website for refund info has also been taken down. What Joe?

I filed a complaint with consumer finance protection case# , however, My case has been swept under the table. The people that were suppose to help me with T-Mobile illegal ghost charges by billing me from a stolen phone after I paid cancelation fee, and paid my contract off...they charged me insurance on a phone that was stolen, charged me a monthly fee ( no ideal for what) no contract binding & reported derogatory info to credit bureau. Please help...

If you have questions about a complaint you filed with the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, please contact them at

I never was notified of said FTC action against TMobile, and should have been included. Bad enough when I switched over to them, they assured me they covered in central Minn., and didn't! Now this! We have since switched!

I transferred from AT&T to utilize the promotion that was going on. Buy 3 lines for $100 & get a 4th line for Free! I have yet to see my bill cost $100!! My bill have been over $300 plus!! We find out later that the had 7lines under my name!! WTH!! But than that should be $200 if that's the case!! So they corrected it but later tell us that we still gotta pay for the 7lines due to us coming to them Late!! IM SO DONE WITH THEM!! I should've just stuck with AT&T!! I wonder if they'll take me back!! I'm getting charged more as a TMobile than AT&T & yet AT&T had WAY BETTER QUALITY SERVICE!!

Hi i want to ask u something my sister buy 4 lines. When she check her account it says 5 lines. She went to main store tmobile and say she bought 5 lines. But the real is only 4 lines. Pls help. I'm pissed

I went onto to pay an extra two payment on an LG tone that I have and is currently on their EIP (Equipment Installment Plan) I paid roughly 37.44 (6 payments of $6.24) which would have made my remaining payment left only 3; I entered in my debit card and it was declined? (This is impossible) I knew 200% there is more than enough money in my checking account to cover a measly $37.44 I logged into my WellsFargo account and Low and behold the charge for TMobile is deducted from my checking account. I called Tmobile and was told my the customer service rep that she didn't see where my account had a credit of $37.44 I tried to explain my case but she just wasn't hearing me at all. I had to call wellsfargo back and dispute the charge...this is utterly unacceptable

Their explanation to me was that they only take payment in full, you cannot make extra payments. I say BS.

T Mobile is bogus.I called T Mobile to cancel a pay as u go phone.They intentionally left the phone on another 2 months receiving texts and then attempted to charge me for their scam!! I am glad they finally were caught with their SCAMS.This is equal to Robbery and Theft

How will I get my T-Mobile refund? I was a customer from 2005 till 2014 before I left them because of their bogus charges. The refund site is no longer available. thanks.

The time for getting a refund from T-mobile ended in July 2015.

Had a bogus product from purchase to 'throwing it out'. And, asking them to never call/bill me again. Called them for a refund when the phone/fire news was released. And, they remain without me in the billing system.

Iv'e been over charged.And had someone else using my account,I had no idea it was going on.Til it came up on my bill accidentally.Plus I asked T- Mobile for my billing statements since I started with them. and still having trouble.

i have 5 years with t-mobile and all time they charge me alot ,please help to refund my money and phinsh my lease

The refunds described in this blog have ended.

How we can be included in this settlement? We had T-Mobile for at least 10 years. Thank you

The refunds described in this blog have ended.

Tmobile did not send me anything i have had the same address for 14 years i guess that way they dont have to pay half their customers for their billing rip off. What a joke.

Every month I am chafed well over $200 for a once agreed PLAN of 160 it's a battle every month of bet and over. Thro my job I met a girl in CA that says the same exact thing. RIP OFF €€€

They sell you a phone a give you a Tablet FREE but apparently if you cancel internet service on tablet you have to pay for it in full. Worst part they say FREE but my EIP states monthly charges. That's a SCAM

I am in the same boat. They told me if I bought a phone get the tablet free. I asked how much would it be. He showed me plans and I went with the $70. He said I could pick out any phone and it would cost zero to the most $26. I picked a cheap LG that retails at Metro for $69. So here I am thinking I am only paying the most $26 today and get a free tablet. So he tells me he needs my credit card and says $53.00. I paid not questioning. Wrong of me. Then he gets the tablet on and hands it to my daughter and says I need my card again. This next charge is $143. So now I'm up to almost $200 for a phone that retails at their store for $175 and the free tablet. Mind you I am paying on this phone for 18 myths. So I have looked at the paper work and he charged $25.00 a price for each son card, phone and tablet. Charged me $85.00 to keep my number from another phone I had through Metro and charges that I can't understand and to top it off it hasn't been 2 weeks and they sent me an email that I owe first month $100. My plan was for $70. You're right its not a free tablet, they are charging. The kicker is these items will never be mine unless I buy them after I have already overpaid on them. I made a bad descion going to them. I am literally nauseous and shaking from this. I just increased my phone bill an extra $50 a month with less data than what I paid with metro and I don't keep my phone. They have to be stopped. Its not right they lie to you and then if I cancel I'm out all the money I paid just walking out the store and if I don't pay its on my credit. I need to report this. Not okay. Sorry you got the same scrappy deal I did.

I had four phones and my bill was the same way, I don't know how to file to get my money back

I just received a check today. What a surprise. Maybe yours is on the way!

I had T-Mobile back like 1 year ago and my bill each month came was more and more I started paying 160 then 230 and so on till my last payment was $500 for the month. So I Canceled and I got a bill for $5,000 that I didn't pay and see they still sending it.


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