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Fake checks: The nanny or caregiver scam

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Do you offer your professional services as a babysitter, nanny, or other kind of caregiver? You may have used websites that can match you up with potential clients – sites like or These sites can be a convenient and efficient way to drum up business. But scammers may misuse these sites. FTC staff has seen complaints about con artists cheating caregivers with a counterfeit check scheme that asks you to send payment to a third party. Details may vary, but, in general, the scam works like this:

Someone replies to your listing on the site, saying they want to hire you to care for their child, parent, or even a pet. They often say they live out of state and are moving to your area soon. They may ask you – with a very persuasive story that tugs at your heartstrings – to accept delivery of special items or medical equipment their loved one will need while in your care. They send you a check to deposit and ask you to keep some money as payment for your services and then transfer the rest to a third party – supposedly to pay for the goods.

What’s the problem? The check and the third party turn out to be fake. It takes only a day or two for your bank to make the money available to you, but it can take weeks for your bank to determine a check is phony. If you already withdrew that money, you’re on the hook to pay back the bank. If you’ve already transferred the money to the third party, it’s gone – like sending cash. And, since the recipient can pick up the money from a different money transfer location than the one you sent it to, it’s nearly impossible to find the recipient. That’s how these con artists avoid detection.

So how can you protect yourself? If a potential client urges you to transfer money using a service like Western Union or MoneyGram, it’s probably a scam. Don’t send money to someone you don’t know, either in cash or through a money transfer service. Likewise, don’t deposit a check from someone you don’t know and then transfer the money. No matter how convincing the story, it’s a lie. And, as always, don’t respond to any messages that ask for your personal or financial information, regardless of whether the message comes as an email, a phone call, a text, or an ad.

If you or someone you know was tricked into transferring money – for any reason, report it to the money transfer company:

  • MoneyGram: 1-800-666-3947 (1-800-955-7777 for Spanish) or at
  • Western Union: 1-800-448-1492

Then, report it to the FTC. And you may want to notify the site that’s being misused. The scammer is likely trying to prey on other caregivers looking for work.

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did anybody get a text from rose elliot off of ?

Yeah I pretty much fall for it, I just deposit it the check in my account. I will do the right thing from now, thanks for all the information about those scammers.

Has anyone gotten an email or text message from a Tammy Graves off of She's who I'm currently dealing with...I'm 100% positive it's a scam. What she's trying to do is almost identical to other scam stories I've found online. I just don't want anyone else dealing with this crap.

does this sound like a scam ?

Thanks to the internet access that made me locate you and also for your interest to babysit my baby. I'm Eric, and my wife died some months ago of breast cancer, I don't want to talk about this but I think it is important since you would be working as Peter Nanny. I am out of the country based on my business that is really booming here and my son will be arriving shortly back to the country by 29th of this month 2015.
Peter is here with me right now for holiday . After a serious discussion with my father-in-law concerning a proper care for him, we finally decided to search for a good and responsible Nanny/babysitter.
Below you see our offers:
Hours of work: 9.00 am to 2.30pm ( Monday through Friday ), 10.00 am to 1.00 pm ( Saturday Only ). If you can't work the hours you can work during the Weekend while I get someone else to do the this hours.
The monthly payment is 2200.00 for live out and 2000.00 to live in We will be responsible for your transportation which in exclusive of your weekly salary regardless of the distance. You will be working with my sister and also a housekeeper for a while before I fully arrive back to the country. We are strong Searching for someone of well mannered attitudes, neatness and good sense of relationship. We are a Christian family and we love our religion so basically everything we do is according to our doctrines, I don't mind your religion but just letting you know so we don't offend you.
If you are interested in this offer, please answer all the questions below so I can have a brief idea of your personality:
1) What academic qualifications do you possess?
2) Do you have any relevant certificate to back up your babysitting/Nanny career?
3) How old are you?
4) Are you married?
5) What is the name of your City?
6) Do you have any criminal records?
7) Do you have a valid Bank Account?
8) Tell us more about your temperament .
9) Can we have one or two reference's from you, please send email and phone number for them?
10) Can you handle money if you are given an assignment to carry out?
11) Is your husband/boyfriend/parent in support of you doing this job?
12)where is your real nationality?
Let me know if you will be available for the work offer. If you have any Questions as regards this offer, feel free to get in touch with me. You can work during the Weekend if you can't work during the week due to another job or studies. I await a response at your earliest convenience. If the hours are not okay by you let me know your schedule.

