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Another tax scam: IRS imposters

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tax identity theft logoTax identity theft is the theme of the week, but it’s not the only tax scam we’re talking about. Complaints to the FTC about IRS imposter scams have shot up over the last year — by almost 50,000 complaints.

Here’s what happens: You get a call from a scammer pretending to be with the IRS, saying you’ll be arrested if you don’t pay taxes you owe right now. You’re told to wire it or put it on a prepaid debit card. They might threaten to deport you or say you’ll lose your driver’s license. Some even know your Social Security number, and they fake caller ID so you think it really is the IRS calling.

But it’s all a lie. If you send the money, it’s gone.

IRS Imposter Scams

IRS Imposter Scams Infographic


When you have a tax problem, the IRS will first contact you by mail. The IRS won’t ask you to wire money, pay with a prepaid debit card, or share your credit card information over the phone.

If you get a call like this, file a complaint with the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at You also can file a complaint with the FTC at If you’re concerned there’s a real problem, call the IRS directly at 800-829-1040.

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10 February 2016 Same Scam: Received a robocall from Seattle number 206 519 6958 on voice mail saying that this was "the official final notice," and that the Internal Revenue Service was filing a lawsuit against me. To get more information on this case file, the number to call was (703) 634-4854. Didn't bother after reading the posts here.

I just got a call from this ridiculous 206-488-7743 number and he could barely speak English and stated this is the IRS. I wish someone could explain why these mfs still exist pretending to be someone they are not an try to scam us out of out hard earned money and scare us with jail threats along with away out lmao smmfh track them down need them gone

I got the same SCAM call from 415-200-1483. Ridiculous!

Well here we go again folks. They call every year around tax time to see if they can scam you into giving them $$. They ask me my name and I do the same thing every year. I say I'm Mrs. Obama or I tell them I'm harry reid or some other crap from DC. They then tell me I own them so much cash. I tell them I'm Obama and I get the $$ from the IRS from the hard working people of the US so I can spend it anyway I want to. They then try another scam by saying they are going to take me to court. Well I tell them go ahead and do so because I have spent over 10 trillion in the last 7 years hell more is not going to hurt.

I got a phone call from Friendswood TX 832 895 3481 saying me the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me and to call the number. It was a robocall

We've gotten calls like this two days in a row. So glad I looked this up. My mom was about to call back and I kept telling her NO it sounds like a scam! Glad to know it was.

Today I got the call from 315 908 7668, and it said that IRS is going to file a lawsuit against you." Be careful of this call

My automated call came in from 206-438-3143 in Washington. I notified my CPA and he sent me this website and said NOT to contact the number.
Seriously, get a job!

What was the web site your CPA gave you. I got a call today allegedly from IRS but it had no info like call Mr. X at 800-xxx-xxxx. I do owe money to the IRS. Thank you

IRS SCAM called from these 2 phone numbers in one Day. 253-216-4607 and 202-803-4704

I just got the same call. A recording said that the IRS is going to sue you. So I called the number back and got an unclear, overseas type of call from a woman who could barely speak English. The number is 203-293-6786.

A woman with a clear Indian accent with phone number 347-857-7921 identified herself as an IRS representative with the name SHARIL PARK with badge number 640010 and case ID: IR670495. She said that all my tax returns from the last seven years contained lots of mistakes and I didn't declare foreign transactions as well. She said there was an arrest warrant for me. Fortunately, I had my wife review this while I was on the phone with the scam artist and my wife told me indeed it was a scam. The scam artist continued to threaten me with the fact that the local police will be here in three hours when I told her that I'll verify it myself.

It's 2016 tax time and the scammers are having a field day. Started last month, I have been getting calls from the IRS Investigation Team ( one of the callers identified herself as Lisa Cooper (?), out of Aberdeen, WA. They warn of possible police action if I don't call them (360-209-8103), so they could help me in resolving my IRS case file. I just ignored the calls.

This one today same message. 646-503-1368

ALL SCAMS! Ignore Them...IRS always sends a letter... They do not call.... Have a loud horn answer with that in their ear....

We received two calls today from these scammers pretending to be from the IRS, claiming to be filing a lawsuit against us. Both times gave the same call back number of 217-503-7936 on our message machine. Fortunately we are aware of this scam and ignored it. It is very annoying, and you know some folks will fall for it.

312-458-5721 Amateurish phony IRS scam so poorly done it is comical. Was just going to ignore it but when they call 3x in one day I've had it!

