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Fake checks: The nanny or caregiver scam

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Do you offer your professional services as a babysitter, nanny, or other kind of caregiver? You may have used websites that can match you up with potential clients – sites like or These sites can be a convenient and efficient way to drum up business. But scammers may misuse these sites. FTC staff has seen complaints about con artists cheating caregivers with a counterfeit check scheme that asks you to send payment to a third party. Details may vary, but, in general, the scam works like this:

Someone replies to your listing on the site, saying they want to hire you to care for their child, parent, or even a pet. They often say they live out of state and are moving to your area soon. They may ask you – with a very persuasive story that tugs at your heartstrings – to accept delivery of special items or medical equipment their loved one will need while in your care. They send you a check to deposit and ask you to keep some money as payment for your services and then transfer the rest to a third party – supposedly to pay for the goods.

What’s the problem? The check and the third party turn out to be fake. It takes only a day or two for your bank to make the money available to you, but it can take weeks for your bank to determine a check is phony. If you already withdrew that money, you’re on the hook to pay back the bank. If you’ve already transferred the money to the third party, it’s gone – like sending cash. And, since the recipient can pick up the money from a different money transfer location than the one you sent it to, it’s nearly impossible to find the recipient. That’s how these con artists avoid detection.

So how can you protect yourself? If a potential client urges you to transfer money using a service like Western Union or MoneyGram, it’s probably a scam. Don’t send money to someone you don’t know, either in cash or through a money transfer service. Likewise, don’t deposit a check from someone you don’t know and then transfer the money. No matter how convincing the story, it’s a lie. And, as always, don’t respond to any messages that ask for your personal or financial information, regardless of whether the message comes as an email, a phone call, a text, or an ad.

If you or someone you know was tricked into transferring money – for any reason, report it to the money transfer company:

  • MoneyGram: 1-800-666-3947 (1-800-955-7777 for Spanish) or at
  • Western Union: 1-800-448-1492

Then, report it to the FTC. And you may want to notify the site that’s being misused. The scammer is likely trying to prey on other caregivers looking for work.

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HelloThank you for replying to my job posting. I received your resume and i`m interesting in hiring you for the position. My name is kate Balmforth. My child name is Andy 6yrs old.I recently lost my husband in a car accident on our way from a long weekend holiday. I am hard of hearing. I attended the Phoenix school for the deaf where i achieved my highest qualification. I own a business and i`m a strong Catholic member.

I need a responsible nanny for my child who is currently suffering a leg fracture sustained from the accident that took my husband away. He is placed on a wheelchair as recommended by the specialist. Although; he can walk and carry out some necessary cores by himself. However; the Surgeon advised he uses the wheelchair as a precautionary measure and also to prevent injury set backs. The job duties include: Light House Keeping, watch and care for child to ensure safety, initiate games, arts & crafts projects, cleaning the child's room, washing the child's clothes. I will like you to tell me about yourself. I will also like for you to provide me with your information . I am assuming you already have the job . We re moving to Your area so as to start a new life. Staying here reminds me of my late husband so i thought about moving. We can meet on April 1st but the babysitting job begins on Saturday 2nd April. Just let me know where you would like to meet and the time.

The job schedule is 9am to 3pm, Saturday and Sundays . Compensation per hour is $20 and i`m wondering if you could assist with receiving my child's(Andy) wheelchair in your house prior to our arrival. He is currently renting one from the clinic here and i found someone in your area with the specified wheelchair he needs at a great deal but she has only one left in stock. If you re willing to help, I`m going to find out the delivery procedure and let you know. More importantly, I have seen cases where people book a nanny and they end up not showing up on the start date,i am hard of hearing and its going to be tough for me finding someone just right away. I understand you might be a different person but i do like to book you in for the first week by sending you a deposit payment of $240 which will be deducted from your first pay. This will ensure you are booked for the position to avoid disappointment.

I will like to know if you are available permanently or temporarily. However, I'll like you to respond to the below question : 1. How would you describe yourself? 2. Do you have a CPR or willing to take the classes going forward? Please provide your name, street address including apartment number, city and zipcode, your primary cell phone number so i can text you back with further details . I await your quick response. Thank you!

