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Fast-talk from Straight Talk and others about unlimited data

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Unlimited talk, text, and data for $45 per month with no contract? That sounds like a great deal, but according to a recent FTC lawsuit, millions of people who bought unlimited mobile plans from Straight Talk, Net10 Wireless, Simple Mobile, and Telcel America didn’t get what they paid for. And now they may be eligible for refunds.

Here’s what the FTC’s complaint says: Despite ads that emphasized the promise of unlimited data, the company behind these brands — TracFone Wireless — set data limits that customers didn’t know about. When customers reached these limits, TracFone slowed their data speed or cut off their data service entirely. In some cases, TracFone terminated all services to the phone. And it didn’t take much to reach the data limit. TracFone Net10 Adgenerally slowed data service when a customer used one to three gigabytes, and suspended data service at four to five gigabytes.

Reduced data speeds meant users couldn’t run popular apps like YouTube, Netflix, and Skype. Even simple tasks — like checking email or visiting a web page — were often very slow.

Tracfone has agreed to settle FTC charges that its promises of “unlimited” data were misleading. If you had an unlimited plan from Straight Talk, Net10 Wireless, Simple Mobile, or Telcel America, you may be eligible for refund. Visit for details.

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I used to pay the $45.00 a month unlimited but did not need all that so I downgraded to $33.31 a month and I have had no problems as of yet ! Thank God !

How'd you get it to #33.31??? I want mine mine!

They only sell one phone the30 dollar plan works on...and it does even have internet. One more thing y are we washing our 3mgs on a website like this. Lol

I have had great service with straight talk I've never had slow service at all!! My data also never slowed down I was alway havering at least 896 kilo bits of upload speed and 20 meg of download!

Haha, a shill says what? What are they paying ya, bud? By the word or by the hour?

I used 17g of data before mine got slow. But when it got slow, it really got slow like almost non existant. I feel asleep with youtube videos playing.

You got it, this promoter is an Employee-I'm bogged allll of the time!!! Haven't used half, and I am getting warnings!any times the streaming stops- even with 3 more bars/4G showing!!! Not impressed! Why can't they offer 60.00 at what ever amount of usage????

I have been getting good results with straight talk plan purchased at walmart using my cell phone ss a hotspot for my laptop then all of a sudden my bars have went to 1 or less and my internet is buffering to the point i gave up.

I just bought a new 55 dollar plan and it is worthless as far as using my phone as a hotspot.

How did you even use the phone as a hotspot? It is not allowed in ST's terms, and their phones have the hotspot feature disabled.

Not all of them. The old school phones whoch priorly had it enabled still produce a hotspot.

Now they only have phones that you cant turn into a spot cuz if you turn your phone into a hotspot you can share your data and they don't want you to share your data, and it's a breach of your contract which they can drop you at any time if they find out you're using your phone as a hotspot. Lame

I got to 2.2GB and my data speeds are so slow that I can't order an item from Ebay! My calls are getting sent straight to voicemail too. STRAIGHT TALK IS A JOKE!

Same here, after over a year of great service ST throttles me after using less than half my data limit. Did their new 10MB plan use up too much of the highway? I plan to drop ST, go to cheaper phone service & use cable internet again. For the money 40GB is hard to beat!

I just changed to net 10 already regrets!!4g dropped to 2. Signed up for auto pay! Which company should go with that stays in 4g as promised. help please

Their 10gbs is a joke. Two weeks after i bought the plan they were sending me messages that i had to renew my service in a wk. Then the 3 day warning came to me. I hadnt even used 5 gbs by that point.

I literally just used up my 5GBS tonight and my data symbol on my S7 went away. I don't have wifi so I couldn't activate my reserve card. I restarted my phone and I have the LTE symbol again and things are loading normally. My straightalk app says I have 0 mbs left of data. Should it say 2G instead? This is my first month of using Straighttalk though.

