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Don’t let tax scammers get away with it

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tax identity theft awareness week logoTax season is getting close — and for some people, so is an experience with tax identity theft or IRS imposters. Tax identity theft happens when someone uses your Social Security number to get a tax refund or a job. You usually find out something’s wrong after you file your tax return.

Also, IRS imposters work year-round — posing as the IRS when they call and say you owe taxes. They even threaten to arrest you if you don’t put money on a prepaid debit card and tell them the card number. They might know all or part of your Social Security number, and can fake caller ID information to make it look like it really is the IRS calling. But it’s not. Ever.

Want to know what you can do about these scams? January 26th-30th is Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week. That week, the FTC, AARP, and the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) will be hosting a webinar. Join us to get the facts about these scams and learn how to protect yourself and those you care about:  

Webinar on Tax Identity Theft and IRS Imposter Scams
Hosted by the FTC, AARP, and TIGTA
Open to everyone
Tuesday, Jan. 27th 2:00-3:30pm EST

Find login information, as well as articles and other resources, at


I had an identity stolen. Someone sent a false tax return to the IRS. They knew just what to do. They knew how to work the numbers. They kept total income just under $20,000 and the tax return just under $10,000. I reported this scam. We never found out who filed the false tax return. I found out because I need a tax return for a business transaction. Too my surprise, I was sent the false return.

rec'd a call from 916-872-9423 from a "Mark Johnson" saying he was a legal representative of the us treasury deptpartment AND SAYING HE COULD FIX MY LEGAL PROBLEMS - OBVIOUS SCAM ASKING FOR MY INFO. YOU GET A CALL FROM THAT NUMBER HANGUP

I always received a call from "Mark Johnson" He had a very thick Indian or Pakistani accent. That was my first clue. I yelled in the phone, "this sounds like fraud to me!" He said, "What?", I yelled it again, and he said, "Have a nice day" and hung up. His number was a 909 area code.

I received the same call but the caller ID number was 760-782-6852.
I asked him if he was aware that his scam was being told all over the internet as well as on the news and then he started calling me foul names then I just hung up the phone on him.

I've had my ID stolen via folks filing my tax return and collecting my due. What a nightmare. When I refile after the fact it can take the IRS UP TO A YEAR to pay money owed. Trust if we owe there is a high price to pay. I use a rotating PIN but other bloggers are right. The new division on Andover is huge, just dealing with ID theft and already swamped! Also, when dealing with the IRS, Kansas Andover and other offices have significant inter departmental communication problems. Once they get you, your risk level skyrockets especially between January and April 15. FILE FAST and use the PIN ID SYSTEM,

So did you have to file by paper? Someone used my social security number the year of 2012 and I haven't filed since, until now (2015) but I was wondering if I would still be able to get my return if I never filed in person. I e filed this year and it's been a month since irs accepted it but the status still says we're still processing your return. A refund date will be provided when available. Will I ever get my return or do I have to go somewhere in person even though it's a whole nother year. Please help

Our tax return was printed out handed tonus by our cpa when we walked out the door he helped his self to our return by adding his family chase bank account where he stole 8,000 from our family tax preparers can be sneaky we called police he admitted to the bank supervisor of his doings but...spent the money its up to chase if they return our refund. This was feb were now a day from april our march 18th wedding cancelled and this guy thinks its over weve been quiet but we are working on filing a suit and pressing charges on him! He most likely has been doing this a long time in tampa on waters ave ! He even threatened my bf telling him he was calling immigration on him if he told on him lol. My bf isnt undocumented this fool steals immagrints tax returns then tells them irs rejected them or someone stole their returns but tells them dont call I.RS YOU WILL GET DEPORTED what a fool!

I received a call from 203-485-2086 (foreign accent lady) claiming from IRS saying I will be arrested because I was doing a tax fraud under the ABC law. She had my personal information and gave me the case PIN also. Called the IRS back who informed me it was a scam/fraud.

I received a similar call (I let it go to voice mail) from a man also with foreign accent claiming to be "Officer Kevin Peters" with the IRS informing me that I was under investigation for tax fraud and they were about to issue a "non-bailment arrest warrant" for my arrest and I needed to call a direct line to his desk at 571-290-2026. This guy did not say my name or give any personal info about me on the voice mail.

