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Another tax scam: IRS imposters

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tax identity theft logoTax identity theft is the theme of the week, but it’s not the only tax scam we’re talking about. Complaints to the FTC about IRS imposter scams have shot up over the last year — by almost 50,000 complaints.

Here’s what happens: You get a call from a scammer pretending to be with the IRS, saying you’ll be arrested if you don’t pay taxes you owe right now. You’re told to wire it or put it on a prepaid debit card. They might threaten to deport you or say you’ll lose your driver’s license. Some even know your Social Security number, and they fake caller ID so you think it really is the IRS calling.

But it’s all a lie. If you send the money, it’s gone.

IRS Imposter Scams

IRS Imposter Scams Infographic


When you have a tax problem, the IRS will first contact you by mail. The IRS won’t ask you to wire money, pay with a prepaid debit card, or share your credit card information over the phone.

If you get a call like this, file a complaint with the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at You also can file a complaint with the FTC at If you’re concerned there’s a real problem, call the IRS directly at 800-829-1040.

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I received a call from ph# 518-650-2026/518-489-6109 voice message stating "Extremely time sensitive this is officer Eric Foster and division is 5186502026 if I don't return the call and if I don't hear from your attorney either the only thing I can do is harvest you a good luck as the situation badly falls on you." Ok, so I called the phone number above this guy had a very, very strong Pakistan/India accent said he was from the IRS and I owed $3079.86 that if I didn't pay my drivers license would be revoked, bank accts frozen, jail time etc. I informed him I have NEVER received any notices, he said the IRS doesn't mail out notices regarding this matter. No, I did not give him any personal information! These scammers need to be caught and punished! It's a shame what this world is coming to.

Similar call stating IRS has a low suit against me.
They left a number to call them back if I want to avoid going to jail 817-382-4357

I just got a call from something like this. Freaked me out. It was 360 596 4000. They called me about having charges against me for not paying taxes on my scholarships. One, scholarships don't need taxes. Two, they were charging me for something I couldn't even have done even if I did. They said that I could either pay the $1,800 or spend seven months in jail. They threatened to take my degree away from me and have me taken out of college. And when I went to research this, I told them I was getting ready. They said that I was playing games with the IRS and that they're sending police over with a warrant. They were aggressive. Wouldn't let me talk. Kept yelling at me. Also they said not to discuss this with my family when I'm practically a minor.

I'm so relieved that I came about this site. Like others, received phone call (202-691-9066) today from a woman stating that I was "being sued by the IRS" and that it is urgent I call said number, which just happens to be in the DC area. Likewise I was not contacted via mail.

Received a phone message from this number 509-779-2304 from WA claiming the IRS has a lawsuit filing. Returned the phone call and left message. Suspected it to be a scam and thank you for this blog!

Keep receiving messages about the IRS and having a lawsuit against me. I called him and told the man (Indian accent) to take my name of his list. He wasn't too happy with me because he told me he was going to send the sheriff to my house with his cuffs I to.d him that good I'm already on. My front steps waiting. Phone was 509-295-6447

It started with a voice message saying that I needed to call or get my retained attorney of record to return the call. The issue at hand was extremely time-sensitive and to call Officer McWilliam(at least that is what the name sounded like). The number to call was (202) 810-9089.

I called (202) 810-9089 and Officer David Watson, Badge #669 answered the call. He tried to explain everything to me, but was hard to understand since he sounded like he was from India. I was then transferred to Officer Adam White, Badge #IR2508 (also, has India accent). Officer Adam White told me that the IRS was suing me and that I had 3 federal allegations on me and that there was a warrant for my arrest for committing tax fraud and that I owed $10,483.00 from tax years 2010-2014.

Of course, it was hard to believe and I asked how can this be. Officer Adam Smith said that they sent out letters to me in April and in June. I told him that I did not get the letters and that I did not live at the address that he claimed he sent them to them. I haven't lived at that address for over a year. I asked how the letters were sent and he said DHL. It kept sounding fishy. I did tell him that normally if there is a court notification that the papers would be hand delivered. I did ask which courthouse I would need to go to and time and date. He just kept talking over and trying to not listen to me. He said this was very real and that the IRS does not play around.
Now, Officer Adam White asked that I not speak and that this was being recorded and had to go over the following with me about the IRS charges against me being code # 6331H:
1. IRS can seize house and car; 2. Freeze bank accounts; 3. Tax Liens; 4. Report my crime to all credit reporting agencies; 5. Wage and Benefits Garnished; 6. 38 code ? ; 7. Passport seized;
8. IRS Warrant against me
After all these threats, Officer Adam White never asked me for money. He just kept saying that I was going to jail. I was upset after getting off the phone, but knew in my heart that there are just evil people in this world and love to put fear in people. I know that this cannot be real because the IRS has my current address and if they needed to contact me then I would have actually gotten a letter and not threaten me like these idiots were trying their best to do.