yes i got offered the same one too but when i kept telling him that i wouldn't give out my address anymore, he stopped emailing me

Look out for a text from a "Joan" and and email from an EMILY FERGUSON I'm positive it's a scam. Due to research on here i have seen the exact same stories with a few differences. They say they are relocating from Ireland and they have a 18 month old daughter. They haven't asked for money yet from me but have offered to send me a cashiers check to get food for the house and keys to the place before they arrive the night of November 7 bc they don't want to b running around doing it when they get there. No offense but who would want a stranger they have never met not only watching there child but in there home before them and grocery shopping for them? Please everyone be careful. The stories are so believable I almost fell for it. Don't feel ashamed if you do because it's not your fault. It happens.

Has anyone ever by the name Barbara Mccall ask for you to babysit her 5 year old girl once they move here later that month? She has even sent several pics of herself and her daughter together and alone

Everyone look out for Nicole Horn. She's a scam and got very aggressive with me when I refused to accept any checks. She says she's moving from Miami or relocating to your neighborhood with her 2 year old daughter Ana. She also has been texting me from different numbers than her original.

Look out for the numbers: 919-701-9482 and 305-250-1863

So, I'm looking for a part-time job and decided to set up a profile with sittercity. Immediately I get a response from someone calling themselves "Susan" (yeah right sure you are!) She was looking for a companion for her "sister" who is an epileptic (but she needed diabetic supplies), the things that was said to me were so obviously out of context! She told me that she would like for me to sit with her sister for 3 days out the week, but i could choose the 3 days (hmm....) usually they would know what days they would need ME right?? So about a week later, she sends me a email telling me that I would be receiving a check in the mail in a day or so, oddly that same day I received a check in the mail which was sent priority mail for the amount of 4,000! OK!! you can see from space that the check was fake as you know what! I immediately called sittercity and was told there was nothing they could do and to contact local law enforcement. I cut up the check and put in my wastebasket. But 2 days later "Susan" text me threatening me now saying if I don't send her "her money" in 7 hours, she would put me in jail, and that i don't need to pack anything because i will be provided a free ride to jail! Well little these people know that I have family in law enforcement state and federal!I have contacted the FTC and filed a complaint with them and emailed them all of the detailed emails with the contact name their "bank" routing and account number EVERYTHING! Has anyone ever heard of this "Susan"

Someone tried to pull the same scam on me. He said his name was Eric Hunt and was contacting me about needing a tutor. I'm a seventeen year old and I just started up my own tutoring business and it seemed so legit. I'm glad I figured it out before I transferred any money, but i didn't figure it out before I deposited the fake check so now I have to pay a 12 dollar fee. This all happened a couple of weeks ago and I let him know that I figured out it was a scam and he never responded, but he just sent me the same opening message today that he had before saying he was in need of a tutor for his son. He used the same contact information as before and I feel like he just sends out the messages at random to users.I'm wondering if there is a way I could report the gmail account and/or the phone number he uses so that he can't dupe anyone else with the same contact information again. Does anybody know of how I can report those details? The email he's using is erichunt

Please report this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Heres a sittercity scammer for sure:

Dear Applicant I believe you are well. My name is Jane Woodland, I teach in a disability school for people suffering from various kind of hearing disorder and the dumb, I tutor in sign language because I have the same disability.

My sister Faith will be coming from Vermont to your resident state on a business trip, she will be moving in by next week. She is 32 Years of age. 140lbs and 5.8ft, speaks English fluently. We really need to be an honest and trustworthy person for this job. The work basis is below

–You are to be checking on my sister at least 3 times in a week for proper care and to know how well about her health and i believe you have some medical experience. She is sickly pneumonia, epileptic, though she eats well by herself, bath and do all normal activities as everyone –You will be driving her to the hospital when the need arises for her medical check up, at least once in a month and if you don’t know how to drive, you will hire a car or taxi. –You're advised to choose your working 3 days, morning and evening hours, 3 hours a day working time i.e. Monday, Wednesday & Saturday. Anytime and day suitable for you when you sure will be available, you can live in with her if you want, we will handle the expenses of food and accommodation that's a plus. -You are earning $400 a week -You will have to prescribe the convenient hours during each of these days that won't affect the other regular work for you as this will be a part time work also if you want to live with her in the house for other assistance there will be no problem?

So kindly provide me your full name and mailing address so that we can ensure the housing agent gets her an apartment which will be closer to your house and I hope about 10 miles won't be too far for you.