Some foreigner with the name of Officer Calvin Smith said I had a warrant out for my arrest and that I needed to pay immediately. Once I told him my dad was a cop he hung up on me. He called from Phone number 505-261-4686.

Got 2 phone calls saying I owe money and then there taking me to court! the number they called from is! 1-727-480-8624!

I just got a call from these scammers, they said I had SEVERAL lawsuits being filed against me. Sorry to make a joke of a serious topic, but the whole thing was like being called to court by SIRI. Sadly our phone doesn't have caller ID, so I couldn't get the number before I hung up.

I just recieved one of these calls today, I gave them a fake name saying my name is Seymour butts, the guy was like this phone is registered to a (my mom's name) and why are you illegally using a phone registered to someone else

I replied back first I've had this number since 2001 so that's wrong they went on to ask OK can you confirm your social security number I then went 123.......456....78uh 90

And kept giving vague answers and then he replied is something funny there is a pending lawsuit and that point I used profanity to him and he was talking and I hung up, he called me back I replied I know youre a scam donot call this number again and at that point the guy broke his character and started cusing me back and we went back and forth for 5 minutes then I replied, well I wasted your time so that's one less person you can call and try and scam

And continued to use more profanity towards him

The phone number was 206-495-9586

With that many complaints and the NSA recording every call, it seems like you could track them down.

Received a call from 202-455-6960 supposedly from an IRS agent & even gave a badge #. Person with Indian accent stated that I've filed fraudulent taxes for 7 years & that I owed $3,670 as a result. That if I did not pay the said amount immediately, that there is a warrant for my arrest & cops would be in my door step in 60 minutes. After I questioned the legitimacy of the person I was talking to, he passed me onto another person who essentially tried to bully me into paying the amount through moneygram! Effin scammers, I tell you.

And yet another number the "IRS" is using to scare people. 412-315-1676. When will these degenerates learn that they are just wasting time! Folks, if the IRS wants to contact you, it will be by old-fashioned snail-mail. Not to risk an FCC complaint for using foul-language, all I have to say is "Get a Life"

Received a call 'from the IRS' saying I was going to be sued and to call 1-870-267-5232. Now I know this is a scam call, BUT what I DO NOT Understand is with all the resources that the Federal Government has that they are unable to find these people / call centers (even overseas) and stop this harassment and scare tactics.

If these clowns are willing to meet you at the bank, why can't an undercover policeman meet them at the bank. This would put an end to all this scamming.

add number 202-800-5582 to the threat list

Received a voicemail saying we were to being sued and this was our final notice. Phone number used:
202-286-0621. Be aware of these scammers and don't return their calls.

I've got a message on my phone yesterday saying that the IRS has filed a case against me because i didn't file my tax return and wanted me to call them back asap. I am on social disability and my income is under 10,000/year so i didn't file my tax return because my social disability is only source of income i have.So i didn't call back the number they left in my answering machine and went online to check on the IRS website.Now i know the IRS don't call people for their tax problem.Thanks God because it really scared me !

My dad got this call i knew about this quickly that it was fake so we said your fake its a scam do it again and we will call the police

They are still at it...this time the number is 217-375-1001

got a call from 209-398-8001. Message told me to call this # as I have a criminal complaint filed against with the IRS. I played along but gave all FAKE info. They even asked for my zip code. I made up one. Boy are they stupid. Officer Alex Hooper Badge # IRM8699863. and Senior Officer Hambolt said I owe $11,780.00 from 200-2005. Kept telling me not to hang up. Boy did I have FUN PLAYING with them. If I did not pay the sheriff was going to come and arrest me. I said ok, I guess I have to go to jail cause I don't have the money and hung up. They called right back and asked why I hung up. I feel sorry for those who believe this.


Once I received a call from IRS wanting to sue me+put me in jail if I didnt send $1,000. I said jail jfdoesnt scare me+he hung up on me.

The very best thing to do is hang up on them+block the phone number

Just got one of these robot calls, They left messages that IRS is filing a lawsuit or making a claim against me. Informing me to call back to same number immediately : 202-322-2907-. when i called back no one answered.-and the call was hangup ..... Please be aware!

Received 2 call in as many days, both with a 202 area code. Today I called the number back and told them " I received s call and just to let you know this call is being recorded." The man on the call acted panicked asking someone what to do several times and then hung up. The man had a heavy Indian accent.

