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Is anybody horrified?

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FTC blog posts don’t usually come with parental advisory notices, but in the case of Craig Brittain and his now-defunct revenge porn website,, we might need to make an exception. Because, in case you missed it: revenge porn.

According to the FTC, Brittain solicited sexually explicit pictures to post on the site:

  • He asked people to send a picture of someone else, including their date of birth, town, state, phone number, and Facebook profile – and then he posted it all on the website.
  • He posed as a woman on Craigslist and convinced women to send him pictures of themselves – and then he posted those pictures.
  • He set up a “bounty” system, where anyone could ask others to find pictures of a specific person, in exchange for a reward of $100 or more.

All of the pictures and information were searchable online – and visitors also could post comments about the pictures. In fact, the “higher level of hatred” was one of the selling points of his website. You can imagine the impact on the people whose pictures appeared on the site – anything from getting unwanted contact from strangers, to worry about getting or losing jobs.

But Brittain offered a “solution” to this: for $250, someone could have pictures removed by using the “Takedown Hammer” service offered by the site. According to the FTC, Brittain posed as an attorney, operating this service.

So why did the FTC wade into this seamy underbelly of the online world? Because Brittain’s actions violated Section 5 of the FTC Act. The settlement announced today means that Brittain has to destroy the images and information from the site. In the future, he can’t post naked pictures online unless the person in the picture consents in writing, and he can’t lie – including about who he is or who’s giving him content for a website.

But there’s also a warning here for other revenge porn websites with similar practices: cut it out.


Great work, FTC! Now please put a stop to the biggest fraud that is ripping off thousands daily- the "business opportunity" scam known as Herbalife.

Is this not extortion? Shouldn't the FBI be involved?

This world is so full of smitten , people taking advantage of any one in their path , God will pay them back for all the bad and evil things they do to others, it is only getting worse as the days go past us , just pray for the ones at his PREY, sick old person.

How do you find out if your picture is on one of these sites?

There is a site doing close the same. Exposing johns and now Exposing Jill's... Ran by the same scumbag. He sets up fake ads all over Craigslist and various other outlets. As soon as he receives a txt he captures it, then looks you up on Facebook, steals your photos and post that on his exposing johns website claiming you solicited an escort. When you try to get it removed you conveniently get taken to a page with 3 different offers to pay to get it taken down. Some poor guys have paid and nothing happened with there info besides them having more of their personal info. Next time you are online Google exposing johns scam. It's unreal. Ive sent 8 complaints to the ftc and no action yet. Just wondering what the hold up is.

I am sickened by this and something needs to be done. I was shopping around Craigslist last fall for football tickets, and shortly thereafter I got a text saying I solicited an escort! Now my name and number is listed there, and Google does nothing about this either! This is a crime, and something needs to be done about this! Is anyone else angry about htis extortion racket? I refuse to pay any money!! They need to be shut down now and Google needs to remove all the names and numbers listed from Exposingjohns. Sickening!

I sent a text to a Craigslist ad selling a blueray DVD player in Nashville TN. I asked how much? Next thing I know I have a profile on this site exposing and I lost my job because my religious company saw the profile with my photo and got rid of me. My wife and 2 kids also left me because she was told I was a sinner. i have never engaged with a prostitute and was trying to buy a blue ray for my son's birthday. Google refuses to do anything and all research shows the website is run out of India. How is this still up? I guess Google and our US government does not care when innocent people are scammed and thrown under the bus. Anyone have the name and phone number of the exposing johns guy. Maybe I will go visit him.

Thank you for sharing your experiences. Unfortunately, we cannot address complaints if they are submitted through the blog comments. Please report your experience at is gone but it has been replaced by a new domain name

It happened to me. My husband is blaming me. But he is always on craigslist.I wonder if this is something similar? I never had a problem until December -January. When he put a car on there. I have a name and number. But i am scared to post it. I wish we could talk. I would explain. I just got my number changed late yesterday. He is a snake. I hope they get him and put his pic on TV for all to see. Google or sprint could not help

yea I am also a victim of exposing johns. I was looking for a car on craigslist and sent the same text message, "hi, I saw your add" to about 15-20 phone numbers. next day, bam I'm on the website. Picture and all. Unbelievable

Anyone know if this site will be brought down? An investigation needs to be done...a lot of people being black mailed.

I hope they shut it down soon ... I got scammed to

I have been looking for jobs and cars parts and I don't know which one it is but there is a picture of me and my ex on the site. It has ruined my life... I just got a text trying to make me pay them 732-676-8312. Anyone know how to track a phone? I have someone I would like to meet.

