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Top blog posts of 2014

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It’s that time of year when everyone’s compiling their Best of 2014 list. We didn’t want to miss the fun so here’s our own list of the 10 Most Read Consumer Blog Posts of 2014.

10. Is that debt collector for real? told you about a company the courts shuttered for duping consumers into paying $3.5 million in debts they didn’t owe.

9. Did you get a call from area code (876)? warned you about an international lottery scam and told you why you should never pay for a prize.    

8. The fraudsters in An Online Payday Loan Or Window To A Scam? stole people’s bank account information and charged them for unwanted memberships. The court imposed a charge of its own: a $14.75 million judgment.

7. Fake feds get people to pay told of bogus debt collectors. They lied about being with the government and threatened to have people arrested if they didn’t pay. The court shut down the imposters.

6. Weeks after tax season had ended, scammers posing as IRS officials were still telling consumers they owed taxes and threatening them with arrest or deportation if they didn’t pay.

5. Phantom debts and fake collection notices is a scary tale of bogus debt collectors pretending to be judges and court officials who intimidated people into paying debts they didn’t owe.

4. The fraudsters in Tech Support Scams: Part 2 offered refunds to people who had already fallen for their bogus tech support scam. Instead of giving refunds, the con artists took money from consumers’ accounts.

3. We told you about a $105 million settlement with AT&T for allegedly charging customers for third-party subscriptions or services they didn’t order or authorize. You can still apply for a refund at

2. A week before tax day, we told you about fake IRS collectors who posed as IRS agents and told people they owed taxes.

1. “One-ring” cell phone scam can ding your wallet told you about scammers who called cell phone numbers and hung up after one ring. If you called them back, they slammed you with big charges on your next bill.

These blog posts reveal several things to remember as the year comes to an end.

  • Debt collectors are not allowed to threaten you.
  • Never pay to claim winnings from a lottery or sweepstakes.
  • If you pay a scammer with a prepaid debit card, reloadable debit card, or wire transfer, you can’t get the money back.
  • The IRS won’t call or email you about a debt and they won’t tell you to pay taxes with a prepaid debit card or by wiring money.
  • Read your monthly account statements and look for charges you didn’t authorize or make.

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i make most comments on twitter ,,, thank's

The December of 2014 it was incredible we went back to 1934 and set laws to order the justice system to look forward for our own good.

This is some of the best advise the Gov can do ,or say to help the people .EXCELLANT JOB.

I paid $5700.00 to JACKSON HUNTER MORRIS & KNIGHT to pay a debt settlement and they kept the money. I can't find anyone who will help me get my money back

Can anyone do something about 'Rachel' from 'Card Member Services'. This is a call from many different numbers ans is the most annoying.

Who is the "Member Services"

Ive been getting calls from POS Rachel for years. Now I talk to them every time, sometimes Im a hillbilly, sometimes a old man, I keep these asses on the line as long as I can I won't be the only one that waste time. OH by the way in case you didn't notice, our government is useless.

I try to be polite but feel frustrated that unknown callers on a first name basis and I have been traumatized a few times by unknown obscene callers. I waited too long to take the first step in halting these obnoxious calls thank you

I try to be polite and generous as possible im always taken advantage of.

I'm a victim of #10. It's so frustrating having to let every new receptionist at my job know about this scam. Now they are also calling my husband and my parents

Have been aware of several scams but have learned others. I'd be nervous if an 'IRS' agent was at my door. I was hit by the Home Depot breach, luckily small amounts. My husband made the point that small amounts from a huge business adds up and not as noticeable. I must have been on the top of the scam list, 2 days later an email. Overseas relation,wife & child killed in accident needs money to come here. They will pay half. I was recommended to contact credit agencies. Next day call from Trans Union. Didn't answer, out of state area code. Message left to contact them at phone # and reference code. Have questions about report. Called T.U. not affiliated#. Googled name & phone #. This person breached personal records of students at a university in Georgia. I do not trust anyone & research before responding.

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