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Another tax scam: IRS imposters

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tax identity theft logoTax identity theft is the theme of the week, but it’s not the only tax scam we’re talking about. Complaints to the FTC about IRS imposter scams have shot up over the last year — by almost 50,000 complaints.

Here’s what happens: You get a call from a scammer pretending to be with the IRS, saying you’ll be arrested if you don’t pay taxes you owe right now. You’re told to wire it or put it on a prepaid debit card. They might threaten to deport you or say you’ll lose your driver’s license. Some even know your Social Security number, and they fake caller ID so you think it really is the IRS calling.

But it’s all a lie. If you send the money, it’s gone.

IRS Imposter Scams

IRS Imposter Scams Infographic


When you have a tax problem, the IRS will first contact you by mail. The IRS won’t ask you to wire money, pay with a prepaid debit card, or share your credit card information over the phone.

If you get a call like this, file a complaint with the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at You also can file a complaint with the FTC at If you’re concerned there’s a real problem, call the IRS directly at 800-829-1040.

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sir your wik is so good and taxes problems is now a days so cmplicated.. Thanks

We received several calls where either a person with a foreign accent or a computer generated voice left messages telling us to call 206-923-9536. They threatened a lawsuit and when I returned the call a foreign man who said he was Agent Carter (go figure!), who provided a fake badge number and stated we were being audited for taxes paid from 2008-2013 and owed almost $4,000 in taxes. When I asked him to provide me with more identifying information about us we were somehow 'disconnected' and when I called back the line was busy and continued to be busy 30 mins later. I reported the scam to the FTC! Please continue to share these scams and help protect the law abiding citizens in our country!

I got one today 253-336-5360 India accent hardly understand them.

Got a call from (347)-983-0655. My caller ID read it was from a "New York Call". It was a robo call saying, I was being sued by the IRS. I would have to be a idiot to give them my personal information!

Got a call from 347-983-0655 (ID and they gave a number) a Recorded voice saying to call the number back---did NOT. If we didn't call back, we would be arrested. IRS sends you a letter in mail and does NOT call. Had it been a real person, we would have kept them on the phone with chit-chat (just for our entertainment. Looking online to report this number and found this site. Just letting folks know that on Oct. 23, 2015 this scam is still happening.

got robocall (recorded female voice) from Sumner WA; 253-299-4007. Number not previously listed above.

Just got a call I didn't pick up so I was left a robot message saying I irs was filing a lawsuit and to call these numbers 360.474.4687 and if no one was available hahaha to call this number 936.585.5003. Reporting them to irs today

Got a robo-call from 425-312-1790 with the same scam

This phone number call me saying was the IRS 347-539-4090 today 11/02/15. They are fake!

On October 30th 2015 I've gotten a call from a automated female voice from 703-659-2156,told it's the IRS filing a law suit on me to call back.When I did I got a thick foreign males voice saying he is Officer Julian Marshall Badge# 186063 and gave me a arrest warren ID# and case ID# telling me that IRS is filing a law suit on me for $2983.49 and if I didn't send them a security deposit they where going to hold me in jail for 72 hrs or until it's paid. Then I got a call from a Officer Michael Black Badge # I couldn't get down because he said it to fast telling me he's from the Phila, sheiff office and they are 30mins out where am I? I said, if you're coming for me you should know where I am,he said, he was putting me thu to Officer Julian Marshall again so I hung up. Julian Marshall called me back and said,why did officer Michael Black put me thu to him again and i hung up? if I didn't want to go to jail I should go to the bank and get the security deposit to let him know when I'm in my car and at the bank he'll give me #'s where to send it,Am suppose to tell the bank teller it's for a personnel reason. I got ahold of scam and filed a comment and received a refer # for when i get another phone call and have to get ahold of irs again I use the refer # to verfied who i am. My Mother just got the same call from 3156465647, a woman's voice and then a man i told her what to do. Don't let them get away with this, i feel for the older people in all this scamming.

I got a call today from a blocked number. The man had a very thick accent and said something along the lines (it was hard to understand) of criminal charges pending, IRS, and arrest warrant. I told him to hold on and added my step-father, a CPA to the call. The man stated the call was being recorded and that for legal purposes he could not speak while my step-father was on the line and that the police would be at my house in a half hour to arrest me. My step-father listed off the agencies he works with and asked for the guys badge number. Then told me to hang up when the guy refused to give it. I never even let him get to a part about asking for money but he did scare the daylight out of me.

Same thing. The number keeps changing. This was 509-383-4072 they left a message on my machine: we have been trying to reach you. This call is officially a final notice from IRS, internal revenue services . The reason of this call is to inform you that irs is filing lawsuit against you. To get more information about this case file,please call immediately on our department number 509-383-4072. I repeat 509-383-4072".