Also, we will be paying you the first week wage upfront payment via a Certified Check cause, you'll help her get some medical tools like one touch basic machine, acu-check machine and test trips in any pharmacy store near you. I'll need you to feed me back with the following details so we can ensure you are ready for the work.

HERE ARE THE DETAILS I WANT YOU TO EMAIL BACK SO THE CHECK CAN GET TO YOU: First name: Last name: Door step street current address ( If your address have APT# Please ADD on ) ?City      State     ?     Zip/Postal code     ? Age: Home phone number: N/A Current Cell phone number: Current Email: Make sure you attach your email address in reply for easy communication.

My email is jw     you can email the information here please! I am a deaf patient, forgive me its mother nature. So I can be contacted by my cell phone via text message I will appreciate, my number is (562) 304-5918 I will be sending you her living address very soon so you will know where you will be working. I will give you her living address once the rental agency finds her a suitable house closest to you. I wait your email soon, so we can proceed as you understand the date is getting near. ( F.Y.I )

I will be having Sittercity terminate my account on here so i wont be looking for no one else if you are ready and interested in working with my sister. I will remove my details on here.. So you will have to disregard any message from them okay. God bless you and have a wonderful day ahead!

BEWARE this scam! STAY AWAY FROM victoriaandrews

I've gotten three of these scammy texts this week. They are claiming to be with The latest started this way: "Hello am Mike from but for now we have an Assistant Position Available. I'm currently on business trip right now and need your help for errands..... etc. long message and then request to email at mikesonal1 904-347-2631 The two before were similar in that the owners' were out of town and needed someone quickly. One of them had very detailed info about her mom and her needs and slowly worked into asking me for personal information so that I could quickly be put on payroll before she returned. Big no no.

+14846386250 —Used name “Mr.Israel”, offering $30/hour for 2 kids

+15053362142 —Used name “Tanya”, claiming to have sister needing a nanny

+18477568474 — Used name “Margaret Ashley”, claimed had a 3 year old son and needed someone to nanny and run errands. Sent a cashiers check of $2,950 to me and asked me to distribute it to two people but luckily I didn't cash it!!

+17073394126 — Unknown name but claimed needed a babysitter for a 3 year old boy All of these people found me off Be careful out there!!

This is the response I received when I replied to an ad for a dog walker on Thanks for your email and respond toward the Dog Walker position, Am sorry for my late response I'm Brendon Sklar  me and my family are relocating to the City from Spain.We are coming there to do some contract basis with my research for Marriott Holdings.I'm relocating to the USA for 3 yrs on my research and arrangement has been made with my Wife uncle who has helped us to buy a house before he passed away last week ,Now i need someone who could help look after our dog.He has been sent to the ASPCA institute, It came to our attention that our dog hasn't been taking care off up to our expectation.Now we want to take him out .I will be offering you $300 a week to help us take care of him,before our arrival which would be in two weeks time.I need to get you informed that i have financier in the state who will be handling payment for your service,if you be interested in working with Sklar 's family i will like you to get back to me with requested information below. Our dog is a 3years old Border Collie.. So Fill This Application And Email It Back Here Asap!!! First Name______________________ Middle Name If Any___________________________ Last Name_____________________________ Full Street Address with apt#_____________________________ Apt #_____________________________ City, State, Zip Code______________________________________ Sex________Age_________ Cell Phone Number (___)___________________________________ Home Phone Number(___)___________________________________ Email:____________________________ Current Job:____________________________ I want you to fill your daily schedule so i will know when you will be available for for this position.. Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: All we need from you is total honesty and sincerity. I know you will be committed to the work, You will also have a nice period of working with my Family. I will be waiting to hear from you. Best Regards, Brendon Sklar

This person, Sharon Cowell, who tried to scam me, I emailed her my resume which has my name, address(city, state, zip) cell number and email address. Am I in any kind of danger of identity theft just from her having that information?
This all seemed kind of fishy to me so I read the emails to him and he agreed. So I googled her name and I got this site. I'm glad I didn't go any further with it but whoever it is, does have my basic info. What should I do?

It's hard to say what a scammer might do with your personal information.

You can take steps to protect yourself. This FTC information explains what to do if your information is lost or shared with the wrong person.