Do what I did and call the bank that the check supposedly came from, I am faxing the check along with whatever info I have on this person and they are going to try and get this person for fraud, the guy I was dealing with was named Frank and claimed to have a really bad stutter and that is why he couldn't talk to me on the phone. He said his wife died and needed someone to babysit his twin daughters and that I needed to cash the check which is $2795 and to take out my 250 and send him $1400. I have dealt with alot of shady people and I should have known better than to give out my address but is as far as my trust went, I googled the supposed store manager as well as called the bank the check was supposedly from and figured it all out. I hope everything goes fine with you.

My daughter is going through this right now. She was contacted by a Tracy White who would be moving to our area this weekend and needed sitter for young son and someone to help pay her moms bills. She needed someone to run errands prior to her arrival and buy furniture for house. She told my daughter she would pay her handsomely and oh yea... She's deaf! She sent her a check for $2775, $350 was to be her first weeks pay. She has been hounding her for last two days about whether or not she has deposited the check by ATM. Phrasing and wording in the emails are very odd? Has anyone else heard from Tracy White?

No, mine was "Isabel Truth" who is also deaf with a young son and who would be arriving soon. I thought it sounded odd.

I had the same scenario as your daughter my lady's name is Cindy Shepherd. I tried googling her and I found nothing. She is deaf with a 6 or 9 year old can't remember... But I have a check in my name...cashiers check for the Amount of 2775 and 350 is for my first week??? For what? She is moving to my area.. Needs to pay for her moms hospital bills and for furniture for her home... When I asked her what area of town she would be living she ignored the question entirely... Why are people so mean...??? So if anyone sees the name Cindy Shepherd BEWARE!!!

Got the same email from a Mary Tammy. Said she was a independent contractor stock broker... wow.. email is marytammy38 What's ridiculous is that she's pretending to be deaf and that's an insult to the entire deaf community!

I feel so dumb be ware of Bryant Elliot email bryantelliot01@

I went through this same scam this week! Her name was Paloma stolee moving from Portugal. Don't trust it. I shredded the check and blocked her email!

What do i do? I was just involved in this scam and already sent the money. The bank hasn't contacted me yet though. And I don't have the money to pay the bank back. should I just wait till the bank contacts me?!

If you deposit a fake check and withdrew money, you have to repay the bank. If you think the check you deposited was fake, contact your bank.

This happened to me recently as well. Unfortunately if you withdraw money and send it, the bank will sadly make you pay it back. It's so sad people are doing these things. It's going to take me 2 years to pay mine back. I'm sorry this happened to you. Things will get better.

Got a text to email a man moving from Australia to my area. Offering $400 a week to work Monday-Wednesday-Friday. Needs me to buy food and stuff for their apartment. I would be taking care of their dog. Matches a lot of stories. I'm upset because I could really use the extra cash but I'm glad I caught on earlier. Unfortunately I did give him my address so he could send me the check. Rookie mistake.

it's just happening to me right now.. I just received the check I opened it and the check is from $2950.00 box, so of course I don't going to deposit it in my account but my question is if I'm in danger now?, since I email them my home address before...

The same happened to me, actually I am still into it. I answered a craigslist ad looking for a babysitter.
Benita Brown emailed me saying they were coming to Houston from Russia for a vacation/business trip. I accepted the job so she sent me the check. My payment plus the money for her hotel which I must deduct once I clear the check in my bank.
I asked her what she meant with deduct and she answer the same "deduct the travel agent's fees". And she was a little rude in this email, asking me to get back to her ASAP. She has not told me yet that I have to make a money order or anything similar.

But as everything was strange from the beginning (no skype, no phone calls, etc) I started looking on internet and I found this scam!

I have just sent her an email saying that I am not confortable with the way of payment so I will not do the work and I will not clear the check in my bank when it arrives to my place. Asking her to cancel the check if she wants to make sure I am not going to do it.

I did not want to say anything about the scam as I do not want to get in troubles. As I said, she was starting to be a little agresive.

Thank you for your comments!

I recently got a text then a email for a job. Anyone who wants to hire you and pay you before meeting you is trying to scam you. I ignored the persons email. No one pays you in advance or hires you without running a reference check or meeting you. the person that contacted me claimed to be moving in my area and was deaf. Please watch out!

I have a petcare giver profile on and received an e-mail from a lady named Kimberly Morgan who said she is partially deaf. I suppose this is so they can avoid having to talk to you in person, since it seems like a common problem. The way everything was typed (grammar was off) made me a little suspicious. I also asked several questions and she never made an attempt to answer any of them. I amost fell for it, but knew what she was offering was too good to be true. She was going to send me a check and have me cash it. I'm so glad I found this thread.