Well! I filed a report on here and on the irs site

Same story, the number I was being asked to call is 202-375-0272. The person said "internal revenue services" (plural) which itself is suspiciously incorrect.

Received the call yesterday from number 360-362-4519. The guy had heavy accent said his name was "Eric Johnson" (yeah right). I knew it was a scam, but wanted to get info to report them. Reminded me of "This is Peggy" commercial. I wonder how many of the uninformed have fallen for this. Sad.

Received the famous "from the IRS, tax fraud" call from # 202-241-2011. I didn't see this number in the long list of numbers being used. They were trying to scam my 78 yr old mother. Thank God I was able to intercept the call.

I received a robo call from 509.590.1402 saying they had been trying to reach me and this was the last time they would try (my history shows another call in the last couple of days that I didn't answer - no voice mail). It said the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me and to call them for further information. I immediately hit Google and got this site. Thanks, everyone, for helping me come down off the ceiling... When I got this call, I knew that it would be the straw that broke the camel's back for me....

713-815-0240 - Texas. robot tells me I'm in trouble with the IRS. robot is also calling me from a t-mobile cellphone. silly robot.

I received a call today from multiple numbers out of Washington, D.C. The two I have left me voicemails, saying that I had a warrant out for my arrest, was going to jail, that I could fight it or pay back my tax fraud. When I called back the number left in the voicemail, the man who answered had a very thick, foreign accent. I asked what department was I speaking with, who else could I call. No logical responses. Gave me some kind of number; 00/100/3636 and didn't really explain what it was for. I'm literally on the phone with IRS now, so not sure if I should really call in or is it a scam?

I got the scary call today from 911 and later from IRS toll free number asking me to pay $2000. Otherwise they will dispatch the police at my work location to arrest me. Found out to be a spam..

Receiving same scam call from number 832-815-0171

I received a call from 202 446 6927 saying that the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me and that I should contact them at that number. I tried calling the number but no one answered. I then did my research and discovered that it was a scam.

I received two calls today within a couple hours of each other from 206-855-3334. I did not answer because if I do not recognize the number I wait for them to leave a voicemail first. The voicemail advised they are the IRS and they are filing a lawsuit against me. I already knew I have done nothing to attract the attention of the IRS and I know they do not leave automated voicemails on a phone when contacting someone. This is a scam so please beware.

Had a call on my answering machine at home today from 347-669-5232. The automated woman's voice said "This call is to notify you that the IRS is filing lawsuit against you. For more information; please call.... " I DID NOT CALL - total scam - reported it to the FTC.

I just received a call from 323-522-4789 I didn't answer but they left a message saying that this is officer Judy Smith from the Department of the United States Treasury that it was the final notice that there was a lawsuit filed for illegal tax fraud against me and to call back to prevent going to court and get arrested as soon as possible. Knowing this might be a scam did some research online and found this site that confirmed it was just wanted to give you guys a heads up.

Got phone call from "private called x4", answered today and said Peter from United States IRS. I started laughing at him and said, yes Peter from IRS, and laughed again. He hung up.

Received a recorded message that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me. Left a call back number 312-985-5366. I did not call back. Looks like a consumer scam.

Just got a voicemail from # 213-141-5163 telling me that the IRS was filing a law suit and to call 209-813-4131. I had gotten a call a few months back and I did call the number they gave. The person had a very heavy Indian accent and gave me a his last name with Smith. He then said they have been trying to get a hold of me by mail and I said I never got anything. He kept asking for the name of my attorney and I kept saying that I didn't have one. He was getting upset and saying I wasn't taking this seriously and then threaten that the sheriff would come and arrest me. I said okay I will talk to them when they come. I then checked online and learned it was a scam.

Thank you for this website and all this information! Just got home from work to two BOT messages on my answering machine. Incorrect English was the first clue. Lol. They claim to be "IRS who is filing lawsuit against me." The number they gave and used = (206)973-7039 Seattle, WA.. Found other websites re same number, same BOT message. Gosh the scams never end; sad to think some people will fall for these crooks and all the others just like them. ~Happy Holidays people! Thanks again.

So thankful I searched and found this website with the information. Just picked up voice messages after being on vacation and received one on Nov. 8th @ 12:34 pm PST from phone number: 713-820-5278 which was an automated voicemail threatening that they were filing a lawsuit against me and that was my final warning; despite never receiving a call before. My husband is a tax atty and I know historically that the IRS won't call but communicate by email but it was still bothered me so I did a search. Glad to have this info and am sharing it with my friends. I will report this to the FTC.