Someone just called here too' didn't say a name or nothing to who they were calling for' just this call back no.-276-321-9306

I just had the same thing done to me from tal# 760-284-3381

I have been receiving calls from (305)532-9109. A foreign man is telling me he is with a fraud investigation unit for the IRS. He is quoting me $7000 debt I owe for tax fraud.When I tell him that I have no idea what hes talking about he just keeps asking how I plan to take care of this debt. I tell him I am not paying anything until I see something in writing and can verify its authenticity. At which time he says weve attempted delivery twice but no one was home and they cant leave it. And he also cited my address. I told him he was a fraud and he told me not to get abysive with him. Raising his voice and getting upset with me ibviously not professional.
It so happens that many years ago I mistakenly made a mistake on a tax return that ended up costing a good sum of money. I know how rhe process works, they cend certified letters and definitely leave it at that time whether I am home or not
Im not sure how to get ahold of the IRS, so I called his number back and it wss busy. I called again and it rang and then flipped to a busy signal. I had tried to return the call before and its always a busy signal. Obvious fraud and now afraid to answer me. This is a Florida area aware.

Please visit this FTC page to learn more about imposter scams, and what to do if you've been victimized.

Your comment identity stinks. I took the time to write about a tax scam and I could not get through your security. I will not take the time to write it again. You missed an informative scam.

I'm with you, I also took all the steps asked of me! Most calles were voice recorded, my Idenity has been stolen @ least 3 times in 2014.
The IRS knows who it is but (WE) don't have the RIGHT TO KNOW!!
May GOD Bless You.

wont the scammers see these messages too?

Some one is taking money out of my social security check.................

Do you have Medicare? The Medicare Part B Premium is deducted from your Social Security benefits.

Great timing for this especially for seniors

What we need is a way to report these calls. I have had several, even had some fun with them. They say there is a problem with my return...I ask them which one. They sit quiet and I add, well are you talking about my 1040, 1120 or my 941. I just use any tax form number I can think of. They don't generally know what to say and hang up. I had one said all of them, and I just reply that I know you are a scam since the IRS never calls. They send letters.

We all need to pay more attention to what information we give out to anyone. The IRS is already hopelessly understaffed and just today announced that it may have to start furloughs. That presents opportunities for scam artists to get away with their crimes for a long time and some of them will probably never get caught. Also, don't use passwords to log into online tax services without first checking the credentials of those services. For fraudsters hackers, our tax returns are a treasure trove of identity info.

Kudos to you hope not to experience it how to prevent someone from scamming in advance


You can report calls from IRS imposters to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at You can also file a complaint with the FTC at


I have been contacted by an individual that says they are an agent of the consumer protection agency is there a number i can call or site to verify this individual is actually an agent of the consumer protection agency

Thanks for the heads up! I've read several cases of this particular scam and it's pretty obvious. It's a wonder why some people still fall for it, but since they do, it's best to keep spreading the word about the scam.

I know people whos identity got stolen. There was a lot of fake tax returns being filed from jale in the past. Who knows how they get the information. IRS took an extra step and is sending out a code by mail to use when filing. Thus measure seems to work.

Yes, the IRS does issue Identity Protection PINs (also called an IP PINs) to tax id theft victims.  To get an IP PIN, tax id theft victims should:

  • Contact the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit at 800-908-4490
  • File IRS Identity Theft Affidavit (Form 14039)

Pins are not the cure-all for identity theft especially when brain interfacing occurs, perpetrators at that point have access to everything. Because the brain interfacing is not acknowledged by the legal system, those people who have access can do so Carte Blanche.

just got a call from an officer marcus from the tax audit dept 804 554 3035 saying a warrant for my being issued.

It's a scam...I got the same call. SCAM CALL - 805-530-2468 supposedly from Moorpark, CA - Caller has a thick foreign accent and claims to be from the US Treasury and Internal Affairs and that there is a lawsuit currently filed against you. They inquire as to who your attorney is and claim that they need to confirm your information. I was skeptical from the beginning and told him I did not believe he was legit. When I asked for his info so I could report him, he refused to give it to me and threatened that this was "legit" and "you're going to be arrested...just wait the police will come for you. Just listen, I have your information..." He then started rattling off what he thought was my current name and address - which was wrong, he had data that was quite old. When I told him his info was wrong and again told him I on on the no-call list, that this was a scam...and demanded he provide his contact information...he hung up on me.

