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Another tax scam: IRS imposters

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tax identity theft logoTax identity theft is the theme of the week, but it’s not the only tax scam we’re talking about. Complaints to the FTC about IRS imposter scams have shot up over the last year — by almost 50,000 complaints.

Here’s what happens: You get a call from a scammer pretending to be with the IRS, saying you’ll be arrested if you don’t pay taxes you owe right now. You’re told to wire it or put it on a prepaid debit card. They might threaten to deport you or say you’ll lose your driver’s license. Some even know your Social Security number, and they fake caller ID so you think it really is the IRS calling.

But it’s all a lie. If you send the money, it’s gone.

IRS Imposter Scams

IRS Imposter Scams Infographic


When you have a tax problem, the IRS will first contact you by mail. The IRS won’t ask you to wire money, pay with a prepaid debit card, or share your credit card information over the phone.

If you get a call like this, file a complaint with the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at You also can file a complaint with the FTC at If you’re concerned there’s a real problem, call the IRS directly at 800-829-1040.

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Just got a message on my home phone from the same number but today Feb. 19, 2016, at 6:30 a.m. from "Seattle IRS" they said. (206) 201-2044 and reported it through email to the Thanks for posting!


I got a call from a number that said wireless caller claiming to be the IRS. I was like what the heck I remembered from business class that the IRS contacts you through mail so I went online to make sure I was right, and sure enough I was.

Got a"fake" call this morning from 585-861-2851 stating they were the IRS and left a computerized message with threats.

I got two calls today, both left automated voicemails threatening that they were filing a lawsuit against me and that was my final warning- even though i heard no such thing previously. The first call was from 17255976534, which said to call 13608614117, then i got the second call and voicemail from the 13608614117 number saying essentially the same thing, then telling me to urgently call them back and that number and claimed to be from the office of Kevin White of the IRS.

Got a call on April 14, same deal with filing a lawsuit. They said to call 3608075350. Did not call back. Wanted to pass on this info.

Just got a phone call from 3374521204, threatening me by being sued by the IRS. Said that I owed $4600. At first I was scared because I haven't worked in almost 7 yrs. They ran me through the wire about sending letters previously to my address which they recited to me. I asked to speak to someone else and I was transferred to another Indian sounding person who told me that this was as far the call would go. If I wanted to avoid going to court and fighting the U.S. Government then I needed to pay the amount. I was asked did I have an emergency fund and how much money I had in my account. I entertained it until this point. The red flags went up. I told them to resend the paperwork they said it would be here tomorrow and this would hold off the warrant for my arrest. It wasn't until I hung up shaking that the IRS would seize my account if it was that serious and I also went online and found out that I wouldn't be contacted by phone but by mail. I also realized that the IRS coming after little ole me for $4600 in such an aggressive manner is unheard of. The man made it seem like there was a federal probe being done on me. This is truly sickening and I hope nobody falls prey to this. They had me for a moment but thank God those red flags were going up. I have blocked them. Please be careful for people are preying on many!!

Just received voicemail from 202.684.6724 same thing.

Today we received two fake IRS calls from the number 703-459-9484. The scammers used the name of an IRS Agent, Jason O'Connor, Badge #80995. The message was "You are about to be arrested if you do not pay your taxes". Fortunately the individual had a thick foreign accent, so it was clearly a fake call.

They tried to scam me on this today. While I had this guy on the phone threatening me I was digging thru the IRS website looking for a number. found the 800 number but guess can't talk to a live person! Ridiculous! Luckily the scammer got mad at me said he was calling the police and hung-up.

I received a message in February 2015 saying I was being sued by the IRS, when I called the number and confronted them that it was a scam, they cursed me and hung up. The number they left as a call back was 206-569-4739. sivac

Thanks everyone who posted. I usually don't but I got a phone call as well. I looked up on line and this was defiantly the same thing all of you have had. Thanks again.

Me too... Thanks guys! Just received the same call...

I have been getting calls all week with an automated message.When I call back it's a thick British accent on the voice mail. The # is 302 262 9092. Very annoying!

Me too scared the mess out of me saying I was involved in a federal lawsuit to call a 303 number right away!