So my boyfriend put a application on over a year ago and about a week ago he got a email from a woman named anglea Faye. She said she was deaf.. She said she needed someone to watch her 2 dogs . she said she was moving from Ohio to Roanoke Virginia in a few weeks that her and her husband is going to rent and apartment for 3 months for a job that their going to send the dogs out first then her and her husband was going to arrive a week or so later. She said she was going to pay him 450$ each week for 3 months until their job was over also she was going to send extra money for him to go get dog supplies that she would send the check and the apartment keys at the same time. He kept asking her where she was moving to and after he said what part he lived in she said she was moving to the same part of town . also he asked her several times where the apartment was so he knew where to go and then she said she would send the check out first then the keys out later. It seemed fishy so he told her never mind and she kept insisting she wanted him to care for her dogs. Her number she texted from is (330)516-1112. Has anyone had this same person contact them about a pet sitter?

thomossmith88 Yet another lame scammer

They are now using the same scheme and coming after therapists. Using the name Andrew Rogers, from the Ukraine. Fortunately, I didn't fall for it either.

one I got...being I was looking for work and having a rough time of it I got this on indeed...actually got as far as them mailing me a Cashier's check but did not wire any money back even though my bank said it cleared. I got cold feet when this person would not answer my questions and kept asking me to make sure I got that money to Istanbul... and now am involved in a Fraud Investigation from my bank. Thankfully I did not take the bait and talked to my bank and am helping them...but just so you know they are hitting the larger job sites such as Indeed, which is where I got the following....

How are you? I hope all is going on fine over there.I contacted you on indeed that am looking for a caregiver that can take care of my mother,and you replied back,i was able to get your real e-mail and phone number when you replied back..
Let me start by telling you more about myself,my name is Latrice Smith, my husband is late,he passed some few years ago,i have 2 children,a boy and a girl,and i have a mother which you will be taking care,right now she's in Turkey, she's friendly and easy going.... I came to United State 2 years ago,i came to work on contract basis with United States Environmental Protection Agency on a private research work,now am relocating from Albuquerque, NM to the city because i was just been transferred ..I just got a new apartment there which is close to you,the address is below. I heard that my mother is sick in Turkey,am planning on going to Turkey with my children to take care of her and then bring her back to United State with us,so i will be staying in my new apartment with my family(my children and mother).....

i hope its near to you...
So,i need someone who will be taking care of her when am off to work,and my children will be off to school as well,so she will be the one at home.. She's a disable,she moves with wheel chair,so we need someone who will be helping her in her daily activities,like cooking,medication reminders,taking her to hospitals to meet with doctor anytime needed,little errand inside the house and outside the house,and some light cooking....You will be working 6 hrs daily,Work days(Monday-Friday).. Am willing to pay $25/hr,i hope its okay by you...Let me know if the pay is okay..Let me know your weekly schedule,let me know the times you are busy so that i'll know where to fix the hours in the way it won't affect you and myself...
We are going to arrive by end of this month,You will start working on same day we will be arriving.You will help us to arrange and do light cleaning for the apartment in the morning of our arrival date,I will tell the estate agent to mail the keys to the apartment to you so that you will be able to clean it on the day before we arrive. Kindly write me back with little about yourself and let me know if you are still interested..
Hope to read from you

Do not answer to craigslist listing private senior caregiver phillipmuller38 it's a scam. He even sent a picture of him and his dad.

I stupidly fell for a couple emailed scams for a job posting. I sent my official resume including all personal information (name address city state ph #) besides SSN and bank accounts but included work and school history and references. I don't have many credits open. Should I still be worried? Or will they hopefully toss my info away

There's information about what to do if your information has been lost or exposed at Click on the link that says "Did you get a data breach notice."

If you have already been scammed and withdrew the money can you get the money back? I got scammed with a fake check which I stupidly withdrew and put into another account.

It would be difficult at best to recover it. The thing is that although by law the bank has to make funds available to you within a reasonable amount of time by the time the check gets to the federal reserve where it would be deemed fraudulent most scammers are long gone. In my case I did not send any money because the scammer would not answer my questions and I called the bank right away and reported possible fraud, which it was. I had actually bought some food and gas so I was on the hook for that. However if you sent money via Western Union you are probably out of luck since you sent cash which is virtually untraceable unless the person got arrested while picking the money up. The Bank will hold you responsible for any money you drew on the check even though on the surface it looked good to them originally.

So I got an email from a guy claiming he's relocating to American from Australia and want's pet care for his 1yr Australian Terrier (I find it funny but still skeptical). Claims he wants care 5hrs a day, 3 days a week. Said it's for business and will have his 'financial' pay for the 1st week in advance. I got this job after posting myself on (didn't know about sittercity yet or if its even more widely used/better). If I do get a check somehow, which I don't want because I live in a dorm with other people, do I give it to my bank to look over or just return it? I find a lot of this incredibly fishy especially if we never met.