I have just recently got a message from kimberly morgan asking me to care for her two pets when she moves here in a month. Saying she would send me a check for $2950 and to send $2550 of it to a doghouse seller. Also to keep $400 of it as my deposit. I knew it all sounded to good to be true. Im glad i saw this on here

I was contacted by a Hope Carter claiming she needed a nanny for her 3 year old daughter named Lauren. I replied and she didnt reply for a couple of days before responding to tell me that she filled the nanny job but she had a personal assistant job open. I was supposed to shop for her since she was gone a lot on business trips and i would be paid 450 weekly for only 15-20 hours a month. Her email is hopecarter2015.. I know this is a scam because i called and the number was a text only phone, along with having a Las Vegas Area code and claiming she lived in Missouri. I also traced where the email came from and it came from Mountain View California when she said that she was on a business trip in Australia. I am guessing she was going to mail me fake checks which i would deposit and use to buy all of the things she wanted and then i would send her all of the items just in time for the check to bounce and leave me thousands of dollars in debt while they enjoy the free gifts they just got. These people disgust me.

i recieved a text from an unknown number saying philip's family needed my pet service and to email him. the last part being from and some girl named michelle. i emailed the guy, and he said he was moving from Australia soon, and needed someone to take care of his dog, three days a wk for 4 hrs each, with a study pay of $350 wkly. and somethig about paying in advance. i got the email quickly and replied right away, asking to meet up tomorrow, and asking location etc. and its 1am and havent heard anything yet. could this be a scam?

I was contacted by DanKeller214claiming to be Daniella Keller. Claimed to be deaf and relocating with a need of someone looking after her mother. The name is cute huh... Dan Keller.. Helen Keller.... Well the story is the same, wanted to have her previous "company" send money so I could take my first week's pay and send money to get a wheelchair. SCAM SCAM SCAM.. Don't trust anyone that is trying to send you money prior to meeting you or to do anything else with it. Geez people are nuts.

This person just contacted me as well. I reported to I'm glad I googled her information before responding!

Attempt made against me, based on my Care participation. Came in on txt And yes, using (Emily)

Wow, this also happened to me last month,I received a email from a lady that said she had a friend who was looking fro a baby sitter for her 6 yr old daughter, she even sent me a picture of her husband and children ( which I'm sure was fake. I took the check that i received priorty mail to my bank and was told immediately that it looked fake, but that they would place a hold on it and have it checked out. a couple of days later they contacted me to let me know that it was fake, However i thank God that this did not affect my account what so ever. I have everything that i need a copy of the check,pictures of the (so called family plus emailed conversations and text to contact the police department. I pray that every single person thats responsible for all this caos with be brought to justice. May the Lord have mercy on there souls.

There is another scam from
A member Marcel c said he is looking for his friend and told me to email. So I did. Lora Price from the states, doesn't tell you where they are moving from. Does not say your city name just 'in your vicinity'. I have confirmation this is a scam so passing it on. lora.price91 Beware everyone and good luck!

I have received two of these scams.. I am currently waiting for the check from "Mary lemback" I have absolutely no intention of cashing it however I am turning this into more than one agency.... Ive tried to contact Care. Come but cannot get anywhere.... I cannot even delete my Care. Comment profile... It won't allow me.... This "Mary lemback " at first said she would send me a copy of her I'd but a few days later when I asked to see it... She was like I'm real or I wouldn't waste my time with this.... Mind you I'm completely playing along... She has absolutely no idea that I'm one to her and have been from day one...

I just got offered a job to nanny a lady's 5yr old son they are moving from Pennsylvania she said she's a single mom 37 self employed hard of hearing and her son is in a wheel chair. she said she is contacting a "wheelchair seller" to get him a powered one. she offered to send me first weeks pay and the money for the wheelchair to purchase it before hand. is this a scam??? im going to have the check looked at before hand to make sure has anyone been contacted by her before. I went through

Don't deposit a check from someone you don't know. Some scammers ask you to deposit a check, keep some for yourself, and send the rest to someone they name. If you deposit a fake check and withdraw money before the bank finds out the check is no good, you have to repay the bank for the money you took.

The story you heard sounds a lot like stories other people tell about scams.

