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Sensa buyers gain refund checks

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Close to half a million people who bought Sensa, a sprinkle-on weight loss product, will share more than $26 million in refunds, thanks to the FTC. The money comes from the FTC’s settlement with Sensa’s marketers, who said their powder would help people lose weight. According to the FTC, the company didn’t have the scientific evidence they needed to back up the claims.

The FTC is mailing checks to eligible consumers this week, and checks must be cashed within 60 days. If you have questions about the refunds, call 1-800-420-2914, or visit the FTC’s Sensa refunds page. And remember, the FTC never requires people to pay money or give personal information before they cash a refund check.

If you’re seeing more ads for health and weight loss products, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The most effective way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories and get more exercise. Claims that you can lose weight without changing habits simply aren’t true.
  • Research the company or the product before you make a decision to buy. Make your own decision about how much you want to rely on a testimonial or endorsement.
  • Experts say some claims — like “eat what you want and still lose weight” — just can’t be true. Your habits and health concerns are unique, so team up with your health care provider to design a program that suits your lifestyle.
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I use sensa back in 2012, and loss 35 pds, with in a month .I was really thinking that it worked. Mind over matter.Thanks etc for my refund.

We had three large women in our house. I ordered four months for each of us and then couldn't get our money back.

I purchased my Sensa through Costco. Will this pertain to people who purchased this through other retail stores?

When I saw the web page, they said that it was free.My
english wasn't good, and I didin't understand that if I didin't stop and refund the produck, they were cost weekly.
so, I though it was free and only one time.I used ,and it didin;t work, but when I reliazed my bank account, they took around 280$.
I got refund today 55$
Thanks alot.
I wonder about left?
THank you

Hi everyone do i purchased sensa back in 2012
.. im just recieving my refund check but no one wont cash it... i dont have a bank acct to deposit it in...heelllppp how do i get my funds,??????

I am not happy that I got up to 55.41.. I called and they said limit pay settlement to each of former member... I was member for more that 6 or 7 months.. on the 3rd month I stopped as non member .. BUT they still take money off my account.. now I lost over 400.00 I should get 400 dollars instead of 55.41

It is Dec. 22 and still no refund. Is anyone else still waiting? Do they by alphabetical order?

im not able to cash the check everyone is telling me they cant cash it what do i do

I purchased Sensa in 2011 and called the hotline number. I was told you had to purchase after August 2012 to be eligible for this refund but there was another lawsuit for consumers that purchased earlier. They had no additional info. Any suggestions?

I am so angry that I have not received any refund. I spent over $300 dollars on Shophq and my neighbor spends little $$$ and she got her refund 4 days after the announcement came out about the refunds.

I think it has to do with Shop networks. Purchased mine from them and spent over 600 dollars...for two sets...i haven't received anything either but my friend who bought off internet did. Come on Shopnbc (shopHQ) give up our names already!!

Hi! Thanks, FTC, for the check...

I purchased sensa about two years ago the years was 2011 or 12 it was around Feb waste of money did absolutely nothing

I buy some sensa had skin reacting

Hi can anyone tell me who to call to get the check. When I click on the link in my email it goes to a blank page. got mine from shophq and they sent me an email but now can't get any info.

The FTC mailed checks to eligible consumers. If you have questions about the refunds, call 1-800-420-2914, or visit the FTC’s Sensa refunds page.

How to I get a Sensa refund as I spent a lot of money on this product and never worked. I even recommended to friends and they received a refund...I did not and think I am entitled to a refund!!

If you have questions about the refunds, call 1-800-420-2914, or visit the FTC’s Sensa refunds page.

I purchased Sensa from Costco and GNC, used it per directions, without success. I have not received anything about a lawsuit. How do I get a refund?

The FTC mailed checks in December, 2014.  There are no additional funds available from the FTC settlement. You can go to to report your experience with the product.

I also ordered from Shop NBC.I still have the mailing delivery clips and the letter from Shop and advising of the suit. I had called the ttc in 2014 for details and was ..still am ..under the impression I filed a claim. .... No refund for me either ????
Its not the $$$$ so much but its the principle of it all !!! It appears that there are still many of us out there who made legitimate purchases and got no consideration. ....

I ordered sensa through shop nbc and never got a notice of any refunds and never got my money back.