I got a call from some weird number normally I don't answer it but this time I decided too and I got told to call back some 509 number. Or the IRS was going to press charges against me I could face going to jail. Thanks everyone you set me at ease

I got a call a few days ago, 21st of April, to be exact (and another one today the 25th of April at 1 PM… for some reason, they like calling at 1 PM) from this number (202) 622-3000 claiming to be the US Treasury Department or the IRS and also claiming that I owed about $4000 from the year 2003 to 2007. Dummy me fell for the scam. When it comes to doing taxes, I usually go to H&R Block or a company similar to them. The speaker who called me up told me that I either did not go to H&R Block or I lied about the whole thing. The speaker (with a foreign accent) said that if I don't pay $2000 someone will be waiting at my door within the next two hours to arrest me and that I could spend 180 or more days in jail and they will close my banking account. I was also told that after the $2000, it was interest accumulated and they will forgo the interest if I pay the $2000 now. Unfortunately, I fell for it. They wanted $500 increments from iTunes cards (why iTunes I have no idea). The speaker would tell me to go to CVS, Walgreens, Family Dollar, General Dollar, or other stores to buy these iTunes cards valued at $15-$500. The speaker would tell me to scratch off the area where the transaction code was located under it and read the code numbers from the iTunes cards. He also told me to go outside of these stores to the parking lot so that we can talk in private. He also told me to tell the cashier that they are gifts for relatives. And he told me not to mention this conversation to anyone. I did not have enough in my bank account, and I ended up giving them $1500 of the $2000. The speaker told me that I could be charged interest if I go into another day or so of this ordeal. I told him I will give him the rest tomorrow (April 22) after I borrow some money from my bank. Somehow, he found out that I had posted a comment online like this on another site. He chewed me out and asked me why I did that. He also threatened to crash my computer the next time I go online. When I told my neighbors all about this, they too told me I was scammed. I was a dummy for falling for all this. You see, my neighbors have TV, I don't. And they told me that was the latest scam that was on the news. Plus, because it's tax time, that with all these IRS scams. Well, when they open up for business, I would recommend calling the IRS and the police and file a police report and talk to them about your incident should this happen to you. Because of the scam and I lost $1500, I actually now have to borrow $2000 from my bank so I can make rent payment and pay my bills. I pray to God that others will not fall into the scam as I did and if they do fall for it I hope they take my advice.

i just got a voicemail saying we were getting sued. they left this number: 202-531-9246

Does the IRS investigate or take any action against these scammers? I got a IRS impersonator call the other day from 202-836-9550 and filed a report on the IRS website.

No one is going to believe this, as I'm typing this I just got another scam call from a different number this time it's 304-703-8902. This is out of control!!!

Read what TerryHC said. It is very IMPORTANT!!! I am his friend and I helped him out on the situation. He does not have a computer. He either uses mine or goes to the public library. When he told me about this issue, I was the one that advised him what to do. I was a little late at first in helping him with this IRS scam but afterwards I was there for him. These IRS scammers WILL read what you post online. And they will threatened to crash your computer when they say that they read what you wrote. They cannot do that. We contacted the REAL IRS and the police and they told us it WAS a scam. I told my friend that if they want to play games with you, you play games with them. A week after they did the scam on my friend, they tried it again. They wanted the codes on the back of the iTunes cards. I told him give them a fake code (write the fake code on a piece of paper because they will ask you several times for the code and they will repeat it back to you). Well, they tried several times to access the code on the iTunes card; it did not work for them. At that point, they told my friend that in two hours a police officer will be at his house to arrest him. Well, more than two hours had passed and nobody came by to arrest him. Fortunately for us I was around when the last incident happened to him. We recorded the whole thing. We called up his phone company and asked if they could post to anyone with caller ID that if they get a call from that number to have it read as: IRS phone scam. The phone company said they will work on that good advice and see what they can do about it.

Isn't funny how they don't call on weekends

Just got a robot call, also, from number 206-567-7680.

I just got a call like this from (254) 433-5126.

My partner received a call from the irs saying The irs was suing him. This was about a month ago. Today I received the same call from 478-279-6895 from Dublin, GA.

Got two calls today from 860-906-7086 saying the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me and to call immediately for information on case file.

I recieved an automated call today 5/9/16 saying that IRS is filing a lawsuit against me from the number 702-509-3890. I knew it was a scam then I found this website.

Got a call this evening around 5:45 pm from a computer call stating i was being sued by the IRS and to call 917 area code numbers i think maybe 2 917 area code numbers i knew right off it must be a scam because most government agencies will send out mail letting you know what they have to communicate to you for starters i listened to the recording didn't waist time calling back the numbers and decided to post this info just trying to help get the info out in hopes that it will help whoever else gets the same call.

Received two robo calls today from "IRS"...said to call 206.804.2097...


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