I recently got offered the same job. This is scary. I gave her all my information too. I also went through

Oh, is it from Kelly Burkholder? That is what i'm dealing with too. I got a text message and so I emailed her back. But after facebooking and googling her from where she said she lived I found nothing... so I got a bad feeling. She did say anything about Skler("son"), being in a wheel chair. Ugh! I just want a job and this is the second fishy email I have gotten and it really makes me sad... I need a job, not false hope -_-

Calvin Cogle is the new name the scammers are using.

My daughter was just contacted with a similar scam. The guys name was Calvin Cogle from Madrid Spain. He wanted to pay her in advance and was sending extra money for their groceries, hotel reservations/house rent.

The red flags include the grammar mistakes, the fact he states his "financier" will be arranging payment in advance along with extra to cover groceries and hotel reservations/house rent (this can all be done online from ANY country).

Just wanted to share because this was heartbreaking for my daughter. She is attending college and was looking for a nice part time job. It could have been worse but still it's a life lesson. Too good to be true....usually means it is. His email:

Thanks for getting back to me promptly concerning the babysitting/nanny job,my name is Calvin Cogle... my wife ( Jamie ) asked me to email you because of her appointment with the doctor..i must say that i really appreciate your kindness towards caring for little kids it takes a good person with a good heart to do that, i and my family lives in Madrid Spain. I will be coming to the the USA with my wife and my little Angel. The more reason i need a babysitter is because we are expecting our new baby so my wife will not be able to handle the whole situation of the house herself when i am not around, we will be offering you $300 weekly ($20/hr.) for 15 hrs a week. I want to be certain you are fit for this position; you will need to prove yourself to be a reliable, honest, and hard working person.

More about my Daughter ( Debbie ); she is just two years she is cool and calm she loves the outdoor and she loves meeting new people she doesn't have any allergy, she is a very good kid i am sure you will love her when you start babysitting her.

Our arrival date is 31ST of AUGUST;so you will start working on same day or next day. It’s okay if you prefer to be a live-out nanny as i can drop her at your home every time i do not mind or a live-in nanny if you can take care of her in our home. If you are ready to accept this offer, it will be mostly appreciated if you can respond to the questions below,

1) How old are you? 2) What is your marital status? 3) What is your religious background? 4) What qualifications do you posses? 5) Do you have a valid means of identification? 6) Do you have any criminal records? 7) Do you have extra-ordinary habits? 8) How temperamental are you?

I will instruct the landlord to mail the keys and description of the house to you as soon as we find a place so you can know the location. Also, you will be helping us in purchasing groceries for our home complex before or on the day of our arrival. if you meet up to our expectation with your services. We have a financier that is based in the USA that will be handling the payment and as well as our other expenses, so he will be the one that will be taking care of your payment, I will instruct him to pay for the first week before our arrival so as to secure your service. My financier would need the following information to mail out the first week payment and some of our other expenses payment that you will be taking care of on our behalf before our arrival to the state.

Full Name:
Home Address or Office Address (where payment should be mailed to. (Pls no P.O Box) :
Apartment number: City: State:
Zip Code: Age: Marital status:
Home & Cell Phone Number (Best time to call Day/Night) : Active Email Address:
Urgent reply will be duly appreciated. And if you have any question to ask me I will be happy if you can state it in your response to this offer. We look forward to having you as one of the family member NOTE it depend on where you are located that will determine where we will be staying.Thank you...

We just got scammed today by emily ferguson! dont accept please!

heres a new one....
Mary Williams Hello Good Day
How are you doing ?. I am glad for your quick response and for your interest in taking care of my Daughter { Lauren } .. I am sorry to let you know that i have gotten a nanny for my Daughter { Lauren } and will no longer be needing your service anymore for the nanny position. I am very sorry for this, But i do have a personal assistant position available for you , if you are interested in working for me as my personal assistant . Here are the details about the personal assistant position i am offering you .

Do take time to go through this introductory mail and feel free to pass any questions on. I have had a previous Personal Assistant worker who has been very commendable in her activities and who has been part of my life for the past 6 months, she got a car accident and it has affected me in a way. I found her previously on the Sittercity website and I sincerely hope I will be able to find someone again who will be as efficient as she has been.