I also bought Sensa through shop nbc and never heard anything about a refund from FTC. Sensa never did a thing for me. I purchased in november 2012 & they had me on auto delivery when I realized I called to be taken off auto delivery. I spent at least $200 for nothing.

I too purchase from SHQP, received a letter from them in December 2014 about the lawsuit, never heard or received any documents on how to request a refund, called the FTC, and did not get anywhere, they took my information, but did nothing with it, said there was nothing else to do, I am out of the money I paid, but they really do not make an effort to help, its just like calling a telemarketing operation, very disappointed

Maybe Shop NBC received the money but did not distribute it to the people that purchased Sensa through them.

yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking, can you imagine the amount they would have collected? I don't know how they figured who gets what since a member of my family spent far more than we received but we didn't buy from shop NBC. it has to be some weird percentage or maybe what type package was bought or possibly how many re order's. Or check is less than 60.00 and several hundred was spent.

I just received my check from them this week so maybe they are just now sending out the refund checks !

Thanks FTC. They stricked me in subscribing monthly supply when I was just trying to get a trial package. I went on a long deployment and came back to find out they've been quietly taking money out of my account and sending me this useless product for nearly a year. Those crooks took way more from me, but I am greatful. Hope they went completely bankrupt.

I just found out about this. I also purchased from ShopNBC/HQ. I never received any information. I paid almost $170. I wish that more news would reach the public. I'm finding refunds are out there but the public does not know. Is it because the less the people know about it the company can keep the unclaimed monies.

I used Sensa for quite some time myself. At first it didn't work and I started to give up on it. Then I continued to use it for the 6 months period. I will admit that it did help me lose almost 40 lbs. which was great for me. I was on the automail plan, back in 2012. October of that same year I was suppose to get my shippment, bu didn't. So then I called the toll free number to Sensa and come to found out that they were no longer in business. Now I just happen to stumble across refund page by accident. I was asking myself back then what happens to people like me who invested in this product who put this money into this? And all they're giving back is just the $59? I never received anything about this refund thing. I'm going call the number to see if I have a refund coming as well. I guess God is looking out for me like He always does.

I wish I had received notice of the class action suit. I too was crazy and believed the claims. I had purchased Sensa from Sam's Club.

i used Sensa for months in 2014 am just now hearing about this suit. can I get refunded?

The FTC distributed checks in December 2014. Consumers who bought Sensa may still file a complaint with the FTC, but at this time, no additional refunds are available. The FTC has established a hotline for consumers who have questions about this matter and want to contact the redress administrator. It is 1-800-420-2914. Also, the FTC’s website has more information about the refunds.

I wish I knew about this sooner.I try this product between 2011 and 2012. I lose 12 lb with the two month starter kit. However months later I order the 6 months kit and nothing happens, That was a waste of money! Tried to see about a refund but I forever being put on hold!!!!

I got the package from Sensa and I paid for the first delivery. Then I cancel the subscription.......they threatened me unstoppable and I still refused to pay for second subscription......I told them to send me back the money and I'll send them back their products. Never heard from Sensa since 2012. GOT ME SO PISSED OFF

I was a Sensa user and purchased the 6 month stuff in 2012 - I never received a settlement or got word of it. Where's my refund?

Bought this in 2012. Still have some left. Can I still get refund?

The FTC distributed checks in December 2014. Consumers who bought Sensa may still file a complaint with the FTC, but at this time, no additional refunds are available. The FTC’s website has more information about the refunds.

I bought this stuff... what a joke waste of money.

Im Still waiting on a refund...

Bought Sensa through ebay. Bought years worth. Was very disappointed.

How do I contact someone about this lawsuit - just found my purchase of SENSA in my cabinet and realized when I went on line it is no longer a valid product and was directed to this page.

The FTC mailed checks in December, 2014.  There are no additional funds available from the FTC settlement. You can go to to report your experience with the product.

I never got a refund. I purchased Sensa on one of the shopping networks. My gastroiogist told me to stop taking it because my intestines was so red they were raw.

I had a bowel blockage that almost killed me from using sensa . I calked the company and gave them my name and told them what happened . They said that it couldb't hapoen lol .I said to them at that time they will have issues and I hope no one passes from it.

I ordered Sensa back when it came out and I didn’t know there was a lawsuit


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