I, too, ust got my first "IRS is filing a lawsuit against you" robo call. FYI that originating # is 202-820-1272. A few keystrokes lead me to this blog which confirmed my suspicions that this is a scam. For others, the ramifications of such a call often causes panic even if they never lose any money. What is just as bad for some is that some victims live in precarious mental states involving anxiety disorders so such calls can be devastating as some postings in this blog indicate. These scammer predators are total low-lifes and need to die.

Today I received a message from Marcus Swift from a (347)5353674 number saying the he was from the Investigation Department of Intel of the IRS, that he had issued a warrant for my arrest because my name and address are on the list of those who evade taxes and that list was issued by the FBI.
He called back and I answered, when I started asking for more information regarding this outrageous allegation, he said that on the notification they sent two months ago to my address explained everything. So I kind of started to get a little on the defense side and he just kept repeating the same and from time to time he would respond back by asking me if I filed myself, if I was an accountant thinking that filing taxes was simple...I repeated that I owed and evaded nothing, that I did not receive any notice, and he just said that I would be arrested in the next hour or so and that I would go to jail and court.
Also I did ask for his name and address and number to verify him as an IRS employee because I did not know if this was a prank. He also had a funny accent. I can honestly say he is not American.
I called the IRS and TIGTA but they had high volumes in calls so I did file the complaint on the TIGTA web site.
Now, I am wondering why he never asked me for a credit card number nor he asked to verify my Social I still wonder.

Just had a voicemail on my cell phone today, December 10, 2015. Figured it was a scam so checked online and found this site. When they can hardly speak the language, it's pretty obvious that it's not legit. What evil people! I'm glad I missed the call!

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SCAMMMMM.....BUT YOU THINK THE (IRS) CARES (dont be part of the sheep...baaaa)

I Received a call, stating that the IRS had filed a lawsuit against me! She even gave a case number! Her name was Morgan Roger and the phone number they called me from was 202-436-9885. The funny thing is that I am new in USA and the officer claimed that the lawsuit was due to unpaid taxes from 2008-2013! After that I received several robocalls telling me the same thing!

Received 3 recorded calls today from (509) 320-4177 / Starbuck, WA stating "You are about to be sued by the IRS. Please call..." This is a complete SCAM! There is no actual person on the other end of this call when you try and dial them back, nothing but a busy signal. Be very careful!!!

I use my vm to screen my calls, and those East Indian scammers have been pestering me again, this time with a total robo-message in a female voice: "Internal Revenue Services (yes, plural) a lawsuit against...(dramatic pause)YOU!" (So they don't even bother to find out the names of their potential pigeons.) They call from spoofed numbers, tell you to call some number with a 202 prefix...funny how the con artists are way ahead of law enforcement with technology. These scammers are apparently untouchable, look how many months they've been at this!

Got my call this morning from Chicago. 312-985-5368. Said they are filing a law suite against me from irs. I hung up before they finished the message.

Thank You for this site and those of you replying.....I knew it was a scam (in my gut but the mind plays tricks) and now confirmed here. Received call yesterday and day before. Thankful for VM and Caller ID. If these scammers would put their efforts together for good, say, world peace, cure cancer, end hunger.....sheez.....Thanks! Sigh

I received an automated call saying the IRS was filing law suit. I should give them a call. The number the call came from is 516/669/3868 from Glen Head NY

Still going on. I Didn't call back
2022548440 was the number from an automated message asking me to call back to avoid IRS lawsuit.

I just got a call on my cell, they said I had an arrest warrant and that I needed to call them back. I knew about the scam already so I did not call back with my phone, I called them back with another phone and they answered and I said who's this and they said the police, I said I know this is a scam and that I already turned their phone number in and that they better not ever call me again. They hung up on me. HaHa

I received a phone call from 605-277-9384 saying the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me. Called back and it appeared to be a scam, so I googled and found it was a scam.

202-468-5893 left a shady voicemail saying a lawsuit has been filed against me by the IRS. Bring it on!!! Just kidding. Why haven't these clowns been arrested yet?

I received a call from 206-538-5531 today, computer voice telling me the IRS was suing me. Not nice to make calls like this and scam and scare people.

I just received the call from 206-319-2938 - IRS is filing a lawsuit against me.

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Got a call today from 509-850-3486 Spokane WA. Indian accent, claiming IRS and there's a lawsuit against me. SCAM!

same threatening call. Alerted the senior center and they will put out a bulletin. Then the next day someone told me they also were called. She didn't make enough to file taxes. They told her to send them over 1500 plus penalties and interest otherwise she would be arrested by the police. I ignored my call, she laughed at the indian making her call.

I have gotten 3 calls today alone and I have 3 of the same voicemails on my phone - a robot female voice saying the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me and to call back immediately. The number is (202)657-5827 from Washington DC. Just wanted to add this number to the DO NOT ANSWER list! Can't believe this is still happening! Wish they would leave me alone!


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