I received a similar call from 805-727-1936. Once I heard him say that there was a lawsuit being filed against me for tax fraud, I told him to send the documentation to my home of record and hung up.

I received the same fraudulent call from 804 554 3036

I got similar call from 571-308-2455.

Similar call from same number today

I just got the same call from this number 30 minutes ago...

I got a call from a David Jones, thick accent he said there was an action started against me from the dept of the Treasury. Number left was 909-575-1008x84882.
Has to be a scam, right?

A number called me @ 804 554 3036.. today saying the same thing..This is a very sick scam!

This same guy calls me multiple times daily threatening to have me arrested for tax fraud. Over and over again. Always without my correct address or any other information.

today while I was out on my phone a message from a officer marcus called from the tax audit dept 804 554 3035 and that a tax fraud had been committed by me and that a warrant for my arrest,IF Idont call back. WHAT

corv, don't call back. (an online phone directory), report for that number,
"Another threat for tax fraud. This time it was Officer Marcus, different area code/number. However the voice sure sounds like James Anderson who called me several times last month from 571-281-8702. DO NOT CALL THEM BACK. I checked with the IRS the first time and this is a SCAM!!!!!!"

Scam. Do not call them back.

I just received the same phone message this A.M. And, I did not call back but I reported the message and the phone # to the FTC I may report it to the State's Attorney General office too! Maybe more action can be taken through that route.

Corv that is a scam. Do not call them back. The same exact thing happened to me in Nov. Scared the crap out of me for a minute.

Corv Don't call them back it's a scam. The irs does not work that way. Report number

I got a call from an indian woman named Cristina Brown informing me that a legal acton was sent to their office about some criminal allegation. She did not want to give me more info when i asked her to send me the paper to see it she said we do not send paper but we will come to pick you up from your house. when I raised my voice to her she hung up. It is very frustrating as long as you know you are a good taxpayer and those scammers get somehow your info and scare you. i wander what would be next!!!

IRS Telephone Scam.
Just got a second message (voice recording) from someone claiming to be from the IRS, saying they have been trying to reach us and it was a final call that they were going to file a lawsuit against us. They said to call 202 470 6830. The call came from 728 591 6534. We received this same call a few days ago and they left a different call back number. We know its a scam so we are not returning the calls. Just hope no one else falls for this.

I just received the same recorded message today, January 28, 2015 -- said the IRS had been trying to reach me and to call 202 470-6830 immediately. Then the recording hung up, never mentioning (or asking for) a name. It's a safe bet that if IRS is looking for you, they already KNOW your name -- and will verify that they're speaking to the right person.

I just received the same call saying to call 206-462-5501. I knew it was a scam but wrote the number down because my husband likes to have fun with these scammers. He called them back and they asked for his phone number and he gave them a fake number and they couldn't verify who we were so they ended the call. Oh well he couldn't have his fun.

I received a call from supposedly the IRS saying I owed $4630. and that a law suit had been filed against me for fraud and that my bank account would be frozen. That If I got the $4630. in the next hour and a half I might could call off the lawsuit. I was to stay on the cell phone the entire time with him until I got the "TAX Voucher" I was to buy with the cash. I was to scratch off the pin number on the voucher and give the number to him. That IRS agents would pick up the voucher at my house. My husband called the number and told the man that this was a fraud scam. The supposed IRS agent told my husband I would be arrested in 30 minutes. He then called my husband a MF-My husband ended the call-

Received call same idea from 202-596-1241 saying we had defrauded the government, and owed them 3689.26 plus 1080.00 in penalties. He gave me 45 minutes to get the $$ in the Tax voucher, to be handed over to his agent. He told me once he hung up, the process would start for my arrest, and police would be here by 5pm, and I would have to stay in jail at least a week awaiting trial. i told him i would have my sheriff awaiting his agent when he showed up...He hung up. They did not have accurate info, nor did they know who I was. I called the number above, and it had been removed from the list of DC phone numbers. I posted it on social media, so more would be aware.


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