I really hope that these scums get caught.

got call from jack Hoffman scam ..want me to call back 214 303 60 something ...scam

I knew this was a scam call because I know the IRS never calls on the phone so I played along. The number that called me was 509-396-6879 an Indian accent saying they were from the IRS and asked me for my phone number. Said I was going to be arrested if I don't pay. That's when I said "no you will be arrested cause I know its a scam". BEWARE - THE IRS WILL NEVER CALL ANYONE ON THE PHONE FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER !!!!!!!!!!

I just received one of those threatening voice mails from a 509 area code - caller ID said "Washington" I returned the call and was Immediately threatened with Lawsuit, Suspended Drivers License, Jail...etc. After my numerous attempts to have them provide details of why I owe, the scammer began to get very aggressive and made lewd sexual comments. The thing is they already new certain information regarding name and did they get ahold of that type of information?

Names and addresses are available through many public sources. A scammer may use a public source to get information about you, and use it to try and pressure you.

Same thing happened to me from # 914-205-4493 gave me all kids for crap that i would be arrested tomorrow if i didn't pay $3,589.06 for the year 2009-12 for frauding the government...

I received a message to call back about a law suit from IRS. I called the #253-336-5324. The first time I called there was a woman that answered but she hung up right away? So I called back and there was a man with a thick middle eastern accent. He stated that he was IRS. I asked again is this the IRS? He said yes. I then asked if he was calling from Washington D.C.? He said yes. I told him that he was not calling from a Government # and asked if what agency he was calling from? He then gets a very aggressive tone and says he will be at my doorstep in 1 hour! I said to him No you will not! He kept saying to me don't worry I will be at your house in 1 hour to be with you! I put him on speaker and called my husband with my cell and put him on speaker so he could hear what the man was saying to me. I asked him what my address was and (of course) he told me what it was. I told him that I was calling the police and he said he did not care if he lived or died so go ahead and call the police he would still be at my house. I kept telling him you do not call my house and threaten my family. He kept telling me that he would do what he said! He never asked me for money or even talked about the supposed law suite. My husband called the # back with his cell phone and he got the same man. My husband asked who he was and he said he was agent Vince Morgan I.D.#897431. My husband asked him if he was the man that was threatening his wife and the man quickly hung up. I called our local Sheriff's department non emergency # and the dispatcher just kinda laughed and said yeah we know about that scam. No big deal. REALLY!! I think it is kinda a big deal when a man calls me and threatens to come to house to "be with me" and that he didn't care if he lived or died?!? It was creepy and I really don't like that my local law enforcement would make it out like it is a big joke!!! I made a complaint with the FTC and while I was writing out the complaint the man called my house again! I hope our government is taking these serious because it seems like local government isn't!

I just got the message on my voice mail from 360 347 1806. Thanks so much for all the information. I was pretty sure it was a scam. I will report it to

just got a call from 202-798-0967 about a tax case that was filed against me. Very threatening to someone who might be a bit naïve. Very foreign accent, could hardly understand. Asked if I wanted to take care of this outside the courthouse. Total BS...told them that I was having the call traced and they hung up. Called them back another person, same lack of communication skills...turned the tables on them and told them that I was sending my homies over to @$%# them up...they hung up. Call 202-798-0967 and get in on the fun!

My husband just called me saying the IRS called his cell, I listened to the message they left on his voicemail stating the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me. I got really shaken but decided to call, i was answered by a man stating that they had done a audit since 2008 until 2013 and there has been a miscalculation, i kept on asking him questions that he was not even able to answer i was getting upset because he was not answering my questions i asked if there was someone else who can explain in detail what was going on because apparently he had no idea, said he would tranfer me over to "his manager" I then said i will call back because i was at work. I tried calling back and it came up as an invalid number. So i discovered it was totally a scam, thank god i didnt fall for any of this. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!