I just received one of the same a computer generated lady with a British accent telling me to call 404-287-0590, comes up as Atlanta, GA but googled the number and it is from Wakefield, Ne. Thanks everyone for your posts, makes me feel better about not calling. Also makes you wonder how many people actually are duped.

got a robo call that the irs was suing me please call 509 587-4585 called back no answer just a scam

I got the same type call from this number 509 588 7300. I figured it was a scam because the caller ID also read International.I returned the call but no one answered.

When you get illegal sales calls or robocalls, it's best to ignore them. Don't interact in any way. Don’t press buttons to be taken off the call list or to talk to a live person or call back. That just leads to more calls.  These are useful details for a complaint.  Please report your experience at

Thanks Bridget, this information is very helpful.

I received a voicemail today from 209-829-1040 saying the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me. thanks to this newsletter and all of your comments I see it is a scam and will not be calling them back. I will definitely report report it to the IRS and pass this along to my friends and family.

I gotten notices from Africa saying had 41million dollars they sending me then supposedly fbi sent me a notice saying confiscated the 4!million at airport .I know the name who sent me the scam

I just had voice mail on my cell phone saying same thing that IRS is filing law suit and I need contact them ASAP! So I googled it and as I figured a scam plus I don't have issues with my taxes!

I received a phone call today from 206-201-2442 saying the IRS was about to file a lawsuit against me and I needed to contact them immediately at that number.

Had 2 messages today threatening IRS filing lawsuit 1st was from 202-621-0140 the 2nd said private caller but both were the same voice. Had the same thing several months ago, different # to call. I called number and left message that no one at this phone number had any issues with the IRS.

360-566-2212 called and said I had a law suit from the IRS against me, SCAM!!!

I got the "you are being sued" call just now from (773)382-8700

I received a call saying this was the final call to let me know that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me. No name was used it was an automated phone call and it gave the telephone number that I should call I called the number back it rang and rang and rang and no one ever answers.

I got the "final notice" scam call from 2028640161, a few hours ago. I have received others and reported them accordingly. The thing that irritates me the most is that they have also called my 94 year old grandmother! But she is sharp as a tack and told them where
they should go.... I feel lucky that my MawMaw is still with me. She should never have to deal with such crap. I pray that nobody else falls for this scam!

I got 4 over the course of a week

Has anyone received a call from 18443165262??
They called claiming I owed over 5,000 dollars and they said they were sending someone to take me jail for 3 years and I'm not allowed to contact a 3rd party because it is a criminal offense.

It isn't a criminal offense to contact anyone...if it was, your statement here would have gotten you arrested. It is a scam and these people just hope they catch someone too busy, scared or ignorant of tax laws to question them and send them money. I got that IRS call today, some foreign guy saying he was Adam was laughable. But also down right maddening. The nerve of the people to attempt to scare you into giving them money make me angry. I called back and heckled the jerk who pretended to be an investigator and then the investigator's boss, as though I was hearing impaired as well as dumb! Report these bozos, I'd like to see them caught, but I'll take solace in heckling them if they ever call me again!

Yes this newletter was informative although I already knew if the real IRS or Treasury Dept. were trying to reach me -- they know where I live and would have mailed me something. I worry about the uninformed being taken for a ride because they just do not know.

Thank you for this post-I just got a call from a 206 area code which is Seattle, WA and they claimed to be calling from DC, said I had made a tax error during a five year period, couldn't tell me which year...this call came in at 7am which I also found odd, and when this man with a strong Indian accent told me I was going to be arrested-I lost my patience and yelled at him that this was a fraudulant call and I was calling the police on him; there's been phone call back. I am going to file a report with the people suggested in this post. Thank you again for posting this information, it's very helpful.

Just received the same "threat of IRS lawsuit call" from 937-972-5970 from a T-Mobile mobile phone in Ohio... just putting the number out there. Called my accountant and he said it is a fraudulent call. Reported it to TIGTA

got a voice mail message this weekend, 24/25 Oct., same number 937-972-5970, woman's voice, claiming IRS is filing a lawsuit against me - can't the gov't figure this out and arrest these people?

Got my robocall from Des Moines, WA from 253-336-5062. It said they were the IRS and this was my FINAL call (but was the first) and said I should call this no. back immediately. Since my area would be covered by Atlanta, I knew it was fishy. Quick reverse look up showed 8 scams from this no. and it looks like they work the whole Seattle area. Did not call it back. Thanks for this info site.