I totally can feel you. I used to have a different company and had 10 gigabytes of data. I never had trouble with data I always ran for G's my service never was slow down I left that company because every month the bill was different so I went to Straight Talk prepaid and after having the phone for 11 days I received an email stating all my data was used the only way I could get internet restored was to buy a brand new plan 11 days later what a joke. Needless to say I only stayed with Straight Talk 2 months. Their systems are running fast or something there's no way possible I don't watch movies and I don't listen to music on my phone there's no way I use that much data in 8 days. I hope you're able to get some money back

I'm with StraightTalk and the so-called 2G throttle speed is a STRAIGHT lie. It is taking 10 minutes or more to pull up webpages. I do not stream videos and hardly ever go to Facebook. I've never gotten anywhere near 5 gigs of data usage, much less go over it a week before my plan ends. They state that anything over the first 5G of usage will be throttled to 2G speed. Can someone look into their throttle speeds? Where do I complain?

If you think a product isn't living up to its advertising, you can file a complaint with the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the database.

Bridgette I was given a claim number and don't know if I missed my check. During the time the checks went out I had found out I had cancer so in was not keeping up with the lawsuit. Between surgery & treatments my mail was thrown away in bulk because it had built up so much. Can you help me or tell me who can.... Sincerely BDV.

BDV, I’m responding on behalf of Bridget. I hope you’re doing better.

Yes, refund checks were mailed to eligible consumers starting on March 22, 2016 through March 29, 2016. At this point, it’s best you contact the FTC redress contractor, Analytics Consulting, LLC directly at 1-855-312-3327.

I have the unlimited plan for straight talk and can even check my dam email for my business I have lost jobs because of them.

I lost a lot of business the last 2 years. Could not figure it out. Now I have. Straight talk most likely throttled me and restricted phone calls. Now I have an idea on why my revenue dropped off so much. I just spent 250 dollars buying different phones from different prepay carriers. I think I will go look at standby sprint and verizion. And see what they offer. Well now I have an idea. A text would have been nice.

I recieved a check last month from this lawsuit for $15.00. I've had ST for over 5 years and at first it was awesome. But as time went by it was worse every month. I started restricting background data to save my data every month. Now, as of June 2016 my data is slowed down to nothing almost with a week and half to go. I feel they are retalionating because I cashed that check. I called and got someone who obvisouly is from another country who I couldnt even understand. No help there. I feel as though Im being ripped off again, and they arent providing what they say. Unlimited.

Unlimited should mean UNLIMITED!! Enough said. False advertising

Before the factory restore I was compatible how is that posable

Lost more than 15.00

I have had straighttalk for 5 yrs now and I just bought a new expensive phone and I completely regret it! 2g? Seriously? I can't do anything and I pay $45 unlimited on the first every single month and I wish I hadn't bought the phone and switched companies like my daughter said I should! I'm extremely disappointed with straighttalk and might as well toss the phone in the garbage and never ever go back to straighttalk! I will never recommend straighttalk to anyone again and trust me I talked many into going with it and I regret that even more! You have become frauds to us long-term customers!

im tired they are rip off my phone cos me over 129 99 each ever 4or so month they crash they wont replace last 5 months but more then 1 45 card as they saying im using it all up last month said use 5 gb in 10 day never was able to use my date i was told at least u can tlk on it then phone heat up shuts off can tlk right on the phone what a nite mare then wants give refurbish phone where someone else already had a headache with it i bought not refurbushish phone i shouldnt get one back this unfair

My calls always get sent straight to voicemail and doesn't even show me I have a call. And my internet is always slow when I reach a certain limit I get a text saying I'm over my date? How when I have unlimited?