Please note that you are being hired only on a personal level. All correspondences would be made and promptly reported to me personally. The position is part time and home-based meaning you can work most times from your home as long as you have a regular internet access. You are also hired on a trial basis for now until we are able to see how well we fit in, this however does not affect your weekly wage. I would like to know where you are located because i would love to meet up with you to talk about this job but I am currently away on a business trip. I am in Australia so there will be no much to talk about than to give you the job description.

I will prepay you in advance to do my shopping. I will also have my mails forwarded to your address. If you will be unable to stay at your house to get my mails, I can have it shipped to a post office near you and then you can pick it up at your convenience. When you get my mails,You don't have to put money out of your pocket, all you have to do is have packages shipped to your house and do my shopping. You are allowed to open the packages to reveal its content. All expenses and taxes will be covered by me. You will work between 15 and 20 hrs a month. I will be paying $450.00 per week.

I need your service because I am constantly out of town. I will return back to the state real soon next weekend so this process will be on going till then. If you don't mind, I will meet up with you when I return and then we can talk about the possibility of making this long term. Well, let me know if you are able to handle the position. No heavy packages is involved!. You can do the shopping at any nearest stores. You will be shopping for Electronics and clothing. I will provide you my personal UPS account number for Shipping. All you have to do is provide my account number to UPS and shipping charges will be applied into the account. I will provide clear set of instructions for each task I need done as well the funds to cover them. If I were to mail you money to do my shopping plus upfront payment for your service, where would you want it mailed to?. How should your name appear on the payment? { important for this job } .you can provide me with the following details below;

Full Name :
Full Address: (NO P.O.BOX)
City, State , Zip-code :
Cell Phone Number :
Sex :
Age :

I believe you should read clearly and understand the terms / conditions attached to this job because i wouldn't want any mistakes to be made at anytime giving instructions OK. Remember like i've said that your weekly wages is $450. I'll appreciate you get back to me to confirm your acceptance of this job if you are the trustworthy person i'm searching a in less than 24hrs, thanks and till i hear from you real soon stay bless...

I will be waiting to hear from right away....

Thank You!!!
Honesty, loyalty and punctuality is my watchword.
May the almighty God bless you.

Mrs.Mary Williams..

This is the exact one I was just scammed with maybe 3 weeks ago!!!!!!

My daughter got this same one last week. Fortunately, she talked to me about it first. I told her I believed it was,a scam . Tell her you insist on cashiers check or money order for payment only and would have a P. O. Box. That didn't deter her at all and she asked for my daughter's home address to mail her payment in advance. My daughter did not respond with that info, so waiting to see Mary's next move, or if she will move on to try to find a more desperate victim. Please, beware!!

Got the EXACT same message only from a "Melissa Morgan", for $500 a week, got a check for $1995.50 in the mail from a "James Clarke" luckily my boyfriend found this site and caught it in time before i went to money gram to cash the check. Glad i'm not the only one this is happening to.

Beware of Anne Franks: Needs Sat & Sun care for 5 year old wheelchair bound son Joe. Texted me directly offering $25 an hour. Said she is hard of hearing--must communicate through email and texts. Out of state area code (404). Said she is moving to my area soon and asked for copy of my resume and exact location. Wants to make a check deposit early to secure my services. Says she lost husband and four month old baby in car accident at the end of last year. Five year old is the only one who survived.

Can't believe I almost fell for this. She gave me her soon to be address. I became suspicious because she sent photos of herself, and she is a young woman. I live in a retirement community that is age-restricted. The house where she is supposedly moving is part of our retirement community. As if that weren't weird enough, that house is still for sale, and yet she is supposedly moving in on the 27th, six days from now. So, finally all my alarm bells went off. Called the realtor--she never heard of this lady. SCAM!!!!

I was also listed on, too. But, on their behalf, I have connected with two legitimate offers through them. Sadder but wiser, I think the key is to only work through the board. If anyone tries to contact you outside of the intermediary emails, it should raise a huge flag for you.

I recently received this inquiry from "Anne Franks" being only 18 and desperate for a job I made myself an account on I received several texts and emails since then only 1 thus far being legitimate. Although "Anne Franks" got me good. I am looking to find out if I am in danger now though. I gave her my physical address, name, and phone number. Is there anything this person can do other than knowing where I live.