call came in this morning so I called back on 509/790-0593 they answered IRS and must have caller ID because they had my name. Said he was officer John Jameson and he was glad he got me before the arresting agent came so we could resolve this. I kept asking why we didn't get a letter, he explained they had sent someone out in March with that and since we are a flight risk( I figured he knew we had passports) this was the only chance unless we wanted to be arrested. He kept going on about how this call was recorded and local law enforcement was listening in..I told him good that way when we went to court they would know that we had never received any paperwork and how rude this guy was, he told me to watch my tongue as I was speaking to a govt agent, of course that just set me off again! He wouldn't even let me off the phone to get dressed to go to the bank. He wanted me to give him my cell number so he could track me as I was again a flight risk. Actually gave me to his boss- officer David brown with badge #1rm49726 and I have to say they were impressive, had me going! Gave amounts and dates but couldn't tell me the error. I googled the phone # and found all the scam messgs and the. Called the local irs advocate line on my cell while they were on hold she said the IRS doesn't even really have the man power to send people out anymore, and that the very first contacts would be certified mail letters with all the rules and regulations...yes I feel stupid, but they were very very good! Watch out! And yes they all had a very India/Pakistany area accent...I'm going to have a beer and calm my heart down!

Truthfully, getting a call like that is a heart stopper - that is until you look at the clock - I knew right away this was a scam since it was 6pm and no government employee I've ever heard of works past 4:59 on the dot. If it were true, then I'd have to go all night worrying about this? without being able to call? i want to sue the pants off of these people, but I'll take a lynching instead. They hurt innocent people like older folks and i hate scammers!!! Get a real job and look at the clock idiot scammers. you're not so good at what you do.

Just got a call with a robomessage about the lawsuit from IRS. The callback number was 360-283-5246 (WA state). Reported to IRS, FCC and TIGTA. Beware!

So glad this is online to help people understand the real process of the IRS. I got a call saying the IRS is filing a lawsuit. Phone number (202)-683-9908. Did not return call. Blocked number. I knew it was a scam but your heart still races a bit. I hope they catch these assholes. I pay my taxes religiously.

I got a message on my home recorder last night, the guy said he was from the IRS, sounded Indian or something like that.... was very threatening. He never said my name and he never said an amount. I'm not that stupid..... First off I don't owe the IRS anything, 2nd I knew if there were some kind of mixup I would first receive a notice in the mail. I can't believe these idiot scammers do this kind of crap....makes me sick to believe that some naive or elderly or foreign people will fall for it and give the criminals what they want! Wish there were some way to stop them altogether!

The number they gave this time to call back was 301-979-9611

I just got one today and got scared. This website is very useful and handy. My number was from 360-474-4240

I received two phone calls today, stating I was to be sued by the IRS. It was a computer generated voice. The number is 202-621-0546. I doubted the calls because my name was not mentioned in the message. I did call the number after several busy signals and found the person was overseas (sounded very low and overseas delay) and spoke with a Indian accent. Hope this helps other innocent folks with these heartless scams!

I would like to share my story on this IRS SCAM. I received a phone call today while I was at lunch, on my cell phone. I promptly sent it to voice mail. It was from Washington DC, and I figured it was some political poll or recording. I was surprised they left a message.

The recording was a middle eastern accented man calling himself Adam Jones. He called me by my nickname and last name. Stated he was with the legal dept of the US Treasury and he needed to speak to me,or my retained attorney before things got legally "messy" for me. He ended the call with have a blessed nice of this scammer to care enough to wish me a blessed day!

I got back to my office and googled the number, and of course saw immediately where others in the past week had received calls and threats from a "David Smith". I knew it was a sham immediately, the IRS isn't going to contact me regarding my taxes and then not use my legal name when addressing me. However, my nickname is what I use on emails and social websites. Secondly, listening to the voice mail I could tell he was reading from a script and using words that he hoped would put me in panic mode. And at first it did, but I google every call I get that I don't know, just because I want to know who I am being contacted by.

I decided to call the guy back, and let me say, it made my day! It went like this: I called in, same guy as in the voicemail answers...asks me my name, I tell him, you called me, you tell me who I am....He says, one moment, then, are you Ms. So and So? Why, yes I am...Oh, he says yes, Ms. So and So..I am Officer Chris Sweeney. I interrupt him and say I must speak with Adam Jones, he is the one who left the message. He says yes but I can help you, I am so glad you called. I interrupt again and say, no no, I need to speak with Adam Jones...He says yes...he's unavailable at the moment...and then tries to go into his spiel...I say no...I want Mr. Adam Jones. He says something and without a click or a pause, suddenly Lead Investigator Adam Jones is on the line...only its the same guy!! I started laughing and said so now you're not officer Sweeney, you are Adam Jones? You didn't even disguise your voice! He didn't appreciate my humor and was trying to tell me I owed money and I was going to go to jail. I laughed as I told him I was reporting him for impersonating an IRS agent and to never call me again, he was still trying to get his message across as I hung up on him. I give them props for being ballsy...but it sure ticked me off to even get this kind of call on my cellphone and i will tell everyone I know about it.