What areas do you guys live in?? In a lot of areas the data goes super fast , so if you are streaming anything it goes twice as fast. My area I have not had any problems I have the $60.19 plan with 10gb. It has been wonderful really has. There is a trick to saving your data. I watch shows on my phone almost everyday and am able to watch 5 whole seasons of tv shows a month and facebooking and web surfing plus games and everything else on my iPhone 6s Plus. When you are done using anything on your phone if you have the option in you settings turn it off all of your apps on your phone. When you want to use one turn only that one on and shut off when your done. Also turn off your data so it absolutely cannot use anything until you turn it on again. This helps tremendously with data saving. Turn off background app refresh if you have that option for everything. Yes I know this is highly inconvenient but every single company does this no matter what plan you have and yes even if it is "UNLIMITED". It's in the fine print. When you go over a certain amount of data they slow it down to 3G or 2G. For straight talk they have a pamphlet that actually says they can terminate your services at any time for using to much data on certain things. Yes it it true promise I always read the fine print. If anyone needs any help just let me know.

Yeah, Kristen.I don't know if this is regional or what. I'm in Florida and have had my Verizon Galaxy Note 4 running off ST 10 gigs a month since they started it. I've got everything I was promised without problem. I set my limit warning and it works and ST texts me when I'm close also. And yes I do turn my data off when I'm not done, huge difference. Also, I wonder if different phone make a difference.

My son has no data and we have the unlimited data card and it's not working for what my son needs it four and it slowed down 2 weeks after he got the new phone. He shut it down and it was working again it makes no since how he go throw an unlimter card . I have called the straight talk, and the told " my order as been canceled because " my son " had been using the data the wrong way, and all he has been using for " remind you his phone is check ever two weeks " has been using for the wrong purpose , and he goes on Facebook and Snapchat and he even does some school work on his phone and it pissing me off because I am get no where

I was never informed of this lawsuit and have been with straight talk. I have complained about service in past. I had to call today to trouble shoot this same issue that occurs from day 1 of service monthly. They said I've used 8.8GB so far this m9nth and I have 2 days left. I told them that must be total data including wifi. They deny and clam it is h8gh speed total, and if I want them to check my straight talk ph9ne antenna reception, I must buy more data 9r renew early. I'm tired of this, I also informed them that my data can't connect to server during daylight hours and asked 8f their provider of signal throttles straight talk down during heavy use. Again they encourage me 5o buy more data to check. So no refund and no justice.

I had net10 bought the 4o.00 plan lasted one week.couple . was bought at family dollar for ten dollars . well was at my mom the phone started reading discharging and was very hot. I just put 40.00 plan on that phone of course they said they couldnt return the money or tranfer I went to straighttalk no better there internet last a week to. it is so wrong how there doing us. it s aids unlimited not one week false advertisement and this 10mg. is for the birds they should just say one week.I'm so upset ,angry and hurt cause i trusted straighttalk not to lie to me.just showing the American people that they can't be trusted which gives Wal-Mart a bad name . for the first time in five years I shopped Kmart cause i was mad about straighttalk and Wal-Mart lying.

That only works when you use a credit card

Straight talk should have been required to inform their users of this. I found out too late to act. And now they cut people's data FAR short of 3gb! I monitor my usage carefully, I've used >250mb all month, and just got a text saying my 'high speed' was used up despite this, and my data was disabled all day leading up to this! Wow!

I just got this phone a week ago and received the message today. My phone has been working really slow and its practically useless.

That's right! My daughter has had Straight Talk since 4/7/2014 and has had nothing but problems with her phone since they changed the data plan, and didn't even have enough respect to let her know, after we spent $150.00 on a new phone for her! As soon as we can afford it, we are getting her another phone and service and never going back to straight Talk! they are the worse cell phone provider ever! Thank God I have Verizon! And mine's only $30 a month! We can't afford to get another plan or service yet. For now, we are going to file a complaint against them to BBB! I hope that helps!

Straight talk is deceitful. Because I called and said to them my Internet is going very slow. It's taking forever. He your near your limit. Then I said aren't you in the middle of a law suit for slowing speed. He said actually your over. When I hung up I was immediately denied any access to Internet with a box coming up saying your phone is not connected to Internet. I called back he said oh we cut your Internet off because your over on GB. I said you can't do that maybe I should have went in on the lawsuit. One month I let it run out and they renewed by data before I added a card on. I said why did my data start over before I added the card. My Internet started going faster after being slowed for a few days. This month I didn't use 5GB and they slowed me a week before my renew date. I believe that they started me at less that 5GB because I compained. Then he said we cut your Internet off even though I had 5 days left. Told them I will be leaving them.