I have been using for over a year now and have worked for many awesome families but at the same time I constantly get scammed! Texts all the time telling me to email. It's gotten to the point where if I'm bored I just joke with the scammers lol. They are so dumb! If an email is written in broken English then that's a first scam and any person that says they are going to hire you and pay you beforehand is a SCAM. Right now I'm talking to a Victoria Andrews! I'll copy and paste what they have sent me. I'm just lading them on. So dumb. The email is victoriaandrews41

Good day, Hope you doing ok i got your information from, My name is Victoria ,I am Hard hearing woman , I need an honest, caring Nanny, baby Sitter for my son / Errands helper ...I just get back from a family meeting and i want to use the opportunity to email you, I live in Florida, but i am moving to your area on 27th of August. and will need a babysitter for my 5yrs old son and his name is Derrick Depend on what time you will be available for them and hours if i am okay by it and i will also need you for an errand to help my mom pay her bills,do some shopping for my mom and Derrick and pay for my new house interior as stated in my text, which is the one you will do first if possible as soon as possible . please let me know if you also work on weekend and make sure you let me know when its convenience for you .More importantly, I am willing to pay you handsomely as long as you being honest and trust worthy, just try and get back to me and let me know how much you want for the childcare and the errand helper, which i will pay you separately, The errands will come first because i will need to get some thing fix before i move down , like the furniture bills ,mom bills and some house interior...(Mind you is just a flexible and simple errands, It does not affect your present job you can work as an errands as a part time job if you can not babysitting my Son , I really need a honest and responsible person. This could be a temporary/permanent job. It depends on what your schedule looks like. I am moving to a new house that i need to fix some interior and get furniture and have contacted the furniture company because i don't know if you will like to stay in my house or you want my Son to stay with you that really depend on what you want. I will let you know as soon as we finalize issues.

I will like you to send me your complete name,address and cell phone number so i can include that to my payroll for the period. I also will like you to tell me a few things about yourself. Here is a little about me. I am a single mother, I am 39 and i am hard of hearing. I have lived in Irving, Texas before. I attended Texas School for the Deaf because i am hard hearing , where i achieved my highest qualification. I am an independent bookkeeper contractor and i also a member of charity organization that produce for the Charity (Self Employed). I am never married. I attend the catholic. You will get to know more when we meet. Kindly include in your email your complete name,address and also your cell phone number so i can text you in case i need to pass an urgent information. NOTE : let me know your charges hourly or daily for the weekdays only? and any other thing you think you will need so that i can make provision and also if there is anything you need to get to take care of him,please do tell me so that we can make all necessary arrangements prior to our arrival date. I await to hear back from you. and also i will like you to take few minutes of your time to answer the few questions below.

1)Can you drive? 2)Can you swim? 3) Do you smoke?? 4)Do you have any criminal records?doesn't really matters to me as long as you have learn from your past mistakes,Am ready to give you a chance. 5)where are you located presently and what is the address of McDonald's close to you ? 6) Are you First Aid and CPR certified?? ( Its just an added Advantage..) 7) Total charges for the hours 8) Date Of Birth ? 8) Let me know which one you will love to do if you can not do the both but its a flexible job Thank you Victoria Can I Trust You For You To Work For Me Thank you for your email,I'm an independent bookkeeper contractor and i also produce for charity and with this Job i travel a lot so you can work as long as you want with me but you have to be honest ....I have decided to choose you for this position and i do hope for a very eventful time with you while you look after my son and run an errands. My son name is Derrick