The number used was 202-559-6977.

Just listened to my answering machine and got a automated call telling me the IRS was filing a lawsuit against my husband and I.
Being that I just woke up I freaked out and told my husband. He said it sounds like a scam and duh me for not thinking about it first. I told him I was researching about it and SO glad to have found this site!
The number they said we need to call immediately is 509-228-8609... Again I am so very glad to have found this site and I just wish scumbags that do this, would find BETTER things to do!

1st call like this. They left a message saying the IRS had a lawsuit against me and to call. Besides the FACT that I know I have no tax problems, I'm not foolish enough to fall for this!

Received the same call but phone number they are using is 425 312 1601

I just answered a computer call also indicating that the IRS is initiating legal action (law suit) against me. I am to call 917-72xx (we couldn't understand the last two digits).

I hate SCAMMERS! There HAS TO BE a way to find them/recover $...if done FAST ENOUGH!ALAS, COURTS MOVE SO SLOW...$ can be moved 1000s of Xs before you even see a judge! BUT-IF THE SCAMMER is in the U.S...courts SHOULD BE ABLE TO PUNISH THEM!We just need great geeks.

We have to keep posting these SCAMS-GOT OUR 1ST 'I.R.S.'1 this week...clue it was a scam? NOT from EITHER a TOLL FREE or GOV'T exchange..Area code from Seattle, Washington, NOT THE D.C. WASHINGTON! (but some are SO IGNORANT , might NOT REALIZE!) & the 'CALLER' NEVER said ANYTHING to IDENTIFY ANYTHING! If I was STUPID ENOUGH TO CALL BACK-I had no #1-agent name, #2 case #, #3 where we were being 'sued' (instead of IRS taking from returns, paychecks, ) AND-#4 NEVER USED OUR NAME!

'You, at # xxx-xxx-xxxx owe us!Don't know YOUR NAME...but we KNOW!'

I HATE THOSE 'Nigerian & other country scammers ' that claim they are 'royalty' & due to 'some emergency', 'YOU, COMPLETE STRANGER' I need YOU to take the enclosed check-converted to U.S $(WHY the 'odd amt.') & 'CASH IT', but, since, you, COMPLETE STRANGER, are being so KIND TO (ME, MY FAMILY, COUNTRY), you need to send me only 'X' AMT of this check! (between=25-70% of ck.)Where to send it? NORMALLY MAKES NO SENSE or doesn't match 'story'...ALSO, 'I NEED THE $ NOW!' So, person deposits it, 'appears to clear', BUT, 3-6 WKS LATER-'INSUF.FUNDS' & it is either an out of state OR COUNTRY CHECK! BUT, THOSE who 'fall' for THAT 'SCAM'? I have seen a few on TV, they gave all these reasons for doing it..(and the woman who was from the South & killed her Pastor husband, then drove off w/her 3 daughters to an Ark.beach? She did it-$ troubles) SO, to 'think'??? a 'prince' (or whatever) from another continent SOMEHOW FOUND OUT-that YOU WERE A GREATEST PERSON-among the 'other 330 MILLION' here in the USA, you are...STUPID ...or...let's face it-GREEDY! -so NOT THINKING STRAIGHT..

I got a call this morning from someone with a foreign accent saying something about a lawsuit. I knew it was a scam and told him he was full of xxit and to go to xxll. He called again later today and told him again to go to xxll and hung up. I wish there were some way to put a stop to these jerks.

I had 4 calls today from them. 347-741-8228, I called them back and no one answered. They called again and I answered, but only got the message about lawsuit. I called back and got a foreign man named Sam Anderson asking me for my last 4 #'s on my SS # I started yelling at him and he hung up!

Got two calls- one last week and one yesterday on my answering machine. Didn't mention my name. One was the lawsuit call and the other one was final attempt by US treasury to contact me for a federal criminal offense. 315-400-8849 and 202-738-4336

I just got a call saying the IRS was going to sue me as well...two calls today from different numbers..the last number was 646-751-8210. Which appears to be a NY number?