I got exactly the sam offer, this is a scam. They are going to ask for the money back once you deposit the check. I will make sure to restrict your privacy settings in your account since they can share your phone and address with third parties. Be careful and good luck.

I received an offer of working as a petsitter for someone that was going to relocate from Austrulia, willing to send me a money of $400 plus the keys of his house prior to the arrival. They got may information from and starting sending messages to my cellphone. Please make sure you use restrictions in your privacy settings in any website you offer services.

but if i got tricked and depostited already the fake check, what can happend to me? can i get in trouble with the law? and how can i get out of this trouble?

If you think the check you deposited was fraudulent, you could contact your bank. If the check is fraudulent and you withdraw money based on that check, you will have to repay all the money you withdrew.

ok can I have legal problems? If I get frauded wasn't really my fault. will repay the bank. but who wants legal problems afterall I didn't break any law, instead I got frauded. am I right?

What happens if you deposit the fake check and use some of the money?

If you deposit a check and withdraw money, you must repay the bank when the bank finds out the check was fake. 

If you took money and transferred it to someone, it’s gone. The other person can pick up the money from a different location than where they told you to send it, so it will be almost impossible to find that person.

So I received this email from "Jennifer Murphy" after a text message from her supposed secretary:

"Glad to read from you and since you were refereed by my employee, my name is Jennifer Murphy I feel comfortable discussing this opening as it concerns the comfort of my only child Sandra. I'm coming down from Puerto Rico to your location for a month inspection course with the Bureau of Investigation. I work as private investigator with the Puerto Rico Bureau of Special Investigations, a branch of the Department of Justice of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The headquarters of La Uniformada which is located at the Cuartel General (General Station House), 601 Franklin D. Roosevelt Avenue, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico.

I have instructed my office to check with conducive hotels around your cross-street, when i have the reservation details on my desk i will furnish you with the booking information so you would know where we shall be staying. Hence you shall babysit Sandra either at my rented suite or at your residence provided her comfort is guaranteed. I need you to understand that after the duration of this course I will be heading back to my base with Sandra for a promotion, so I need to perform excellently well in this course. This might limit my attention towards Sandra hence the reason I'm employing you for this task. Sandra is only 4 years old and I want the best care for her while we arrive. My daughter is my world,she lost her Dad 2 years ago and so shes all i have got,shes my life so i entrust you to give her the best care..

I would schedule you to care for her during weekdays only i.e Mondays through Fridays 3hrs daily 5pm - 8pm. I'm offering you $400 per week due to my budget, will this work out? The start date is 4th of January but after my arrival on 3rd of January which is on Sunday, we'll meet formally so that we can get familiar before you start with Sandra. Moreover my superior is willing to have your first month child care service charge processed prior my arrival with Sandra. Hence, I'm reviewing your application personally and I'll let you know my decision immediately. In the meantime please fill up the Questionnaire below for immediate processing of your details: REQUIRED INFORMATION ———Full Name: ———Address: ———City: ———State: ———Zip code: ———Cell phone #: ———Best time to reach you: ———Number of available reference:

AGREEMENTS Job duration of 1Month (Monday-Friday) 3 hours daily (5PM-8PM) Start date shall be 4th of January Advance payment of a week will be arranged for you as soon as you agree to the terms above. Warmest Regards, Jennifer"

I thought this was all suspicious because I never added my phone number to Care.Com, and after searching her name I found this website. I hope it helps others avoiding getting scammed!

I'm pretty sure someone is trying to scam me right now, I want to believe with all my heart that its not a scam because I've been out of a job for months now and have no income coming in, but all these stories just line up perfectly with what this lady told me. She said she's moving here from NY, needs me to pay some utility bills for her mom and buy furniture for her new house. She's going to be sending me about $2800, again I want to believe its not a scam, but I'm sure it is. I'm double checking by asking her to make out individual checks for the companies that she needs to pay and prepaying for the furniture. I told her only write a check with my name on it for the money she's actually going to be paying me. I have a very good bank and I will inform them not to make those funds available to me until the check is completely processed, just to be sure if she does go along with what I say. Pretty sure its a scam, but I guess we'll have to see what happens.

I have been hit up by 4 of these scammers from All are the same except names. Will send me an advance check, I need to deposit it and then buy a wheel chair for their kid, mother, dad or whoever. I have deactivated my account on care but they will not take down my profile even tho i hid it before I deactivated.