.I will like to state the job details to you again so we wouldn't have any complications at the end,I am a very good woman and i have alot of nanny and errands that have work for me but with my kindness, they all have good thing to talk about me , I can trust you because i don't have reason to judge any one not until the person give me reason , Will you be able to run an errands for me as soon as possible if possible you have free time any time in the day, The start date for the baby sit is 17th of august..... The pay rate is $20/Hour, so tell me what time will you be able to baby sitter him ?.. because about 6months ago i had a nanny for him along West Colfax Avenue but she moved to Canada with her husband about 3months ago. I will like for us to meet on Sun if possible(30th August,2015)evening so we can talk about the kid-fun activities i will be interested in and get to know each other. We could meet at the McDonald's close to you if that works for you.I once booked a nanny and on arrival she told me she got another job which was a big disappointment.For this reason,I will like to commit you by paying (DEPOSITING) you for the first week of your service before our arrival to secure the date so i can be absolutely sure of having you care for Derrick to enable things go perfectly without disappointment.I am planning on having furniture and other interior appliances for immediate delivery to my new house after payment so that you guys can stay in my house if you want and everything will be ready in my house and i want to ensure we are on the same page but kindly let me know if you will be able to do the errands together with the nanny or only the errands because is a very simple and flexible job that wont affect your present job and you will be paid handsomely ... Thanks Victoria Temporally Errands Need To Be Done First ..................................................... I guess u know i am hard hearing and yes you can ...Me and my son can't wait to see you ,but i will need you for errand helper before i move down which you will be paid for separately because some house interior need to pay for and pay some bills for my mom but you will do all this at any Walmart Store close to you , So i really need you to be honest with me and you will never regret working for me .. I will still need to find a tutor for him for the mean time to find a better school for him .. We can meet at any McDonald closer at any convenient time for you . I will appreciate you working for us as one family not just a caregiver. That increases the love and build a great partnership between us. I was able to finalized with the furniture company. The Furniture and other little house interior cost $3050, so i will be mailing you a check of 3550 which you will deduct 500$ as part of your salary money to make a total of$3550 on the check as soon as i hear back from you.Its going to be 100% certified check authorized on your name which you need to deposit into your bank account for 24hrs funds availability, which you will carry on the errands as soon as the funds is available,I will let you know mom utilities bills and some shopping to do for them as soon as the check clears. Kindly let me know if this is clear so i can proceed to mailing the check immediately. Best Regards Victoria

The same person got me. Every thing from the "hard of hearing" to the "charity bookkeeper". My gut told me something was wrong because she said she was educated at the Texas School of the Deaf, but her English was so broken. But I still went along with it. Once I received the check, I called the credit union it was from (PatelCo) and they told me the check was fake. I'm just glad I caught it. It's sad that people do this.

The names and situations change however the scam is the same.


Sounds like me my husband saved me from almost cashing it too I thought this was real. I agree with you the nanny job situation need to inform the public of these types of problems.

This just happened to me. Rose elliot is the name... through

is this really a scam. because I'm dealing with the same rose elliot too. sending me a cashiers check to make payments

Im dealing with the same rose Elliot she sent me a cashiers check and it's not a real check

(_ _;) I feel really bummed I received one of these email from Dr. Brianna Erwg coming from Canada needing a babysitter for her 5 yr old daughter and she send me pictures too...

Fell for it thinking it was legit i didn't know scammers went this far to rip people off I'm really angry I gave them my information does anyone know what to do?...i still haven't received the check I'm just worried if my information will be used in a bad way that it will effect me (- _ -)
I got an ear full from my husband (T-T) NEVER gonna believe everything with out investigating first.

If you give someone your bank or credit account number they can take your money. If you did that, contact your bank or credit card company.

If you gave your social security number or other personal information, but you don't know if your information has been misused, go to and learn what to do.

I was emailed by a Debra gillison hard of hearing etc to tutor her twins (1 in a wheelchair) she also sent pics then told me shed send a check for 3000 out of which I could keep 600 as deposit and rest was for a delivery of invisalign I refused as I didn't have a bannk account and haven't heard from her since then I copy pasted the above article and sent it to her........must say whom scheme is very well thought out

My daughter almost got caught up in the nanny situation with a lady who claimed she was moving to our area with a son in a wheelchair. This is her email address: lindapickton. She stated she was hard of hearing and sent my daughter a $2900 for her to purchase a new wheelchair and for her 1st weeks pay. It is sad that people are trying to make an honest living and you have ignorant people out here who are trying to ruin their lives. Nothing good will come to people like this. The bank sat my daughter down and explained to her that this person has a lot of fake checks going around and they kept the check. She did not get into any trouble thank GOD!

i want to ask that is this job scam they asked me to pay 250$ courier charges of my visa documents which they will send to me.listed below is there job add .

Here’s a list of what we’re looking for:

• Cook •Drivers •Nanny •Garner • Babysitter • Happy to help out around the house, particularly with the children’s areas, laundry and kitchen (but we also have a weekly cleaner).

In return you would get:

• Your own airy light double room with ensuite bathroom, own TV, wifi etc. in a lovely contemporary home . Your room is one of two on the upper floor and the other room mostly lies empty as a guest/storage room, so you’d have plenty of privacy. • Help with any courses/trips you want to arrange • Introduction to the area and opportunities to make new friends • Childcare courses etc. if required • First aid course if required • 4 weeks paid holiday (annual pro-rated) • Monthly salary started from $4000 USD minus taxes .


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