Why hasn't the gov. Blocked a fraud site like this?

I got hit by exposing escorts too. I sent a message asking when a sell would be back in Charleston and bam I am on the website.

Most of you guys on here are lying. exposing johns people set up dumby ads in the escrot section of backpage. if you call mail or text the ad you get posted. Thats how it works. I was caught but i spoke to a rep management company and got removed. SInce then me and my wife have reconciled. Stay off backpage or use a burner phone but stop lying.

I understand what you mean. I agree, the only problem is; like me who just tested the waters on text but never ventured out we are being posed as something we aren't. What rep management company did you use?

Which rep management company you use?

OK NoJohn-My husband is now on this ExposingJohns site because I attempted to buy a soccer goal on Craigslist for our 11 year old son. Mobile number is in my husband's name and has it linked to his Facebook page. So some lowlife blackmailer posted a fake ad on Craigslist pretending to sell a soccer goal and said I was trying to pay a female prostitute for sex! Did I mention I am a female trying to buy a soccer goal for my son! I have consulted with a US attorney and an Indian attorney and spent a good deal of time researching this scam. Nice to see InternetReputation and other Online Reputation companies have jumped in bed with this awful company. Until organizations like Google begin to help individuals scammed with this and other revenge/blackmail sites, there will be no solution. I think this was set up to catch men who solicited prostitutes; however they began to realize there was more money to be had once they set up fake consumer "ads" selling actual items. Terrible and totally illegal.

Correct on all accounts. It looks like the site is over with, but generally if people are posted on there its because they were trolling a girl and wasting her time, flaked on a meet, acting creepy, or whatever. I doubt most people are just posted for no reason they had to have some doing with contacting a backpage ad whether it was as simple as asking for a price of a meet, details, or going through the motions of setting up a meet. If men a lot of the time cheat on their wives and gfs to use backpage, of course they will make up excuses saying "oh its cause I asked about a DVD on craigslist!!" lol awful excuse/lie. Just own the truth and correct the problem with who you hurt or respect your wife/girlfriend/whoever and break up with them instead of cheating behind their back. Also, keep in mind girls on backpage aren't there to be trolled/disrespected either. It's common sense. Idk why anyone would fork over any company 500+ more bucks to "remove" them from a site, unless it's accredited it's probably a scam.

This person "nojohn' might have some connections with exposingjohns. He is promoting reputation management companies with his previous comment. All those companies are partnering with Only a webmaster can remove your profile. That means all reputation management firms advertising removal are indirectly funding this scam website. I am also a victim. My phone number had no texting facility. Still they claim that I solicited a prostitute through a text. I am still using only i messages and watzapp. My phone number was linked with my facebook account. That was the only mistake I did. If you give them money, they will post your details again and will ask for more money in future. Government should take actions against these websites.

They get phone numbers not only from adult pages. Most of them are collected through other ways also. If your phone number is posted anywhere in internet including social media sites or craiglist they will search for that phone number in facebook. They can post anything they want as a proof. Best thing you can do is to file complaint with FTC and IC3. Tell your family about this scam website. No one will consider this scam website seriously. But sending money to exposingjohn or their reputation management partners will actually make the situation even worse. If you pay money, they will remove your profile only for a short period of time. Most of the reputation management people associated with exposingjohns are not related to any lawyers. They are just a guy with a computer doing business together with these scammers. Don't give your credit card information to anone. File complaint and just ignore it.

I paid 1500$ to internetreputation for removal. After 1 year my profile is now showing again in Google search. Now I got 2 emails from other 2 companies assuring removal. All these companies are connected with exposing johns. Don't give your money to these scam websites.

I was really surprised to see the picture,location and other information of my died friend in this website. He was died on December 2012 in a car accident. When I did a research about that information, it has been posted in the website exposing on 2014. His Facebook profile picture is used in this website. I told this matter to his family and I hope they will file a defamation lawsuit against this website. Facebook is not safe.

I filed a complaint with FTC. I think everyone that's been getting scammed by EJ needs to do the same...maybe if more people file complaints the better chance It will be taken down. What they are doing is completely illegal and the US needs to stand up to this kind of extortion/cyber terrorism!

I filed complaint with FTC....only response was tips how to avoid scams. Very disheartening...don't know what its going to take to get this slanderous site shut down. This is cyber crime and they should be punished.