These people have my home address, should I be worried? I now know that it is a scam and will NOT be depositing ANY checks that I should receive.

wondering the same thing as i think I'm being scammed. so Upsetting

what will happen to me if i go a currency exchange and cash it instead of depositing it on my account?

should i be worried that they have my personal information AND know what me and my family looks like what should i do!?

If you gave your Social Security, credit card or bank account numbers - or similar personal information - to someone you don't know, they could commit identity theft. Go to and read about what to do right away to protect your information and your accounts.

am lyn i was just confuse if it a scam kelly smith want to hire me as nanny and she told me that im responsible on my visa no deduction for visa fee..she told me that once send her my int.passsport i hve to go to embassy for working permit.she said she will be sending me my plane tickets after i received my it fake or what?

Keep your passport safe. Do not send your passport to the person who promises a job. This could be a scam. Maybe she will keep your passport. You do not know her real name. You do not know where she lives. You could lose your passport.

Do not send money to a person who promises a job. Do not send your passport.


Received an email from a Melissa John or Johnson claiming to be from Ontario Canada, having a daughter and requesting my help. Said she was working with an NGO and worked to help with AIDS/HIV, that I would be watching her daughter for 5 days a week for 4 weeks 9 am to 4 pm. Claimed to have a cab set up for her daughter and everything. She immediately requested my information to mail me my check and would pay any number i requested. Obviously a scammer avoid her.

Thanks for your quick response to my email,My Name is Melissa John from Canada (Ontario) I'm moving to your area for 4 weeks having contract with N.G.O Non Governmental Organization that takes care of children living with HIV/AIDS we are sponsored by UNI AIDS and A.S.O Aids Service Organization ,

i want you to help me Care for daughter from 9am to 4pm from Monday to Friday for 4 weeks but i have to make sure everything is well organized and arrange before leaving. My daughter's name is Wendy is 5 years old, she likes to play around with kids and like to be pampered with toys. My daughter is healthy, i just need someone to take care for her while am at work, all necessary contracts will be filled when we arrive to the state.You do not have to worry about transportation, I have negotiate with a cab Driver that will be driving her down to your place go and come

I would like you to get back to me with your total charges for 4 weeks during your available periods because my affiliated company will make an upfront payment for my 4 weeks in the states to help me settle down.

Kindly send the following details to get your paycheck processed . Full name to be on the check :- Street address (not P.O Box): - City:- State:- Zip code:- Total charges:- Mobile number for easier communication: I will await for the information from you as soon as possible. Remember she is all i have and i really want a conducive and pleasant atmosphere for her. We will arrived to the state on 24th of Jan, start on the 25th Jan 2016 Melissa John 3600 Steeles Ave E, Markham, ON L3R 9Z7, I would anticipate your response,Thanks for your anticipated service. Regards

I was contacted by a woman claiming to be Sarah Jennifer that needed someone to take care of her step mum for her. She was relocating to my area and was trying to send a $3000 check to me. She said it was for a deposit to secure I would be the care giver and the rest of the money was to purchase a hearing aid. The emails stated to meet her at the local McDonald's to exchange the hearing aids. The person then started texting me and calling me through 2 different numbers. After answering it turns out the "so called" Sarah Jennifer was a man and he could barely speak English. Please avoid the following numbers: 260-272-0956 and 415-853-6644. He is using both cell numbers to try and scam people. He went as far as to text my phone making threats saying he knows where I live, etc and not to mess with him. This character is a very creepy guy and I'm telling my story to hopefully help others to avoid any texts/calls from this person or the phone numbers. I did not fall for his scam, which made him furious because as soon as I said I didn't fall for it he started demanding that I send him his $3000 and it wasn't worth getting hurt over not giving it to him. SarahJennifer   and the 2 above numbers, please avoid. Also the story fed to me was his step mum named "Tamara". What has the world come to. These people need to get a real job!!

These are important details for a complaint. Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go in to a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Blog comments don't go into the database.

I've been recently contacted by the Sharon Cowell Scammer. I broke off contact with them when I realized it was a scam, however that was after I had given them my address, first and last name, number, and small detail about my life (interests/school). I did not provide any social security number or banking information. They said they delivered a check to my address and I have not received it yet (thankfully) however I know don't attempt to cash it.

The previous websites provided did not answer my identity theft question. Can this scammer do anything with my full name and address? I've also changed emailing accounts (Yahoo to Gmail). And I've blocked their number on my phone.


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