Don't respond, don't react, take 50 deep breaths and think. Always screen your calls. These people don't even use proper English, that should be a clue. Never return an unsolicited call. Always call an Official 800 number, never, ever return a call that sounds like this idiocy. Never Panic as a first resort, if this were a real call in any case, you need an attorney. No real agency will act like this. Ever.

I got a call from 763-244-3060...a robocall saying the IRS was filing a lawsuit against us...and us, being the law-abiding tax payers we are, knew this was bogus. I did call the number back and a man with an Indian accent answered and I told him I knew this was a scam and I reported him to the IRS...he hung up.

The new automated call feature of the IRS is really nice. I wasn't even aware that I owed four thousand dollars until I called back and they explained it all to me. Very nice people. They were so grateful to get my payment.

Just kidding. I get a call about every day with this scam. YOu would think that with all the big brother stuff after the 9/11 push that these would be caught immediately. These people should be put in prison.

Received two USPS notices that I had a letter from the IRS. One of the notices came while I was at work, the other, while I was home ALL day. Today (10/1/15) I received a telephone call from 509-203-4357 advising the IRS was suing me. This is interesting because I HAVE received legitimate correspondence from IRS concerning legitimate issues with my 2013 and 2014 tax returns. Guess the scammers weren't banking on that.

Just received a call from 206-249-7313 (Seattle W.A.)stating the IRS is after me etc... thank you for this post as it helped me realize I'm not alone. These shadyscammers need to be stopped!

Same scam - told me to cal 509-252-0869. Cant the government trace these numbers and stop this? If not , they need to change the system so it's not so easy to get a ne phone number every day.

chris 10-5-15 Received a automated call from a woman stating I was being sued for not paying taxes if I didn't return this call. I did not answer and now have read a lot of other people are receiving this call. The phone number is 360-216-1739 and it says it's from Camas WA.

Mine said, "this is the irs. We are calling to tell you that in two hours we are filing a lawsuit against you. Call us back immediately.

I received 2 robot phone calls from a fake IRS # 253-470-0164 and 202-864-1311. Beware of the IRS scam.

Robocall purportedly from IRS says to call for "important issue"; phone number 509-331-5220. This is an obvious SCAM.

just a little bit ago got a call from irs saying that i owed taxes and that their are warrants out for my arrest they had my phone number and name.problem is i always use my middle name when dealing with something involving the US government.second i am on disability and live below the poverty line so under that i dont pay taxes.and if wasnt for living with friends i would not have internet to check this all out.the phone number was 202-738-4284. i might be slow but i am far from stupid

Robo call from 202-738-4504, guessing it is a scam from all the others listed above, thank you for posting!

I received a call from 202-864-1122 saying they were the IRS and I had unpaid taxes from audited tax returns for years 2008-2012 due to miscalculations in my tax return. I was told there was a warrant out for my arrest, a federal agent would come to my home in 2 hours and seize my license, close my bank accounts and a lien was on my social security. I was told to pay the $4,410 that I owed I had to go to Bank of America and use their routing number with a cash only (no checks) payment. I was told I could not involve any third party. I was told an agent would come to my home and bring the paper work. I was told repeatedly that I did not need to go to the IRS office to do any of this and if I mentioned my reasons to the bank, they would close my accounts. The gentleman spoke with a thick accent that I initially spoke to and then his supervisor took over whose name is Daneal Vincent. I questioned the validity of it and he agreed to send me paperwork via email and when I received it, it was on IRS letterhead and appeared sketchy. He told me I had to give him my cell phone number and we would stay in contact through the time I would arrive at the bank. He told me to call him back from the phone when I left for the bank and gave me a 202-239-1458 number to reach him at. He also gave me his Federal badge number. It was a total shakedown. These people should be arrested for engaging in these fraudulent tactics.

The latest twist that I have received is the scammer asking for my criminal attorney's name. All the calls I have received have been live people who sound like they are from the Indian sub-continent.

Just got 2 calls from 509-588-7318 saying that I have a lawsuit against me with the IRS.. If you also notice they don't ever say your name.. blocked this number and suggest you do the same.

Just got a call - I let it go to Voice Mail.
Ha Ha love the thick Eastern Indian accent that I can hardly understand some of his words. I deleted it.
They're scammers. Don't try to talk with them at all its pointless. The sad thing is they're going to get money from some naive undeucated person who thinks it's real.


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