1(703) 584-4993 got a phone call from this number from an Indian man basically stating the same thing

I am EXTREMELY concerned by the interaction I had with these people today. My experience started with a voice mail saying I was being sued by the IRS. I knew immediately it was a scam but called them back to see what personal information they had but in the but ended up playing along to see what they would do. Initially I was screened to see if I was willing to go to the bank immediately and pay 4 thousand dollars and change. I was then transferred to the supervisor Jack Gates, who has been mentioned on several web sites. The number was 231-464-6041 and is traced to Ameritech Michigan. After being transferred to Jack Gates, he told me to go to Bank of America and bring my phone charger, a pen, and paper. He told me to stay on the phone with him as I drove to the bank and he would give me instructions once I got into the parking lot. I actually went to Starbucks. He told me that there was a warrant for my arrest and there was an attorney in the court house fighting for me right that moment and to be careful what I say in the bank because if I mentioned the IRS they would call the police to have me arrested and freeze my account. Once I had the cash in hand I was supposed to get back in my car for further instructions. I couldn't play it out any further so I asked questions and was threatened several times. I finally told him that I knew it was a scam and that what he was doing was taking advantage of the elderly, undereducated, and poor people. After he was done yelling at me, he told me that it was for charity. I told him he was already being investigated (I really hope he is) and that I would file as many complaints as possible to stop him. He then hung up. I called back and spoke to a man from the call center (same number). I immediately told him that I knew this was a scam and reiterated who he was stealing from, the elderly etc... He insisted this was a "charity". After 10 minutes he pretty much broke down and told me that he and the others are mostly from Pakistan. He came here to go to the University of Michigan but had to quit because he couldn't pay for school and send money back to his family working in the cafeteria. He said he was approached by a man in the cafeteria for the job at the call center. He stated that it was the only other job he could get because he was Muslim and that he will never be forgiven for stealing. I begged him to stop what he was doing and said I would pray for him. He admitted that the call center was in fact in Michigan and I actually believe it. He then started telling me about how the IRS, financial institutions and the government were all crooks and that they all hate Muslims and that is why ISIS is doing what it is doing. That clearly makes no sense! He then asked me to make people aware and to fight the IRS and government (especially Obama) . He did not tell me how I was supposed to do this. I wish I had more balls but after that I became so upset I could barely speak then I heard very loud yelling and I was disconnected.At one point, he admitted that they make at least $50,000 dollars a day doing this so clearly there are some weak links in the organization and seems to me that it wouldn't be to hard to put these people away. Thousands of people have been stolen from just from this organization and I can't believe they haven't been shut down already!

These are important details for a complaint. Please report this to the FTC at  The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

You can also report this IRS scam to the federal Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484 or online.

You can also report to your state Attorney General’s office.


I received a call from a 516 number saying same thing. I think they are getting my information from this Obama act. Oddly enough I get calls from insurance dependant confirmation and they asking me about my kids information. I refused to put their information on line. Then they gI've my 22 year old daughter a call as well. Saying irs is going to file suit on her too

New number to add (858) 262-3934 to IRS Scam list.
Out of San Diego, CA. They are doing the same scam. They have automated dialer "the IRS is filing a lawsuit against you. Call this number back for more details."

Just got this call 346-303-9917 saying this is my final notice from IRS and I'm now being sued! Call back asap


I got the exact number thank goodness it's a scam I was freaking out

Just received same bull call how do they get away with this

I just received a scam phone call from the IRS from the following number: 202-905-0003. It was an automated machine claiming the IRS is filing a law suit for debt owed. When I called back it was a man who picked up and claimed to be IRS. Don't trust this number!!! I'm reporting it this afternoon.

Ga state, jus got 2 private calls 2day saying he was from its nd he needed my s.s number

5/5/16 I was contacted by a an automated voice telling me I was being sued by the IRS. The number is 202-531-6730. Red flag #1: the IRS doesnt use a 202 area code. Red flag#2: the IRS sends you a letter if there is a problem. They dont call you to threaten you.

They called me 3 times today from (806) 202-9205. Knowing it's a scam I called them 8 times just asking them stupid questions, giving them a hard time and didn't give them any information. I figure the more people haras them that less time they will have to rip people off,it was kinda fun. I also reported them to the FTC.

Got a phone call from this number stating that a there was a lawsuit against me and I needed to pay immediately. The phone call originated Texas... I live in California.


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