That's just what they wanted to hear. Really. They ID users they deem "problem users." Fact. I just reupped for 6 mo, 5 weeks ago. First mo was great. According to my galaxy s4 built in data usage monitor, I used 6.5 GB, it was throttled at 5GB, as advertised. 2nd month, 6 days in they throttled me to less than 10kb/s! Now I'm just 2 weeks into my 2nd mo. and my phone has me measured at less than 1GB usage for the mo. but my phone is still throttled @ less than 10kb/s! You could fry eggs on my head. There is no way that anyone uses 5GB reading google news, facebook, and email. Even if one did it all day long. I can watch one youtube, 100MB in size and my phone says I've used 300MB. If you tried to watch a netflix movie w/5GB plan w/them you wouldn't get half way thru it. After this one week in I can't even make or recieve a phone call! But I have 4 mos. left on my card, and they know it. They would be delighted if I went somewhere else even if I waited till my six mo. was up! I am a problem user according to them. Because I take full advantage of what they claim to be selling. My phone is rooted (admin rights), of course they know that and really, really don't like it. Because I can get get apps that have been shut down by Google Play Store. Like Adblock Plus, removes all ads. LTE Discovery which keep me on 4G LTE. Greenify, hibernates hidden apps that consume bandwidth like crazy. Selling data about everything you do on your cell phone.I even have my own bandwidth monitor. And guess what? When my screen locks my phone uses 1.5MB/s upload/download combined! Consistently. What does that tell u? You know what the different is between that and 10kb???
All cell carriers do this but particularly the budget companies who have to lease use of biggies cell towers. Their customers come first. None of them are worried about class action lawsuits. They are all prepared for that. Believe me. They've already saved up for it. You might get $20 over 2 yr contract or no with every/any one of them if your lucky. Which wouldn't even pay me for the trouble of writing this note. The feds (ftc), law firms, and providers all know it. They feed on the rube peeon, laughing all the way to the bank. The government for the people by the people. Sad it is.

How you get it 33.81 per months. Straight talk prepaid was 45.00 for unlimited but issue not 4lte. It was 3g was bit slow. But you said downgrade to 33.81 not bad deal. But how I get it? I'm deaf.

My husband and I both bought the 45$ unlimited cards. Less that two weeks later it has slowed to a crawl. Takes 20 min or longer to update anything. Trying to search the web, or email or even Facebook is pretty much a no!took me 15 minutes to be able to reply. Thinking of going else where. Never had this problem till Trac phone, and other companies merged with straight talk and screwed it all up.

Not a happy customer!

They cut off my text and data :(

Can someone explain to me how I'm using half my data for uninstalling apps

If you read the fine print, it did explain the data slow-downs, etc., but of course the sellers rely on the persuasiveness of their advertising and the fact that most people don't read the fine print or if they do, they can't understand it. Only reason I could is that I'm a lawyer who deals with this kind of stuff regularly. The averger person doesn't stand a chance with this kind of "disclosure."

It didn't always say that they would lower the speed. When they first came out, they claimed unlimited. It's only recently that they started disclosing that. Even now, they say "unlimited" but they do flash the disclaimer

Incorrect. I've had straight talk for 4 years and the cards and website always said high speed till xgigs then low speed for rest of cycle. In addition they also warned that unusually high or u authorizes use of data could result in termination of service.

Excuse me, I've had Straight Talk for 7 years and no there was no a disclaimer until this year. Besides, why slow down speeds if it makes customers so upset, or at least provide an option where we can add more internet data separately from phone plans like add ons. What's wrong with makingcustomers happy especially if a solution can be resolved.

Ive used almost 10 gigs in about 2 weeks with no slow down yet...I hope it keeps going.


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