Facebook has an option to search its users using phone numbers they linked with their profile. It does not matter whether you set privacy for that setting. These scammers are using this feature to get information. They know that innocent people are more willing to pay money to keep their reputation. In addition to escort pages, they get phone numbers from public postings, blogs, company websites, craiglist ads etc. My name and location is in the website. But the phone number used is not associated with me. I filed complaints with FTC, IC3 and State consumer protection agency.

You can file a DMCA complaint and have the image removed.
Don't pay anyone to have this removed - they are all scams


The website (believed to be based in India) collects phone numbers from innocent men and women in the United States. Many of these numbers are from perfectly innocent response to online ads. The website also invites ANYBODY to list ANYONE on their website. Once listed, the website states emphatically - with no evidence whatsoever - the person solicited a an excort.

The website spends a considerable effort in ensuring that if you are listed on their site, when a name or phone number is done on Google, your name appears at the top of the search results. Bing and Yahoo, not being companies that want to aid in extortion, have blocked name and phone number searches from being directed to this website. Google apparently thinks it is ok to be a part of this racketeering scheme.

Once your name has been posted on the site, the site owners go into overdrive to mine the internet for photos of you, email addresses, age, etc..

You will then start receiving text messages letting you know that you have been reported as a "John" attempting to solicit an escort. For a mere $500, they will start an "investigation" into this for you. This request clearly comes from a sister company so the website cannot be linked to the extortion efforts.

Why is this the best internet scam of all time? The website provides no phone number, address, or other means of contact besides an email address. The problem is that they NEVER respond to emails and only use your email address to mine the internet for further information about you. The site plays off the embarrassment caused, even if you are completely innocent. Many have paid up only to report their name was not removed.

Complaints against and Google have been made with the Federal Trade Commission. Because of the nature of this site, it appears their investigation is not a prority item. In the mean time, thousands of good reputations of upstanding and innocent citizens of this country are being ruined. Extortion is being enabled solely by Google's unresponsive attitude and the slow pace at which the Federal Trade Commission is investigating.

You are spot on JV....I have reported this and NOTHING has been done to stop these cyber extortionists! Terrorists is what they are....vultures out to make a buck!

same boat. I've submitted probably 50 complaints to the ftc so far and get the same bs link with ten ways to avoid a scam. I submit one everyday and will continue to do until they take action. Keep submitting them everyone and with enough complaints they will have no chose but to shut this down. I'm also very surprised Google is the only search engine allowing this. How can we start raising hell to them as well??

Please let me know how you are going about your complaints to the ftc and I will start hitting them from my end. If we get enough people sending every day maybe something will be done?

I just noticed I'm on and I have never contacted an escort. It looks look they just went to my facebook page and took all the information and posted it? Any new info want can be done about this web site?

Just google Ftc and there will be a link that takes you to the complaint section for you to submit a complaint.

The link is

I went through the Google channels to request my Profile be removed when searching on my name because the photo that ExposingJohns used is copywriten. Google's response "At this time, Google has decided not to take action on the content in question. As always, we encourage you to resolve any disputes directly with the owner of the website in question.If you pursue legal action against this site that results in the removal of the offending material, our search results will display this change after we next crawl the site. If the webmaster makes these changes and you need us to expedite the removal of the cached copy, please submit your request using our webpage removal request tool at

Two things to note 1. I believe my Ex-wife created this profile because I was told it existed when I got remarried and my ex found out about it.
2. The phone number that is tied to my profile is an old number that I have not used in over 11 months and was connected to my Facebook page.

I have been told by US attorneys that there is little that can be done unless someone heads over to India and deals with it directly. Nothing to be done in the US because even though the website is completely illegal based on it's libel approach, the company falls out of US jurisdiction and cyber law really is more like the Wild Wild West.

If you actually contacted what you though to be an escort online but never met them and it turned out to be a ExposingJohns scam, you did not break the law and should file a report with the FTC and you should def. file if you were caught in the consumer "fake ad" trap. Continue to be vigilant; however little will change until the FTC and Google take this issue seriously!

Is it true that these dirt bags have finally been shut down for good?

My name now shows up in anyone have the same problem! I need to get this removed what is the best way?

You may try to learn more about who operates the site and contact the site owner. If you think the site has false information about you, you may want to contact a lawyer who specializes in online privacy issues.

Anonymous person posted private information. Unable to get information removed by website. Contacted person I believe is responsible and he tried to also contact the website for removal. The website refused to remove the information from him! Now we find out that it will cost thousands of dollars to pay a Internet reputation company to remove but knowing these are affiliated extortion sites, and there is no guarantee the information will be removed or only removed temporarily, it seems like building new positive Internet reputation with an SEO that is legit may be the only way to go.

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